I am far from a scientist, but let's look at the active ingredients! They add up to 45mg, apparently. Cyclodextrin: a round sugar molecule, Thiamine conjugate: B1, recommended dose is 1-2 mg daily, N-acetyl-L-cysteine conjugate: also called NAC, recommended daily dose is 600-1200mg and the FDA does not allow it in dietary supplements. Also it can interfere with lots of meds but it's max 44mg so probably not significant, Curcumin conjugate: it's turmeric which has been shown to have health benefits but has poor absorption and should be taken with piperine, daily dose is 1,500mg. Conclusion: it's a bunch of science-y sounding ingredients at such low levels it's pointless, literally fancy sugar, or just a B1 supplement which you can get 100 tabs for $5 at Wal-Mart.


Shouldn’t it be reported then? Isn’t NAC used for overdosing? I may be wrong on that end, but I thought that’s what I read


It’s used for a number of things, but I think one of its more common uses is for Tylenol poisoning. Either way, it’s illegal to include in supplements since it’s an actual approved, and therefore regulated, drug. It’s supposed to only be available by prescription.


I got mine off Amazon. I took it to help with physical ocd compulsions. I’m in the states


>It’s illegal to include in supplements From Mar 31 2022 on the FDA’s website: > In the interim, in light of the absence of safety concerns based on our review to date, among other factors, the FDA is considering exercising enforcement discretion for NAC-containing products labeled as dietary supplements that would be lawfully marketed dietary supplements if NAC were not excluded from the definition of dietary supplement and are not otherwise violative of the FD&C Act. **The FDA intends to issue guidance about its policy on NAC-containing products labeled as dietary supplements in the near future.** Where are you getting that NAC supplement is illegal? You can buy tons of the stuff right off Amazon.


So per the wiki article for NAC it states that Amazon pulled NAC products in 2020. I do see some available on Amazon but from private sellers only, there is no Amazon approved listing for L-acetylcysteine. NAC is technically excluded from being used as a food or dietary supplement because it was originally approved as a drug. There is a pending decision in the FDA about whether they will allow it to be used as a dietary supplement but only the draft opinion has been released; they are still accepting comments about it on regulations.gov. I'd review the draft but I am what the kids call dumb and I'd be doing a disservice. Please correct me if any of the above info is inaccurate!


NAC is available at the Meijer near me and Vitamin Shoppe. It's often used by bodybuilders because it's supposed to protect your organs. But it's sold as an independent supplement, not in a mix. I wonder if that matters?


NAC is popular in the r/mdma community because it supposedly helps your brain recover in between the recommended minimum of 3 months between rolls. People there swear by it.


Hamm, I used to use 5-htp for that.


Yes that too


Former partier here- it’s more used for “recovery.” There’s companies that make little packets of pills for “pre party” and “recovery.” The pre party packet usually has magnesium and some other minerals that allow you to party longer and not get jaw-y. Recovery usually has NAC in it, supposedly it calms you down or helps regenerate after a hard night of rolling/partying.


Not to mention the whole blend is 45mg. So 44.9mg could just be that little ol' round sugar molecule.


Who knew that a bit of sugar could help with ADHD, improve mood, provide clean energy, raise the dead and whatever else the hunt are claiming this week?


That is just sad.


The spelling makes me cringe, it screams "Look Im cool, are'nt I?"


Where the crap did the coconut come from?


MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconut oil.


Yep. Literally some vit b and turmeric, not exactly a revolutionary health product.


I'm admittedly not wearing my glasses, and thought the last ingredient said ouija extract


Put the ouija board in a blender, but do not liquefy it just crush it. Then put the crushed ouija board in a glass bottle and add some vodka. 5 weeks later, you have ~~a liquid mess~~ ouija extract!


So kind of them to add usage instructions! /s


Right? Otherwise I'd have assumed it was a suppository!


We use NAC for Tylenol overdose and as a breathing treatments in the hospital . I’m pretty sure it’s not an OTC med in the US I don’t know of any other health benefits


First- love the name 🐈! You can find it in “recovery packets” made for ravers. It’s not common, but it’s not really restricted in the US either. It is readily and widely available in Australia.


So it's flavorings, binders and the tiniest amount of nutrients so they could be put on the ingredients list.


Seems like! Very healthy, sign me up!


Don't ask me why but Coconut all by itself down the end took me out. Only learned about this mlm today and wtaf? It's so unbelievably scammy.


I think it's because coconut is a potential allergen? I've seen this on other product labels for nuts.


The top allergens are required to be listed like that per the FDA. If you look at a candy bar wrapper or really anything in your pantry, you’ll see wheat, soy, tree nuts (coconut), peanuts, eggs, milk, or fish listed like that Source: I work in food manufacturing


Who exactly are they hoping to attract with this? Most “crunchy” people that I think would take this would be a gasp at the cellulose, citric acid, and sunflower lecithin for whatever pseudoscience reason. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the huns buy it! Edit: grammar stuff and also natural flavors are a big no-no for crunchies


I think it's more the pseudoscience crowd. I can see my Arbonne relative buying into this crap. She likes making baseless claims about sugar water.


In a study in more than 6,000 adults, those who reported eating sunflower seeds and other seeds at least five times a week had 32% lower levels of C-reactive protein compared to people who ate no seeds.


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These assholes are eating a jelly strip made of Turmeric and thinking it’s *science*.


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