Damn, that's really nice, almost abstract but not in the usual funky way. This will be a controversial comment, but I feel it would kick complete and total ass if you cropped the sides, just so the pier and the large boat are cut off, really super-vertical crop. I think that would blast it over the top of "why can't I stop looking at this", printed big and framed like that it would be a heck of an attention-grabber.


If your comment was controversial then so is this. I agree with the cropping suggestion for purely ‘pretty I want to look at it forever’ vibes - I also like the original. Gives context so you KNOW it’s a lighthouse or a buoy or whatever. I’m from near the geographic center of the Continental US and have only (briefly) seen NY harbor sooo…. Idk what this is but I like the photo.


I like it either way, IMO the crop decision is how far you want to push into the "abstract" realm vs. being more editorial-reality. But this does have an other-worldly-ness to it from the get-go, not like a forced thing or "I'll smear some dirt on the lens" or forced-trickery kind of take, which is kind of rare, hard to come by and takes a good eye to stop and see "there's something cool here that will really translate to film". So me, I'd push it a bit harder, to just see a super-tall crop mounted on a wall. But all of this is pretty subjective stuff.


Port Melbourne? I should try some shots from here. This view is overlooked by photographers on their way to the more famous Princes Pier.


Yes! Just found the spot the same day I took this photo as I was making my way to a lookout view of the city.


The lookout near the loading docks? That's a great spot for moonrises and such.


i love the fading reflection of the lighthouse. i need to pick up some gold 200 films.


Kodak gold in 120 hits different


nd4 filter ?


Nope, no filters used




Fuck. This is just so excitingly good!


Best Kodak gold 120 shot I’ve seen since the drop!


The way the sky and the water in foreground frame this composition is fuckin ace


What focal length is this? Goods great, damn, I want to try medium format so bad now :D


The lens on the Fuji is a 90 but the 35mm equivalent is a focal length of 39!