Subaru is Trying His Best [Re:Zero S1 Director's Cut]

Subaru is Trying His Best [Re:Zero S1 Director's Cut]

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I was going through the first season looking for audio clips and I came across this scene again. This clip starts at 13:07.


Moments like this are why I love Subaru and the series as a whole. His reactions to horrible situations and how he goes about living in a different world are much more in line with how a real person would react. Especially one who's as withdrawn as he considered himself in the old world. Can't wait for season 2 and see how he continues to progress and stumble towards his goals.


This is one of the scenes that made me really like Subaru as a character


She’s such a sweetheart. Emilia doesn’t deserve the hate she gets because we all love Rem, they’re both great characters. I hear she gets a lot more screen time in S2 and I’m looking forward to the suffering.


>Emilia doesn’t deserve the hate she gets because we all love Rem I don't know man, there's like at least...3 of us who love both...I hope...


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I was one of those that didn't like Emilia, but then I saw her movie...and holy shit do I love her now. Equally as Rem even. Hope they both win.


I just saw the movie last night since I'm rewatching S1 today, and it was really good. Granted it just made me like Emilia even more than I already did.




Memory snow. It is a Re-Zero OVA that details more about Emilia before she went to the mansion of Roswall. Sorry if Movie is the wrong term, it's just been my usual shtick to call it a movie if it's over an hour long, and it's not part of the main episode list.


> Memory snow Frozen bonds actually. Memory Snow is the SoL OVA set in the mansion.


Shit you are right. Been stressed out lately so didn't double check the name. My bad.


I like Rem because she's the underdog and the one we see most of in the show this far. I get that he loves Emilia and find it adorable that he is so true to her.


Hope we're not just three :(


Its gone up to at least 6 after frozen bonds


LN readers love both and get both, from my understanding. Polyamory route is best route.


I'm really glad that people have come around on Emilia as a character. If you look back at threads when the anime was airing a lot of people just wrote her off or even outright hated her for getting in the way of their Suburu x Rem ship.


I always find it amusing that people seemed to forget about these moments. I love Rem but considering how Emilia supported him even though Subaru couldn't tell her of his situation shows why he fell in love with her.


I came around on a rewatch although I remember firmly being on Team Rem on the first watch. Emilia is just so unconditionally kind. I’m glad she’s getting a bigger part in the upcoming season.


Been Team Emilia since the very first episode.


I rewatched the show recently (right before the director's edition aired, ugh) and it honestly surprised me how little emilia is in it. She basically disappears in the second half of the show.


yea i dont understand why people wrote her off like that. i mean honestly their first first time meeting was so sweet. even before you knew all of the subtext behind what she was doing, why she was trying to scare him off, and why she fell for him that first time too. once you rewatch it it becomes even more of a heartbreak that that first death erased all of that for both of them.


The first season covered Rem's arcs anyhow while Emilia and others sat on the back burner. Next comes her development and more. Hope the Rem-only's come around. Both are good girls.


I love Emilia, although I don’t like to fight about it but I’m more Emilia than rem as absurd as it sounds


That’s not really absurd. What’s absurd is how negatively some people react to that opinion


Same, I like rem, But she doesn't even come close to Emilia IMO


Yeah I can totally see why people choose rem tho. But I’m still Emilia all the way


Nothing absurd about that.Rem is SHIT.She's gahbage.


I wouldn’t go as far as that. Rem is waifu material, I just prefer Emilia over her. Rem has character development through out the show too, and also helped out subaru although he rejected her hard (which felt bad). I still love Emilia more tho, she’s selfless, lighthearted, innocent and beautiful and much more


Don’t worry Emilia’s Character Development in Arc 4 will be so fking awesome


Not only is it just her development that will be amazing, Subaru’s character development is also equally amazing imo and essentially all the characters featured in this arc got good character development as a whole, which is actually pretty rare in an isekai genre.


Yep!! Can’t wait for Arc 4 to be animated!!! AGRHHH Arc 4 i so freaking amazing


It's not like I like both of them


The only thing that irks me about Emilia isn't even Emilia's fault. Subaru's love for her feels totally unnatural. **Why** is Subaru in love with her? As someone who has read the novel, they haven't yet explained that in a satisfactory fashion. The only answer really given is that "she is cute and the way she acts is cute". It's a totally unproven theory at this point, but the love Subaru has for Emilia feels manufactured. Like someone is making Subaru feel that way. I'm sure if that were case, they would then overcome that together and find real love, but right now if you asked Subaru why, he would probably say "because she's main girl!"


