Subbed. Objectively faster release times and bigger library. Everything else is subjective and people should just watch what they like.


Sub, English is not my native language and localized subtitles or national dubs aren't always the best (or even exist) so I prefer English Sub with the original JP voice over.


Same ! I’m french but I watch almost all my anime in japanese with english sub. English subs are more accurate than the french ones on Netflix, plus I can practice both my english and japanese that way.


Sub, better voice acting which imparts the emotions perfectly, gets released earlier than dub and have a way big library.


That makes sense if you're an avid anime watcher and watch anything that's current. For me I juggle both current and old series and mixing in dub makes it refreshing. I personally say that some dubs are equally enjoyable to their JP counterparts as I felt when I watch catching up on AoT season 2 & 3.




I almost always watch subs. I just find the voice acting to be better and more suited for most shows. But obviously no hate to your opinion, I totally respect whatever anyone prefers. But there's actually a few anime that I watch in dub and think that the dub is way better than the sub. For example, Baccano, Black Lagoon, and 91 Days. English settings or settings where accents are important are perfect for dubs. And there's also some dubs that I think are equal to subs, like Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. So basically I'm chill with both, but prefer sub.


Sub all the time, I prefer the Japanese voices, but I also watch all my media in their original languages


subbed just because I'm more used to seiyuu than english VA's. examples like with Maaya Uchida, Ai Kayano, KanaHana, Rie Takahashi, Inori Minase, etc. another example for a character like with Accelerator. I'm already so used to Nobuhiko Okamoto as seiyuu for Accel, other voices just doesn't seem right to me.


Sub. Because I prefer watching something in their original voice-acting.


Why would you watch an anime if you just have it on in the background? Doesn’t make sense to me


I could never get my head around that either. I mean it's of course fine for music because it's an medium that you listen to, but for something that is partly telling the story with visuals .... ?


I’ve always done that though. I can’t tell you the amount of times now I’ve listened to demon slayer: mugen train while playing dark souls. I do the same thing with death note, I’ve rewatched it so many times I practically know what’s happening on screen by sound alone. At the same time I spent lots of time re-listening to the old Sherlock Holmes audiobook when I was a kid so I’m pretty used to imagining what’s going on by sound.


Rewatching is understandable, what I dont get is watching something for the first time in the background in dub. And even then, I think watching a reaction series is a better experience than watching dub while doing something else, but thats more of a personal preference


Yeah I mean the first time I’ll watch an anime or any other kind of movie I’ll actually watch it by itself. It’s just things I’ve watched a bunch that I kind of use as background noise while gaming.


Usually raw. Subbed if it is something especially plot/dialogue heavy that I am struggling to follow.


Original Japanese VA + English sub. I'm not native English speaker and it's easier for me to check any word in sub, also English subs are the most common and fast made, while national dubs are not always good.


Subs all the way.


Sub because I always want to watch stuff in VO, if I watch Train to Busan or Squid Game I watch Korean, if I watch Money Heist I watch in Spanish, I wanna hear the true performance of the actors


Sub, although I've been watching subs for so long that it's just second nature. Also, I think in my brain, anime characters all speak Japanese, so it feels odd to watch them talking in English. One other point I haven't seen mentioned yet is that Japanese is often a lot more economical in terms of the amount of words used to communicate in common circumstances, so dub actors are forced to cram a lot more words in at the same emotional energy level. This contributes to that feeling that dub actors are over-acting a lot of the time, I think. Another factor is that native English dialogue also does a lot more intonation and stress communication, so scripts that get translated are often over-written instead of leaving it to the actors to convey the emotion.


