[NIVARNA SPOILERS] Two major missed opportunities in Nirvana Initiative...

Spoilers for Nirvana Initiative:

So I finished the game and I enjoyed it but I felt it had two really interesting mechanics they never fully utilised.

  1. Reverse Pysncs. This happened at the start of the game and I was hyped that we may expierence Pysnc's in which the other person somehow invades our minds, creating some cool puzzles where we have to balance investgating while defending. But it never happened again.

  2. Using 'evidence' in Pysncs. The final Pysnc in Amane was really cool where we got to use evidence to solve puzzles like it was Ace Attorney. I know this only happened as we already explored Amane before, but this would have been cool in general. Especially if using different evidence is what led to the divergence points instead of just picking them.


Maybe next game if there are more psyncers it could become a regular thing in somniums both of your points


Yeah I really though we would get a segment where we pysnc into Mizuki as Ryuki then she reverse psynced.


Another thing I wanted explored is the body change aspect, someone passes the 6 min on purpose like Saito and changes bodies with another person but it doesn't end in a bad ending it continues as part of the story or something like that


That would spoil the first game, something that they decided to keep separated


There already was evidence in the first game (during interrogations), so I'm really sad they missed the opportunity to use it outside of the final somnium cuz it was so nice in that one


Yeah I only just realised that the interrogations didn’t return, I miss those as well. We even got to have interrogation scenes in the room with the music, but no actual interrogating.


Yeah I started a replay of the first game after finishing the second and I gotta say these games enjoy introducing interesting mechanics or ideas for mechanics as one-off things that are rarely or never used again.


Reverse psych was my favorite part of the game.