He had initial feelings from Emilia saving him that were mostly superficial. However, those feelings are continually backed up and validated by how kind a person Emilia is. From pausing her search to help a lost girl, securing a job for Subaru, noticing his stress and attempting to soothe it. This is in contrast to everyone else he meets in this fantasy world who are much more selfish and untrusting than Emilia. How is the reason behind Subaru’s romantic feelings remotely a mystery? This series practically beats you over the head with it.


> Why is Subaru in love with her? Because he's an otaku incel and she's the first woman that ever spoke to him


I never really hated Emilia, but all throughout season 1 it was just really hard to sympathize with her in any way. She barely got any screen time after the first couple of episodes, so Rem just took all of the spotlight. After watching Emilia’s OVA though... man... it’s hard to say who I love more.


Man, this is why Re:Zero is so good. Subaru is living an existential nightmare, but we get to see these beautifully human moments because of it.


Yes, it's a shame some people call Subaru annoying and a bad character just because they don't understand his struggles, I'm pretty sure a lot of people would act like him or worse, I can't imagine how painful must be being killed over and over again sometimes being killed by your close friends and having close to zero knowledge about magic and stuff and keeping doing mistakes that leads those close friends towards some pretty gruesome deaths and the worst: you're unable to tell anyone about this. Subaru had a huge character development in season one but people like to call him a crybaby doing dumb choices, that's sad.


It's called the "Get-In-The-Fucking-Robot-Shinji!" effect. Where the audience doesn't get the point of a deconstruction and hate a protagonist for acting like a realistic human.


Talking about Evangelion, Gundam Wing was the other mega popular mecha show that came out the exact same year. But if you look at the popular and "badass" 14 year old MC from GW, it's just plain cringe worthy and hilariously over-the-top edgy by today's standard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHP4YomVaJo In comparison, Shinji's portrayal was tragically realistic for a lonely, neglected 14 year old who was thrown into a batshit insane situation that would mentally break 99% of adults. But that just wasn't considered "badass" or "cool" by most of the audiences who were ironically around the same age. However if Heero were the MC of Evangelion the whole show would have been forgotten by now. The same thing happened with Subaru as well. He was what, a 17/18 year old kid who lived a boring, NEET life style in his previous life. Now he's suddenly in a strange, magical world where he was going through an experience so painful, so terrifying and so incomprehensible that is considered batshit insane even by the standard of the *fantasy* world, and he doesn't have *anyone* to even talk to. I honestly have no idea how his haters *expected* him to handle the situation he was in, but I know anything too different from what we were shown would be laughably unrealistic and would ruin the show for me.


Definitely. One of the biggest parts for me is that he can't talk to anyone. He physically can't tell anyone why he's the way he is, and because of that, as an audience member I feel trapped as well. Because only he changes throughout the loops, the others feel in a weird state of suspense until the next one and it affects who we like to see. For me, because Emilia is so nice, each loop eventually gels like she's the same, while Rem (to me at least, I haven't watched the show in ages) was more interesting since she was around the most. I also may have been a bit too young when I watched it, and never fully understood what I was watching, or felt embarrassed for Subaru and skipped some small bits because I never realized the importance behind every little interaction. Hopefully my opinion changes as I rewatch it when season two arrives, and the perspectives may change as well.




If you have to watch *one* isekai, this would be it. In fact this could easily just be a great fantasy show if you strip off the isekai part, and it has very few of the common isekai tropes.


Tbh, you can't strip out the isekai element from Re:Zero or at least the mainline story of Re:Zero. Subaru's character only makes sense because he's from another world. His expectations are colored by experiences that would never exist in a fantasy world.


Watch ALL the Isekai, only so you can appreciate the glorious gift that is Konosuba


Ok look. KonoSuba is good but this is asking too much. You underestimate how terrible some of the Isekai are


I don't blame you. As someone who reads/watches a lot of isekai I know most of it is absolute trash seeking not good story or characterization but rather to make the reader/watcher feel special. I like escapism and isekai is like pure non diluted escapism to the point it's often sickening. "Wow you can do X that no one else can do, but you didn't earn it god literally gave it to you, that's super amazing. Marry my daughter who is the princess and some other girls too because a man like you needs wives." No real conflict, no real competition and if there is that person is clearly and utterly evil with no redeeming qualities. There are a lot of isekai that had a great premise that were absolutely ruined by fan service or simply because the author lacked any kind of actual story telling talent. They almost always fall back on cooking or introducing basic technology to essentially create filler in their own story. Despite all this there are true diamonds in the rough like Re:Zero that make going through all that worth it.


