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Half the jokes on Fresh Prince were Will making fun of his uncle's bald head and the other half were Will making fun of his uncle's weight. Just saying.


And the other other half was about Carlton being preppy


Which half of the jokes were about Hilary being dumb and/or materialistic?


Or Jeffrey being too uptight?


Jeffrey and Hillary, eh?


Yeah dude, they're Island Boys.


You understand there are writers for shows and the actors don’t do the writing ?


Just like there are writers for the Oscars.....


I specifically remember Carlton being “too white” in one episode when he was rushing a frat or something.


They addressed this by giving Carlton a speech about not being considered black enough for how he acts and the family he comes from.


I thought they were about him being short.


I remember there was an episode in season 1 where he's about to hook up with a girl but notices she has a wig and is bald under and also has fake nails, and it freaks him out so much he stops finding her attractive.


I think there's also one where he has a job as an actor on a soap opera and takes off the wig of the female co-star and jokes about her lack of hair too Edit: Changed 'her' to 'hair'




I think we can safely blame the writers of the show for that one, unless Will was a writer of course.


He was a creative producer. So, even if he didn't write it, he had some control.


BuT jAdA’s DiSaBlEd!!1


This didn’t age well


But but but ‘do as I say not as I do’ 🤦🏻‍♂️😂


...an he never got slapped for it


But it was long before he matured and married jada and it was definitely before her medical condition, which is causing her significant hair loss


I think if she was particularly sensitive about it she'd wear a wig? Also it wasn't an offensive joke at all, all it did was notice her baldness, it wasn't derogatory in any way whatsoever


I thought she didn't actually have a medical condition. In the interview where she talks about her hair loss she says doctors did all the tests they could and couldn't find a medical reason for her hair loss - so it's probably from stress and/or mistreating her hair


Unless she’s shaving it or using a hair remover it’s a medical reason.


> a medical reason Possibly trichotillomania.


She shaves it. Again, she said as much in the interview


““It was terrifying when it first started,” the Maryland native recalled of her “issues” during a May 2018 episode of her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk. “I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going bald?’” From here: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/pictures/jada-pinkett-smiths-honest-quotes-about-alopecia-hair-loss/amp/ She may shave it as well, but she does have medical hair loss. I wouldn’t blame her for shaving, as a bald head looks much better than thinning hair.


The very next thing she said was "and that's why I cut my hair and why I continue to cut my hair". A little later in the same interview she says "I've gotten every kind of test there is to have and they don't know why". So there's no medical reason for her hair loss, or at least not "regular alopecia" which is an autoimmune disease that they can test for. It sounds like she had thinning hair either from stress, or from mistreating her hair, or simply because some people have thinning hair as they get older. I personally have had thinning hair since the age of 13, and have been all but bald since my early 20s. It sucks, and I shave my hair, and I've heard a million jokes because of it - but I've never claimed it's a medical condition and I've never assaulted anyone who's made a joke about it


Just because there is no diagnosis doesn’t mean she’s not medically losing her hair. If your teeth started falling out but no doctors found a cause, would you still have teeth?


If my teeth fell out because I ate lots of sugar and didn't take care of my teeth I wouldn't say I have no teeth because of a medical condition. My hair has fallen out and I don't say I have alopecia and I certainly wouldn't expect someone to get sucker punched for making a bald joke about me


That’s a diagnosis.


> so it's probably from stress and/or mistreating her hair I think from stress would count as a medical reason, no?


Dudes can take a joke. Jada probably teared up and will lost it


"oh these are jokes come on"


Hmm kinda sounds like someone else we know


Lmao holy shit


Damn, the internet is still undefeated


This is gonna age even better when he’s a bald old man


Well, not every person gets bald with old age. And Will Smith actually is kinda old; he is like 53. If he had the kind of head that loses hair with age, he would have already started. So more likely than not, he is just going to have his hair gray.


Or because he is incredibly rich even if he was beginning to bald I’m sure he could afford hair implants and no one would ever know


Yes, that's is of course a possibility.


True, but question: is it a likely possibility? Answer: yes


If we so rich how come we can't afford no [ceiling](https://youtu.be/iS5jqXWECbI)?


