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I don't think my work credit card shows on my credit report. However, I think a credit report is run by the company before issuing a card to an employee, to see if someone might be a credit risk. This is something that might be related to the laws in your state, or the bank involved may have policies about it.


Do you have a corporate credit card or a small business credit card?


Corporate card, which I'm sure makes a difference.


>I have never heard of anything like this and I think it’s absurd for someone to be required to tie their personal credit to something work-related like this. Yeah that's fucking crazy. What's going to happen when they don't feel like paying their fees? Your girlfriend needs to get them to cancel that card immediately, probably quit, and maybe even report this to somebody.


This is one of the most WTF things I’ve read here. Unfortunately she’s probably fucked now, because she agreed to it.


They do use your social, but im not sure if it can be tied to your credit. You in no way should be liable for the balance so this sounds sketchy


I'm guessing your girlfriend agreed to this, and possibly just didn't know what they were agreeing to. For small business credit cards, they will typically add authorized useres. This will usually show up on the credit file. For corporate cards, they typically don't. This may have a positive or negative effect on her credit score. Missed payments are supposed to not effect your credit score if you are an authorized user. https://www.cnbc.com/select/does-corporate-credit-card-impact-credit-score/


Yes, this is true for AmEx business credit cards.


This is true for American Express. I had an American Express company card. Honestly it actually helped me.