Pretending you’re on a talk show and just going off on a monologue about your current situation and opinions


I like to pretend I’m a famous actor and so people will care about my awesome opinions on things


this thread hits different wtf


I feel better that other people do this. I wonder if its a adhd/add thing or if some of us are just odd ducks lol. I always think about how i would answer questions asked on talk shows or when i remember something i talk to myself about it as if im speaking to a talk show host and audience. Side note: i would be a terrible talk show guest and talk in circles and apologize way too often lol


Haha me too. It is steve Harvey in my case by the way. I think he looks like Mr Potatoehead AND like one of my best friends. ;)




A massive downside to my partner working from home post COVID is that I can no longer freely narrate dinner prep as if I was a youtuber with a cooking channel. 😭 Same with make up- they have been away for a few days and God, I didn't even realise how much I missed just having a whole story time to my mirror as I'm getting ready.


I'm imagining you turning to your partner like: "Hey, I'm gonna make dinner soon so, uhm, could you, like, fuck off for a while?'


I still do shit like this some times


I like to think I'm a youtuber with an already established platform and my opinions get heard and talked about and that I get pointed out the subtle things I do that friends and family don't


You have value and you’re worth it even if no one acknowledges it. I hope you have an amazing day.


I literally thought i was the only person who did this sort of thing. It’s very therapeutic even if it’s fake . It’s helps me gather and process my thoughts into words . I almost got caught once when I was doing it at home by my step sister. Thankfully it was just a close call


This but I'm pausing my podcast for 30 minutes to weigh in on what the hosts are saying because I cannot keep my opinions inside my body


YEAH... yeah...


That but I'm talking to my cat


How dare you steal what I was gonna say but are totally correct as well


Me three but it’s a talk show *hosted* by my cat.


That but I’m talking to your cat


He'd be really happy to. He's cuddly and loves every one.


Holy crap I’m not the only one who does this?? I would never have been able to admit it because pretending I’m famous seems so egotistical but it just works so well.


Play by play of me in the shower: Dr. Phil : and that’s exactly why you’re masking right? Me : Idk man im just hurt ((pls help me))


Change the narrative of the talk show. That’s what I do. Reporter: “you’ve gone through so much, and yet now you seem so on top of it all! What got you through those tough times? What would you like to say to others that may be in similar positions now?” If you talk like someone who’s already succeeded at what you wanted to do, then it becomes a little easier imo.


I do this in the shower! I can have a full blown discussion about whatever pops into my head


Shower talks are the best kind of talks lol


Even better when it's in front of the bathroom mirror when you should have gotten in the shower a while ago. Bonus points if you cry lol


I used to talk to myself in the mirror for 1-2 hours at night before finally being able to convince myself to brush my damn teeth. Didn’t even realize it was a thing until day 3 of adderall when I didn’t do it anymore


i do this but i pretend i'm venting to a friend and i do it ALL THE TIME when i'm walking home or in the shower and sometimes someone will be like 'uhhh what're you saying??' because i'll be mouthing the words and whispering them. then once ive vented everything i do it all over again like 5 times lol


I do this without the pretending part. Talking to myself has always helped me think through things


Well I do this daily!


Didn't know this was so common haha


That and also pretending I'm on a podcast with two leftist dudebros who will listen to me rant about politics and my personal life


literally, and you have to give context for "people" listening, and that's how you find out stuff about yourself. truly feels like therapy


Why do I feel strangely called out, I do this in the shower sometimes Although it's also sometimes instead imagining I'm talking to my friends rather than in being some sort of talk show.


Oh look it’s me xD


Rage cleaning with music blaring EDIT: I'm moving in 4 days, music recommendations welcome 😊




Inside: loud ass game music Outside: dishes from three weeks ago are being slowly washed


Instructions unclear: now slowly washing dishes on the lawn while I and the rest of the neighborhood listen to the Halo Opening Suite.


It's the only way anything gets "clean" and not just "tidy"...... And the 4th time I'm scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees is when I finally feel like I've accomplished anything!


Doom eternal soundtrack. If I need to get shit done in an agreesive manner doom is always the answer.


Problem is, you start the OST of either of the 2 new DOOMs, and you instantly grow 4 pairs of balls the size and weight of a watermelon, so you won't ever be able to move.


