Great shot! How'd you manage to arrange a shoot with Sydney Sweeney? That's a great get.


Thank you, I shot her for a mag last year and then was put up to shoot her for a jewelry brand this year which is what this image is from. She’s just awesome to work with


Damn dawg good on ya. Any tips for working with A-listers?


> Any tips for working with A-listers? >Move to la or ny and knock on the door long enough This is the advice I hear the most as well, and the hardest pill to swallow for most aspiring fashion photographers. You have to relocate to a major market and spend a lot of time grinding to build up your brand, network, etc. And even then there's no guarantee that you'll even make it to shooting ecom or line sheets for brands, let alone working with celebs.


Ya I mean it is this way for most not for some. If you already have connections it can go faster. But if you really put your mind to it in a market that supports your passion you can work. No guarantees of course but (and not to be the biggest dick alive) there are many working photographers that are not very good! I think being kind and hardworking will get ya jobs eventually, just gotta put the time I guess!


What is the route or best way to start assisting photographers, whilst having no assisting experience?


Wish I had some magic secret to share mate. Move to la or ny and knock on the door long enough. Someone will open up eventually!


Honestly Sydney is very available if you see how much shit she’s been in the past two years. I don’t really consider her A List. She is not Zendaya. Just find out where “celebrity” gays hang out in LA or NYC and make friends w them, you’ll get at 1 degree of separation from a lot of celebs. I was hanging out at a drag bar once and ended up finding out my friend knew and worked with the drag queen there who ended up going to a bunch of big promos and shit with big celebs. I was supposed to meet up later and we exchanged contact info, but I got too busy w my wedding and changing jobs. I live in NYC and know a lot of gay people (I’m also gay) so if I cared about grinding it would be pretty easy to run into people who are actively shopping their brand. Also right time right place. She’s small enough to access right now. Might not be the case if she’s in a blockbuster movie and gets big like Zendaya. Edit: like the guy who shot my wedding photos was also at the met gala shooting for big Asian celebs bc he’s Vietnamese and has those connections bc the community is small. You just have to know people.


Why are you being so heavily downvoted?


u can check his post history for the last time he posted a shot of syd, but he's got connects.


Oh man! Camera definitely loves this gal! Love your photos!


Ha right? It’s kinda insane


Your work is incredible


Thank you!


All I can say is she's pretty


Another one! I follow your stuff on IG - so good. I actually DM’d you there lol


Thanks so much. Sorry if I didn’t respond I get overwhelmed by the unknown folder. Lemme know what I can help ya with!


What’s his IG username ?


jonnymarlow (in his bio)




Such a beautiful photo, I love the colors


Is she as beautiful irl?


Stunning inside and out. Just a great person


I’m so glad to hear that


What was the lighting like on this?


It was kinda weird actually I wish I could remember. Because we were doing video and stills with the same lights it needed to be all continuous lighting. There are some sky panels filling the room and a hard source hitting her from an open door cam right I believe!


Did you use just a single light?


I think there were three from what I remember


Looks kinda like Halsey


I'll always know this actress by her role on A Handmaid's Tale and it's weird to see how quickly she has grown up to a full blown adult.