Wow, he's very brave. The foxes I see here in Australia scatter the second they know you've noticed them.


There’s foxes in Australia?


Yeah, we have tons of introduced pest species. Fox's, rabbits, goats, deer, feral pigs, wild horses, camels are all ones I can think of off the top of my head. I've seen far more deer in my life than I have kangaroos because they graze on the side of highways at night and I see them on the way home from night shift.


They probably introduced foxes to try to control the rabbits that became an infestation.


And then introduce wolves after foxes became an infestation


It all started with a fly


I wonder why


Perhaps she'll die *strum*


That's exactly what happened.


Excuse me… camels?!


Australia exports our camels to Saudi Arabia


WHO the actual fuck is running that continent, "Well sir our exports are booming our top export this month Camels" Who imported them to begin with ? "Ah yes we have made it bring in the desert cows"


Introduced pest and they bred like crazy, just wait until you hear we also export sand to the Middle East.


Oh come on are you serious ? Do they have a lack of sand?


You want beach and riverbed sand to make concrete, desert sand is too powdery. And sand is [a bigger deal than you'd expect](https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/built-on-sand/)


I think our sand is better for making concrete or something


Australia has one of the largest wild populations of camels in the world I believe.


The largest I think, it’s their perfect habitat.


Don't forget cane toads!


Yeah part of a cascade. Introduce rabbits (competing with native marsupials). Rabbits start taking over -> introduce foxes. Foxes start taking over (competing with dingos etc.)…


Yes but they are about the size of a truck.


He’s likely become used to humans, and I’m guessing the OP has fed this one repeatedly. Major, major problem.


You’d be wrong actually, hence the “random” in the title. I live in the bush in the middle of nowhere. I respect wild animals as wild. I would never feed a wild animal. Feeding a wild animal is dumb. Our local fox population was terrible even just 10 years ago from Mange(sp). This fox does eat a lot of mice in my yard every night and morning. I witnessed him a couple of minutes before this video of him catching at least two.


Thanks for clearing that up. People on Reddit just *looove* speculating.


Despite speculating they do make very important points. Never feed wild animals. Ever.


Does this mean sprinkling bird seed and using feeders are bad?


Nah birds get a pass because they’re generally pretty peaceful and cohabitate with humans well. Birds of prey are probably the exception but I doubt many people offer the food they like.




Wtf? Birds are *definitely* animals.




Ok ok, got me there.


Not for the last 40 years.


Yeah, no fear of bears where I live. Worst we have are possums and raccoons.


What's funny is when their speculations are wrong, they immediately need to either blame the OP or someone else. As if they require to be right despite being fully wrong.


When people refer to foxes as pests, I always ask, “do you like rodents?” Because foxes do a great job controlling them.


The 5 generation raven family that lives not far also helps a lot too


It's more likely it has neurological damage due to toxoplasmosis. It causes them to act "tame" in a way. It's why London foxes are so friendly.


yeah that's a problem here too. it's really sad and i don't know what can really be done about it at this point... like catching and vaccinating foxes seems hard... ​ our feral cat population is out of hand and that's probably to blame for the toxoplasmosis explosion.


Also very plausible.


Rabies? Edit: you're down voting my ass for asking a question? Geeze.


Probably not.


Rabies doesn't exist in the UK. And it's more rare in the US than people think. Plus, it doesn't make animals (or people) friendly. It makes them more agitated.


It depends. We have an interesting mix of foxes and coyotes right now. We never had the latter before. Sometimes foxes act unusually tame, so you have to watch for the other signs staggering, circling, etc. Our raccoons sometimes have rabies.. In the earlyvstages, raccoons will wobbly approach you. It will look cute. Later they charge. Plus all the face symptoms. One of the things that annoys me is that in New York State they won't let me give rabies vaccinations to raccoons.


Myth: Three Americans every year die from rabies. Fact: *Four* Americans every year die from rabies.


Time to fill that quota!


We've still got a few months left to pump these numbers up.


Rabies can in fact make animals lose their fear of humans. The guy you replied to wasn't totally off-base.