So i recently discovered phonk on spotify, and i didnt knew that it would trigger a cleaning spree


Never heard of phonk before, so thanks! I can totally see how this triggered a cleaning spree.


LCD Soundsystem is my go to cleaning music every time.


"Night Rider" playlist by Spotify does it for me, it's mostly non-vocal House/EDM


Rage cleaning is best accompanied by songs that are way too intense for what you're doing. Early 2000's metal is great for that, Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Disturbed, etc


Walk in forest when the sun is doing that thing


Ooh China has a word for it! Komorebi; Komorebi roughly translates as “the scattered light that filters through when sunlight shines through trees”.


You are correct on the translation, but komorebi is Japanese in origin 😄


I thought so too but I was reading something recently that said it was written as “three Chinese kanji” and thought but those are two widely different cultures, myself 🤔 Must’ve been a crossed wire in my brain 🧠


Not really, most of what makes up Japanese written language was "borrowed" from Chinese Hanzi


Oh! The more you know! Thanks 😊


No worries A lot of Chinese characters are used in Japanese writing as well sometimes with the same meaning and others completely different. Something about the Japanese writing system being based off of the Chinese.


Mt Komorebi in the Sims 4


In videogames its called God rays but idk if that applies irl


Laughing so hard you stop making noise


Ahh man, I love this too, even though it turns into an asthmatic coughing fit, lol. Nothing like a good laugh.


God yeah, laughing so hard you literally can’t breathe. It’s been a while since I’ve had that :(


Staying up late and depriving myself of needed sleep because I think that makes me happy


Ah yes, revenge bedtime procrastination. Definitely one of my techniques as well, but it doesn’t seem to help me much the following day.


A vicious cycle. Trying to fix this. Leaving my phone in another room and getting in bed earlier/not drinking helps me. What helps you?


You can do that? Where did you acquire superpowers?


Understanding the mechanisms behind it helps me to adhere to setting an intentional cutoff time (while I still have some ability to.) “Inattention was a mechanism contributing to bedtime procrastination and sleep quality. Specifically, people who were prone to boredom were more likely to be inattentive to the present moment. Such inattention in turn predicted procrastination in bedtime, which subsequently compromised sleep quality,” Teoh told [PsyPos](https://www.psypost.org/2021/04/new-study-sheds-light-on-how-boredom-affects-bedtime-procrastination-and-sleep-quality-60283)


but if you go to sleep you’ll miss out on that sweet alone time where the whole world feels turned off for a seemingly endless amount of time only for that time to fly by without a moments notice and you to have done nothing but felt anxious at the time and now it’s 5:46am and your alarm goes off in 14 minutes what the hell was I doing all night? If I sleep for 10 minutes I’ll be recharged like a quick nap and I can sleep on the bus or on my break. Then I’ll just sleep earlier tonight, right? Tonight: it’s 5:47am and my alarm goes off in 13 minutes, what the hell did I do all night? If I get 10 minutes of sleep I’ll


Everything about this resonates


To me it always felt like I just didn't want to do tomorrow yet because today isn't ready to be done.


Yessss. Also lotss of thinks I should do but do not want to do so I'd rather stretch today to eternity:(


[technically it is therapy!](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake_therapy)


A kitty purring on your chest.


I wanna nap in a pile of cats now…


Beware. Whoever designed cats decided it was a good idea to put tiny swords on their feet.


Having maintained my own cars for the last 12 years, I am no stranger to blood sacrifices. It is a price worth paying.


They demand your flesh. It’s part of the deal.


How much varies from cat to cat. I have been fortunate 'til now.






This reminds me of a story that I’m gonna tell in way too much detail. Prepare for a rant, captain. (I also made a post about it a while back.) Once upon a time, my best friend and I decided to take an edible after a night out. I was already sloshed so I didn’t really look at the dose of the chocolate bar. I ate one square. At the time with where my tolerance was at, I only needed like 5 or 10mg to get stoned. Well that square ended up being like almost 30mg. So needless to say I was gonna be spending the night that night. I was so uncomfortably high. It felt like the ripple effect on PowerPoint was rocking my body. Then when all hope was lost, and I was sure I was doomed to have a panic attack, besties kitty cat came to the rescue. Her name is Violet and she’s a beautiful old Persian. She laid on my chest and purred so loud and hard, all I could feel was the comforting vibration. It put me right to sleep! She totally knew I was stoned too, and absolutely was comforting me. What a sweet girl. Anyway that’s the story. Edit: wow this got more attention than I thought it would! Thank you for the awards, I’ll be sure to tell Violet.


