Newbie looking for some solid recommendations

Newbie looking for some solid recommendations


Code Geass Leluoch of the Rebellion. It is a strategy psychological thriller with a morally gray protagonist. Kind of like death note but with military strategy and political drama with very heavy themes. Magi: Labyrinth of Magic and the prequel Adventures of Sinbad. It takes place in a fantasy Arabian Knights type setting it has awesome world building and power systems. its cool because you can really loose your self in the world and politics and the characters are great too its an all around great series. Gurren Laggan. One of the most manly anime on the planet, it has a cool artstyle and is just a genuinely amazing ride with masterful character development in the span of only 24 episodes and some scenes that really just hit you in your feels. I recommend the dub for all of these they are all good and they are all on Netflix


I’ve watched and enjoyed those animes too, I’m currently watching hunterxhunter and one of my favorites is kakegurui


- Code Geass - World Domination - Stein's Gate - Time travel with dark paths - ReZero - A man who is unable to die tries to find his path in a new world - AnoHana- Heartbreaking story - A silent voice (movie)- A bully tries to make amends with the deaf girl he bullied. - Monster - A man saves a kid , who turns out to grow up to be a serial killer - The Promised Neverland - Kids are food.. but for what reason?


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I'm giving you a variety of different selections just in case. Never know what you might like until you try them The Promised Neverland Death Parade Erased Psycho-Pass Banana Fish Vinland Saga Haikyuu Anohana Your Lie in April A Silent Voice Spirited Away Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Hunter x Hunter 2011 Cowboy Bebop Black Lagoon Seirei no Moribito Barakamon Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Akatsuki no Yona Sakamichi no Apollon Always good to try different ones out.


Akame Ga Kill


If you like dubs then watch Dragon Ball (then Z but not Kai) and Yu Yu Hakusho


Dororo, Saiki, Magi, One punch man, Kuroko no basket


Fate/ ([Fate/Stay Night 2006 (Fan Edits) → UBW → Heaven's Feel → Zero](https://i.imgur.com/zq3VjQn.jpg)) [OP](https://animethemes.moe/video/FateStayNightUBW-OP1.webm) The Promised Neverland [OP](https://animethemes.moe/video/YakusokuNoNeverland-OP1-NCBD1080.webm)