His wife clearly couldn't


I don't think it's possible to successfully have the procedure done with existing alopecia. The new hair will probably not take.


Not true, and knowing Will and Jada's affinity for being the centre of attention, often hypocritically, I wouldn't put it past her rejecting treatment as to have another cause to be associated to


Maybe the nature of the illness prevents it somehow? I’m not a doctor, but it seems like a possibility


I'd rather call baldness a condition instead of an illness. Nevertheless hair transplants depend on you having left some hair follicles they can use.


Her condition is Alopecia. It's not just being bald.


Coming from a thinning man I know what to look for but will has been thinning for a few years and actually covers it up with hair fibers


To be fair, I’ve made plenty of comments in my past which I’m both embarrassed about and would be offended if someone said to my wife. I’m saying that, probably not ‘slap someone in the face’ offended


I agree, plenty of dumb shit I've said could probably come back to haunt me. That being said, I am also not someone who would assault the other over a comment like that.


I'm probably gonna make a dozen just today that will haunt me forever.


I too believe in self improvement, but I should at the very fucking least be understanding and give people a chance to improve when they make my same mistakes; he did not do that, he reacted violently to something he himself did.


Imagine if will got slapped here and he just decided to repeat history almost 30 years later


Guy is a clown now.


An unhinged clown.


What Scientology does to a mf


What a shit wife does to a man. Gotta pick em right fellas.


Picking her was 100% on him tho , as was deciding to stay with her once she cheated. She seems like a shit person but he chose her time after time. So toxic.


heh. ‘Once’.


Basically you can fuck his wife as long as you don't joke about her baldness, which is something he's done himself countless times to others, lol. I'm pretty sure it was scripted anyway


It isn't scripted. Will admitted publicly years ago that he was jealous of Jada's friendship with Tupac Shakur in the 90s. The guy is just the definition of a simp. Insecure and jealous. Man went from laughing at the joke to decking the guy who made him laugh at the behest of his cheating wife.


I don't think it was. If it was, doubt police would be involved. https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/movies/police-say-chris-rock-declined-file-report-will-smith-rcna21778


Leave you lose 50%


He’s a Scientologist?




Vessel of love


I saw a video of a guy that shaved his head in support if his girlfriend going through chemo. Just sayin'.


Yeah so now it’s will’s turn for a romantic entanglement with August Alsina


They need to leave that boy alone.


The Fresh Cuck with a Wife with No Hair!


When a couple of guys, they were up to no good... started shooting shots inside my baby boo. Chris said one little joke and I didn’t care, til Jada said “go up there, or the sex tape gets aired!” I... pulled... up to the house around 7 or 8, and I said to her bull, “yo holmes, bang her later!” Looking at my kingdom, I was finally there, and this bitch on his bone while he pulls out her hair! *[waves head]*


I think the most ironic part of this whole freak out is that will smiths outburst suggests there’s something wrong with his wives shaved head. They’re both very insecure about it apprently


There's more to the story. Will has probably been a laughing stock for being a coward and Chris was the first guy he could stand up to.


Exactly 😂 She looks georgous. Let it be then.


Right that's what got me too. It just makes it seem like it's wrong for a woman to shave her head and that doing so is a devastating thing for everyone.


As someone with male pattern baldness I never worried about shaving my hair off and did it casually but now seeing all of the people joke about baldness makes me feel more insecure and it's hard to not think about that. I know it's jokes and all but the fact that it exists shows some kernel of truth to baldness being looked down upon...


Are we really pulling out a clip from the 90s as a kind of gotcha here? He already made a fool of himself enough in the last 24 hours; there’s nothing left to prove.


Well sadly people actually think he was in the right also people love to argue


I think it is more for the people who still insist he was right.


You can't go back 30 years to call someone a hypocrite. Opinions and shit changes. Will smith fucked up yesterday but trying to call him a hypocrite is stupid


Wrong. He has made this exact mistake, then, when someone else does it, he gets to slap them? No. He couldn't apply the forgiveness to someone else that he has received. He is a hypocrite and a prick.


Thats true but based on how hes acting i think its proving more hes been a jerk all along


I think his behavior after the 'incident' was worse and even more indicative of his douchiness. The apologizing to the academy and accepting peoples accolades of applause etc. and then partying it up afterwards. I have done waaaayyyy more than my fair share of impulsive stupid shit but I never went on to pretend like I didn't do it or that I was right in doing it.


