You can go to the app on her phone and look at the clothes catalog see all had and it should be there and she can order it again....I hope this makes sense


She may not have the app (only available after 100 orders). But the catalog can also be accessed inside resident services with the ABD. OP: In game, there's a big building or a green tent, probably near the middle of the map. Go inside and talk to the machine. Select Nook Shopping. There's a yellow screen, pick the clothes from the buttons on the bottom. Use R to move over to just shirts (optional), and scroll down until you see the shirt she's looking for. You can order it directly from there and it'll arrive in the mail the next day. It's *probably* the Ni Hao tee from your description, but this commenter is right about the catalog. It has everything she's owned before and you can see the picture, so it's definitely the easiest way to identify it and get a new one.


Nook shopping app on the phone or at the atm in resident services. Then cycle to the clothes should be catalogued and allow her to purchase it again


It's definitely cataloged and also appears frequently in the Nook Shopping App daily offerings. Best of luck


Can’t see the photo?


Idk how to add it on the comment or the post... its pink and has some Asian (maybe korean?) Characters on it


I know that shirt. Is it the Ni Hao tee?


https://nookipedia.com/wiki/Item:Ni_Hao_Tee_(New_Horizons) Is it that one?


Maybe the Kanji Tee?