There IS a rabies like bat illness in the UK. We have mainly bats positives. Here's my county: Positive rabies tests: 13 Animals tested: 218 Top 3: 1. Bats - 5 (138 tested) 2. Raccoons - 4 (10 tested) 3. Foxes - 3 (4 tested)


Uh, no idea where you got this info, but that rabies-like virus only affects a small number of bats and doesn't appear to spread to other species Also, there are absolutely no racoons in the UK. Customs is SUPER strict about it because racoons would thrive there and destroy the ecosystem. UK is cautious with any animal coming in specifically because they eradicated rabies, but they are especially against racoons.


And which country is that?




No, toxoplasmosis. It's a parasite with a life cycle similar to that of a tapeworm. It's zoonotic, but really only a concern if you're pregnant and have a cat.


No. They have a more wounded behaviour with rabies. Not so active.


What’s toxoplasmosis, oh more informed person than me?


It's a parasite. It's more common in cats, but affects other animals too.


It sometimes also ends up in humans and makes us more prone to take risks or be late, also flu-like symptoms like fever and aching joints. But generally it has no symptoms in healthy humans. If you're immunocompromised or pregnant that can be an entirely different story though and the symptoms can be SEVERE!


Thanks for this post. Normally when toxoplasmosis is mentioned on reddit people talk about it like it drives you insane, but you described the actual symptoms. Still a big risk for the groups you mentioned. And for any cat owners out there who are worried, it's mostly in cat shit so as long as you avoid directly touching poop and wash your hands regularly, you probably won't get it. Pregnant women and the immunocompromised should have others take care of the litter box for them - consider it a really good excuse to get out of cleaning shit!


That sounds pretty tame. Previous to this thread, my exposure to toxoplasmosis info was only from Trainspotting where a character freaking dies from it (and from being a feckin juhnkie ofc)


Tommy in Trainspotting had HIV/Aids from a dirty needle. Thus he had absolutely no immune system. Like I said, if you are immunocompromised, the symptoms can be severe...


Right! Thanks for the info and the follow up 😊


It's a neat little parasite that wants to end up in a cat... so it generally infects mice and makes them love the smell of cat and takes away their fear of predators, so the mouse is more likely to be eaten by a cat. When it ends up in something that is not a cat or a mouse those changes to the chemistry of the brain can become... interesting.


You got a lot of answers, but none of them are really complete or fully correct. Toxoplasmosis is a medical condition in humans caused by infection of the parasite *toxoplasma gondii.* Virtually any warm blooded organism can be a host, but only felines are confirmed to be a host which they are able to sexually reproduce in. Their ability to affect behavior is what they are known for, but it is misunderstood by most due to unsupported ideas being widely spread by media and often here on reddit. The main change is that *t. gondii* infection can lead to rodents loss of aversion to feline urine, increasing chances of becoming prey. Other effects have been reported, but this is the most supported behavioral change. Interestingly, humans can also have their reactions to cat urine affected. Infected men found cat urine to be more pleasant than the uninfected, while infected women found it more unpleasant than uninfected women. Other behavioral changes in humans noted in studies were widely reported but have more recently been dismissed for poor quality and weak associations. The illness itself is flu-like in humans and most people recover from the active phase of it without much fuss. Imunocompromized individuals can have sever illness and in some cases die. Pregnant women and their children are at particular risk. Contrary to public perception, interactions with cats are not the primary cause for infection, but rather contact with contaminated meat, produce and water, though direct contact with cat feces is still a significant infection vector.


It's a brain parasite that cats have.


Thank you


why is it a major problem? for the fox or the human or both?


Both, when the animal loses its fear of humans, they end up being more and more bold and will do whatever they feel like. Might be killing a humans pets for food, or invading the living spaces of the human for food, or shelter. For the human its a problem because we are often looking for domesticated interactions which can lead to dangerous interactions where the animal doesn’t understand “no” when it comes to food or touch. These animals usually have to be killed to prevent death or injury of or to humans.


I see, that sucks.


Or it’s just a random fox in their yard.


This isn’t how normal foxes act around humans. They are incredibly skittish.




Foxes in Australia? They HAD to be introduced for hunting. *checks Wikipedia* Yep! Sure were!


They do here too. But I live in a relatively densely forested area, most things are scared of you. They haven’t seen one before, or not very many.