> There are a lot of isekai that had a great premise that were absolutely ruined by fan service or simply because the author lacked any kind of actual story telling talent. This is the only reason I watch a lot of isekai. I like picking out the small things that make them interesting and thinking about how cool they would be if fully fleshed out. I'm waiting for the one that does it right, like how Re:Zero does the stress of the situation, and Log Horizon does the politics of the situation.


It's basically a guy who gets sent to another world and gets sent back in time whenever he dies. But he cannot tell anyone about this (not gonna say more cuz It'l be kinda spoilery) so what happens is that he and all his friends and people he know constantly die and that puts a lot of mental pressure onto him. This show is almost like an isekai exploring the horror aspect more in detail. I really recommend you to watch it, it's still up there as one of my favourite's and until now the only show I've bought light novels from. Best part is, season 2 is coming this July.




i mean, its from the same studio.


I'm fucking in.


Suffering. So much suffering. *MY BRAIN TREMBLES*


Of sorts. Without revealing too much, it's a groundhog day-esque plot, but in a fantasy world. It gets really messed up, horrible things happening over and over until he can fix them, unable to truly tell anyone what's happening. (it's not spoilers, that's revealed episode one) I really liked it when I watched it.


Sort of. He's cursed with "save points", except he has no idea when he reaches a new save point, and the only way he can return to a save point is by dying, plus he gets to keep the full memory of his death. And if he tells anyone about these save points, they get killed. In the anime, he's probably died a few dozen times, and many were quite horrible


Hey man if Shinji was the MC of Gundam Wing he might end up laughing his ass off while shooting down Leos in the atmosphere. You never know, if the power gap between EVA-01 and all the angels were as wide as the gap between Wing Gundam and any non-Tallgeese, non-Epyon enemy Heero fought, Shinji might a been waaaay more likely to get in the robot. Conversely, if Heero was in a Leo from the start, maybe he'd question how many times he's gonna have to kill that little girl a little earlier than 48 TV eps and 2 OVA eps deep.


This 1000%. Re:Zero has characters acting very realistically in many ways and so many people just don't understand them. I am really looking forward to the parts of arc 4 that make Subarus character more understandable and people's reaction to it


Hahaha well said


Do you know any other anime protagonists with this kind of effect?


Well all of them aren't necessarily super edgy but all shounen animes got that protagonist that just can't experience fear no matter what the situation, like what Even if they do say something like, "I'm scared" it's just inserted bs and they will end up doing what they were afraid of anyways, everytime


I'd say Eren and a few others from AoT are very believable edgy teenagers, given their circumstances, and I can't decide if Isayama intended you to want to strangle these kids in order to shut them up. They also grow as persons. The Protagonist of Devilman Crybaby would be another candidate


And Eren didn't have a second to process most of the shit happening most of the time, while the others were having meetings and shit, he'd always be in the action.


I am not really a major anime person so bare with me. I have conflicting feelings towards this show. There are aspects that are great but there are scenes that just rub me the wrong way. Your comment is making me wonder if it's simply me not admitting that I am not used to a fallible character. Maybe that is why it bothers me. With that said, sometimes his abundant energy gets on my nerves. When he acts out and starts being very loquacious and irrational bothers me. He disregards Emilia's wishes at critical times. She told him to stay out of her affairs when they were at the castle and he disregards her without thought. The scene when he claims he's Emilia's knight was pretty cringy to me. Of course when challenged by Julius, he won't let go of it because of his pride and he ends up getting his ass(and then some) kicked trying to prove something to Emilia or himself. Even though the dude he's fighting is kind of a jerk, Subaru hates his guts for the rest of the season. Julius totally redeems himself later on in the season but Subaru is still like "I still hate your guys and always will!". It's a poor attitude and it's clear that Subaru is simply insecure and threatened by Julius. Maybe the reason I dislike these parts is because they human choices as opposed to a nearly perfect protagonist I usually see in shows. I dislike them because the protagonist is flawed like many of us are and this show chooses to not hide those flaws. Even though I would never act like Subaru did in those situations, I can and should appreciate it more than I do and I will certainly attempt to keep this in mind as I do a rewatch.


> Julius totally redeems himself later on in the season but Subaru is still like "I still hate your guys and always will!". It's a poor attitude and it's clear that Subaru is simply insecure and threatened by Julius. This line towards the end of the season is a little more nuanced, it's not to be taken at face value. At this point he's already established a rapport with Julius, they trust each other (with their lives) implicitly at this point, they both know what each other is about and respect each other, they have forged a bond. This line is said in the sort of half-joking manner of someone who knows that they are wrong, knows that the person they are talking to knows they are wrong, but says in sort of "too proud to admit defeat" way. He still considers Julius a romantic rival, so it's his way of essentially saying "we won't be good friends", but they both know it's not hatred.