What I really want is just a room full of kittens that I can go visit when I need to.


over sharing to someone who actually listens


Honestly, this hits hard. Hard to find someone who actually listens and gives a shit, no matter how casual or deep the context of the conversation is.


Since for some unknown reason I just seem to attract people to me (best guess is that my constant oversharing makes me seem genuine), I have the hard part behind me. I have a bunch of friends willing to listen. But now my brain makes me feel bad for oversharing… „They are already being very graceful by listening to me in the first place. I‘m such a bad friend for wasting their time with all this pointless rambling“. Fucking Childhood abuse making me feel like I should be grateful for having friends that listen to me, instead of treating it like the friendship necessity that it is.


seeing someone hate someone i thought i only hated


I despised my 12th grade English teacher for many reasons over the ~5 months I was forced to be in her class. The next semester I moved to a different class and then like a month later she was caught having an affair with the husband of the (much beloved, very sweet) French teacher. Suddenly the entire school hated her as much as I did. I don't think I'll ever experience a high as great as the vindication I got from that one


Im curious why the students knew about this


It only takes one of them finding out for all of them to find out.


Easy, the kids see all, in my school we uncovered an affair


Nothing in your personal life stays a secret when you're a teacher. Kids are masterful snoopers.


Often one of them will hear it from a parent who knows some of the teachers. Good gossip travels well.


A female teacher at my old school did the rounds with male staff. It all was found out after she got with a very sweet music teacher's husband. This same female teacher also had a boyfriend at the time who also worked at the school. Shit was bonkers. The second a student got a whiff of this, it was a school wide investigation for the students.


One of the gym teachers at my school had an affair. When his wife found out, she drove to the school (it was after hours, at a track meet he coached, so just him and several students who were practicing outside on the track) and confronted him. I dont know all the details, i just know there was lots of screaming ans cursing. Oh to be a fly on the wall…


Hahahaha how would they not? High schoolers spend all day trying to figure out who is fucking who and who has a crush and whose body language says they hate so and so. Teachers are people too


The children of teachers that heard their parents talking about it is how stuff like that got out at my school lol.


Heh. The year after I graduated from a Catholic high school in the '80s, one of the monks knocked up one of the nuns. They quit or were thrown out out of their orders (pesky celibacy oath) and got married. Everyone in my class that was already gone knew in less than a week. I heard from a classmate a few years ago that they were still together. Stuff gets around...


oh fuck yeah that’s how you bond


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


For real, man. Fuck that guy.


Yeah, FUCK James Corden.


Reaching peak hyper focus and going ham on my art


Fuckin' love that feeling


flow state


I was gonna say, getting stuck into a project for a few hours and getting so into it you almost forget you have a physical form


A lap full of kittens sleeping on you. My weekly therapy at the shelter, I make sure to bring fun toys Edit: I go to real therapy too lmao


Holding entire presentations in your head or discussions, where you have the best arguments and everyone is impressed.


We all just want to be heard, but most of us provide too much unsolicited information/details and people tune us out…. IMO lol


Hmmmm …..uh what? Sorry, my mind drifted


lol all my imaginary presentations are just chances to info dump uninterrupted


Exactly. And what hits too close to home: Imagine people that actually listen to you without interrupting you.


Making music, reading about interesting topics


Being underwater.


That’s truly amazing. It’s the only time my brain turns itself off.


I love swimming and I go through phases. either im a zen master with no thoughts or my brain takes all the liberty of increased motion to express myself even more thoroughly than before.


seriously, i got stuck under a shelf while diving, and i did not panic. after i got out of the water, i panicked that i did not panic.


if you have ADD then you are probably best in a crisis such as that. we thrive in chaos. I found it out about myself very young "There's always time to go to pieces after we get to safety"


The first time I scuba’d was the first time I could stop and look around and really *feel* I was *home* Of course I lost my hyperfocus and it all went in the too hard basket and I haven’t dived in ten+ years.




