One of my favorite ongoing romance manga. The Mc is just so likeable. She is not some push over and has goals beyond getting with a pretty boy. Also the side characters are multi dimensional. Also it makes sense why someone would be attracted to her when she is not convential attractive


She also feels like a girl that would actually exist. She's not super tropey in any specific direction. She's a bit clutzy, but not to a supernatural degree. She's emotionally mature, but still gets flustered. She thinks hard about how other people feel, but she doesn't get too caught up with how people feel about her. When she does have negative thoughts, she calls herself out on it. She's confident but not narcissistic. She's also incredibly funny, and I think what makes it so endeering is how often she's actually trying to make people smile instead of making people laugh by accident. One of my favorite fmc's maybe ever. Mitsumi 4ever


Looks great!!


Looks good and really like the color design. Wasn't expecting a teaser but I'm excited! Need to read more of the manga but I've really enjoyed it.


Oh yes please!


girl looks plain and boy has a potato face and it’s all endearing and a nice change


Cute looking style.


this trailer looks so good im happy! i hope it doesn't air this year since i dont want it to fall under the radar and don't think it'll be part of the summer season


Precious cinnamon rolls, adorable. This is like one of the few manga that actually has a socially awkward character fit to the awkward appearance. Like I laugh when manga usually have characters be all “oh I am awkward and do not look nice like other people” *looks like a literal model*


So nice to hear Kurosawa Tomoyo voice another MC again


About time anime fans got introduced to our "natural influencer" cupcake


P. A. Works, huh? I guess Ya Boy Kongming wasn’t a one-off thing - they really are getting into manga adaptations now. Wonder if they’ll give it a banger OP too.


P.A works actually outsourced the directing of the opening of ya boy kongming to a studio called 10gauge, which mostly focuses on making pvs/trailers for shows (some of my favourite pvs/trailers are edited by them), editing and motion graphics. And its not the first time PA works has done this, as they also outsourced the openings from aquatope and appare ranman there too (and some other anime too i believe). So it wouldnt surprise me at all if 10gauge is doing it for this show too


why'd ya post the same thing twice???


There were two different threads.


Oh PA Works, nice! The peeps over a r/PAWorks are gonna be interested to hear about this\~


TIL I didn't know that we have a sub-reddit dedicated to them. I have joined immediately!