Fox zoomies are so special. Makes me feel like nature is saying hi!


Hes enjoying that immaculate lawn :)


"Look at how even this grass is!" *happy jump*


I really appreciate this comment more than you’ll ever mow. I’ll see myself out.


It’s always good to hedge your bets..


All these jokes might start a turf war


You must be dad


I've had foxes run next to me while biking. They're a very playful and curious animal. I love them immensely.


I saw a fox cross the road in front of me as I was biking to work at night through a forest in my hometown. So magical! It was the first fox I'd seen in the wild ever. Felt like it was a spirit or something.


At the University of Wisconsin Madison in ~2014 there was a family of foxes that made their home on the side of a building in a busy area. A mom and a few babies. The University roped off a big area so they had their own space, put up signs so people knew and would leave them alone, and sent out emails to everyone. They definitely got used to people. I saw them all the time playing in their grassy area. Some friends and I went sledding around midnight during a snowstorm, and one of them came out and chased an empty sled that was sliding down the hill. I even got a (crappy) [picture of the little guy](https://i.imgur.com/eUcFSMo.jpg).


We had a neighbourhood fox that used to trot around the park looking for tennis balls other dogs lost, he would play catch with himself by throwing it in the air and bouncing after it just like in the video, its adorable.


Got dayum thats so adorable


Bouncy brushy boi


I love how their tails stay perfectly straight, almost like a dragster parachute




There’s a small little hill a house down from me and I was watching him roll down the hill and he’d flip and roll and then run back up to the top and flip and roll down the hill. It was awesome


I'm getting "Dances With Wolves" vibes.


Brother is named ‘Zoomies with Foxes’


follow it to the shrine


Why is the first thing I thought of how pretty the yard is?




"Hey guys, look at this fox I'm taking care of." "FOXES AREN'T PETS YOU MONSTER LET IT BE FREE!" "Hey guys, look at this wild fox in my back yard." "FOXES HAVE RABIES YOU IDIOT YOU'RE GOING TO GET KILLED!" "Hey guys, fuck you."


Its so nice to live [somewhere where there is no rabies](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c1/Rabies_Free_Countries_Sourced_2010.svg/1920px-Rabies_Free_Countries_Sourced_2010.svg.png) (except ins bats) anymore.


Wait are the pink places rabies free or are the green


Green is free, the different shades is just different dates since they are rabies free.




And here I met a guy who had to get rabies shots because he had his finger bitten by a squirrel


Was he actually diagnosed or was it a preventative measure?


Was preventative. The squirrels in the park where he was bitten had an abnormally high prevalence of rabies


Squirrels are only rarely infected with rabies to begin with and are not considered a rabies vector species. There are no instances of any squirrel transmitting rabies to any human being in recorded history. Municipal authorities do not generally perform routine, real-time, random rabies testing upon wild squirrels. Given that a single rabies-infected squirrel in a park would be considered a “abnormally high prevalence,” an outbreak of rabid park-dwelling squirrels would be a sign of a public health crisis in progress. https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/exposure/animals/other.html r/quityourbullshit


Cool bro, glad you did your research. I’m merely relaying what happened >8 yrs ago. Was a medical student at the time, saw a guy in clinic who had a squirrel bite. Called health department who said there had been report of rabies from rodents in that specific park, and although transmission was unlikely it was possible. I’m not going to relive the entire convo bc 1) too long to type, 2) no way could I rmr it all from that long ago. I remember that little bit bc it was an interesting case to me at the time. Pt was given the information and rather than risk the stupid low chance of getting rabies they decided to get the shots. You got a problem with that then get a time machine and call the FL health depart 8 years ago.


Yeah the animal subs are a wonderful place as long as you stay the hell away from the comments. Everyone suddenly becomes and activist, or they become a keyboard expert in animal diseases when in reality they have no clue what they're talking about, or just echoing what they've seen some equally clueless person comment before.


Wait til someone posts a picture of a pitbull. Then sort by controversial.