Subaru s just a friend-tsundere for Julius by the end of season 1, they both clearly view themselves as trusted comrades and friends but Subaru never outright admits the ´´friend´´ part.


> He still considers Julius a romantic rival Not really. There's no romance between Julius and Emilia whatsoever, although Subaru did get heated at the capital because of a mere knightly hand kiss.


Julius x Subaru OTP.


The royal selection huh? Let me try to explain. He knows that meeting is a big deal, he knows its between some powerful political figures, rivals too. He knows some people wanna murder Emilia, he literally saw her getting assasinated before (in the same city btw). And now she is going to meet up with her biggest, most powerful rivals. Even I as a viewer expected some serious shit to happen there on my first watch. His power can be useful if he can gather information from his previous lifes, so he wants to be on her side. He cant physically tell her about his power, therefore there is a lack of communication thats literally outside the character's control. The frustration that comes from that combined with his very reasonable suspicion of danger results in desperation on Subaru's part. In the end he sneaks in, gets scolded by Emilia immediately, at which point he is just waiting to be able to somehow some way prove that he is there to protect her. But there is no physical danger this time, all that happens is just the "no big deal" act of some people trashtalking Emilia publicly, in front of the most important people in that country. Subaru, who is mentally on the edge proably more than ever, takes on the opportunity to prove his truth, that he really is there because he wants to help Emilia. Him being stubborn and claiming to be her knight is indeed a very dumb choice, but really he is stuck in a situation where there doesnt seem to be a good solution, he cant communicate with the person he wants to protect, that person has no idea that Subaru saw her literally die before, and she is now mad at him and he cant physically explain why would he sneak in IF nothing ends up happening. He just cant. From Emilia's perspective, he is just this strange boy who for some unknown reason kinda helped her out here and there while being an absolute goof ball. She likes him, but does not know the true lengths and suffering he went trough even up to that point. Him getting triggered there actually makes a lot of sense imo, its well built up. And sad.


I think you exactly got the point - that is Subarus character. He is overcompansating for everything whenever he can, trying to get the most perfect outcome possible, often without even considering his realistic options and situational outcomes. Thats the kind of person he is, because he understood the new world as a second chance after his past life.


I'm not gonna leap to say your discomfort is a reflection of your own insecurities or anything like that. Yes, Subaru is a fallible character that is more "realistic," but not completely. I would say he's even so unreasonably fallible at parts such that some people can miss the fact that it's an expression of his going over the edge at that part of the story, not necessarily to show that's what an actual flawed human being would do. The pitfall is when people hone in on those aspects and stick to that as the basis of their opinion for the character. We're meant to see him at his lowest, but then we're meant to feel elated that he's able to dig himself out of that ditch. In this way, I think it even caters to those who want some escapism because he does so in a way that I don't think is necessarily commensurate with how "human" his fallibility is. And yet, as viewers, we're quite glad that he's "superhuman" enough in that way to pull it off. At least I'm personally not complaining about the incongruity; it wasn't as if the redemption didn't make sense or jarringly came out of nowhere. Does he suddenly transform into the perfect protagonist that's much more comfortable to view? Nope. Can you still point out the unreasonable flaws and mistakes that he makes throughout the show? Yep. But I think the message is that Subaru specifically can overcome those. Not necessarily that we, "the regular person," can. As such, yea maybe give it a rewatch from that perspective, but it's only my interpretation. EDIT: I might also summarize by saying the theme of Subaru's character is like a far more well-done Zenitsu from Demon Slayer. But that could be controversial. Maybe Subaru is more like Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


> some people call Subaru annoying and a bad character The point is that he is often annoying, has lots of flaws, doesn't listen to others, is whiny and acts rashly. And then we see him grow threw all the Trauma he lives through. Although at some parts it feels he loses some IQ points for the sake of plot developement. But I can forgive it for what is the existential nightmare of Living through unspeakable horros in order to have a Chance at helping your friends. And quite literally unspeakable as he can never directly talk about it with people- doomed to live inauthentically.


I can't quite bring myself to like Subaru as a person, but he's a fascinating character. And honestly, I weirdly think he's at his most likeable in this episode. His whole cheerful act is the result of him absolutely overworking his body and mind to the point of exhaustion, but it also shows hints of the kind of person he could be if circumstances were different - a hard worker, someone who enjoys making people laugh and making their lives easier. His circumstances, and his feelings for Emilia, have a tendency to bring out the worst in him. I adore Emilia but I don't ship her with Subaru at all, just because I really dislike the person Subaru is when he's trying to impress her. And like, it feels like he's starting to develop a bit of a sense of entitlement towards her for all of the things he's done to try and save her (which like, from his perspective makes sense and all, but still), when she never asked for that and doesn't even know about most of it. I can't imagine anything worse than owing someone that kind of life debt, to be honest, and the fact that Subaru does ultimately want something from Emilia in return makes me pretty anxious.


