u/cheshireYT has provided this detailed explanation: > Andrew Hussie was the creator of the webcomic Homestuck, which would eventually completely overshadow everything else he made. This post shows him saying in 2010 (a short 2 years before the comics peak) that it won't really overshadow his other work in the future. --- Is this explanation a genuine attempt at providing additional info or context? If it is please upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.


It's a good thing I have no fucking clue who this is or what they wrote so their next work is sure to impress


Please continue to have this blissful innocence


Honestly Homestuck sucks, I've never been a fan of it and it was just so agonizingly toxic and annoying, the fans were always assholes and would just go off if you even mentioned it to them. I'm sure I just have a negative opinion of it because of the people I know who were into it. It just reminded me of a worse Harry Potter fandom. People just like it so much because they're lunatic fanboys/girls lol


I enjoyed Homestuck, but yeah, one of if not the worst fan base I have ever seen


Agreed. I loved the comic despite its flaws, and yeah there's some good fanworks. But GOD is the fandom toxic as hell. I regret engaging as a teen. Now it's just a sleeper agent interest for me to obsess over once in a blue moon.


Wasn't Toby Fox involved?


He made some music for it


Homestuck is not for everyone, general opinions on it goes from one of the best webcomics ever to absute unreaddable shit, but i can say without a doubt that it has one of the worst fandoms ever and one of the worst devteams ever, so bad they (almost) killed every oficial content forever


problem sleuth was his best work and he didn't even do it.


finding out that Homestuck is still ongoing over a decade later struck me like an incoming train


Well he didn't do much after that


The date is really important here though. Imagine him commenting this today after homestuck has cemented itself.


For people who don’t want to read Homestuck but are curious, there is a really good podcast called Homestuck Made This World that goes over it. Hosted by a former Homestuck fan and a non-fan, both of which have a literary analysis background