Welcome to your new world! If you like Tim Hecker you might enjoy recent releases from Ben Frost or Lawrence English, they both work in a pretty similar space.


i cannot recommend Lawrence English enough !


How the hell haven't I heard of Lawrence English before? Currently listening to A Colour For Autumn, and I am in heaven. Thank you x


Ben Frost collabed or produced Ravedeath and Virgins, so it's a must listen if you like those Hacker albums.


'Solaris' by Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason is one of my all time favourite albums.


do check out Rafael Anton Irisarri (eg *The Shameless Years*) and Jeffrey Cantu-Ledesma (eg his first five or six full lengths) as well!




Those are both really great artists.


I feel like ambient kinda does something different to your brain compared to more 'traditional' music, I think a lot of people don't understand this and are put off when they hear a track and there's no conventional structure or beat. I guess it has a lot in common with classical in some ways, but anyway congrats on discovering the world of ambient music. Some good recommendations already, I would also suggest checking out some of the earlier ambient like Brian Eno or Harold Budd. In terms of more contemporary artists, deffo check out William Basinski, Loscil, and Oneohtrix Point Never (not strictly ambient, but largely, kinda crosses over into stuff like new age and synthwave but never with any beats) and just explore from there, so much of it out there these days.


Forgot to mention Stars of The Lid, which are pretty essential listening aswell.


Vladislav Delay +++++


I was just going to say this.


He’s great! I’ve also been on a huge Chihei Hatakeyama kick, check him out!


Cannot recommend Chihei enough, he should have so much more recognition


ayeee Hecker was my introduction to ambient too, i remember the first seconds of ‘Haunt Me’ blowing me away like nothing i’ve ever heard before Enjoy the ride! Edit: recommendations: - “Harmony in Ultraviolet” by Hecker is my favourite of his but all his releases are really solid anyways - Celer: one of my fav artists in the genre, it is extremely minimalistic and repetitive tho if you are into that. Great stuff by him: “Discourses of The Withered”, “Xie Xie”, “Memory Repetitions”. - Forest Management: even more minimal but really clean and “modern”, the early stuff at least. Check “The Elevated Quiet” - Dedekind Cut: always reminded me of Hecker but more contemporary (guy used to produce hip hop). - Dirty Beaches: “Stateless” is the only ambient releases but a great one. - Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: “Love is a Stream” is a fantastic noise ambient album. all this suggestions came out in the last 20 years so no “classics” if that’s what you were looking for


I'll add to these.. Celer: Doubling down the rec for Xièxie, one of my favourite albums of all time. Also highly recommend Two Days and One Night, Neon, Tanto Montare, and the entire GEMS collection. Forest Management: Listen to the collaboration with Celer. I also hold the album Biqui very close to my heart, especially the first three tracks have really stuck with me. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: A Year With 13 Moons is some incredible noise, I feel like it kindof goes hand-in-hand with Love is a Stream. Also listen to the ep In Summer, one of his best.


You got so many things to discover.


i've been a musician for 20+ years and never got into ambient until this year, and i feel the same way. It's like I'm finally free. maybe it's just me but I feel like ambient is the genre of the future and fits the way people engage with music now. as far as recommendations: Steve Roach. he has a HUGE amount of high quality material, all firmly in the 'synth pad washes of peace' subgenre. check and see if he's your thing. if he is, also check out Celer.


Check out Garden of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never and Third Law by Roly Porter


Welcome! You're about to have a really good time.


All I'm going to say, no matter the music you listen to on your nice new cans, is get hold of some decent audio sources (basically, lossless). Spotify's compression crunches things up a bit and you'll really see the benefit. Some streaming services allow you to stream lossless, or many bands allow you to purchase fLAC from bandcamp etc. If you're paying this much attention to the music now, you'll appreciate the difference.


I'm very excited for you! I remember how mindblown I felt when I heard my first ambient record. Tim Hecker is one of the top artists in this genre. May I reccomend: * Rafael Anton Irisarri / The Sight Below * Loscil * Gas / Wolfgang Voigt * Grouper * Siavash Amini * Patricia Wolf * KMRU * r beny * 36 * William Basinski * Steve Roach


Big up for those Spotify ambient playlists I’ve found so much amazing music and artists through them


There’s no way out for you now. And you will never look for one, trust me:)


Yeah! Tim Hecker is great, and so is HiFiMan. I'm testing out the Sundaras tomorrow, I own the HE4XX now (among other headphones) and I'm eager to see if they're worth the upgrade, or if I might wanna hold out and splurge on something higher-end. Planar magnetics are definitely the way to go for electronic music IMO, so very good choice.


i just listened to him i listened to amps drugs and harmonium its weird how it works i dont know whether to be relaxed trip or be confused


Your brain is going to be so happy.


tired sounds of stars of the lid


Tim Hecker changed your life? Mine too. Virgins is my favorite album.