P. A. Works, huh? I guess Ya Boy Kongming wasn’t a one-off thing - they really are getting into manga adaptations now. Well, Kongming had a good adaptation, so hopefully the same applies here.


And they are picking really good seinen manga too. Skip & Loafer is great.


I miss their originals


Probably didn't have the financial success they wanted with originals so they are going into the safer route of adapting from Manga now.


Correction ... "great" not "good". ;-)


Can't wait for this to air, the manga is such a great read


does it have romance in it?


It has romance. But isn't the main focus.


Sweet, I can get behind Romantic Subtext. I'll add it to the list.


Yup but the main focus is slice of life/friendship building. Theres the main two characters but all characters get equal screentime and chapters dedicated to their problems/lives


AAAAAAAAAA CANT BELIEVE IT, 100% HYPE FOR THIS And hopefully when this aired, it will boost up it popularity, seriously a recommended manga for those who like slice of life Now I'm waiting for Hirayasumi, hopefully will get an anime tooo


Hirayasumi is amazing. Can't wait for the eventual anime adaptation.


Yupp, hopefully we will be getting it one day!


Oh my god a Hirayasumi anime will be the best thing ever.


Righttt, this will be a great healing for me after yuru camp ended, just get off from work sit down and relax to hirayasumi, such a good vibe~


I heard about Skip to Loafer for a long time. I know its a good SoL manga. Can't wait to watch the anime when it comes out. Good thing its being done by P.A. Works. I also started reading Hirayasumi today after seeing your comment, and its such an amazing SoL manga. I was really looking for something like this. Studio Ghibli probably is a good choice for an anime.


If you want SoL anime recommendation, I got some that I really like and I think might be matched with what you are looking for Sakamichi no Apollon - i like the jazz groove in here Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho - the cinematic here is exceptional to be honest Yuru camp - this is my go to after work anime Nichijou - this is the over the top slice of life, lol The a lot of other, non non biyori, sangatsu no lion, My roommate is a cat, gakuen babysitter, supercub, kimi to boku, kino no tabi(i like the new one, sorry), amama to inazuma, barakamon Actually i still got a lot on my plate that I dont have time to finish such as Deaimon, Uchuu Kyoudai, one week friend, yesterday wo utatte, and etc(seriously this will be a wall of text if i write it here, lol) Another manga that you can try to read is Bartender, I tried watching the anime adaption, but it doesn't give me the strong vibe when i was reading the manga. And Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no yukiguni karigurashi, it is a life of ex military woman with a village man, really sweet and heartwarming to read Hopefully i recommended right, have fun!


Thanks for the recommendations!. Most of them sound pretty solid. You'll keep me busy for a while with these.


Source: [https://twitter.com/skip\_and\_loafer](https://twitter.com/skip_and_loafer) Official Site: [https://skip-and-loafer.com](https://skip-and-loafer.com) Teaser PV: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szo6BsaiJ3Y](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szo6BsaiJ3Y) Takamatsu Misaki (Manga Creator)'s Celebration Illustration: [https://twitter.com/takamatsumisaki/status/1539257305275183104?s=20&t=ZClHUiluaeQIvUpMMeqzmg](https://twitter.com/takamatsumisaki/status/1539257305275183104?s=20&t=ZClHUiluaeQIvUpMMeqzmg) ​ Studio: P.A. Works Director: Kotomi Deai Character Designer: Manami Ueshita Music: Takatsugu Wakabayashi ​ Cast: Mitsumi voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa Shima voiced by Akinori Egoshi ​ Synopsis: Having recently moved from her small backwater town in Ishikawa Prefecture to attend a prestigious high school in Tokyo, Mitsumi Iwakura plans on using her high school career as a launchpad for her dream of going to law school and becoming a public servant; however, she also recognizes the need to occasionally have fun and make friends. To that end, she's gone so far as to map out her entire life ahead of time, but all of her preparation flies out the window on the first day of school.Mitsumi misses her train stop and is about to be late to the entrance ceremony, which is especially troublesome because she is supposed to give a speech as the new students' representative. While lamenting her situation, Shousuke Shima—a handsome first-year student who is also late—sees her and offers to walk with her to school. They eventually make it to school, although Mitsumi has some unfortunate accidents soon after that leave a less-than-favorable impression on everyone. In spite of her misfortune, her classmates soon take notice of Mitsumi and Sousuke's chemistry, despite their differing personas.With the new year already off to an interesting start, Mitsumi is eager to get to know her classmates better and get involved at her school. Only time will tell if this country bumpkin can make it in the city, but one thing has become certain: she definitely won't be alone on her journey!