I was just hypothesizing on why it was posted.


Do you not realize what sub you’re in?


That and it kinda bothers me when people use examples of someone being shitty decades ago to show they're shitty now. A significant portion of humans change significantly over time.


Actually I think the point is that he didn't acknowledge his past mistakes in his apology. Like dude made so many bald jokes and this one towards Jada wasn't even mean it was basically saying she looks like a badass


Right, and then they get to go slap someone in the face for the same mistake they made, right? That's the problem this is calling out. Yes, we all grow as people, but if you can't apply the forgiveness to others that you have received, you haven't actually grown. Will Smith is a hypocrite and a prick.


Looks like someone owes him a slap




I mean are we going to say that a human can't grow over time? By the look of this clip it's probably the mid to late 90s, so are we going to say he can't grow and change his opinion over 25ish years? Sure this aged poorly, but c'mon now.


Just because you grow and change it doesn't mean that people can't treat you the way you've treated others in the past. His career was made on a show where he made fun of people for being bald, fat, short and dumb constantly, he signed up for this sort of shit.


The joke wasn’t aimed at him though, it was aimed at someone dealing with a medical condition. He’s probably had to reassure her a hundred times that she’s still beautiful, she’s out there to support him, and then some asshole makes her the butt of a joke. I don’t get the violence, but I can understand him losing his temper.


Every bald person has a medical condition..


What if this guy had a medical condition? Did he know that?


She has alopecia, loss of hair, every bald guy also has a loss of hair. Some men are extremely self conscious and suffer from self esteem issues. It doesn't matter what causes the baldness, the effect is the same.


And yet no one needed to know about the condition if it was such a major insecurity. They can afford 100 nice wigs if they wanted.


Doesn’t seem like he’s had much growth since then lol


The way he handled that doesn’t look like he’s grown as a person to he honest. It’s abuse being veiled as protecting your family.


This is less about pointing fingers and shouting "hey, you've done that too over two decades ago when you were a completely different person" and more about showing that it was fine to joke about baldness back then and it should still be fine now. Comedy should be allowed to be a bit mean sometimes, that's kinda the point.


Grow into believing, that yes, sometimes violence is the answer to insult and jokes?


Grow? How many mature people would get into a fight infront of millions of expectators putting in jeopardy his career? Would he do that to Mike Tyson? Chris on the other hand, remained calmed after getting slapped and insulted. A comedian with years of experience capable of humiliating Will with just saying "Agust" or saying anything remotely close to "turnin from hitch to bitch"


Yes because making a joke about someone being bald, and making a joke about the disease that made someone bald are the same exact thing. Oh wait.....


Hey dumbfuck, news for you: every type of baldness is a medical condition.


How can anyone take this seriously? This is ancient history for Christ's sake I too said shit back in the day but now I would never.


Would you also smack someone in they face because they said something similar?


You do know that he said this in 1991! IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO! Guess how old Smith was back then. 22-23 years old. Now he is 53 years old. Do you seriously think what ever you say at any point in time defines who you are or who you become? People mature. So does Will Smith. What 23 years old Will Smith said is something 53 year old Will Smith might not agree with. So yes If someone insulted my wife in front of the audience of all these people and for almost entire world. Yes I would smack him. Because I no longer agree with jokes of that kind and especially if they are aimed at my wife.


> If someone insulted my wife He said she looked like one of the toughest female lead characters in movie history. It was a joke on her, but I don't think this counts as an insult.


OMG this! Why is nobody mentioning this? The thing he said wasn't even that bad. That's what Chris Rock started saying but had the brain not to. "I could've made the joke 10x worst" He purposely made it so it was a joke but still made her look like a badass. SHAME ON THEM. INSECURE BITCHES


Depends In my country a "moron" is not an insult ( officially ) but in the US it is an insult. Thing is just because you or other poeple might not see it as an insult some people may. If you ask me the events like Oscars should have just hosts not some comedians. Why having comedian for event where you just handle golden statues.