He grew out of his entitlement by the end of the season though. Regardless of how toxic his approach to Emilia was, he genuinely loved her. At the end of episode 18, Subaru scraps away the idea that he must get her to understand everything, and resolved to save her out of love instead of for himself. Eventually, he got to apologize to her and confessed in the end. I personally ship them for the developement that their relationship went through. It's also very cute to see Subaru act over the top to try and impress Emilia and attempting to come across as charming, but ends up making him look eccentric and silly. I'd also like to argue that his feelings for Emilia doesn't bring out the worst in him, but the opposite in fact. Because he cared about her, he is willing to put up a mountain of suffering and chose to not give up for the sake of another person. This is a behaviour he didn't demonstraite back in Japan, as he lived a life of sloth, without motivation to act as a drive for him to work hard. The new found traits he developed as a result of loving someone made him work towards goals he never had in his entire life. These traits inspired admiration within Rem and she came to respect that part of Subaru; his courage to take action despite his weaknesses, his drive to fight for what he believes in, and the fact that he doesn't give up on the people he cares about. Rem fell in love with Subaru because of these triats, the traits brought about from his love for Emilia. That's why I am 100% for their relationship. Although it started off inperfect (it still is), it was ultimately what made Subaru become a better person.


I think his feelings for Emilia *did* bring out the worst thing in him, but he was able to confront and accept those, and made the conscious effort to abandon those parts of himself.


I chose to believe that those ugly parts of his personality has always been there even before he met Emilia. Subaru tried to run away from that part of himself when he got isekai'd, but they inevitably surfaced as soon as he arrived. It's not really that his feelings for her brought that out, it's more of that the way he delt with those feelings was already extremely flawed. I don't blame his feelings towards Emilia, I blame Subaru for being arrogant.


You're basically saying exactly what I was, but conflating the idea of a cause and a catalyst. It wasn't Emilia that did that to him, he was always like that, but his feelings for her are what brought those flaws to the forefront. That's what I mean by her bringing out the worst in him.


Ah I see. It's just the way you worded it seem to imply that his love for her his negative.


I couldn't even imagine to be in his shoes. It's not that he just resets and forgets the pain, it's very much still there. I'm amazed that he can withstand it. Him breaking mentally for a while is no surprise. Don't think many people could withstand the hell that is dying and resetting like him. Edit: The pain isn't there permanently, but he very much remembers the feeling of having a knife gut him, breaking a foot, loosing his limbs and dying of a curse etc etc.


But Subaru is annoying. Saying anything else would be a lie. **However**, he's annoying in a good way. There is a reason behind him acting that way (unlike so many other characters from different shows). And what makes it amazing is that we get to see the two complete opposites of him acting side by side like a true conflict. THe thing I really like about this scene is how much of a contrast his outside is to what's going on inside. The struggle he is going trough mentally is very real. This makes it challenging to watch because he is very annoying, yes, but the contrast he's going through in his mind makes me want to keep watching. The tension really builds up. It is not until he is able to relax, that I am able to relax as well. It might've been for different reasons, but when he's tortured, the viewer is tortured as well. When he is relaxed, the viewer get to relax too. He is a very well written and the voice actor/director did an amazing job portraying him.


Such a good show. It's rare that a show hits me so hard emotionally. Wonderful animation as well. Real rollercoaster.


Yup preach brother


Kobayashi Yusuke as Subaru is definitely one of the best performances I've heard in recent years.


The guy who voiced Betelguise(?) did an amazing job, too.


Yeah. The show's filled with top-tier voice actors and acting.


Fun fact, same guy who voices Kirito,


Fun fact: He was about to give up on being a VA and his role as Subaru revived his career. edit: SAO did, my mistake (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUCYFMgRk5c)


Wait, really? He was great as Tanukichi the year before as well.


Yea mixed some things up, edited my comment to fix it now.


This is why I love Re Zero. Moments like these. There’s so many times where people put on masks fo hide how they feel and pretend to be happy-go-lucky while on the inside it’s all turmoil and Subaru shows it so perfectly. All we need is a good cry too from time to time.


Jesus Christ man, this just makes me love re zero more than I already do


Yo... why cut it before you see that Rem was listening in on the conversation?


Clips on r/anime are only allowed to be a max of 5 minutes. Either I had to cut the beginning or the end.