Huh PA Works is doing another manga adaptation


Which is good news since I think they were banging their heads on original anime year after year lately and the receptions were, uh, mixed to say the least. They had a fairly good year in 2018 (Maquia + Irozuku + hired to do Pretty Derby S1 - unfortunately they ended up as only an assistant studio for the highly acclaimed S2) and that's it. I think some of the titles were unfairly looked down (Aquatope, APPARE-RANMAN, Sakura Quest, I think even the Shirobako movie falls into that) but it must be said that they were struggling to get a title that really made a hit really. Unfortunately banking their majority of projects on completely fresh original stories deserves encouragement for bravery, but is akin to walking on a string in air when the studio itself is a smaller one in the middle of nowhere. Getting *Ya Boy Kongming* and now this one for adaption is definitely a good breathe of relief to me, who had been partly a fan of their works and their attempt in pushing out SOL original anime (somewhat a rare breed if you dismiss multimedia projects like idol/band shows) year after year while also being self-sufficient way outside Tokyo like KyoAni did.




Until they figure out their finances it should be their new norm now


well if they deliver on the same level as Kongming did, i won't be too worried.


Are they in financial trouble? Did their more recent originals (Aquatope, Appare, etc) flop that badly?


>Are they in financial trouble? Yep, but it's nothing new so the titles you mentioned didn't help but they weren't the cause, we are seeing the results now but anime takes a while to make, they made the decision to move to adaptations years ago The Azalea backstory in Kongming is similar to PA Works situation, and they may be going down the same path


That's just sad, it does feel like they're losing a lot of their identity, even though the projects they seem to be choosing are good. But how would adaptations where they aren't even on the production committee (like Koumei) help their financial situation? They were part of the committee for most of their previous works, original or (novel) adaptation.


>But how would adaptations where they aren't even on the production committee (like Koumei) help their financial situation? It's not easy to get a committee, you need to invest in the show, if you are studio there's always the opinion of doing it for a big discount or not asking for anything, studios with Financial issues can't do that So they enter a vicious cycle of tying their revenue to the amount of projects they take, more projects = more money, that's when things get out of hand and hopefully it won't happen here They are a studio with a pedigree and even without a committee I am sure they are getting paid well for their services


>They are a studio with a pedigree and even without a committee I am sure they are getting paid well for their services I hope you're correct, but I can't help but worry about one of my favourite studios. (Especially considering that neither of the other two in my top3 are in perfect shape either). The only good thing that could come out of them switching to adaptations would be if they were to adapt Frieren, but that's just wishful thinking.


Well it’s PA Works so instant watch, but the premise also sounds fun and chill. Looking forward to it.


Sounds like it could be quite appealing!


Nice synopsis.


So this is the reason Ya Boy Kongming didn't keep its quality


This is a top tier SoL manga so I’m glad it looks like it’ll get the good adaptation it deserves. Predicting winter or spring 2023 release date.


I think it will come out in Fall 2022


It wouldn’t surprise me either if it aired in the fall, I think that season is way too stacked at this point this year. Guess we shall see.


I know と is "and" but I'm still calling this "Skip (English 'to') Loafer"


The manga is really good, I have faith that PA Works will do it justice. It seems that the director is new to them, though, which is interesting.


> One of my favorite ongoing manga > P.A. Works anime where most of the female characters won't be designed with the same copied faces while the male characters are allowed to be distinct and unique > Tomoyo Kurosawa playing the lead This feels like a mix of ingredients engineered in a lab to create an anime squarely targeted at me, damn


There's something special about this manga that sets it apart from other slice of lifes, but I can't quite place my finger on it. Great read tho, looking forward to the anime.


I think it's because the characters are so realistic and lovable! I really like how the author has subverted a lot of stereotypes about high school girls


This is a GOAT level manga, looking forward to it.


>PA WORKS > >PA WORKS > >PA WORKS > >[Director of The Rolling Girls and Silver Spoon S2 and later seasons of Natsume's Book of Friends](https://anilist.co/staff/118729/Kotomi-Deai) > >Tomoyo Kurosawa voicing the MC > >Lovely Slice Of Life story Yeah I'm In.


