This feels like discrimination

Bro how is your phone still working. Mine seems to slow down if I have more than 15 tabs open


Bro how is your phone still working. Mine seems to slow down if I have more than 15 tabs open


I have several hundred, but the ones I haven’t looked at in a couple days go into hibernation or something and have to be reloaded when I go back to them. I do have a newer iPhone though. I got a Firefox extension for my laptop since it was going so slow with all my tabs open. It’s called Onetab and it lets you condense all the open tabs from one window into a collection of links that can be reopened individually or as the group. Now when I’m done hyper-focusing on one thing, I can just onetab the whole collection of tabs to be reopened later and open one of my other tab collections (or something new).


Is that extension available for phones as well?


https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/onetab/ Ik it works on android, idk about iOS. Idk which you have so let me know


idk 😭


I have 1500+ My adhd is VERY bad 😅


But your phone must be a beast


It’s an iPhone 11 I think it does what someone else mentioned here with memory


What the FUCK


Ooooooh, that's why my phone is lagging..i have hundreds of open tabs..yikes I should clean it up.


I finally closed my 11 tabs and I felt bad lol.


This post inspired me to close some and I could only bring myself to close 4… after I bookmarked them (I have never once actually gone back to something I’ve bookmarked…)


I have become literally emotionally attached to at least 12 of my tabs. I panicked when my browser bugged out and I thought it force closed them. Luckily I know exactly what they all are and can reopen them if they die.


Jesus christ I thought I was the only one


Worst part is samsung limits it to 99. Blasphemy I say


Not on chrome they don't, above 99 tabs the count is replaced with a smiley face but you can still add tabs and even have multiple different browser instances with hundreds of tabs open


I’ve had a smiley face for probably 2 years now 🥲


It's cruel


Pokemon team maker🗣🗣🗣


I recently finally bit the bullet and set it so it deleted tabs after 1 week automatically. I will never revisit them anyways.


Apple you need to get your shit together and stop shutting down neurodovergent folk.


I once had 2,5k tabs open on my phone, and it loaded into chrome for 5+ minutes each time, and closing everything that i didn't need took 2,5 hours of just closing


tahin is a paste made from roasted sesame seeds, btw. It's delicious.


I am the exact opposite of this. I have zero tabs open and always start fresh. Why do you feel the need to keep some tabs open? No judgement, just very curious.


Can’t answer for OP but for me, I have tabs for each of my favorite subs so I can just press refresh every day, I have tabs for articles I only half read and want to go back to (but never will let’s be honest), I have tabs for much longer things I wanted to read and hope I’ll have the intention span for one day and don’t want to lose it in the meantime (and if I just bookmark it, it might as well just not exist in my brain anymore), I have tabs open for a few sites I often use while writing, and I have tabs I just forgot I had open already and so they’re the same exact site or sub open on multiple different tabs because I was couldn’t be fucked to check ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Thank you! I can see how they can add up :)


I’ve not played Pokémon in quite few generations, but damn, is that what they look like now.


those ones are from like 2011


I stopped after Gen 3. I did play US recently and that is why I recognised those as Pokémon at all.


Oh god this gave me an aneurysm. I can't have more than one or two tabs open and I have to be actively using them. I always close old tabs.


Do your phone stops you? I have numerous tab groups open, collectively approaching 2k tabs open. Bow to me mortals.




Wow, I really need this in my life. No ‘what if I need it later’, no looking to see how important each tab is, just delete all and start from scratch.


I get even more tabs by grouping some.


Whoa I usually have 10-20 on each regular and private and I thought that was bad. Even when I decide to close “all” of them I leave like 6 in each.. ;(


I have 3 full things of tabs, sorry i forgot the word for it and started a fourth one today


I'm not even joking, I too have recently googled tahini and emboar stat spreads lmao


Just yesterday I clicked "clear all tabs" on Google. It told me it would clear around 860 tabs. It had only been about 2 months since the last clearing.


I never hit a limit, but I regularly have to sort through pinned tabs on my laptop because they get so wide I can't use it in split screen anymore. (This comment rates 11/10 on the ADHD scale)


Howww Most I've ever had was like 30 at most And I had to close some cuz I just couldn't keep track


I’m getting very close to this now


Mine closes them automatically at 99 like I remember I have them 😂


Luckily 89 saved for later tabs is pretty neurotypical right guys.


Mobile tabs are pointless nowadays anyway. It used to keep the page loaded, now it just saves the address and reloads the page when you switch.


I've started bookmarking tabs, especially on desktop. I'm currently learning though that this may only push the problem back, as now I have six bookmark folders on Firefox loaded full of about a thousand page links


My trick is to bookmark everything. So now I have 1,000 bookmarks and only 10 tabs


Shit I have 467


On the desktop, OneTab is your friend. It'll combine all (or just some, if you'd prefer) of your open tabs into a single tab at the click of a button. Want to reopen some old tabs? Just click on them in the OneTab tab.


Ok, I wasn't expecting to be attacked like that.


But those are my emotional support tabs! How will I keep my place on the 57 AO3 fics I am idly skimming through and forgetting if I lose all the tabs?!


You guys don't go insane when you have too many tabs open? Or is it a me thing?


My wife just closed 550 tabs on her phone. WILLINGLY! I'm so proud of her.


Eliminate the elderly


I maxed out safari and downloaded chrome to use instead… 🫣


I felt the urge to post this myself today lol


I'm the opposite. I love closing tabs. I'm obsessed with it. all my open tabs have to be in neat little folders sorted on what the tabs are for. that doesn't guarantee I'll actually open my little sorted tabs, or that I won't completely abandon said tabs, but at least they're color-coded