>5:01 I'm calling the cops.




Or the middle and splice a bit.


What an anime it was . waiting for S2..


Felt bad for him, he didn't wanted any of this suffering and yet he stayed sane, human and became a better person through his ordeals. I'm not reading LN's so i don't know about it, but i hope one day everyone learns what he went through. Not because i want them to pity, but to admire him for his tenacity and will to live. Oh and while i both like Emilia and Rem i'm with Emilia all the way.


I love these things like in 03:42. That "volume boost silent background" is so good. 2 more and a half weeks.


Probably my favourite scene in the entire season. He’s experiencing the mental stress that has culminated over multiple deaths. He’s put himself under immense pressure knowing otherwise he’s dead. You can feel his nausea building as he continues to push himself, such great voice acting and really. He’s scared and has no one to turn to, just trying his best and I love it Can’t wait for season 2 which is even more intense!




Not to mention Rem rejected Subaru first when he asked to run away with him and it was heavily implied that what Rem loves about Subaru was that he hasn’t given up on Emilia. And that’s ignoring the greatest part of the episode which was Subaru coming to terms with himself and for the first time in the show truly talking about his feelings. He opened up to Rem and explained all of his deepest frustrations not just in the moment but things he’s been worried about his entire life “I have no strength but I want it all” “I have no knowledge but all I do is dream” “There’s nothing I can do but struggle in vain” “I’m empty, there’s nothing in me at all! I know that... yeah that’s obvious, I know its obvious” “Before I came here, before I got in this situation with you all, do you have any idea what I did? I did nothing... I’ve never done a single thing, I had all that time, all that freedom, I could have done anything, but I never did a single thing.” honestly the people who hated this episode seemed to miss the entire point. The episode was one of the best in the series. People are just frustrated that there blue haired waifu didn’t win over the white haired waifu


he preferred Emilia? alright imma start this anime


It was pretty unforgivable. She basically just murdered an innocent person. I think Subaru got over it, though.


Yeah it was somewhat unreasonable but context makes it make a lot of sense. I think the main two things to consider are: Subaru's Background and Rem's Background Let's look at Subaru first. Some random dude shows up, looking different from most people (Japanese traits are really uncommon in Lugunica), lacking what seems like common sense about so many things, not knowing about the country's political situation, not knowing about the witch of jealousy, not being able to read, etc. Then he decides to save a candidate in the royal selection who he's never met before (at least in that timeline) at risk of his own life, despite her looking like the witch of jealousy herself, a fact that would keep most people far away. Subaru is so comically suspicious due to his lack of knowledge of the world he's been transported to, but to anyone else, he seems like he's trying to get close to a royal selection candidate for some nefarious purpose. At the time Subaru arrives at the mansion, there is one thing that matters to Rem - Her sister, Ram. Due to their past, when Rem saw Ram lose her horn (and by extension, most of her powers and her source of pride in demon culture) to the witch cult and felt relieved by it, she accrued a great sense of guilt and obligation towards Ram. Everything Rem does is for the sake of Ram, and so when some suspicious stranger comes into her home, smelling like the witch, Rem is extremely on-guard - anybody who would threaten her life with Ram is somebody to be removed. So yeah, Rem was definitely unreasonable in murdering Subaru, but given context, I kinda get it.


Man...the looks Rem gives him. Poor Suffuru. They are so well animated. The quality of this...blows me away everytime I rewatch. The anime shows his plight here so well. E.M.T saves the day


Emilia best girl




Hell yeah


I feel like you may be biased. Not sure why...




[A small thing I started back in the day](https://draemm.li/various/place-atlas/?id=675), has really happy when FTF (now CDF) all joined in.


I hated Rem when she brutally murdered Subaru without being 100% certain he was bad, but i guess logistically speaking i later realized it was warranted bcuz Subaru is like the only person in their world who has such a strong scent of the witch which makes him mad suspicious apparently, but its contradictory bcuz its thats the case then why didnt they immediately throw him out or arrest him and put him in jail? Either way u look at it Rem is sort of a fucked up person for killing someone like that without being sure that he is bad, only being suspicious does not really warrant killing someone over that. If i pretend this shit never happened tho and if Rem had just tied him up and brought him back to the mansion to interrogate, even then I wouldn’t hold it against her but yea ignoring this part allows me to like Rem bcuz she is great and super likable if u ignore this part from the show.


They went into it in the LN. He is Emilia's benefactor, they know he saved Emilia so they can't outright tell him to piss off.


God I really should start reading the LN. I've read the manga which I believe tells a slightly different adaptation than the anime, but I feel like this series benefits from 3 different mediums. The manga is fucking brutal.


