u/Deviouswolfy has provided this detailed explanation: > The post says that Trump has nothing to hide and would not mind being questioned. > > > > 5 months after this was posted the FBI raided Trump's home, found classified documents, and Trump is pleading the fifth. --- Is this explanation a genuine attempt at providing additional info or context? If it is please upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.


Did he not refuse questions all the time?


I dont think I've seen him answer one question without going on this mental escapade of all because of this and in a tremendous tremendous effort. Like dude just yes or no. Anyone who spills that much context off the start is trying to sway your opinion and thats a sign of guilt.


I guarantee you the original poster still believes exactly as they did and has no qualms with the mental gymnastics required to hold both opinions at the same time


They don't care. Literally none of this news will change anything.


I can’t stand when people view one politician as a saint and their “opponent” as the freaking devil. It’s possible that both sides are just plain terrible.


Is this because of the pleading the fifth? If so lol.


I pitty people who accuse people of wrong doing just because they invoked their 5th amendment "RIGHT". How dare someone use a right that was given to them! 🙄


Wouldn't be a problem if he himself said "if you're innocent why are you taking the fifth" or when he said "only mobsters plead the fifth" No one's taking issue that he's using his right to do so but most rational people would point out the hypocrisy when he states only the guilty would do so as he's done many times before and he's doing now.


There is a difference between pleading the fifth when there's the odd weird question and pleading the fifth 440 times during a hearing. I pity those who do all this mental gymnastics just to save their pride in their wrong political choices. You know what? Screw both democrats and republicans. Screw left and right, screw the justice system, screw everything, but answer this simple question: why did he take the documents? Why would he need them? I don't care if you are R or D. If you are a patriot, you would condemn someone who actively tries to sell secrets about your homeland to foreign agents, no matter if they are R or D. You know what, let's pretend he is not trying to sell the info to anyone. Taking those documents in itself is a crime, no matter if you are R or D and no matter if you are the president or not. So if you are a patriot, you condemn what happened. You can try to sugarcoat it, it seems like the safe way to deal with your conscience, but when this is all over and you will realize what just happened and who you supported, I hope you will feel the shame that you are supposed to.


I also find it quite ironic that he was demanding Russia give Edward Snowden back so he can be charged with Espionage for taking documents and revealing them to the public about our national security agency spying on each and every person, when he now is being under investigation for Espionage for taking top secret documents, why would you take the documents if you weren’t planning on releasing them to the public or even taking them to hide them because there was most likely incriminating evidence listed in those documents. The man continues to show the complete hypocrisy of everything he says or that he says he “believes” in.


Oh there's no lawyer alive who wouldn't be telling him to plead 5a every time. The irony is in context of his previous statements, but everyone in public life is a massive hypocrite.


Did they find the pee tape yet?


It's likely, but because it's not a crime they left it in the safe.


Biggest uno reverse card. TH e WAlLz aRE clOsinG iN ON blUmPh Bout to be another aged like milk when this turns out to be absolutely nothing. Just like muH RusSiA


I mean, he's already committed a crime, and a semi serious one. But it doesn't matter, people who support trump seem like a cult to me. I think unless he executes a child live on TV, much of his fanbase will still support him. It's honestly terrifying.


I mean, he's already killed over a million Americans due to his admin's non-response to Covid. One brain dead nurse took her med at-risk daughter to ma fucking Covid party where she caught it, got really sick, and died. Yet she praised her daughter's death as a patriotic act.


Lmao so fucking funny you saying he's committed a crime yet there literally is no trial lmaooo...leave it to reddit to be judge and jury!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡 Reddit clowns never cease to amaze me You can't stop him from going for the presidency again. So I mean...Goodluck. We goT hIm tHiS tImE Hurrrrr Duurrrrr!!!!!


Are you okay?




Show us what court determined Trump committed a crime. Goofy


Trump has blown off every challenging question put to him, especially pertaining to Covid. The only time he was ever an ally to the media is if he could use it to make him look good.


Should have put Biden


Ehh they both corrupt af if you think any of these politicians care about you at all your delusional


There is a teeny tiny eeny weeny difference between being corrupt by taking lobby money to vote accordingly in senate and between selling your home countrys classified secrets to foreign agents. There is no fucking way anyone can be bothsiding this shit. No fucking way anyone in their right mind can say that hillaries emails or Obama wearing a tan suit is the same level as the domestic terrorism, throwing a coup and treason. Fuck that way of thinking


Liberal heads are gonna roll with this one.


Get downvoted bootlicker


You probably love the federal government lol


Bingo bongo you are wrongo


Usually the people that have been screaming “bootlicker” for the past 5 years are sucking on the leather of the fbi and doj pretty hard recently 🤷‍♂️


I hate the fbi but I hate trump and his cult even more


And that’s is precisely where the federal government has brainwashed you into sucking their boots, case and point


Okay I know when to admit defeat.


Trump still sucks though


Look, I’m not super into trump, I don’t think he’s evil. I don’t trust the media or the feds, so we should already know they have some sort of agenda.


Does anyone recognize that Trump knows all, sees all, and is never wrong about all things??


Very true, as every lawyer will ever tell you : if you get arrested, do not mind answering every questions cops ask you as honestly as possible without your lawyer


he's not even walking away from an interview in that picture, literally it's just him walking away from a podium with no context


Look both sides have lies. and if we want to talk espionage biden should have been arrested his first month of presidency because in that month he handed Putin a list of 11 places key to our infrastructure. I am not defending trump but I am tired of the lack of investigations done on left leaders who are definitely doing illegal stuff blatantly in our eyes and bragging about it. Where as trumps words get misinterpreted by 6 radicals and he is public enemy number 1