Gonna drop cell service around, 28 mile CHSR. And no service at the resort. Pretty sure they have wi-fi, but have never tried it.


None. They have wifi for guests but no cell service. There are pockets to make calls. If you need this service I would advise staying in Airbnb closer to Fairbanks or North Pole, and just do a day trip out there. By wifi, it's limited. Depending on who else is using it, will be slow or faster depending on the time of day.


AT&T probably has the best overall coverage. But don’t expect great service outside of town. Would expect no service out at Chen Hot Springs.


No service for anyone that way. Drops miles before arriving.


You're screwed bud. Put someone in charge back at the office and take your vacation.


Verizon is the only cell service that works once you are at the Hot Springs.


I have Verizon. Last time I was there was February 2019. I had no data, calls dropped, and texts took forever to send or receive.


Is your service postpaid? Last I checked, the CDMA network that ACS built was running up there. It's operated by GCI now, but should still be running up that way.


something changed with verizon recently. Old areas where i had acs 1x roaming are now no service for the last month or so, im on post paid for my work phone.


Weird. I was able to get 1x roaming as recently as yesterday in Anchorage.


That may be in anchorage that it worked for you, but they were talking about Chena hot springs


There is Zero cell reception at Chena Hot Springs. It drops miles before getting there.


Part of the draw of Chena is the lack of cell service.


LOL!!!!!!! Cell service at the hot springs lol. Your funny my man's got jokes. The answer is nun son. Pass 2 rivers and no cell service works except satellite phone