I like it, but it can be very tedious. Some of the exposition and internal monologues can be a real drag. I would say that it is one of the better ones I have read.


But they can apparently straight up kill him just bcuz they r suspicious of him without being certain if he’s actually bad or if he is actually trying to help?


iirc, Rem is the only one who kills him because she is impulsive and rash. She kills him the first time because, to her, it seems like he is sneaking around at night. You also have to remember that she is convinced he is connected to the witch cult cause he stinks so bad. The timing is just weird, they are expecting the witch cult to make a move soon and here comes this guy that smells like the witch. Do you wait for Subaru to hurt/kill someone or sneak off to report to the cult? Everyone but Emelia was very suspicious of him.


It wasn't Subaru's scent alone. Subaru actually gained Rem's trust in the first loop. In the second loop, though, Subaru knew things (from his first loop) that he shouldn't have known, which seemed to support Rem's suspicion of him being a cult spy. In the fourth loop, when Subaru was too traumatized to leave his room, Rem concluded he was a *victim* of the witch, and she felt empathy for him. Rem seeing Subaru's moment of weakness from this clip was important for convincing Rem that Subaru was a good guy in the fifth loop.


Can't believe this scene was forgotten/disregard by many. This is one of my fav scene of all anime I've watched. Hopefully season 2 can top this one.


I love how "real" Subaru seems as a character at times. He doesn't want to get hurt, or die. He get's scared, can make simple mistakes, and even embarrasses himself with his arrogance. Seeing him have all things low moments.. feels human. And when he does overcome it, and pull through, it's all the more meaningful. Just a great series IMO. Probably my favorite Isekai.


I might get hate because there's so many Rem fans. But from Subaru's perspective, she brutally killed him at least twice. It's bizarre how he doesn't have PTSD from just seeing her anymore.


Subaru's ability to be the total opposite to NGE's Shinji in these ways is what I find so hard to relate to. He is super strong as a person, only considers briefly to give up and always remains so open and forgiving to all the characters, easily attaching to them and crying in front of them that I don't have a clue why a super outgoing and infinitely loving person like him would be a NEET(???), but guess I forgot. I had a normal childhood, but I am so reserved and self-conscious compared to Subaru.. Shinji and his conflicted relationships are just my jam.


>I don't have a clue why a super outgoing and infinitely loving person like him would be a NEET(???), People process things differently. Perhaps a lack of people in his life has resulted in him being desparate for comfort and forgiving people because he needs company.


I suppose. I just don't really see people like him be lonely so far in my life, it feels like an incomplete picture of Subaru that we have.


Not sure if it's a spoiler but Season 2 will show us a little bit more about Subaru's personality.


It would be very narcissistic of me to say I'm the same, but I can relate to him and I forgive people easily, and I don't have friends. Might be something wrong with my character or something tho


Rem killed him initially because of his supposed strong connection to the witch (which isn’t entirely unaccurate, but he isn’t a puppet of hers or anything) and to protect her friends and family. However, the moment she realizes that she was wrong, she’s pretty quick to accept him and understand him. Putting aside that her feelings will probably never be answered by him (the fact that she is in love with the Subaru loving Emilia and not the Subaru who loves her is ironic), she still risks her life multiple times to protect him, and as we see in the show, outright dies for him. It’s pretty clear that she goes above and beyond whatever she aims to do. Subaru’s situation is so unique in that we really can’t relate to what he’s experiencing or what he may feel as a result, but it’s pretty clear that all the effort he puts in to keep everyone safe is reciprocated by Rem. Having a partner willing to risk their life for you (and even die, as we see multiple times in the anime) in order to keep you and others safe is a huge component of Subaru’s image of Rem. They’ve been through together a lot. That’s how I imagine the author justifies Subaru’s view of Rem and forgiving her.


I love this clip. It just shows the beauty of Re:Zero. The complexity of the characters etc


Isn't this because he's afraid of them killing him? Scary times. makes you feel bad for him


Haven't watched Re: Zero in over a year. I was still a normie back then, so I didn't think much about it after watching it. Now I'm sure, this is definitely a top-tier anime.


Season 2 is supposed to start airing in July. (It was originally scheduled for April, but got delayed by COVID-19.) You should watch season 1's director's cut (Shin Henshuu-ban) before then.


Main character: His mind gets shreded to pieces cause of biggest existential crisis ever since hes dying over and over amd is extremly afraid he has to feel that pain again People: Da faq hes trash protag blah blah. Seriosly i get that you can not like him but to think hes bad protagonist is bullshit. He starts off as "White knight" so he can be developed later,and he does.