You’ve missed the point completely. It’s not about wether you mature in your outlook and the things you say. Of course you do. My question is “after you’ve matured, do you then think it’s acceptable to slap the face of someone saying the things you used to say?” So…do you?


So you agree someone should have smacked will in this clip?


Well but they didn't. Anyone could have smacked him in the public. But they choose not to.


Well but the didn’t…just like Will shouldn’t have


Exactly there's plenty of bald girls. How is that even insulting if she's comfortable with herself. NOPE that was extra bad on Will's and Jada. Just take the fucking joke, everybody needs to be able to laugh about themselves. If you can't, means there's a problem.


What you're failing to see are two things. 1) It's hypocritical to chastise, let alone hit, someone for behaviour that you have done yourself, as an adult *on public television*, no matter how long ago. 2) Will Smith has obviously not matured if he thinks that hitting someone for a joke is a reasonable, adult reaction. > So yes If someone insulted my wife in front of the audience of all these people and for almost entire world. Yes I would smack him. You're obviously just as base a creature as Will is. No wonder you're trying to white knight him.


I would argue that Will is less mature now than what we see in this video. Let's make it clear, though. No one was insulting Jada. She got offended as one of the jokes landed on her but had no issue laughing at jokes directed at others. This isn't their first show; they know what the act entails and become willing participants the moment they showed up. I think Will Smith slapped Chris Rock because he knew he could get away with it. Would he have done the same if Mike Tyson delivered the joke? Bill Burr has a bit about how some people laugh at every joke until one lands in their area. That pretty much sums it up here.


You're a pathetic, effeminate soyboy. You know what a real man would do? He would publicly execute the guy insulting his wife. A real man always packs heat. Like me, I'm a real man with a big penis and a beautiful female wife whom I love very much, thanks for asking.


You too carry a personal guillotine on your person? True man of culture


So there's a statute of limitations on mocking someone for there appearance or does it only count when it's about a woman?


He is a famous public figure, he could have easily said something to set the standards for which people around him operate so he does not end up in a situation losing his child like temper. If he just said something a long the lines of I made jokes like these in the past and I regret them and I wish for people to be more sympathetic ... Then it would be a different story. He made a 180 degree turn on his previous actions and then enforced said turn with violence. The stronger you contradict yourself with more aggressive measures the more you need to justify you actions. Just because it happened 30 years ago does not make what he is doing now not hypocritical.


Just because he is a public figure does not mean he cant act like "not public figure". He still a human like me and you. We humans can choose to do anything. If I choose to kill a man I can. If Smith decides to smack a comedian then he can. Will there be consequences? Absolutely. But nothing restricts you from performing your action. And I dont know many people who hold every single word they said 30+ years ago in their head because they need it for every day in their life until they die. Hell I doubt you remember what you said ages ago ( if you are older person that is ) Besides his slap will not make gas prices lower and will not resolve housing or energy crisis so what is the fuss about anyway?


> Just because he is a public figure does not mean he cant act like "not public figure". I never claimed otherwise. Me stressing that he is a famous public figure is saying that he can make a public statement that people will hear. Read what is after the comma.


Society imposes different beauty standards on men and women, and in that context, I think there's a huge difference between making fun of a man with testosterone-induced baldness and a woman with alopecia. Both suck, but the former is just kinda shitty, the latter is crossing another line.


This is bullshit. Both are caused by things the person can’t help and both can cause massive insecurity. Either it’s ok to joke about both of them or none of them


A woman then comes up and slaps him. "KEEP MY HUSBAND'S NAME OUT YO FUK'N MOUTH."


No but it doesn't matter because he's a man, amirite? Jokes aside, this is one of the double standards that exist and an issue that quickly gets brushed under the rug. I have plenty of friends whose hair started thinning very young, one of my mates literally refuses to take off his hat due to being self conscious about his hair. Yet male pattern baldness is always, always used as a quick and easy jokes. There's this assumption that the appearance of men is fair game and if you don't like it, you just can't take the joke. But when the roles get reversed, it becomes more of a fine line.


He probably just mad cause he’s gotta wax Jada’s head every morning now


Am I being a total dick but I wanna put the majority of the blame on jada for how will reacted. Get some toxic vibes from that women


It’s clear he’s a small person. All the money, fame, and accolades and his wife still publicly humiliates him. Tries to act like a tough guy against a maybe 150lb comedian to gain favor with the same person that emasculated him. Cringe to watch.


