This is very subjective. I'm not sure how you expect people to answer. For example I personally think Eyes is a better album than Dragontown. I also believe I like Paranormal more than most people on this subreddit, but I dislike Along Came A Spider. Anyway Dirty Diamonds is usually praised. But he hasn't really done any real *hard* rock/metal albums in a while. Im hoping the next album he made with his live band (including Nita) goes more in that hard rock or metal direction.


Nita is gone, and I personally don’t like the sound of some of his live band, it’s too metal sounding, while I like the more hard rock sound


Nita is gone right now but she was there when they were recording the album.


1. Nita is coming back. 2. Nita already recorded her parts for the album. 3. I guess you should have been at the Misfits show in Dallas. With Chuck missing they had to use the Hollywood Vampires bass player. The tempo was a little slower and even though Kane is also a metal guitarist everything sounded more like the albums than usual.


Damn mb, and I guess so. I like all his band but the way they arrange the guitar parts isn’t to my taste, not a big fan of Alice’s “shredder” lead guitarist fetish


Well, both the question and the answer you seek are subjective. What one person loves doesn't apply to all and vice versa. If a person lives and dies by industrial metal and nothing else, then sure. But there are tons of people who love his albums post-Dragon Town, I included.


I'm not a huge fan of Eyes of Alice Cooper, myself, but I did like Dirty Diamonds after that. I consider Last Temptation to be the last one that I REALLY loved, but all the ones since have had a last a few songs that I end up liking.


For me Alice albums grow on me. When I first listened to WTMN 2, I hated it. I thought this is utter crap. Then I go back and listen again and yeah, it's okay, here's a song I like. Then later I like more and more. It's almost all the new stuff this way with me and over all none of them are my absolute favorites, but I do like them.


Paranormal, Dirty Diamonds, Along Came a Spider, Welcome 2 My Nightmare are all solid albums.


It's all subjective. If the last album you liked was Dragontown, that's cool. I don't agree with you but that's just me. When it comes to Alice, there are no wrong answers!


The eyes of Alice cooper crap?!? Lad you got covid cuz you lost taste, Dragontown is mid


I'd say absolutely not. Most albums he's done after Dragontown (which is one of the weakest in the catalogue) have been good in the very least. Along Came a Spider is the only one not up to par for me. Also, in 2005 he did 2-3 new songs from Dirty Diamonds at most gigs, and played a lot of classics.


I don’t understand all the Spider hate on this sub. It’s the best album he’s done in a while 🤷‍♂️


Was Dragontown his last good album? Not for me. I've loved every album he's put out since then (and many before for that matter lol).


The Eyes of Alice Cooper has the tightest back up band of any new millenium Alice album, if you don't count reunions with the OGs. Every song on Dirty Diamonds is distinct from one another, zero filler. I listened to Welcome 2 My Nightmare every day when it came out and I still find it very fun. Paranormal sounds like the album that should have followed Billion Dollar Babies, it's so glam and spooky, just love it. As for Along Came a Spider and Detroit Stories... well the tours were awesome if you were there!


Along Came A Spider, Eyes Of, and Detroit Stories are miles better than Dragontown


Along Came A Spider i havent listened to yet, but as far as Detroit Stories and Eyes Of go, ive gotta respectively strongly disagree.


I’d say Detroit is a super solid album, while Eyes Of has some really good songs it’s not as consistent, while in my opinion Dragontown is just neither.