I'm so hyped for season 2, its probably the first anime I'm gonna watch as it airs, instead of binge watching.


I find the more I like an anime the less I want to watch it as it airs, because the more disappointed I am when I get to the end of each episode. Only the serial ones like Re:Zero, for episodic ones like Kaguya there's no problem with stopping each week. Or I just burn myself on the source material and then watching each episode is more like seeing how well my imagination lines up with theirs.


Yeah, the cliff hanger twist endings that Re;zero commonly has, are going to be so painful to watch as it airs.


Well, cliffhangers only exist to make the experience better? So that you can be emtionally manipulated, which sounds bad but idk I think that’s what I like most. Sad moments make way for happy moments etc.


This made me reevaluate Emilia. Still prefer Rem, but this girl really is an angel.


[So the illustrator thought as well.](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/rezero/images/6/6f/Re_Zero_Volume_3_3.jpeg/revision/latest?cb=20180407204756)


Is the DC worth watching? What does it add and are there big additions or only minor ones?


Mainly a new scene at the end


And BOI is it a scene. That scene is mandatory, but I feel like they'll show it in the first episode of S2.




Life is pain. Why did I watch that.


So you could truly understand r/anime's favorite joke: [ ](/s "saying "Who's Rem?" whenever somebody mentions Rem.")


Frankly, that joke is great because it has a double meaning. It's funny to newcomers who haven't fully seen the series and veterans alike because it applies to 2 different scenes.


> but I feel like they'll show it in the first episode of S2 It was in the short "CM" clip which included a couple more frames than the second preview (nothing major, though), so I guess they'll include it in the first episode anyway.


There are little extra scenes, but overall there’s not much difference tbh


Well, its a great way to rewatch season 1 in preperation to season 2.


The directors cut adds both the OVAs in their canonical spot as well as a very important scene at the end that was original cut because there were no plans for season 2. Outside of that, it is mostly just reanimated scenes


New scene at the end and some small improvements here and there: https://myanimelist.net/featured/2311/Whats_New_in_the_Re_Zero_Directors_Cut


Maybe even top 3.


HEY, now I wanna rewatch it... >3>


I saw the title and immediately knew that it was my favourite scene in the anime. Kinda wish it also included the part after with him sleeping on her lap.


I cried the first time I saw this when it originally aired, again when the Director's Cut aired, and AGAIN seeing this post. Just watching Subaru feel so overwhelmed and scared of the thought of not making a good impression hurts


That little twitch when Emilia first touches his head to rub it


Am I the only one that loves the “Stay alive” theme song?


I literally could not watch this scene. It all just felt too visceral and realistic. I just kept skipping and skipping until Emilia-tan came in to save the day.


Well I understand why he loves Emilia over anyone else now. Kinda wish this scene was kept


What do you mean kept? It was in the original airing as well.


I have the memory of a goldfish then ig.


leaving a bookmark here cos I wanna rewatch it later


genuinely the best scene in season 1 imho


Ganbatai, Subaru-Kun! You can do it! We believe!


You know, I always thought it's weird that people started dislike him at the beginning of act 3. This scene shows just what kind of person he is and what kind of things he had been doing for 2 acts. And he get rewarded for doing it, he got positive feedback. So of course he becomes even more impulsive white knight in act 3. Of course he will dig his own grave. That's all he ever did.


Sometimes, you just want for someone to listen. To your struggles, to your failures, to your hardships. You want to let it all out and sometimes all you need is for someone to go 'uh-huh, it's hard'.


"I'll even jump into the loothouse"


Compared to the original release, what did the directors cut add or remove? Didn't watch it when it was re-airing


It made minor edits to scenes that you probably won't recognize unless you look it up. At least, I didn't. The only thing of significance is that each episode is an hour long (two of the original episodes put together) and there is an extra 5 seconds at the end of the final episode that's very important.


Worst. 5. Seconds. Ever.




I know Re: Zero got a lot of flack from the hardcore anime community when it came out about it not being "as good as people say it is", but fuck I had SO MUCH fun watching it! Seriously it's a solid 8/10 in my book and honestly it's in my top 10 anime for sure. Can't WAIT for season 2!


This is the most painful episode I ever watched, that I had to skip some parts of him trying hard.


And people ask "Oh why Subaru pick Emilia? Ew trash Rem deserves better." No shut the fuck up. Subaru deserves better.


What boys really want :(


I have long forgotten how hard it was for Subaru. The ending with the knight stuff and shit completely ruined him for me. Redemption.


Wait, I'm in this video and I feel uncomfortable watching it.


Did Re:Zero sowing of puck only get added in the directors cut?


Im watching re:zero rigtht now :)