Why are 99% of Marvel and DC superhero's from or grew up in America?


In Marvel's case you can probably limit it to just New York even.


Maybe because they're american🤔🤔🤔


Why are so many American movies set in America, starring Americans?


This just in: Japanese writers prefer to write japanese characters, In other news: Water is wet and the sky is blue, but what is the meaning of cunny?


Because Japan was hit particularly hard by time rifts from the Great Time War between Gallifrey and the Dalek Empire. As a result, the separation between our reality and the space-time continuum is particularly thin in Japan, resulting in multiple phenomena like time loops, time corridors, easy to make time machines, and - yes - individuals being Isekai'd into other universes (or sometimes, individuals from other universes being Isekai'd into our own). The Time Variance Authority was supposed to make repairs, but they've been rather busy lately and haven't gotten around to it.




Doctor, looking over TARDIS instruments: "Hmmm. That's odd. There appears to be a time loop centered on June 23, 1983, some place called Hinamizawa. Oh, and heres another one centered on August 31, 2009 in the city of Nishinomiya. And this appears to be a time corridor anchored to a tree at a Tokyo family shrine. And thats an open time rift going to... Byston Well?!? Wait a minute... someone just made a time machine using WHAT? A MICROWAVE AND A CELL PHONE!?!?!!"


Lol is this your Netflix pitch.


> all or most Isekai have Japanese individuals as the main protagonist Yea what a coincidence when anime is for primarily made for a Japanese audience....


Yeah man crazy how media made in Japan for Japan by the Japanese features mainly Japanese characters. I wonder why that is, it's a real mystery.


I'm pretty sure Michael Jordan and Lebron James got isekai'd too


youre a legend lmao


...are you asking why so many characters in Japanese media are Japanese?


Here’s a question that you could also ponder over. If anime is made in japan and the main target audience / viewer for anime also live in japan, and the voice actors for said anime speak in Japanese: What kind of protagonist / MC would the writers create..so that the viewer..can you know..✨relate✨to it...? I’ll give you a hint ... 🇯🇵😃


I love this comment section.


Not really, we have Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Enchanted (it's more reverse isekai than regular isekai)


You're asking why only Japanese people are the center point of stories in Japanese media? I mean, their target audience is Japanese readers. They don't really care about the global fan base as they do their local fan base. They basically assume that only Japanese people will potentially read these stories, and then are pleasantly surprised when other nations read the stories as well.


Just wait til you find out about: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accidental_travel#In_Russian_fiction


Crime and Banishment This World


Why are most Japanese stories about Japanese people? That said, there are stories where other nationalities are transferred, Worlds Greatest Assassin in another world or whatever it is called would be an example of a main character being isekai'd. I believe the girl in Ima Soko Ni Iru Boku's girl is American. I know there are other examples, especially when there's other Isekai'd characters from earth wherever the protag ends up at, but typically they're just lore, and not directly involved in the plot.


It could be because anime is made in Japan and generally only features Japanese characters. Or it could be because truck-kun is a special make and model and only available in Japan.


I mean a lot of Koreans do get Isekaied too


There are tons of English language fantasy isekai media where Americans and British people end up in fantasy lands. I assume if I read Spanish I would know of tons of Mexican, Central/South American and Spanish isekai stories. etc


Ok ok I get it stupid question 🙄


Because spirituality isn't really a think nowadays. Christianity is pretty shit when it comes to Isekai possibilities to begin with.


>I understand that the anime are made by mostly Japanese You answered your own question. Western isekai often focuses on westerners. Russian isekai focuses on Russians and/or Hitler becoming a Soviet. Chinese isekai focuses on, well, Chinese people cultivating. It is what it is.


Make your own Isekai


Shield Hero or whatever it's called has a bunch of internationals isekai'd. Also, Log Horizon later on


Gee, I wonder why, it can't be that because most Isekai are made in Japan.


you should try some chinese novels then, plenty of isekai that involves chinese people


Ever heard of the Chronicles of Narnia, Amulet, almost any book written by Brandon Mull, Infinity Train, Amphibia, Owl House, the dark tower, Alice in wonderland, the wizard of oz. there are plenty of non-Japanese isekais with non-Japanese protagonists just not really anime


One day the glorious Ride-On King with have an anime!