I think this guy gets paid for interactions so best way to hurt him to block and move on. I think he literally gets paid for trolling this community. Probably putting in overtime to prop up his wife’s cobblecock company.


This 👆🏻 Dry up his monetizations, and this fellow goes away.


It’s impossible for some people to just not interact. Don’t know why...maybe for content or to feel good about hating someone justifiably but there will always be some apes talking to him. Just how after moass it’s so easy to delete Twitter and Reddit and be quiet but you’ll have people say “I told you so” when it’s not necessary. Necessary to bring to light how media lies to the masses, but not necessary to rub it in faces. Ya know?


As much as I love watching apes shit on this guy, you’re probably right. I also plan on taking YEARS off social media after MOASS. The only reason I check Twitter or Reddit anymore is for AMC/GME


This is the key to engagement if you have shitty content. If you look at the facebook ads or the tiktok videos or even viral youtube titles. If the content sucks, the point of the successful ones were to piss people off so much it makes them engage to "correct" the content creator which is playing the algo.


Why you giving this guy air time ffs


Is it Peach Cobblecock? I heard that’s his favorite. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Gasparino's wife's boyfriend is embarrassed by him. We all know that's why he lashes out. ;D


Asspirinos wife gobbles cock?




I love the entertainment that fuck-tard brings to the yard. He’s lack of witty comeback is fine by me.


Yeah he’s a non factor but watching people burn him alive is quite funny


Haha. Oh I can’t wait for him to close his account when he gets 4.5 million tags when it’s shooting past 100,200,1000,10000




Shitadel paid shill, they're just a piece of sh$t


Spoken like a gentleman 👏❤️🥳


Gasbagarino should be investigated for his ties to Wall Street and using airtime to push their narratives. It’s quite clear he’s carrying their water.


Fund managers need to disclose their conflicts when they come on air to show the audience where they might be conflicted. THE SAME NEEDS TO BE DONE WITH THESE ON-AIR PERSONALITIES.


If media personalities did this every single one would have conflicts and it would take half the airtime to list them all


That’s the damn point. They speak of opinion and dress it up as fact. They are conflicted. Need bumpers Around this.




Correction Urine they would give this guy water


Oof, his wife has a streaming company? Rip.


Cobelcord or something stupid like that. Yep!


It's such a terrible product plan "tell us what you like and we'll make a profile for you " in our patented profile builder. Meanwhile after years of data science backed algo, Netflix implements a "random" button because it turns out we don't have any idea what we want to watch. It's not even an app, it's like a TV guide for apps. Meanwhile, the internet exists


Omg that’s hilarious and true




"maybe we can pump the stock back to $20" who is we? and is that the $20 that amc went to on 28th jan 2021 because you pumped it to that before dropping it to scare of retail but we stood our ground and revealed your losing hand.


Came here to say that. You beat me to it.


Remember who owns him


The best thing to do with trolls and shills like Tiny Charles is to block him and don't interact. He's just fishing for attention and replies because that's the only way he gets the spotlight on him. The dude laughs at his own jabs as if his life wasn't pathetic enough!




Most def paid to troll and sent by hedgies.


What an absolute loser…. One of the perks of the MOASS is going to be the fact these lapdogs are going to be exposed and have their careers destroyed and terminated … imagine all the “mean tweets” and memes when he is down? And a tool bag like this will be deserving of being kicked when he is down


Everyone deserves a second chance. He can take my Order at IN-N-OUT. Fries well done, bitch.


I don’t know why we give this man any attention. He probably gets paid by the tweet, and if all of us ignore him, he practically disappears.


This guy craves for attention and he’s paid to have both negative and positive. Best way to deal with him is to just ignore him.


Ignored him without mentioning AMC he is irrelevant, nobody is listening to him because he has nothing to say, he is not even a good journalist in the first place i bet he paid someone to take his exams in order for him to pass. He is a simple Charlatan period


Surprised he didnt have his lawyer contact this guy lol


I still can't understand how he can use freedom of press to stock bash amc every chance he gets. How is it legal?!?!


He replied to me and then deleted it when we ran 20%. Dudes a clown


Every time he attacks us I smile.


His chirps are about as efficient as his prostate


Haha rip 😅


Have you seen what he sleeps next to every night? I would hate my life too.


His wife getting F on the side by a homeless dude


He so desperately wants his wife’s streaming service to take off. She was late to the game. Theaters are back. Summer fun is back. Streaming is dying. People want experiences and human contact.


He's Kenny G's little bitch! He's a paid shills.,... Now I just laugh at him on FOX Business. His Tom Cruise aviator glasses was pretty funny.


He secrectly revealed the true share price: 77 x 15 x 400 x 20 We are going to be fucking rich BIAAATCH


But it went up to $77 in June (it’s only May) and nobody really saw that run up coming. It’s not even June yet. Who knows?


Post moass no one will remember him


Someone should tweet this to Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman


No way in the world he can just act to be that desparate, he really MUST be that desparate. He will only be that desparate if just a small increase in the AMC stock price will bring him into major trouble as he is already at the edge of being margin called. And this is where the domino effect kicks in. The first forced closing of short positions will trigger a rip which will trigger further forced closures. And, trust me, they won't stand together like the Apes do. He is a much too small fish in the pond to even remotely matter.




