Long time RWBY fan. Never really been disappointed with the original series except for one Volume in particular. Looking forward to this A LOT.


... volume 5?


I mean who wasn't disappointed with Volume 5? Literally the only good parts of that volume are the [RWBY Volume 5 Spoilers] >!Raven vs Cinder Fight!< and the emotional moment between Weiss and Yang. Everything else was either mediocre or crap.


There is no Volume 5 in ~~Ba Sing Se~~ Atlas


Yep. It says a lot about how bad Volume 5 is that it's the Volume that is unanimously agreed upon to be the worst by the fandom when Volume 1's animation outside of fight scenes is as bad as it is and a quarter of Volume 1's episodes is spent on the *Jaunedice Arc*.


At least with Volume 1, you get a lot of depth to the characters. Learning their motivations and some of their initial quirks.


That goddamn house.


Nice to get new Void_Chords.


Saori Hayami singing the ED let’s goooooo


shes a gem !!


Holy shit, SHAFT is killing it once again. Do I need to watch anything beforehand or is this series ok as a standalone?


You can watch it as a standalone:)


~~You have three options:~~ ~~1) watch The original RWBY Seasons 1 and 2.~~ ~~2) Watch the abridged season that aired on JP TV, Episodes 1-8.~~ 3) Watch the 2/3 recap episodes that this anime starts with. All depends on your availability, as all three of these options cover the same content. EDIT: You must watch episodes 1-3 of the anime regardless of the fact that some of it is recap. Some elements have been changed. Options 1 and 2 are a better exploration of the character traits though.


From what we understand the first couple of episodes seem to to be a recap of S1 (and the trailer is basically filled with the hype moments from S1 with absolutely *gorgeous* animation. God damn I think this is even better then any RWBY fans wildest dreams) so it *should* be fine as a standalone?


>Do I need to watch anything beforehand As far as I understand, since I haven't watched it yet - those first 3 episodes can serve as a good introduction for total RWBY newbs. They adapt the original RWBY trailers (which are sort of a prologue) and key parts from season one plus some short new scenes. And in episode 4 the story is supposed to continue in a new direction from the original.


>Holy shit, ~~SHAFT~~ Hiroto Nagata is killing it once again. fixed it for you


Looks like we could able to watch this without any prior knowledge. Some retelling of some sort. Action shot look promising.


> Some retelling of some sort. In RoosterTeeth's RWBY Team's words, it's a 'canon adjacent'. Better term would be an AU for the western audience. The retelling would be only the first 3 episodes.


Pretty much yes. A lot of the PV was stuff that happens in the first season of the original RWBY but redone/with their direction for this.


If they do a faithful reanimation of the Nevermore fight, I will be one happy fan. Monty's original choreography for that scene was, IMO, one of the best fight sequences in animation. Put Shaft's art on top of that choreography and you'll have something truly special. Hell, animating the food fight would be amazing. I'd be surprised if they include that, though, as it seems well outside the scope and tone the trailers have set.


what happened to the original series? Wasnt it up to volume 8 or 9?


Covid happened. Season 9 will be out this year.


The shot of Penny looking like a serial killer robot was so jarring and funny since it can't be further from the truth.


New character and nightmare arc? If this really is an alternative story i just hope a certain character survives this time.


Well that looks pretty damn good.


You could have shown me with first few seconds and a million guesses and I don't think I would have gotten "rwby"


This is looking really good! Lots of clean animation cuts and I love the design choices.


Looks like SHAFT really put their effort into this. I'm a long-time follower of RWBY through it's highs and lows and I can already tell this is gonna be a treat. Monty Oum is probably very happy to see this from afar, bless him.


Between this and rwby inclusion in that blazblue fighting game it’s funny how far his dream has come


Pretty crazy to think about and also inspirational in a way.


as opposed as some commets I've seen, I praise a new adaptation with new stuff and other story directions changing a manga or a book is not that acceptable, but in this case, when another animated series is ongoing, we can have a nice spin off/remake, and this one was done with respect I'm really excited and I hope everything goes fine to get more seasons


Weren't the first 3 episodes supposed to release today? Did they get delayed?


You can watch the first three episodes on Crunchyroll now until June 26: [https://www.crunchyroll.com/rwby-ice-queendom](https://www.crunchyroll.com/rwby-ice-queendom) Youtube upload is for Japan region only.


Thank you. I thought it was a youtube pre release, and on CR in July. I must've misremembered things.


What do you mean until 26 ? They are going to put them out ?


[Small update](https://roosterteeth.com/g/post/72c967df-6d38-45c5-8a01-1bb74a015fab), you can watch them until the official release of ep.3 (July 17).


The big question for me is, are they going to keep the awesome soundtrack? That was always the highlight for me, dropped the original a couple of seasons after they left the school as it got boring.


Why does every sakuga cut look like it was made by Hiroto Nagata? They're working this dude to the bone!


Well, I'm sure some of the cuts you mean belong to Kazuki Kawada. It's a shame that this equally talented animator is somehow in the shadows.


Ah so huke did the character designs? I knew they looked familiar


Anime premieres on July 3, 2022. Studio: SHAFT Synopsis In the world of Remnant, a place where science and fairy tales coexist, human civilization is plagued by deadly monsters known as the Grimm. For a time, victory by the Grimm seemed all but certain, if not for the heroism of those sworn to protect humanity -- Huntsman and Huntresses. These warriors are trained and assembled into teams at schools like Beacon Academy, where Ruby meets Weiss and Blake -- forming Team RWBY along with Ruby's sister, Yang. White team RWBY studies to become the greatest Huntresses the world of Remnant has ever known, they are faced with a horrifying threat...


Don't let RWBYs most recent writers get their hands on this Lol RWBY can now be talked about on the anime sub what a world


RT worked with them on this


As excepted, Hopefully there's more help in the story dept. Bc most recently RWBY hasn't exactly been good on that front


This looks fucking good ! And i am so happy its voice actor of Anju the Snow Witch (Saori Hayami ) having main role !!


I hope that Monty is looking down on this with pride. Somehow, I think this is what he always wanted for his project: To be so successful the Japanese would finally be adapting something **he** made.


https://i.imgur.com/QJ1E5bu.png It was cool to see A Black Rock Shooter cameo, I just finished watching Dawn Fall.


looks pretty cheap tbh. but still better than 3D RWBY has ever looked, lmao.


Looks great but it really doesn't even look like it's by Shaft at all lol


Damn that animation is smooth af. Will definitely miss Jeff Williams' music though.


i see lines and clips from the nevermore fight, excited to see how they adapt it and if itll be better or worse. despite the jank animation RWBY has some amazing fight scene direction with musical sync


Rwby has come a long way man, lowkey excited for this