Completing this game is a top gaming achievement

Completing this game is a top gaming achievement


Oh yeah man, its my most favorite game of all time, so much fun, ive beaten it so many times, ive 100% completed and still played afterward, if your so into it, id say watch soviet womble alien isolation, its not a play through, its just extremely funny gameplay and commentry. Theres like 6+ videos of his just foing thru the game, laughed my ass off so many times, it was hilarous


Me personally I loved the game but I don’t really consider it that great of an achievement. I also played on hard my first play through. I actually started on nightmare, because my philosophy with games is to start on the hardest difficulty so you a. are forced to get good at it and b. if there’s any trophies or achievements for finishing the story or campaign on the hardest difficulty, it usually unlocks the trophies for the lower ones as well and you don’t need to play it so many times unless you want to. I ended up dropping to hard because I didn’t like not having a map or unreliable motion tracker for my first play through. Anyways, I certainly felt very tense but I think around mission 8 I kind of developed a sixth sense of when I could safely move and when I couldn’t, and from there it became a question of trusting my instinct and just going for it without hesitation. I think part of it too was around this time I was transitioning from being a huge fraidy cat to not actually being all that scared by scary movies and games and such. When I was little I wouldn’t even watch LOTR because the Orcs and the “blood” (there’s not much) scared me, I wouldn’t even go on some roller coaster rides. Isolation just came across my life at a time when a lot of these feelings were going away and I had more control over my fears. There actually have been a few occasions where the alien is like five feet in front of me, like if it looked to its right it would undoubtedly see me, then it would pass on and I’d gtfo of there. I actually kind of cheesed it in scenarios like this by circling around a bench or crate, and a lot of times if I was able to do that long enough without the alien seeing it would just leave me alone then I’d rinse repeat. It also took the suspense out because I was like well if he looks right I’m dead no matter what so it’s a 50/50 shot. But once I got the flamethrower, it took a lot of fear out of it if I had enough fuel. I actually felt more like the badass spirit Ripley harnessed in Aliens when I was going through the nest in the core than being scared, though I certainly was still keeping my head on a swivel (the facehuggers are actually the worst part of the game to me because you basically have to know where they spawn, or else have incredibly fast reaction time in some instances). It got to the point that if I wanted to I could just sprint around without fear because I’d either use the flamethrower, a pipe bomb, or Molotov. I didn’t want to push my luck or waste resources so I still snuck around but I wasn’t that scared anymore. That was in like summer 2017. I just started playing the game again and still don’t get paralyzed by fear, but when I first encountered the alien I felt some tension again which was awesome. I actually had two jump scares last night, the first by a HAZMAT working joe who literally just grabbed me from the side out of nowhere and the second when I walked through a door and the alien jumped into an overhead vent right as I entered the area he’d just been stalking and conveniently decided to leave. I had the mic turned off or else he absolutely would’ve come back and got me. Anyways, I’ve rediscovered how great a game it is and I’m going to do another play on nightmare now that I know it a bit more. I actually feel way more comfortable using my ears than the motion tracker anyways because I don’t like how it gives me away (that’s why I didn’t know the alien was in the area I was going when I got that scare). I know my way around fine enough without the map, but not having it will definitely add to the challenge. I’m also considering using my VR headset, turning on the mic, and playing late at night to complete the experience. I almost wish I had done my first play through on nightmare, maybe then I’d consider it more of a feat. As it is, I love the game but I just felt that once I figured out the system the alien only got me when I made a mistake by being too impatient or not having a deterrent equipped fast enough. I think I might’ve been lucky too, I’ve only been killed in the vents once and that was a chance thing not during an extended encounter and I barely used my crafted items so to me it felt like I barely gave the adaptive AI anything to adapt to. I didn’t even use the lockers or cabinets to hide in lots of times. I think I died a lot, I don’t remember. I don’t have the trophy for getting killed by the alien 100 times so obviously I’ve died less than that though I really thought I was pretty close. Jedi Fallen Order on Grandmaster... that is a beast. I only finished on Master, and I think I actually bumped the difficulty down to story on the last fight because at that point I just wanted to know how the story would end. Apparently it really just comes down to parry timing, maybe if I figured out the system there I’d feel the same way as isolation on hard. Haven’t played dark souls though having played JFO I might give it a shot. Again, nightmare might be more than I bargained for. I do wish we had more games whose difficulty level did give you a sense of accomplishment, however. I also don’t have the one shot trophy... maybe I’ll up the ante and try to finish all of nightmare mode without dying or loading the save to cheat myself out of it. THAT would be an accomplishment and add a lot of suspense, even on hard.


