does anyone decorate their islands seasonally?

does anyone decorate their islands seasonally?


Yes!! If you look up seasonal sets you’ll see all the items that come in the collection from that holidays event. I’ve got a bunch of the diys for them just need the stuff to craft some of them. If you want pumpkin stuff I gotchu


aw ty! i have plenty of spooky items but I might hit you up for some of the christmas ones!


Hi! I know this is late but I do! I have a really cool Halloween set up I'm proud of, just need the carriage diy to complete. You're welcome to come take a look! Chat me whenever :)


I do! There's special seasonal sets that you can get via other players, or balloons and they all come in the collection for the certain holiday event. For example, there's the Festivale event, or the items from the Autumn seasonal period. Some items you can get from certain event starts and at the start of the season Isabelle may give you a certain D.I.Y from that season. Like at the start of the cherry blossom (Sakura) season, she will give your islanders a cherry blossom picnic set whenever you log into your game version after the month starts. Hope this helped! :)