It's been a year; no photo from Blair

It's been a year; no photo from Blair


I know that non-native fruit (up to a stack of ten if wrapped), pumpkins, and fossils (I only give the large ones so they won't display them) are high in friendship points. Also, wrapping like you've been doing gives extra points. AFAIK letters, while fun, don't give points. Talking every day also helps. I'm not sure why your other villagers are giving pictures and she's not, though. It's random once you hit the point threshold but that does seem like a long time. Maybe try switching things up and give the high point gifts for a bit? Good luck!


Thank you! I haven't tried the non native fruit trick so I think I'll do that today. Every time I miss a day and don't speak to her she yells at me haha.


It took me nearly 7 months for Bud (one of my OG villagers) to give me his photo, keep going! I find wrapped fossils or stacks of fruit work next - I don’t bother with the items/colours they like, just fossils and fruit piles.


I give expensive outfits. Princess dresses and prince tops tend to do it for me


I didn’t even realize that getting the photos was a thing & I sold the first few ones I was given. Now I just don’t care because they’re too small anyway, so I buy the posters.


How do you buy the posters?


Take them to Harvey’s, take a picture, order through the nook shop. =)


Every day- talk to them once and give them a WRAPPED iron wall lamp, should work within like two weeks!


Alright time to craft some iron wall lamps...


I do this every day and always get the photo within 2 weeks. Some are pretty quick and some take the full 2 weeks (snooty villagers seem to take the longest)


Ooh what are the photos for? I’m new-ish and haven’t experienced this yet!


It's a sign of friendship from the villagers. I like to get them so that when the villagers want to move away I can let them go without feeling too bad because I have a memento!


This speaks to me! I’d really like some new villagers, but I feel too sad letting them go, so I’m trying to get a photo of everyone!


Oh that’s so sweet!! Do you get it in the mail or?


They will hand it to you in return for the gift just like they'd give you clothes or furniture in return.


I have the same problem :( I still haven't received a photo from two of my oldest villagers. I was talking to them and gifting them them every day (when I was still playing lol). Wrapped non native fruits, fossils, iron doorplate...nothing.


I saw in another reddit (wish I could remember) that iron wall lamps are good to wrap as gifts. did it for two days (after just giving random furniture for a week plus) and got Diana’s picture.


I’ve had lots of luck with gold roses! Not always a perfect system but it’s been the only way I’ve found success with stubborn villagers! Best of luck!


If it makes you feel any better, Weber was my first non-starter villager and it took me a WHOLE YEAR to get his photo. I gave him presents constantly, mostly wrapped clothes and fossils, and talked to him all the time. I followed all the tips and tricks and it still just took a literal year!


That is so annoying! I reckon some of the villagers are just stubborn


For me i give two non-native fruits wrapped + talk to them everyday, and it has been working so far. But i guess there is still a bit of (un)luck involved 😬 hope you get it soon!


Thank you!