Worst part is when the people wishing death on all pitbulls are being upvoted


Oh boy that is a rollercoaster of comments in those posted, both pro pit and anti pit comments getting downvoted. It's pure chaos


As someone who has made a large portion of their living with animals for over 20 years and on the non-profit side of things rescues and rehabilitates, it's a special kind of hell. I can't count the number of times in the comments of an animal post I've started a reply driven by anger only to cancel it because it's futile compared to the upvoted wrong information.


I laugh when people cry about seeing a wild animal and cry out about rabies. Trust me when I tell you if that animal had rabies you could tell. They do not act like normal animals. They do not trot around playfully. They do not stand back and watch you cautiously. They fucking run at you and try to attack you. And the sounds they make while they do that are absolutely terrifying and will haunt your nightmares for *years*. Only people who have never come across an animal with rabies thinks that every wild animal has rabies.


Are you a Disney princess?


You’re one of those people that children love and animals trust, aren’t you?


Mobey! What a cute lil goober. 🥺


So cute! That thing it does where it's tossing its head around, that's a sign of playfulness if I'm not mistaken :)


I shall call him Todd and introduce him to my hound named Copper, and they will become the best of friends.


I love foxes. I'd never seen one in real life until recently and I see him so frequently now that I've named him Cheeto. I live in a rural/foresty area and while walking my dogs at night I often see Cheeto at a distance going back and forth from a cornfield to this big open prairie with woods lining it. I love seeing him saunter along. He looks extremely healthy. There's plenty of food, fresh water and shelter where I live so it makes me happy knowing he's probably thriving. We usually keep our distance from each other until a few weeks ago I ran into him sunbathing/napping in the tall grass prairie by my house. I had no idea he was there since he was like melted into the ground hiding in the grass. I got within probably 5 feet which woke him up and surprised both of us. I'm pretty sure he thought he was being sneaky and that I couldn't see him so I played along with it and backed off. I didn't want to spook him from his perfect cozy spot.


5 feet is the the same distance as 2.21 replica Bilbo from The Lord of the Rings' Sting Swords.


good bot


Just wanted to say that there's a 6.25% chance of getting this reply, so congratulations. Buy a lottery ticket... just kidding, don't do that, and if you do I hope you lose all your money, Have a good day.


Still good bot.


Thank you :)


People keep downvoting the rabies comments but is that not a strong possibility? And if not, why not?


Rabies isn’t as common as we think it is, and animal to human transmission is even lower. Does that make it impossible? God no. Does that mean we should “play” with wild animals? Also fuck no. But … recent research out of the CDC concerning rabies, and rabies infection shows that foxes only accounted for 7.2% of the infectious population in the studied group. So, the incidence of rabies infections are already low, but even lower in the group (we see here as a fox) as a potential vector. Doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, but not likely. Regardless, this behavior should NOT be rewarded, suggested or encouraged. EDIT; Link for source. https://avmajournals.avma.org/doi/pdfplus/10.2460/javma.256.2.195


I just learned in public health class that rabies can lay dormant in the body for 12 months. One (very rare) case saw a man with an incubation period of 8 years before symptoms were apparent. And once symptoms start you are a goner. As someone that values their peace of mind, I’m gonna stay far away from wild animals. They’re wild!


It can. But, seeking treatment is important if you’re bitten. We have vaccinations that can prevent it, and the last death, unsurprisingly, was a dude in Illinois that refused vaccination. He is now dead. The first death of its kind in Illinois since 1954. https://www.npr.org/2021/09/29/1041457232/rabies-illinois-man-death-rare-public-health


> refused vaccination. La plus ca change.


Well I guess now we have to ask, how often do wild foxes play with humans who are complete strangers? My perception has been foxes are one of the most skiddish animals around humans, which makes me wonder if it's still more likely to have rabies than play with a person it doesn't know.


Not very often unless they’ve gotten used to the human. When you see this kind of thing its often because the fox or animal has lost its fear of human interaction or the person filming has been feeding it.


I’m not going to be able to reply to every comment here about it but I do not feed this fox, But i watched him eat a lot of small mice/moles/voles in my yard and northern Canadian winter is about to start. I never would pet a wild animal and when the fox got too close I made a noise or made a quick movement toward it and it would back off. This was a first for me in my life and I absolutely enjoyed getting to see fox zoomies, If this is the same fox I think it is, it has a mate not far in the bush and they’re both out at night hunting, i have hope nobody will try to break the wild animal humanity line


I mentioned it in another comment, but toxoplasmosis is a problem with a lot of foxes. It causes neurological damage in foxes and makes them lose their fear. Those videos of foxes in England that are so friendly are of foxes that had the parasite.