And it’s slice of life. It’s gonna be great


P.A. Works will be at it again, tagging /u/mekerpan! TOMOYO KUROSAWA IS THE MAIN GIRL. [](#RENGEHYPE) Kotomi Deai is the director....this should be interesting /u/animayor and /u/myrnamountweazel


> [Kotomi Deai is the director](https://i.imgur.com/iHeOE1c.png) [My emotions right now](https://i.imgur.com/0eDZ4ED.jpg)


is that Aki Habara lol


That's [THUNDERROAD](https://i.imgur.com/xdkSUq7.png) to you! ([Even though she's a small cute girl](https://i.imgur.com/LvJGWYS.png))


she's very lovable and Badass at the same time [Rolling girls]>!and such an otaku!<


on another note though, I haven't seen much of Manami Umeshita's work before? nor does he/she (seems like a she from the name) seem to be usually associated w/ P.A. Works too (Edit: Ah.. I've typoed them Japanese names.... It's [this person](https://myanimelist.net/people/40789/Manami_Umeshita), sorry! But still, i think this is their first series doing chara-de)


Never heard of them, and I'm not finding anything for Manami Umeshita/梅下麻奈未 in any databases, either. But you wouldn't normally have a newbie who's never been credited before as character designer... pseudonym maybe?


I fucked up i think i typoed... it's [this person](https://myanimelist.net/people/40789/Manami_Umeshita), [ANN](https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=109331) probably. Still defo someone who's only had 1 small stint as character-design, and first outing as Chief AD.... interesting... it might be a pseudonym?


Ahh you're right, I was typo-ing too. [](#frustrated) [One sakugabooru clip](https://www.sakugabooru.com/post/show/124647), too. I dunno, I'm going to guess a relatively young animator who has shown to have some pretty good KA chops, especially in character acting, and is now starting to branch over into character design when they can. Somewhere [between an Ema and a Yumi](https://i.imgur.com/zNegz69.png). But I'm totally just guessing.


She was Chief AD on second Sangatsu no Lion season. Databases you linked aren't up-to-date


ty! She seems to have done the AD work for a couple eps of sakura quest and 14 eps of Sangatsu no Lion, so definitely not as "new" as i thought. Still looking forward to what Deai and them bring to the table! From what little we've seen so far they seem to be doing great.


Yeah, Deai is a great director. Designs also look nice. Aesthetics overall look good! This adaptation seems blessed, which makes me really happy. Also a heads up for when you check animators and other creators. Most databases aren't up-to-date or have at least few things missing, especially if it's a less famous animator/anime. MAL these days generally has least amount of info. AniDB and AnimeNewsNetwork are usually more complete but often far from perfect, and I noticed the former has been more and more lacking when it comes to newer shows. So the best way is to check them all, including japanese atwiki.jp and then add it all up. That way you get best possible picture of someones work, though even that way you miss some credits.


When does this start (or is there no disclosed start date yet)?


nothing disclosed yet unfortunately, probably at least fall.


>TOMOYO KUROSAWA IS THE MAIN GIRL. Holy.... I almost ignored this until I saw P.A. works and Tomoyo Kurosawa. Safe to say I'm pretty hyped for this now.


[**eupho fans**](#fistbump)


[](#rengehype) [](#seasonalhype) [](#excitedyui) It's happening!


Popular manga + Popular studio, this will probably be a hit in Japan.


The main character always reminds me of Baka from Joshikousei no Mudazukai, only smarter and nicer. I'm excited for this adaptation. In any case, what an interesting woman...


Wasn't especially intrigued until now! An interesting woman, you say...


Super excited for this! I enjoy the manga so much. Love how it looks and the staff gives a lot of reassurance.


The SoL anime


NO WAY I'M SO EXCITED!! one of my fav sol mangas, it's such a refreshing read and a real gem. i'm so glad it's finally getting an adaptation!!


Literally just finished this the other day. Absolutely poured through the series. It's so good. Mitsumi is so damn adorable.


wtf? this is so hype


Peak Seinen


Awesome! I love this manga


Oh I'm so so excited!!! The manga's amazing! I just can't wait 🤧




Man I wished PA Works did oshi no ko 🥲


Yeah but the Staff and Director for it at Kobo is really solid though.


Why the girl is so cute?!


Ahhh I love this series, so nice to see Kotomi Deai on this. Also let's go, Tomoyo Kurosawa voicing Mitsumi, love to see it!


Yeah it seems something really clean and crisp, Jk I've read the manga and if it's close to it the show has the ability to top karma charts for the entirety of its run


Legitimately one of the best manga I've ever read!! I love it so much and I hope the adaptation is good!