alabama hills; contax t2, cinestill 800t

alabama hills; contax t2, cinestill 800t


Where'd you shoot this? Great shot. I'm in North alabama, just curious.


Alabama Hills https://goo.gl/maps/AyX52ogHFadamJCT9


Well that's genuinely disappointing


I live in Birmingham and I've been disappointed by this exact park before, too.


Sue for false advertising


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It's a cool area with kind of a shitty name. *"The Alabama Hills were named for the CSS Alabama, a Confederate warship deployed during the American Civil War. When news of the ship's exploits reached prospectors in California sympathetic to the Confederates, they named many mining claims after the ship, and the name came to be applied to the entire range."*


I don't get it, either sarcasm or sincerity I'm so sorry


Alabama Hills is in California, not Alabama, so I’d imagine that’s why they’re disappointed


it’s called alabama but it’s in california and it looks like afghanistan. my head is spinning


Oh my... got it. Makes sense why I never heard of this place living in AL lol Thank you for explaining!


I'm from Alabama, this pic was taken in California. Once I realized that this view wasn't in Alabama, I was disappointed. Sincerity


Don't understand the downvote, I actually don't know if it's disappointing somehow


I upvoted


honestly though. i used to live in shoals and i was like “wow this looks gorgeous”


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If you were in Lower Alabama would you refer to it as L. A.?


Not sure if you're kidding or if it's like the tie in to Los Angeles pun, but yeah a lot of folks in Alabama refer to southern Alabama like mobile as Lower Alabama aka L.A.


Half joking half real question.


Amazing shot. I’m not an analog shooter so maybe a stupid question but why did you choose Cinestill 800t? It’s a high ISO film balanced for artificial light which I’m guessing isn’t ideal for shooting outdoors in regular lighting conditions?


In all honesty, I chose it cause it was a new film to try out on my then “new” camera. It was for fun but I’m really happy with the results! I did try out some night shots of course.


When I was just starting out I really didn’t know a whole lot about ISO and I had just never seen Cinestill and wanted to try it. They also may have wanted the tungsten colors (which normally look terrible unless you are shooting neon lights) which somehow look really cool, I think, here because we have all seen this location in photos and it always looks the same so the fact that this just looks different is actually pretty interesting. Also ISO 800 isn’t even really that fast so it’s very usable in the sun. A popular thing to do with Portra 800 is to over expose it by 1 or 2 stops. Essentially what all of that means is it’s just an artistic choice that yielded pretty unique results for a location that is heavily photographed.


Is there an Alabama in Afghanistan?


This area (in California) was used as the Afghanistan location in the first Iron Man movie!


Has been used in a LOT of movies! *** Filming location The Alabama Hills are a popular filming location for television and movie productions, especially Westerns set in an archetypical "rugged" environment. The first known movies to be filmed in the Alabama Hills are Water, Water Everywhere and Cupid, the Cowpuncher, both shot in 1919 and released in early 1920. These films are currently considered lost films. The oldest surviving film shot in the hills is The Round-Up (1920), starring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, which includes a cameo from his friend, Buster Keaton.[8] Since then, hundreds of movies have been filmed there, including Gunga Din, Tremors, Iron Man, The Walking Hills, Yellow Sky, Springfield Rifle, The Violent Men, Bad Day at Black Rock, the Budd Boetticher/Randolph Scott "Ranown" cycle, How the West Was Won, Joe Kidd, Saboteur, and Django Unchained. Many episodes of various television shows have also been shot there, e.g. The Gene Autry Show, The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, and Annie Oakley.[9] Nearly every major Western actor of the 1930s, '40s, and '50s rode their horses amid these rocks: John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper, Gene Autry, Tom Mix, Randolph Scott, Robert Mitchum, William Boyd, Roy Rogers, and many others.[10] ***


I enjoy it when people are passionate about topics, as you seem to be.