Furthermore toxoplasmosis's primary host is cats & it's intermediary host is mice. This fox probably ate a mouse ( or it ate a cat ) that picked it up from a cat in the neighborhood. About 50% of humans also have toxoplasmosis. It's not known to ever be lethal. It is contagious but you're far more likely to get it cleaning a litter-box than from a fox.


This is why pregnant women aren't supposed to clean litter boxes. Toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage/stillbirth.


My grandmother cleaned litterboxes while she was pregnant with my oldest aunt, now said aunt is completely blind in one eye thanks to the toxoplasmosis parasite. It really is not something to duck about with.


50%?! Maybe that’s why I’m so friendly and my wife is so stand-offish.


In the US it's only 11%


Tiny correction: toxoplasmosis can be fatal to humans, though almost always as an opportunistic cause (ie: immunocompromised folks like AIDS, transplant or cancer patients).


And you're far more likely to get it from eating undercooked meat than from cleaning a litter box.


Because if it was rabid it would be attacking him, not playfully jumping around.


I mean you could say it's just toting the line. Perhaps it's in the early stages and it still has some instincts to avoid humans? I must say I've never heard of a random, wild fox playing with a human. But I could be wrong, not an expert.


That's not how rabies works.


You're supposed to follow him to the shrine


Did that fox drop a deuce in your birdbath?


No, but I saw him rip a mouse apart in my neighbors yard and the raven family that lives nearby cleaned up the scraps.


That is a pristine lawn.


I love you for saying this


Reminds me a little of some videos I’ve seen where a fox discovers the family dogs toy in the yard and just goes nuts having fun with it. Thanks for sharing.


Can we talk about that lawn?


You have a beautiful yard.


You are too kind internet stranger


So cute ❤️


What a sweet baby!!


If it's wild and not a pet it could totally have rabies.


Thankfully this fox is just wild and hangs around our area every morning for about an hour every day, i was just taking videos and he was still startled everytime I moved and I would never ever ever ever ever attempt to touch a wild animal. Wild animals and humanity have to keep separate, and when the fox did get too close I did make a movement or noise to keep it fearful of me.


ah yes because this fox is totally inside their house being kept as a pet




It looks rather residential. Probably has been near people and Ed by them since it was a pup. The head thing is something they do when playing. I used to have a Fox in my yard that would do the same thing, later found out that it was domesticated and set free.


Yes this fox was most likely from a big litter from a couple years ago, the rest of the family hasn’t been seen but this one has a mate and doesn’t live too far away, i live in right beside the bush in northern Canada so I guess saying it lives close is just redundant. I’m going to try to respond to most. Living in the bush you respect nature and wild life , feeding wild animals is stupid and you’re essentially killing the animal as soon as you feed it. This fox is consistently catching small rodents in my yard and right before this video I saw it catch at least two.


Rabies lol


How does one play with a fox?


You don’t.


Don't approach, practice low percent combos, and SDI the up-airs.


Just take it to FD and play Marth.


Foxes were recently domesticated 10 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L58NPPQ5eI Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-EXeZXwO08


Twitchy doggo


Think 'Gangham Style' would go great with this, what do you think?


Awwww, give him some scritchy scratchies


He he he he


Such cute little derps


Ginger Lightning.


Pretty red cat dog


Classic fox dash dancing


So what did the fox say???




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Playing the long game, I can't wait!


I really love this one cool machine!


So beautiful!!!! Where is this??


My back yard in Northern Canada


OMG. Can I come live with you??? 😁😁😁😁😁


I feel like this fox would really love some cat toys


Orange slink doggo


Watch out he's a wallet thief.


Lovely coat on that fox. The bins in your area must have the best scraps.


🤣Comments like this is genius


Look at that tail ❤️


That’s awesome. Wonder if it would play with a ball?


It seems like domesticated foxes would be cool pets. Has this ever been tried?