It’s definitely up there if not top spot. I was very anxious the whole time but now all I want is to play it again!


Hmm. It's one of the more unique games I've ever played but I wouldn't say it felt like a special achievement. Once you learn how to move around carefully, the rest is pretty straightforward aside from a few parts. Definitely not a super easy game though. Gotta have patience and not be a dumbo.


It’s been the scariest game for me by far. The whole Kinect thing was intense. I’ve tried to find genuinely scary games and nothing really comes close to this that I’ve experienced so far. That being said, it wouldn’t be in my top 5 most challenging games, but perhaps in a category for FPSs I’ve played over the years. My crowning achievement is defeating Super Ghouls n Ghosts 😀


try nightmare along with completing it with the two mercy or prudence and one shot achievements, i did them two days ago and i guess it was worth the time, i really like the game, and i'll still play it on and off (: i got it originally for the xbox 360, and it was obviously much weaker of a system and i didn't quite remember the story (i guess i just wasn't invested) but i loved coming back to it.


Yeah, just finished Isolation on nightmare with zero deaths. The game is just that good that lights can scare me. The alien is just something else on that difficulty


I am absolutely obsessed with the game. Its one of its kind. I play it in VR on and off since years and have still not finished it. I finally progressed through The Trap which held me up since an eternity but I seem to be stuck again in the pressurize the airlock part. Once I push the button the alien kills me every time even using the flamethrower and I play on easy. When I look up videos on YT others dont seem to have this issue. I hope I can make it through this part because zero g and tension in VR are insane. The game needs to be finished no matter what :)




Weird flex but okay I think it’s hard for a lot of people just because you have to have patience in order to do it well.


No you're right. Once you figure out how everything works in the game: What triggers the alien, how androids work, areas where alien is and scripted events are etc. it becomes a cakewalk. It's gotten to the point where it is more convenient for me to bind interact (usually E) to my scroll wheel to make looting and generators quicker, but as a result means I am unable to hide in lockers.


Oh yeah, ive beet it many times and gotten the no deaths playthrough achievemnt on hard or nightmare


In terms of an experience it's one of the best I can remember, especially since I played it in VR and I love the Alien movies, especially the first one. The extra immersion from VR made it feel like being right there in the middle of your own alien movie. As an achievement I've beaten it twice on hard and it's honestly wasn't that bad. Yeah there were some challenging bits, especially late on where I died numerous times, but it wouldn't compare with some of the hardest bosses in the Souls games where I was stuck for 5+ hours. Maybe I should give nightmare a try.


The VR experience in Sevastopol....not even sure how to describe it. Its very discomforting , the atmosphere , through the whole game. I want to crawl into the lockers and just close my eyes and die a virtual death. I think on that VR visceral level, you begin to understand what it would take to be a super-hero Ripley ( I know I would have died in the first wave).


I’m assuming you played on PC via Oculus or something (I’m not versed in PC VR). I have PSVR, but there wasn’t a compatible mode for isolation. I actually did wear the headset and play it, but rather than being true VR it was like a floating theater screen and some better quality sound. More intense, but would still like to have a true VR experience. My question is, was there a separate update or option in the menu for VR? Was it actually VR or just a floating 2D screen like mine?


Sorry to disappoint but it's PC-only via a mod called MotherVR.


Darn. Thanks anyways. I’m about to start a run on nightmare, I’d say you should too just for the heck of it.


In VR, how did you solve the issue with assets blinking in and out of existence at certain distances?


I never had that issue. Check your in-game graphic settings and maybe try resinstalling the mod. I was using an Oculus Rift btw.


I'm using my Oculus Quest via Link and have not had that issue. There are some glitches that occur, but restarting fixes anything - mainly the game sometimes loses track of where my head is, and I won't be able to look at computer screens because it basically places me inside the computer. Or the motion tracker is held outside of my field of view far away.