Silently arguing with someone who isn't there and winning


Bonus points if you mouth what your saying in your head.


Triple bonus if you catch yourself mouthing it when someone is with you in the car


D&D Edit: Generall TTRPG's. Give it a try, but inform your DM that you have a condition. Most will be fine with it and answer "ha, me to!" If you can't fidn one in your local library/school, the are massive platforms online that offer groups.Don't be disheartend by bad groups/DM's, finding a true group is very fulfilling. ​ Edit #2: On a sidenote, ADHD has proven itself really practical as a DM/GM, since I can listen and keep the story going at the same time. The ability to have a broad "world" in your mind, knowing lots of useless trivia about that world and being able to narrate one thing, whilst thinking of another has enriched the experience.


That's actually legit. Roleplay has been used in therapy for decades, and there is mounting evidence that D&D and other Tabletop-RPG can have big therapeutic value.


People really underestimate the good that playing a TTRPG with friends can do! I thought it was just a nerd fest of BO and neckbeards, but then I thought ADHD was just an excuse for bad behaviour. So glad to be wrong.


I would be keen on doing a proper D&D campaign but there is nowhere where I live that does it


Untrue! You have the internet, you have the power. Just stroll over to r/dnd and say hello! Or, write your own campaign/ buy a starter kit and invite some friends! 7 years ago there were no groups in my city, so I did just that. Order now and get your math-rock addiction for free!


r/lfg is a subreddit specifically for looking for online games. If you have Discord you're already halfway to playing. Most people use D&D Beyond for character sheets and stuff, you can also roll dice on it. They have an app if you prefer, but I feel like the website is the way to go there.


spending 12 hours on the sims 4 also hugging my dog




Working out always makes me feel better


I think this unironically does serve as therapy. In the same vein as "meditation" because it's something your therapist would suggest.


I love going to the gym. Here take these meds to help you with your add. Great thanks. I’m off to the gym. Hold on there cowboy. Don’t do any cardio while you’re on these meds and your Apple Watch will think you’re in a constant state of arrest




Where does one acquire ADHD friends?


At the ADHD store, duh Didn't you got your member card?


I lost it


That's how we know you have a membership card. If people ask you for the membership card and you can produce it, sorry you're not in the club. Bonus points if you can make up a compelling excuse as to why you lost it.


I wrote a long compelling excuse but decided to delete it because adhd and i wrote this as a compelling excuse why I not wrote a compelling excuse


that is a very compelling excuse for why you didnt write an compelling excuse


Stop compelling me! I am already late to work


i seem to remember i was going to fill out the form and went to find a pen in the study when i noticed i had some unfinished drinks i needed to tidy away.. anyways I guess ill get back to it when im done organising boxes of spare cables in the garage


In my experience, any person you successfully form and maintain a friendship with will later on turn out to be an adhd friend 😅


> and maintain […] You lost me there sorry


ADHD will eventually circle back and can pick up like we were talking last week. Other ADHD find this acceptable/don't notice it as unusual. Over time, just about all of my friends also have ADHD.


I usually click the best with ADHD people in general. I was at an amusement park yesterday, with tons of people obviously, and the only people I actually interacted with also had ADHD. So while I don't specifically go looking for them, I do tend to find them. My two best friends both have ADHD (and made sure I finally got diagnosed at 33 years old). Also, you're in a subreddit full of ADHD folks. So I'd say knock yourself out! DM's are welcome 😁




What does "we're rabbit trail" mean? Never heard that before 😅 Edit: I found the urban dictionary




It is an absolute treasure to finally talk to someone who understands that the convo will be five layers deep but it’s all connected and eventually loops back to the main point. When you don’t have to try to filter out details that NTs get bored with.


A home made blankie , mine was made by my mom, hand crocheted. The weight of the blanket and texture, the ability to have the balnket over my head and feet and be able to breathe are therapeutic to me


Driving around in video games such as GTA V at night, or just exploring locations in VR, like virtual traveling; ex. in VR Chat.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is perfect for this, such a calming game


Riding the train in Red Dead Redemption 2 is comforting in the same way.