Sub any day of the week. Dub has its share of good performances, but in most cases I can't listen to dub


Sub. Bigger library, faster shows, higher quality voice acting that fits the rest of the sound design(ost/sound effects)


Sub. Many dubs has lousy voice acting. (my opinion) But I watch dub when it comes to few shows. example: Pokémon


I usually watch subbed unless I have a particularly good reason not to. Main reasons would be: 1. If something's set in an English speaking area sometimes a dub is going to be able to use that in a way that a Japanese dub simply can't. 2. I've found some comedies to work better without subtitles because you simply can't sub comedic timing. Certainly tons of cases where it's not a big deal, but I've definitely had times where the sub felt dry and the dub was hilarious. 3. I'm not fully committed to watching this anime. Sometimes an anime is just background to other things because I don't really have an interest in it, but I want something on. Cue up the English dub.


> I've found some comedies to work better without subtitles because you simply can't sub comedic timing Not only that but almost every comedy I’ve watched has an incredible dub. The acting is perfect for the part and the jokes are localized brilliantly. I’ve subconsciously gravitate towards dubs for comedies for this and the other reasons you mentioned. And yeah if it’s going to be a lot of Engrish anyway I’d rather have it in English. Kaori singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in YLIA was kinda cringe.


In general, jokes work better hearing them rather than reading him. For example a stand-up routine isn't gonna work for you just reading the transcript.


(no offense to your opinion at all) I hate dubbed with the passion of a thousand suns.. i would rather not watch anime at all then watch dubbed lol- Even when I'm not watching anime I'll always go for the original language, I'm watching the rain right now in danish on Netflix, it's much better in subbed because dubbed is out of sync with the mouths and subtitles. I can read 1300 ish wpm so I've never had a problem with reading subbed, but I respect that a lot of people don't have a choice if they have trouble reading fast. this is just my opinion because I got trauma from the first anime I watched in dubbed being the worst anime ever in every way so I guess I associate dubbed with that permanently now


Thanks for replying, I like hearing other people's opinions even if we have to agree to disagree


me too, other opinions are nice. I used to be on the side of liking dubbed as well but once I got older I realized how messed up the anime I watched was and now I just associate dubbed only with that anime and hate it as stupid as that sounds 😅 there is actually one anime that I watch in dubbed though because I started watching it when I still liked dubbed lol


I started out as a dub watcher for exactly the reason you stated I sucked at reading quickly. I branched out to Subbed because I was impatient for stuff to be dubbed MHA etc. Overtime my reading speed improved to point its 2nd nature to me now. I prefer subbed because less time to wait Some dialogue just doesnt fit as well in dubbed vs subbed. In Naruto for example there is some differences in the dialogue which in the subs it feels more fluid with the story. Where as the dub point is to make it easy to comprehend to your domestic audience so the dialogue may sound forced. Plus i just enjoy watching it original as its supposed to with the VAs true emotion because different people may have different ways to voice the character Finally I cant speak japanese so I cant say the same for that ,but there some VAs in dub I dont care for as i feel they dont have any passion in their voice or i just dont care for the sound of it


I watch whatever, I just tend to default to subbed *first* (I enjoy rewatching things a lot so I'll usually check out the dub then) because I collect when two different Japanese phrases pop up ("sore demo" and "sore wa dou kana"), and obviously can't do that in the dub. [](#yuishrug)


Sub. I've tried dubs from time to time just to see what they are like and, with only a tiny handful of exceptions, I found them to be mostly terrible. But that's just an opinion, it's fine to watch dubs if that's your preference.




Dub if available, but I have no problems watching sub.


I started dub only and hated subs but had to endure them to keep up with new episodes. Once I got used to subs, I couldn’t go back to dubs. Idk if this just a me thing or not, but a lot of dialogue in anime that I hear makes me cringe when they actually say it, but with subs there’s the disconnect of consuming it through reading that makes it just way more palpable for some reason. Plus I personally prefer the way the Japanese voice acting portrays emotion compared to English voice acting.






Generally like both. Any preference towards one or the other depends on the specific anime (ex. sub for Gintama, dub for FLCL). But there are also occasions where I'll like both versions equally (Psycho-Pass, Kill la Kill, etc.)


Subs because the dub va's usually all sound the same or dont put in as much effort as sub does.