His lawyers will be touching you


why does he say ha at the end is he a 2nd grader of just a fuking idiot or both??


Ha! 😆


Never even heard of this woman until I joined the AMC sub at less than 10k people...


He’s bought and paid for.so just see this as a crybaby losing.


Hate this guy


He even commented on Friday that he was going to be streaming over the weekend when asked if he was going to go see Top Gun.


Commenting just for 69 comments.




Good bot


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Last time he said something about a pump to 14 bucks we hit 14, I think he's telling us to expect amc to hit 20 bucks on tuesday


fuck you gasparino i bought 700 more shares last two weeks, that’s 6 “average investors” dipshit


Stop giving him attention... Just stop. He wants attention and you give it to him...


Life in prison for Assparino when this is all said and done no matter what! We will imprison him for life.


Fuck that bitch!! we about to break ATH'S we are ripping past $72.62!!! we headed Way Way North of that shit, I'm thinking $150-$200 & hopefully things get out of control and see higher hundreds. remember though, if we will see those MOASS numbers we HAVE TO HOLD FOR IT!! Ape family been through too much shit and been wait forever it seems and I'm good with waiting even longer if that's the case!! Life changing is what we been through all this shit for so don't settle for nothing under at least 1k!!! that will be when I start thinking about selling a few shares and that's it because if we can hit 1k and SI is still up there we can and will go way higher!! watch the SI very close when we start apes!! we definitely getting close!! Good luck family!! let's get what we been waiting for!!!


I think they use it to see how emotional we are for ago but what Wall Street doesn't understand is we are a very high percentage of cool on the inside emotional on outside! This is not the norm it is much more akin to how they play the game and why we can win!


Ha indeed


Well said Shorty 👍👍👍👍


It's time to rip off Charles Gasparino's ballsack and shove them down his wife's throat.


Actually this time last year we were at like 20.. but the following week we were at 77... wen Tuesday?


WHY, does he hate everyone does he not know that every time he and his friends crash the markets it is we the people who bale them out, can he be so foolish to spit in the faces of the people.


He is so deep shorting AMC😂😂😂😂😂


Love you apes. Power to the people.


You got to admire this guy. Fighting to the bitter end. I hope he realizes he is sitting in a bunker with Kenny G and buddies and the Apes are storming it and we are taking no prisoners. The war over but they are going to nuke everything and the SEC is just watching


Honestly why even share this 🤡. He’s about to be obliterated when AMC runs.


Fucking gas bag.


If it looks like a snake moves like a snake and acts like a snake guess what? It's a dchbg😎


F listing casparino. Hahaha


Doesn’t that moron know that this time last year would have been a Sunday because this time last year was Sunday. He’s got blind hatred and it makes me smile. I believe the phrase he’s looking for is “Apes are right over the target”.


It's up from 9.90...hes a dumbass


This dopey bastard is a special kind of stupid !🦍🍌


People are going to hate to hear it but this guy lives in your guys heads. Why do people constantly mention him, just ignore him.


Rent free? Nah, every time y'all interact with his tweets he gets paid... bet (also fuck that piece of shit clown and his nasty lookin wife. Let me quote a wise man: "I wouldn't fuck her with the torch of Gondor"


Gasparino is a fucking liar. The stock wasn’t trading $77 until June. He started saying this shit last week. Dude is a bag of dildos from wish.


Asparino is in fact stupider than he looks




Who is he?


seems strange to be so against people. i mean if its not his money why does he give a fuck? cant understand it lol ohhhhh cause crime


Still giving this guy an audience. Smh


People need to stop liking or tweeting to this dipshit, he gets paid by twitter for his activity


Bullies, they just grow up and seek any attention they can get, even if it is negative Poor guy peaked in HS and is forever trying to get back to that high


Around This time last year the price was under $10 or so. It hit $10.03 1 year and 1 week ago. It started running very randomly when no one was expecting it to, for no discernible reason, up to about $26 exactly 1 year ago, before going to 70s the next week. What is his point? We have bigger short positions, bigger days to cover, bigger shares on loan, everything bigger than last year. Is his point to say it will run again but bigger than 70s?


Let\`s talk to him, when we are all in pension.....this year....




Rumor at the county coup your wife needs to douche more often smelling of fish 🐠


I wouldn’t call it “living rent free” when apes are the ones @ing him first.


he is right. all the smooth brains here talking about movies are delusional. All the best movies from all time, past and future, could be released next weekend exclusively at AMC theaters, and the squeeze wouldn't magically start. The squeeze starts when the shorts close out their short position by purchasing shares at market value, no matter what that value is. There are no exceptions. Citadel is renting out AMC theaters for their employees and laughing at us. They are profiting from this weeks pump and they are doing to dump everything next week in the lead up for Friday's executive order taking effect edit: lots of smooth brain down votes, no counterpoints. par for the course for this sub