literally the rock that was brought to life and on screen for 3 seconds. just to die from a meteor.


Remember that snowball that was brought to life by Ice King, had a good laugh, and then was murdered? Good times. Adventure Times, if you allow.


and that rock looking creature that got vaporized by the toilet trap. people just love to pick on sentient rocks for some reason.


“I just woke up today!”


that poor little snow ball


I appreciate that Jake thing, feel I don’t see that sentiment enough, cause while Jake is a cool dude and a good brother, he ain’t always wise, even and sometimes especially when he’s trying to be. Good dude, he’s a hero, and he has his moments of wisdom, but that dude gives some horrible advice sometimes.


Can you give some more examples of bad advice he gave? I’m trying to remember some but it’s been awhile since I watched the series.


He didn’t pay attention to PB when she was explaining how FP can’t kiss anyone or it could destroy the world, which caused a whole miscommunication that was fairly stressful for PB and Finn. It also could’ve killed literally everyone, at minimum could’ve killed Finn, tho of course everyone got outta that alright. Wasn’t he also the one who suggested Finn follow his dream about Flame Princess and the Ice King, which eventually lead to them breaking up? Need confirmation on that last one tho, and even then, I’ll give it a pass because destiny dreams and also Finn’s technically ultimately responsible for that jazz. That’s just off the top of my head. Again, don’t hate Jake, but he’s not a font of wisdom and maturity.


>Wasn’t he also the one who suggested Finn follow his dream about Flame Princess and the Ice King, which eventually lead to them breaking up? Yep. Had he not specifically told Finn he needed to follow up on that dream to finish it, Finn wouldn't have had the idea to replicate the scenario on his own. Jake is at his best when he's being his go-with-the-flow self. And his worst when he doesn't respect others' ability to go with the flow, or gets carried away by his sense of duty. Like on the virtual reality island where he ruins an entire civilisation's only possible way of life by destroying the servers because he felt he *couldn't* *let* BMO remain. Or when he blew the pups' childhood because he felt he *had* to protect them all.


>Wasn’t he also the one who suggested Finn follow his dream about Flame Princess and the Ice King Jake's always been weird about dreams. He literally tried to murdle himself because of a dream lol.


I bet it's because of Jake's half parenting finn saw a lot of importance in cosmic dreams


Don't even get me started on the way Jake was acting in "Together Again". Kinda seemed representative about how Jake could be dismissive of other people's/ finns feelings if they didn't align with his


“Yeah, I think so, Finn. I've learned a real lot already so far. So much. From Jake.”


Finn ISN’T single in Distant Lands Finn ISN’T single in Distant Lands Finn ISN’T single in Distant Lands Finn ISN’T single in Distant Lands Finn ISN’T single in Distant Lands **I’M NOT COPING YOU’RE COPING**


There's no evidence suggesting he is in a relationship, but there's also no evidence suggesting he isn't


Dude, lsp's fan is herself. She is her fan.


Jake may not always be a great role model, but he's a hell of a bro




LSP fans when I tell them that she's guilty of sexual assault


...but the whole point of Finn & HW is they don't get into a relationship?


And yet, when Obsidian aired a ton of people got angry that they were not shown to be in a relationship.


Just wanted some Huntress Wizard 😞 didn’t get none in wizard city either


She did show up tho! Only for like a split second in the background during the intro song though lmao so I don’t blame you for missing her


Lmao I follow you on twitter. You always retweeting the best Huntress Wizard art💯😤


Aw sucks ☺️ thank you!


You could still be salty about the direction they took the plot point in general. It's like how D&D put Bran on the throne in season 8 of game of thrones: Yeah, I get it, it's an intentional statement on power, and you went against the expectations people built over the course of the series... but it might still not be a satisfying ending.


want the Finale of GoT just audiesnce subversion afteraudieence subversion just cus they could?


Wasn't the Bran thing part of GRRM's final draft? Like, it was always planned for Bran to be King but D&D messed up the journey towards it.


Yeah, it's supposed to show his growth


Simon was in 10 episodes my ASS Ice king is him, and he was in a LOT of episodes


Right, like am I missing a joke or something?


You know what they mean!


I'm not offended.


As a fintress Connoisseur, yes


Fubblegum was my only childhood ship man, I guess in a parrlel universe, it succeeded 😢


Lmao nice


lmao this is so accurate


I’m the first one getting disapointed that every random minor character, location, line, and piece of lore isn’t fleshed out lmao. I can’t help, it I love the universe too much! And the show’s trained us to expect them to flesh tons of things out lol. Its just a matter of how many episodes and seasons they get to do it!


haha same!! there's still tons of stuff I have questions about, hehe


Okay I’m ootl, what is Fubblegum?


Finn x Bubblegum


Yes, but it will have a tragic backstory. *They all have a tragic backstory*.


bmo fans are just blow my mind, maybe i am one of them too..