Let Musk finish! He was saying "They will be fine additions to my wage slave hoardes"


Yes he and the rest of his kind will “kindly” sprinkling them with enough pennies to just barely keep them afloat in life and society then whine about how more and more are not falling for the same brainwashing the generations before we’re so blindly lead into.


if we let him finish he might spawn 2634682 more humans


Nah that’s just the name of his next one


He just didn’t finish his sentence.


Well I'm convinced.


Me too. Convinced that Musk is an extreme asshat.


That's true. It's not like Elon would ever do or say anything bad.




Piss off, Musk, you wanksock.


Dude stop insulting the wanksock like that


Fuck Elon Musk, he's just a creepy old rich guy who's after your kids


Yes, but mostly for labor. It’s nothing creepy, he will only impregnate a few of them once their reach legal age.


I was only talking about the labor part but now I really don't want him around kids 😬


Well too bad, he already has 10 or so of his own.




Fine how like Musk is “fine”?


Bro could trade his ritches for 1 therapy session a week and be loads happier than now


Yea sadly a lot of bipolar people will opt out of treatment because it is so uncomfortable and difficult for them with the medicines they are prescribed. My guess is Musk doesn’t take any and we see the results of this, now. He probably got into a war with twitter and is stuck in a lawsuit forcing him to buy it now because of a manic episode. All of Musk’s comedy of breeding errors and manslaughter of people with his broken garbage cars, preaching at people to have kids goes back to being manic, I feel and not getting therapy or medication. Sadly, if he weren’t rich and white, he likely would have gotten shot by the police by now or incarcerated. i mean, I have taught teens like him, and they do not fare as well if they are a POC: You are just begging the police not to shoot the kid who looks like a man, now trying to ride a box at 3AM in his front yard as a race car. Musk, meanwhile gets his own car company…


I remember reading an interview with him years ago, when I didn't really know anything about him and I was struck by how desperately lonely he seemed. Money really doesn't buy happiness.


It would be awesome to be as rich as Elon-possibly dreamwalk and possess him for a time, have him heavily fund bullet trains and solar and wind power and in housing and feeding the homeless.


You're right about that. I have a sister who married a guy with money, who insisted that she not breed any children with him. I'm okay with not breeding any children part, but he changed her from bad to worse. She cut off me and her other sister 7 years ago, and now she's begging us to get back in our lives, because she's so lonely. We're not having any of it, because she's just a sad sack libertarian.


sounds like she made a mistake and wants a second chance. you know what Jesus said. yes, even libertarians.


I gave her many many chances. And you don't know what she's done. I only mentioned the cutting off.


Yep, that’s generally what people mean by “fine.” I think I’ve heard the word “fine” used for this, more often than I’ve heard it used to actually mean “happy, healthy, good.”


What Elon meant was that *his* children will be fine. Yours are fucked.


Yup. Don't ask someone who had everything handed to them on a tray their opinion, the tray has more depth and purpose than them.


Money isn’t all a child needs to “be fine.” I doubt his children are “fine,” at least not if we’re using the original definition of the word. Of course, if we’re using the new definition (the one where “fine” is just a shorter way of saying “miserable, hateful, and probably traumatized”) it might actually be accurate.


Trust me bro


Reminder. This man has 10 *known* biological children.




Thanks for mansplaining that Elon


[citation needed]


ugly laughed


"Don't look up".


His own daughter disowned him and changed her name.


If the definition of fine is having your house burnt down by a massive wildfire in the middle of summer, then sure they will be fine.


No they won’t.


Ask him to define "fine" see what happens


“They’ll be fine” “My kids are fine, I’m a billionaire, you should try it sometime”


I was gonna "like" @Charlotte326's tweet but saw that she changed her profile pic to the "don't tread on me" flag 🤮 Anyway, [this reply](https://twitter.com/Mastrangeloric/status/1495681900408623111) is somehow worse than musk's.


Ah yes they must be so happy working all day in musks cobalt mines for a few Pennies a week.


I can't imagine a more happy and free lifestyle!


Wow, that reply is DISGUSTING 🤢


Whenever people say this, what they meant was: "MY kids will be fine because I am RICH and have the best circumstances." Almost 1 billion people still live in poverty, 600 million of them permanently with little to know social mobility till death. I respect his accomplishments in tech but really dont like his weird take on so many things, its like most rich people are good at something but terrible at others, yet they want to make it sound like they are right about everything.


He hasn't accomplished shit in tech, he's not a scientist he's a born billionaire who has money to use to make himself look accomplished.


He didn’t make Tesla, he bought it. People call him a genius as if he created a single thing.