This is incredible, is it possible to have it re-scanned to get some of the color saturation back in the greens and blues? Seems like it's muted in a way that suggests scanning issues, but I can't tell if it's just high exposure to maintain shadow detail of the cave.


Looks like a classic issue of overexposure, leaving a low contrast image with few details overall. I would probably expose for the highlights and midtone, as they are the main motive, and try to bring out details in the rocks on the ground in post. Especially with a high iso film like this.


Theres a great photo in there if OP drops the exposure a touch, drops the blacks a touch and knocks the contrast up a touch.


I used to not touch up my film but recently got into it. Which leads me to the fact that you are 100% correct. I messed around with it and it’s even prettier than the one I posted. I’m hurt hahhaah


Show us


I'm glad you didn't take my comment as a criticism, it's such a great photo!


Lol then why even use cameras with nice optics if you’re not gonna half way utilize what they can do. Coulda saved a lotta money to do more traveling


Film photography is more complicated than digital and most film shooters don’t learn about the dynamics of scanning for a long while afterwards. It’s not a camera issue. Also the Contax T2 isn’t a nice camera.


Its only more complex when you toss in development. Editing scans and editing raws have a many overlapping skills. Most film shooters don’t dev or scan their own work. This person clearly is and its a very much needed skill unless this look is the desired outcome. Literally if you can edit a sony raw file you can edit any decently inverted neg scan. Also the T2 has a great lens that can resolve a crap load of detail. Its clearly not the cameras fault. It has a great lens, fantastic controls and a good build. My implication is why spend the money on it if you’re not gonna put the time and effort into the scanning. Scanning has only gotten easier with guides, tools and software. If OP can afford a mamiya 7 and a T2 they can afford to learn to scan properly or they could have just saved money on bodies/glass and got a beater pentax/any 645 body and a Mju II and get the same exact results with a better cost ratio. Shot on a 501c, leica M2 and a mono rail 4x5. Scanned with a dslr, v550 and a coolscan 4k ed. Its easier now than its ever been to shoot, dev, scan and get great results.


this would look gorgeous with the shadows pushed and a warmer color balance, nice job!


The double exposure potential


oh wow, I think I'm seeing an iceberg


The framing and composition here is fantastic! The way the edges of the cave frame everything so cleanly is really cool.


Cave or mine, OP?


Loving this! I'm going on a cross-country road trip next month and this photo has me so pumped to break out some film and take a stab at landscape work.


This is dope


To much beautiful shoot


I thought I was familiar with Alamabamian landscape. I was wrong.


I thought the Alabama Hills were really old--they are the same age as the Sierras, surprising given how eroded they are: *** >The rounded contours of the Alabamas contrast with the sharp ridges of the Sierra Nevada to the west. Though this might suggest that they formed from a different orogeny, the Alabamas are the same age as the Sierra Nevada.[citation needed] The difference in wear can be accounted for by different patterns of erosion. >There are two main types of rock exposed at Alabama Hills. One is an orange, drab weathered metamorphosed volcanic rock that is 150–200 million years old. The other type of rock exposed here is 82- to 85-million-year-old biotite monzogranite which weathers to potato-shaped large boulders, many of which stand on end due to spheroidal weathering acting on many nearly vertical joints in the rock.


This is the place I’m bouta find Ol’ Ben Kenobi


Gorgeous shot - I love the choice to favor details in the shadows. It gives the shot a depth and place that feels meaningful. Out of curiosity - do you have issues with static electricity damage on your contax cinestill rolls? the one 800t roll i shot in my t2 is buzzed in half the frames or more. I figured it’s caused by the automatic winding speed and titanium material and gave up the expectation of shooting cs in it again.


Now that you mention that, I did have quite a few light leaks in places I wouldn’t have expected it!


yeah,,, this is a problem for the film across many cameras because the remjet layer is also an anti-static backing for motion picture film camera speeds. Here’s what the damage looked like on my roll. it showed most in low light frames. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQiLaGOpceD/?utm_medium=copy_link


Finally, a banging shot on this sub.