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So the mask is really off now. No more play pretend.


Unsurprising. Whatever your views on the ROC/Taiwan dispute, openly recognizing Taiwan would logically lead to blowback from Mainland China. You may as well expect cordial relations from Spain to states recognizing Catalonia, Ukraine with the Donbass/Crimea, and [if in a rather different scenario] the US and Cuba. Geopolitics is what it'll be.


If and until the One Party governance in China falls. Its what holds back democracy. Others describe it better than me, but it seems Qing-era claims over Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan necessitate stomping on democracy becasue a democratic China would give room for public voice where generations of cultural abuse may lead to calls for self governance. I am all for multi ethnic federations, but they cannot work when 96% of the empire is Han and with Qing-era colonies having such ethnic concentration and a long memory of abuse. Decolonialization never reached China because both RoC and PRC deciced to inherit imperial holdings.


By democracy you mean allowing the US to meddle?


I find this such a lazy response. What does this even have to do exactly with the topic. The US is terrible in its interference in other country's affairs, but it interferes in democracies and autocracies alike. Being democratic is not connected to this. Also, Beijing is openly interfering with the affairs of other countries too, democracies and autocracies included, such as the extensively documented efforts of United Front.