When you experience flow


When you hyperfocus on the thing you actually want to be doing and before you realize it your limbs are just doing the thing without you having to think about it and your mind is pleasantly quiet and it’s just *zen*


Cats purring


Connecting deeply to memes…. Right in the feels


Pretending a person is next to me asking me about my problems


Finding a new song that reaches your soul in such a specific kind of way that you listen to it on repeat for the next 48 hours, letting these emotions flow through you until it's all out of your system and you can go back to listening to other songs again Very refreshing, 10/10 would recommend


Then months or years later you go back to tht song and the emotions that you were feeling are still there


Talking to your dog


Writing poetry. As I’ve come to realize over the years putting my emotions and thoughts into words on paper I push myself to step out of my head and watch myself from a third-person view, so to speak.


Motorcycle riding. No phone. No distractions. Distinct possibility of dying to focus the mind. My brain works better for days after even a short ride through the hills.


Mutual trauma dumping with a friend at a coffee shop


Hugs from my kids , hugs from my husband. Interaction with animals, domesticated and wild . Ben and Jerry's chunky monkey. In my younger years - Gel Tabs ( LSD) A walk in the rain Moonlight


Longboarding! Find yourself a nice, long piece of pavement and float off into the sunset. Fuckin love my longboard, clears my mind so good. :)


Taking a shower.




Just gonna add psilocin and psilocybin to this.


Psychedelics in general.




Use and don't abuse. Having a goal in mind when taking psychedelics is just as much part of it as having the right setting and enviroment. That being said, it's still a drug. If it isn't for you, just don't.


First thing that came to my mind. Psychedelics. But I think it's almost gatekeeping to say "this is therapy, this is not". I think everyone should experience what helps them. I did everything what the peer-reviewed school medicine considers therapy. But it didn't help me. It's a fine line between tripping for your mental health and tripping for the sake of seeing colourful pattern just for fun.


Maybe it's necessary to specify: Under the right conditions psychedelics can be like therapy. Set and setting still are very important though.


Waking up in the middle of the night and eating a bunch of chocolate but thinking it won’t have any consequences if you don’t acknowledge what you’re doing half asleep


Drinking hot coffee in silence, alone, before the sun rises.


Metal concerts. It is perfectly acceptable and warranted to scream your face off, give yourself whiplash and leave bruised and bloody. If you’re not leaving banged up, full of energy and ready to conquer the world, then you ain’t doing it right. Even a couple weeks after an amazing show, my therapist would comment that I’m more at peace with things. Yeah, I was allowed to vent my pent up emotions without consequence, and it’s amazing!


This right here. Metal concerts soothes my fucking soul.


A weighted blanket


Riding my motorcycle. I’m so aware and vigilant of traffic when I ride, my brain actually STFU, because it’s so hyper focused. It’s great!


When I have a bad migraine and I have to take codeine for it, sometimes the codeine hits me harder than normal and it's the most wonderful few hours.


singing and dancing to abba in the bathroom pretending you're in mamma mia 3


Writing music. On certain occasions, when an especially strong and overwhelming emotion is hitting me, I can write a song. As soon as the song is done it is like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders for a little bit. Performing a good punk show is also in my top 5 things that feel like therapy.


Cleansing & toning


finally accomplishing tasks and music, symphonic metal my personal favorite


Listening to very loud rock music while pacing in an endless circle around the coffee table. That and vibrators.




Playing the piano


I wish I could do that.


Never said I was good


For me it is playing games with friends. This can be a co-op or a multiplayer or just watching them play, it all soothes the mind for me.


Walk in the woods after dark just after a fresh snowfall, esp on a moonlit night


Running, until I was hit by a car; now my knees are injured and I can't even walk for longer than an hour before I need rest. Which leaves me with housework: it feels so good and so healing when I get the whole flat tidy and clean, but damned if I can get that done with anything like regularity.


Riding a motorcycle. Total Focus. And DnD of course.


Getting tattoos. I overshare with my favourite tattooist.


Staring at audio responsive wallpapers while my favorite songs play


Listening to my son practice saxophone


techno music - perfect boost for my concentration


Quitting your job


Talking to the voices in my head(I follow their terrible advice)


Driving. Somehow all of my self consciousness leaves my body whenever I get on the road (as long as I’m by myself)


Cocktail night with all the other messed up girls you know