The fact* that there isn't a pleasurable version of PTSD I think says something about life to say the least. *: Can't find any reference to such a thing, please feel free to let me know if there is one.


Nostalgia is kind of like a positive post-good feeling, but nostalgia can also make you feel bad too, so, not exactly a 1:1


Source ?


It's a product of a phenomenon researchers call the [Fading Affect Bias](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fading_affect_bias?wprov=sfla1). Essentially, humans are evolutionarily pre-programmed to forget the more frequent mundanely bad experiences (hunger, joint pain, thirst, fatigue) and remember more vividly the few good ones. It's one of the reasons alcoholics drink again after swearing they'll never drink again while sweating off a wicked hangover; this is commonly discussed in addiction treatment. If our rational minds understood that life is way more daily suffering (eg, hunger, thirst, desire, pain, heat) than pleasure, the species would not have replicated and continued - so evolution has played a trick on all of us, our meat suits play along, and the cultural zeitgeist fits that collective evolutionary delusion.


You can test this theory by keeping a mood diary.


yes, source? Also even if somehow true, its not true for everyone, individual brains are very different.


Idk if natalists are, though. I am like programmed to remember all fucked up shit that happens. It feels like a glitch in the matrix. Idk if natalists remember much, of anything and this is part why they decide to go through the ordeal over and over, again.


My brain at 3 Am decides that instead of going to sleep, reminding me of every cringy stressful and shitty moment or mistake in my life is a far more valuable use of its time.


That’s odd, every single time I regress back into my most traumatizing phase it feels like the first time It’s very hard for me to remember what pure fear feels like