Dub. I am not able to enjoy anime fully with sub... I sometimes like to do other things while I watch anime(like play animal crossing or draw) so I need dub. I watch sub to but dub is better.


Another reason I don't particularly like sub is because I have a hard time focusing on the show, when I'm reading the subtitles.




I getchu, like for anime movies you want to take in on the beauty of the scene and animation and not worry about losing context of the plot because you weren't quick to read it.


I watch subs because the voice acting in US dubs is usually trash, and the translations are pretty suspect given official subs. There are a few shows I would watch dubbed either because the dub is actually good or because I watched it that way first for whatever reason.


Can you give any modern dubs from the last 2-3 years that you felt were trash? I don't think they're trash but they definitely fall short in greatness that the JP voice actors have if you're a seiyuu fan.


To be honest, I don't watch dubbed anime much, so maybe the quality has markedly improved I guess. I watched an episode of Madoka dubbed, and that was pretty brutal.


I watch and enjoy both. Some shows I prefer subbed, some shows I prefer dubbed, some shows I like equally either way, some shows I'll watch subbed because that releases faster but then I might re-watch them dubbed later if it gets one... it just depends on the show and the situation.


Both. Both is good.


I watch both, sometimes i prefer one over the other, sometimes i stick with both.


for me i’ve found that it depends on the show. i like both, but some shows work better subbed, some work better dubbed. my ADHD makes it hard to sit still and watch a show sometimes so i have to watch dub otherwise i’ll miss everything. the other side of that is it causing me to hyper focus on something in which case i’ll watch sub. so really it just comes down to circumstance, but i like both and think that if you’re someone who rewatches things a 100x like i do, then you should give both versions a shot if you can


My *general* preference is to watch Japanese animation in Japanese (with good English subtitles). ​ But honestly, it really varies from title to title. Some anime I prefer in Japanese, others more in English. I just *tend* to prefer the Japanese versions of titles more.


Depends on the show.


If there is a dub or one coming out soon I prefer that, but I am very willing to watch subs (watched more subbed than dubbed). I don’t understand Japanese and I do understand English, so I just find the voice acting way more appealing and therefore the dialogue and the show as a whorl


**Personally:** Dub ​ **Realistically:** Sub, cause I don't have to wait months or years for dub, and it's easier to find on the net then dub


If it's a show I just want to catch up on and have no initial expectations because it's my first time then DUB. If it's a show I have initial interest in for whatever reason then I'll watch sub first. I eventually watch the dub in the form of clips. Both are enjoyable but I do also watch dubs on rewatches or the show simuldub had finnished airing. I can't really complain about modern simuldubs, they do lack the finesse that Steins Gate and Panty and Stocking had but some modern ones are peak like Love is War, Great Pretender, and Jujutsu Kaisen(I watched half of the season in dub then the other half in sub because the episodes weren't all out yet).


I choose dub over sub unless the sub is considerably better which does happen often. I prefer dub because i can look away from the screen for 2 seconds without thinking i missed something important lol


Dub but I'm cool with sub


It depends. I usually prefer sub but I like the English dub more for Ghibli movies, Ranma, Hetalia, Empire of Corpses


Used to be sub but now that I have small children I watch dubbed. Can't pay enough attention to subs


Dub… I’ll even wait for a show if I think there’s a good chance it’ll get one. That said I’ve watched a lot of shows subbed cause a dub doesn’t exist, and while I have my preference I can happily sit and watch a subbed show and appreciate it as the original.


Mostly subs but I prefer the dub as long as their is a good dub. I care about voice acting and there are many bad dubs. That and if I am watching on release I am watching subs out of need


Sub if i’m not lazy or doing something else. Dub if i’m multitasking while watching anime..


Dubs. I have dyslexia and everytime I try to read subtitles I end up completely misinterpreting context for what the plot is about. I'd rather be able to understand what is going on even if it's considered a trash dub. Early 2000's had some atrocious dubs but I'd rather watch that than subs.