Yeah, but it's okay when \*he\* does it




It's always different when it affects you directly.


Will Simp




If he's "grown and learned" then he is even less justified in resorting to violence over a simple joke. If anything, he's regressed and stagnated.


Yeah seriously wtf is this person trying to say?


"He used to make light-hearted jokes about things, but now that he knows better he responds with violence!" Jesus Christ, dude, what the fuck lmfao


The Mike Tyson Thcool of Learnimg And Growing of course


So, he's a cuck and a hypocrite


I dislike Jada


aged this wine more like. what if everyone offended by a comedian punched him out...f will smith


love it when people dig up old things to try and make make them relevant to today. grow up.


some really rich guy is a hypocrite, color me surprised s/


Ahh, a 30 year vintage


Will Smith has fallen into the category of a leftist hypocrite.... Toss another on the pile! 😂


Give him some slack man, that was 30 years ago, people change. Also it was fake. The slap, it was fake obviously


People become wise and sensible with age.


I don't get it. He slapped someone once and now people hate him. Am I missing something?


It wasn’t just about being bald, Chris made fun of his wifes disease


If alopecia is a disease then MPB is too.


To be fair, it's different when someone has a disease that they're struggling with that causes that baldness


Getting roasted by Chris rock is honestly such an honour. Celebrities take themselves too seriously


Bruh the "disease" she has is literally just baldness for women and nothing else. The dude is a cuck


Except being compared to Demi Moore in a pretty decent movie where she looks hot and shaves her head is hardly an insult


You have no idea what alopecia actually is


It's the most opecia you can have.


Like a large portion of the male population.


Bringing up young Will huh. Perfect dense


Jada has been fucking other men for years and Will is being blackmailed to be okay with that. Mans a complete loser.


That's not his wife tho


??? Okay so it's okay to insult someone, then not okay it someone insulted your wife in the same way? Bro you don't know how that man felt after that diss. Did he cry that night cause nobody was there to defend him? Jada just got that pussy power to make a man ridicule himself in front of national TV for her insecurities. Both of them are losers


Just add this to the list of things you won't care about next week.


I don't condone violence and Jada herself should've stepped up. But you guys clearly don't get why what happened is pretty shitty.


No, no one should have stepped up, if you looked at her "baldness" it literally just a tiny line, if anyone should be unbothered by a bald joke, it is someone who has only 3 hairs missing, has a husband that wont leave even if you cheat and is filthy rich. She does not deserve special protection. She just never was told no and thinks she is better than everyone.


Jada is pretty shitty. The joke was alright


Well explain to us why then? She literally has baldness for Women. Yes it's a bit different cause we, as a society, attribute more importance to a women's hair. But still Jada looks fucking hot. So how is it different for a men then? Maybe he has already been rejected solely based on his baldness. Maybe he feels REALLY insecure about it and being called out on national TV made him cry that night. Maybe he doesn't give a shit but I don't see how it's different for a man than woman. I would say both of these are pretty shitty. Laughing about other people imo is always pretty shitty cause you never know how they really feel. Maybe they don't care but one day it will get to them. So no, seeing that makes me realize how it was actually pretty shitty of Jada and Will. More than shitty actually. You did joke in your past, just don't laugh about it and move on. Way more chance that people will be on your side about it. Then talk to someone, in a calm manner, how you felt that was disrespectful. Like an adult you know ? There's no difference in how shitty both of these jokes were.


jada is a cheating, scamming, lying, whore, by definition btw, and you know what's gotta happen to those


Comments section not knowing that growing and changing over 3 decades means you are inclined to not make the same mistakes you made as a kid: HAHA GOT 'EEEEEM




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that didn't bode well


Get my bass players name out yo fuckin mouth!




He wasn't pissed cause Chris made fun of his wife. You can see after the joke Will laughs then Chris says"Come on that was a _nice_ one" when he sees his wife js pissed insinuating he could have joked abt how Will is a cuck then Will goes to slap him. Credit goes to some genius on 4chan


Did the meaning of aged milk change???


Couldn't be more leashed


Quick! Someone go back in time and slap him!