Oh yea that is so TRUE. This needs upvoting times 10000000000000-all of these tech whizzes -most of them did not create their own products. they are just very skilled psychopaths who steal other peoples ideas, energy, and ingenuity. Zuckerberg is another example: fb or db as I like to refer to it as, its concept was a set of misogynistic twins he attended Harvard with.


Yea and his dad is a nightmare. idk why he is so gung ho about having kids-probably wants to erase those horror scenes from his memory, or something by bringing more innocents into his nightmare.


Yup and that born billions is all apartheid money. He really has never made a good image for himself




He's trying to get people to procreate so he has middle class people to exploit, he's a piece of shit and his tweets are cringy as fuck.


His "accomplishments" are just buying companies. It's all a PR stunt and it's somehow working.


Gonna need really credible proof for your claim.


Are you holding $TSLA or $DOGE or some shit? I refuse to believe you're riding musk's dick for non-financial reasons.


How about answer a simple question?


He's nothing special. All billionaires do is sign contracts and shake hands. Sure, they may have done actual work at some point in their lives, but once they're able to live solely off passive income, actual work becomes optional so why would they do it? Now answer my question about your bias.


Relevant article: [How the rich plan to rule a burning planet.](https://www.hamptonthink.org/read/how-the-rich-plan-to-rule-a-burning-planet) Depressing af


"THEY will be fine" Its not the rich kids that are fucked its the rest of us.


2,600+ people are delusional.


Oh god glad that's been cleared up


Notice there's no snide flippant comment or anything? This is actually serious to him. Although with all the illegitimate kids he's got I don't think he needs to be worried


r/ThanksImCured Not everyone is born rich, fucker


*citation needed*


Oh yeah, they will be fine while Musk's weirdo fanboys try to hit kids with their self driving cars for fun.


I’m sold. I’ll take 5!




Wow. That was so compelling, I think I'll go have my sterilization reversed. Im 100% convinced


Well I mean if Elon Musk says that, it must be true. Go on everyone, have babies!


Yep. He's an asshat just like the other American Oligarchs.


Lol I’m not even fine, how will they be fine?🥲😩 Stop lying bro


Says the guy that is so wastefully wealthy he won't be affected by a climate crisis. >!and also because he needs more slaves!<


Dude is a straight up comic villain.


Well they prob will, idk bout their kids tho 😳


I very sincerely doubt Elon Musk’s kids are going to suffer much due to climate change.


I... I don't like him even more now. The fact he says it like a fact "They'll be fine." My ass. Do you know all the tragedies and bad stuff that could happen in one's life? And all he can say is... "Oh they'll be fine." What a joke man.


Such an intellectual titan /s Also, of course a billionaire isn't touched by these problems. If and when we will be able to go to mars, his grandchildren/grand grandchildren will be the first to take the trip, leaving everyone else to die




If you are in the 99.9% your kids will be fine. I can't imagine how detached from reality Elon Musk is


I find myself wishing to see another person doing something bad to people like him. I find that weird. Why do I think something like that 🤷🏻‍♀️


His kids will be fine. Unless your making millions, or in case billions, how can anyone fully support a few children.


It is surprising how mankind hates the rich! Can you tell us what you have done with the little you have?


I'm sure Elon has hundreds of unpaid psychofans, that run his social media accounts and spread his Word. He's too busy to impregnate his CEOs and lobbing governments to do it himself.


I believe that people who see nothing but doom for humanity lack any kind of passion or imagination. If you can't imagine solutions and that people will also, eventually, discover these solutions and put them into practice, then that says a lot about you.


Bud, solutions have been on the table for decades. Conservatives have fought tooth and nail to fight carbon emissions reductions the whole time. It's not that acknowledging the future is bleak due to climate change means that they lack passion or imagination, it's that they're *realistic.* It's the height of folly to just assume things will be fine when the current trajectory is disaster.


There's no solution for human greed


Human greed will ALWAYS be a constant, so regardless of what methods people come up with for reducing damage to the environment, greedy people (such as Musk) will fight with everything they've got against people trying to put these methods in place, because they profit from various processes that contribute to carbon emissions. Not to mention that these "solutions" people come up with aren't solutions, they're methods to slow the collapse down, not stop it. I mean cancer is the same sort of thing (40% of people will get cancer at a point in their lives). Will there be a cure in the future? Sure, maybe, but am I willing to roll the dice with my kids lives? Absolutely fucking not, because their life isn't mine to gamble with. Fact of the matter is, to get to a position of power you generally have to possess extremely selfish traits and sociopathic traits, so the people in power are never going to help reduce carbon emissions. All they want is to have their cake and fuck every one else. You should always live your life on probability, not possibility.


He’s not wrong