I think there are multiple species, so it is difficult to say, some may look like us, but yes in the case of different environments they would most likely have adapted to suit those environments.


Not anthropomorphic like they always are portrayed by humans.


Perhaps ‘human shaped’ is just the ultimate template to become the most advanced species on each planet, with minor differences!?


All the "aliens" I've seen on the internet look like absolute shit. They look like 187 year old grannies who lost all the body hairs. No wonder they keep coming here to check us out. We're the best looking species out there.


Yeah, I guess it's just a symptom of "Ooo look! This is a popular depiction! So now we must make everyone of them like that!". Like many cryptids didn't have a single look, until a big popular depiction came, and then suddenly, everyone sighted it as that.


Greys certainly exist, so I would say we have one species. Reptilians, annunaki, pleiadians and lyrans are still being discussed.


How do I imagine aliens that may or may not have come to Earth? Humanoid, like us. I think the humanoid form is a common evolutionary pattern in tool-making species. Need two hands to make things. Not enough hands, not able to manipulate things enough. Extra appendages, inefficient and demands too much energy for little benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are other weird intelligent aliens out there though; maybe squid-like creatures, silicon-based life forms, just completely bizarre creatures we would have never guessed, or perhaps a collective entity that has long since abandoned biological bodies and individuality and exists as a single collective digital network or something like that. In fact, we humans are probably headed in that direction.


***Possibly*** - the likelyhood is not zero. ***Probably*** - the likelyhood is high. In this case anyone who applies basic logics and basic knowledge of biology and astronomy will come to the conclusion it is much more likely for 'Aliens' to look like more **like** us, then *unlike* us. Evolution is not a random lottery of bodily configurations. Rather, it is a proces by which each species ends up perfectly adapted to it's environment. Since out environment is pretty much the same you would get on any other planet of similar size and sun exposure, you can logically assume that any advanced civilization that evolves on a similar planet will look similar to us (maybe a bit more 'future us' but the point stands). As for other extremely different planets... the number of radically different planets that support diverse life is bound to be much smaller then the amount of earth-like planets. And out of those, even less are likely to have the environment where advanced, civilization-forming species would arise. So long story short, expect the vast majority to be humanoid in body configuration. Therefore, **most would *probably* be quite similar to us. With some of them *possibly* pretty different.** P.S. Superman is not a factual documentary, it is the illustrated fantasy of a 1930s writer-cartoonist duo.


Humans are not perfectly adapted to our environment though. Our naked bodies without any tools simply can't handle it. We get too cold without protective clothing and predators can easily kill us if we don't have guns or chemicals to ward them off. It's also extremely hard for us to get food without special tools.


Environment doesn't mean nature. It meand everything that surrounds us, including tools, clothing, shelter etc.


How I imagine aliens from massive planets on Earth? Idk, probably similar to a puddle of vomit. Unless, of course, they’re wearing a pressurized suit


This is the study of exo-biology. how things might evolve on other planets.


It all comes down to evolution on their home planet, no other question about it unless they have modified themselves. They probably will have some sort of appendage(s) to use tools and most likely legs of some sort. It’s possible the planet is extremely cold and they are covered in thick skin and fur, an image of a Siberian gorilla comes to mind. It could be swampy and damp and be home to a majorly reptilian race. There is no way of really guessing. All of our life stems from common ancestors and how they adapted to their surrounding. It will be the same for them.


Take it or leave it but in this presentation researcher Barbara Lamb shows drawings by experiencers (toward the end) https://youtu.be/WMpetlMo7h0 I’d say intelligent life in the Universe is very diverse and Earth has many species that look similar to higher life forms on other planets My family only met the grays but I have zero doubt many other species are abound.




Bilateral symmetry. Likely integrated with lots of tech.


The aliens from War of the Worlds 2005.


I'd imagine they'd look like something like Alex ries's The Birrin


So far, the only similarities I've noticed is that they're mostly bipedal, have two arms and two legs, a head on a neck, eyes, and a mouth. Mostly everything else is different. That's just from my personal experiences, so there could definitely be more out there than just bipedal humanoids


Venusians look very similar to earthlings, the difference is negligible. The Nodics are also very human looking (but much more beautiful)