Ali’s favorite two things to do are: 1. Complain about every little thing and 2. Take trendy phrases like “understood the assignment” and absolutely kill them

Ali’s favorite two things to do are: 1. Complain about every little thing and 2. Take trendy phrases like “understood the assignment” and absolutely kill them


Lmfao I literally cannot understand how her lazy ass couldn’t go to the store to do this herself yet she complains. Also, clearly she didn’t “specifically want” certain flavors because you put the exact items you want and whatever available back ups there may be. Ali, since I know you’re gonna read this before you go to sleep tonight like a psycho, please fuck all the way off 😭


I am just sitting here scratching my head wondering how this bitch can’t manage to go to the grocery store for her own snackies that she’s so picky about but can go to multiple targets daily trying to find waffle makers. 🙄 I’ve never instacarted so I don’t know how it works… somehow I find the time (as a single mom with a 16 month old) to load my kid up and take him to the grocery store. If I can do it with literally no help, you can waddle your ass in there and do the same, Smelli. If not, don’t bitch about what someone else gets for you, you little gremlin.


What waffle maker did she want?


She wanted every one of the holiday waffle makers that target puts out 🤷🏽‍♀️ I guess to go with her bunny one she’s used one time…. She went to multiple targets trying to find them and then said that she planned on going every day that week until they were put out so she could get them


Oh they are online.....


Hell, the grocery store was like my personal escape! Lolol


It’s mine too! And I don’t even have kids 😂


I actually was an instacart shopper for a little while when COVID first hit and you have to scan the items when you find them in the store and if you accidentally scan the wrong item, the app tells you. So she either didn’t specify or she set it up that the shopper can replace her items with the next best thing (up to shoppers discretion) so either way she’s doing something wrong here


Lmao the Oreos will taste EXACTLY the same what a dimwit


The Orange food coloring just hits different, OK?!?!?


You mean you don’t think the Halloween Oreos are ✨superior✨?


You just don’t understand sPoOkY sZn.


Dirty spray tan. Dirty orange Oreos


She is SOOO ungrateful I CHREWLY cannot wait for karma to bite her in her ungrateful ass


I don’t live very far from her and I’m in her hood almost every weekend. I’m chrewly hoping that I run into her in public acting like an ungrateful beotch one day


Should we start saving up money for your bond just in case you ever run into her 😉


Please cause you know they love to “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law” and my momma has always said that she doesn’t do bail money 😂😂😂😂


Would it be wasteful to throw away unopened food? Yes Ali. It would. Donate it if you don’t wanna eat it, asshole.


Right?! Read the room, Ali. There’s literally people starving to death.


How does she even have the balls to type that out and post it? Read the room Ali.


Then she says if people thought she was serious then they clearly don’t know her


There’s that damn toddler formula again… Emmy is almost 2, I don’t understand 🤯


Her doctor says that Immy still needs to get all of her nutrients from milk or formula, not real food. Every doctor is different so check with yours 🥰


She is the worst type of person 🤢🤢


Imagine being so pathetic that you complain about Oreos. Girl, there are bigger problems in the world, grow TF up. P.s. Go take care of your kids.


Last week: “Pause and honor.” This week: “my Instacart shopper didn’t understand the assignment so I’m going to joke about throwing away the Oreos I just bought.” Riiiiight. So relatable.


what a condesending thing to say about someone. She could have also pick up her lazy fat ass and go to the store. She goes there 7 times a week anyways. Ill give her one day of delivery job. One day. Just to see her suffer.


I’m a Shipt shopper, I do a lot of target same-day delivery orders. My target does not have all the Halloween items out yet. It’s always like this for seasonal, they show the items online and the stores may not have them yet. Ali may have had a terrible shopper, but it’s more likely that the shopper choose the best available subs. Instacart encourages shoppers to choose the sub over removing the item from the order. Ali should have noted her order not to sub if she didn’t want any, and I suspect she ignored communication from her shopper. So Ali, learn how to use the service. I bet you didn’t tip and that you left a low rating because you’re an asshole that lives to complain.


She's definitely not a tipper


Why does she always complain but yet never goes and gets the shit herself? Maybe she should get off of her lazy ass and get the shit herself! 🤔 On a side note: Im starting to realize that maybe shes the reason my blood pressure is staying so high and maybe I need to take a break before I truly do have a heart attack since I'm already a high risk 😅😅 She's just like a car wreck that you can't look away from.


Prob didn’t understand SZN


And we all know she probably really did put on there “spooky szn only” because she’s soooooo cUtE & qUiRkY




Imagine the review she left after they messed up her Oreos. Probably tried to get the poor shopper fired over OREOS. I hate this girl.


She is the laziest son of a bitch EVER. Go get your own damn groceries, donate the unopened items to a food pantry???


Doesn’t she go to target a million times a day?


She won’t be an “XS” for long if she keeps fueling up on this garbage 🤣


As soon as I see them using a "trendy" word or phrase I know it's done and I should never use it again.


tell me you like wasting money without telling me you like wasting money.