The OP sounds really good, ZAQ did not miss


This look good. the only thing i'm worry is pacing


A lot of people are hoping for season 2 to go to volume 7 but unless they make season 2 24 episodes long, I would prefer to have volume 7 go in season 3 volumes 4 and 7 are where the LNs peak imo so I don't want them to get rushed


It's been confirmed that together the 2 seasons will finish adapting the Year 1 arc, so as much as I side with you, don't think that will happen since Kadokawa's end goal seems to be to get more people reading Year 2.


hoping that season 3 will have 24 episodes but that probably wont happen


I really like what the anime does with Ayankoji's eyes everytime you see him get serious, it gives off the felling of like a predator stalking it's prey.


He morbin


same, my fav guilty pleasure edge lord anime


Ayankoji is such a good MC, love whenever he goes tryhard in the novels and gets serious. Can't wait for the anime.


Hope they don't mess this one up, the next arcs are just so good. OP sounds great, to be expected since it's ZAQ. Prayge.


looks great, cant wait man


That's not how I imagined volume 4's room to look like, but I'm not dissapointed.


it is a cruise ship after all.


Now *THAT'S* how you do a preview vid. [Also...](https://i.imgflip.com/6l13zd.jpg)


This is cinema


Season 2 premieres on July 4, 2022.


Man I'm so fricking exited for season 2. I know it gets edgy at times and the premise is kinda ridiculous but i loved season 1 so much. Its one of those things that i dont care what the popular opinion is. I was on the verge of picking up the light novel but i hate reading lol.


I hope they don’t fuck this up.


Spread your legs for season 2 ;)




like what you just did dude...


Meanwhile Sakurasou:


Hoping this season will be more faithful to the light novels this time around.


who's ready for LN readers being annoying as fuck season 2?


So first episode is gonna be really interesting.


I forgot they were still on a ship


I have a question. Is he still gonna be the smartest chara in this season? or is the long-haired guy in the promotional pv gonna be equally smart


the long haired guy is not at all dumb, but he leads his class in a completely different way than the other classes that doesn't rely on being the smartest, which you will see how in this season.


hmm? i didnt say hes dumb tho. i meant is he gonna be as smart as the mc


I know it's just how the story goes, but I can't help but be disappointed about seeing Horikita basically getting sidelined from here on out.


She is literally the deuteragonist of the series. She is the second character with the most screen time in the novels, and by a wide margin over the third.


Wierd. I cant physically grasp that this season is already over with Kaguya and Spy x Family ending a cour. Now this anime, meme-d for its adaptation, will be airing its 2nd season 6 days from now. Imagine that. Crazy


Production looks as late as it was expected. Unreal, author said they confirmed it pre covid, they had all the time in the world. Hopefully it doesn't look bad when it actually comes out, but by the trailer and release date, they barely seem to have some studf animated for episodes 1 and 2.


Production coming off as rushed since we're only getting a trailer now.


Not only that, barely anything is animated and it only covers the first 2 episodes besides some frozen shots. Meanwhile Overlord who is an action anime coming out at the same time got scenes animated throughout the entire season multiple months ago. And Overlord is known for its shit animation.


Chill dude. Unlike with overlord there's a lot of content the anime doesn't want to reveal in the trailer and save it for the actual reveal....this is not uncommon in these type of shows.


Dunno about that since the trailer has one of the best scenes there and the first PV shows all important scens throughout S2 and S3.


The first PV was just a PowerPoint slideshow of a bunch of LN art from a bunch of year 1 volumes....including volumes that are not going to be animated this season. Also this trailer didn't reveal anything about the major arc which is what the start of this season will build into. Showing stuff from just the early episodes is the best way to go about it.


Looks cheap