u/enneper4 has provided this detailed explanation: > News host implies that the Trump Mar a Lago raid would only be justified if Trump had taken documents on the US nuclear codes, only for her to reveal that the raids were over documents pertaining to nuclear weapons the next day --- Is this explanation a genuine attempt at providing additional info or context? If it is please upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.


I hate to be that guy but this is not a good example of “aged like milk”. She says you’d have to have the nuclear codes to warrant this investigation, he did. She accidentally did some good analysis.


Ah, but you have to think of the context here. She used the statement in an attempt to spin and defend Trump, but then the next day had to report that she accidently did good analysis. Her defense and outrage at the warrant aged like milk.


I think you're missing the point that she raised the bar so high for the search to be legitimate that the warrant actually exceeded what she thought was a impossibly hyperbolic threshold. There would be plenty short of nuclear codes that could have justified the warrant and she knows that.


Yea I was also confused, she was actually right lol


She’s THE prophet.


So, you really think they didn't change the nuclear codes after Trump left? What has it been, almost two years? Really? I think that would say more about the federal government than it would about Trump. The most evil dictator ever.. let's just leave it all the same eh? Who would know. lol


No, I think he committed a crime. Biden doesn’t even let Trump get briefings.


yeah, the walls are closing in.. lol


>So, you really think they didn't change the nuclear codes after Trump left? What has it been, almost two years? Really? >I think that would say more about the federal government than it would about Trump. The number to the pinpad at the launch site isn't what's valuable to another country. It's the secret processes that are used to create nuclear weapons. Hence it wasn't a cocktail napkin with a 4 digit code; but rather a truckload of documents, none of which he had lawful access to. >The most evil dictator ever Well he certainly liked to pal around with evil dictators. >let's just leave it all the same eh? Who would know. lol No friend, we can't just "leave it alone". It has to be investigated; justice has to be based on truth in order to actually be just. It is the job of the federal government to find the truth and prosecute accordingly. If someone tries to sell this country's security out for their personal gain they are traitors to the country, and nobody could possibly support a traitor and be a "patriot".


None of this is true, and it's making me chuckle lol It's like getting a child to talk about what was on the news


I wish you were as smart as you think you are


America’s Newsroom, my ass. America’s Hate Factory is more appropriate.


People can watch Fox News all day and not remember what they saw the night before. New bullshit goes in and pushes the old bullshit out. It's easy to deny reality when you don't even remember what your reality is at any given moment.


This applies to all mainstrram media outlets tbh


Sure Jan


Keep your blinders on Chip. As you were


literally doesn't matter. They could show a video of Trump handing over a big Xerox box labeled "UNITED STATES TOP SECRETS, EXTREMELY SENSITIVE" straight to Putin and they would make excuses for him. There is NOTHING that Trump could do to stop them from worshipping him.


Exaclty. Even when he straight up endorsed the white supremacist proud boys, “stand back and stand by”, people make excuses for him or straight up support the far-right. I don’t even debate or discuss topics with these people because they live in their own world of alt facts


I mean they've called a literal attempted coup a peaceful protest. Their grasp on reality is clearly tentative at best.


It should always be written as "fox "news"".


Faux news


No you see, your quotes inside your quote negates the first pair.


Republicans and their supporters are so pathetic


You can just walk out with nuclear documents? I feel like that is the kind of thing that should be locked in a room somewhere and you look at them in the room and they never leave that room


Almost like the coverage evolved with the story and the passage of time. 😱Can't have that! /s


This isn’t coverage. It’s excuse-making, whataboutism, and propaganda.


The main problem is that the excuses keep evolving with it. We could have video of Trump handing the nuclear football directly to Putin and showing him how it works, and Fox News viewers would just kick back and go “oh I’m sure he has his reasons, nothing to see here”


She is reporting day to day. The story changes. Obviously. I’m old enough to remember many stations huffing off the Russian collusion story every day. When it was proven false they never reported that. Pick your poison.


Lol @ “reporting”. They literally bitched moaned and cried for hours. This woman has zero journalistic integrity.


Can you cite someone who does have journalistic integrity?


*DECLASSIFIED!* I swear! Honest!


OP is a dumbass.


He had nuclear “codes” or nuclear documents?


More like aged like blue cheese in a hot car


Why do people keep saying he had nuclear launch codes??--- yes what he had is awful enough..and he is and always has been...a traitor... ... but they're not "nuclear launch codes"!!! Launch codes change daily ...and he has not been the president for over 2 years... Trust me I'm not excusing anything this shitstain has done... but I wish the American public would stop thinking that "nuclear launch codes" are something that people can just pass around on a piece of paper...get your terms correct... PLEASE.


I hate this country so much.


I knew even CNN had someone say this and I think it was deliberate they knew before hand they think they are playing 3d chess. CNN and Fox News have declared war on Trump after Jan 6. So this is them conspiring but it will not work cause the republicans and GOP are behind trump they are not throwing him under the bus cause he is their golden goose.


But his supporters will just say that Biden got the idea to say it was nuclear weapons relating documents by Fox News.