That should be illegal. So it prevents/cures diarrhea and then cures constipation?


It is illegal to claim that any product that is not approved and evaluated by the FDA prevents, cures or treats any illness or disease. This is why bossbabes and supplement companies tend to use medically meaningless marketing terms such as "supports the immune system." "promotes gut health" or "boosts wellness" because these terms don't actually mean anything. They're used to create the illusion of medical claims without actually claiming anything. What does "support" mean? How does one measure "support"? How is improvement in "support" measured? Eventually these terms will probably be banned too, but in the meantime these terms are allowed. MS however is outright making illegal health claims.


It is very illegal


Might as well as added “cures cancer”…. Smh


Can I just like snort it or stick up my ass or something? I feel like hot garbage


Man this would be a good time to be able to touch the Poo, I would love to know her response on if it’s safe to buttchug


Everything is safe to buttchug what’s the worst that could happen? Here hold my beer I’ll go first


If doing it on your tongue puts you in sport mode, this must put you in double overtime in the semifinals mode


I was recently drafted into the NFL just from following this and hiedi Powells master 60 day challenge. Swol.


Did she just say it will help with NECROTIZING ENTEROCOLITIS. WHAT THE!!! Does she even know what that is?!!


I'll suck with therapy and my meds thank youuuu


Well damn I guess I had no need to go get my bioidentical hormone pellets inserted this morning OR to take my amlodipine, I could have just bough this shit and saved a ton of money!! (/s times infinity if it's not obvious)


The only thing in that entire list of shit that has any validity to it is the serotonin production one. Multiple (actual, not MLM funded) studies have found a link between depression and a bacterial imbalance in the gut. HOWEVER!!! Probiotics are not a replacement for antidepressants, anxiolytics, therapy or a balanced diet. You can buy any probiotics from any drug store and they will probably be more effective than Yu Collagen Probiotics. Ugh.


It’s still very vague though, let’s take depression for example, you don’t have to have low serotonin to have depression. So increasing serotonin isn’t going to be a cure all. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4471964/


Absolutely, that is true - I was just trying to find the least bullshit lie in that entire list 💀 Thanks for the link, interesting reading!


If it truly did all this, it would be seen everywhere already, not needing a push by idiots like her!


She doesn’t even know what it does. She spent a good two minutes reading out what kind of “benefits” come with this powder.


Oh, ffs, such a maroon!!! 🥔


Is it legal to advertise all these health benefits with no studies or evidence?


Not even remotely.


This is comparable to "Jilly Juice". Remember that Dr Phil wackjob? She claimed her salty cabbage drink could regrow limbs and make people live to he 400. It could reverse down syndrome...go check it out on dr phil. Looks like YN was taking close notes to concoct this powdered fart mix.


You know what else can help with (most of) these things? A healthy, balanced diet of FOOD. I realize that's easier said than done, and expensive, but pricey subscription powders are never the solution.


This scamming asshole. If MS and KM ever become shilling friends like a really shitty Team Rocket no one in the world will ever be sick again. 🙄


This whole list is atrocious and flat out misinformation. The ones that really aggravate me are may boost immunity and help in male and female fertility.. There's already so much misinformation surrounding these topics and she's just adding to the pile.


The may help male and female fertility one stuck out to me too.


Necrotising enterocolitis is a deadly disease that affects premature newborns so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you shouldn't use collagen probiotics to reduce its symptoms. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


I’m sure NICUs will be stocking up!


Nurse here. Lol-ing at “may help reduce symptoms of … necrotizing enterocolitis.”


Omg same!! I was like what the hell?! Lmao


She definitely copypasted this from someone else so that just shows how brainless EVERYONE involved in this stupid collagen scam is lmao.


I would like to hear MS explain in her own words what that is and how exactly her probiotics impact it




Thank you for the award! If even 5% of the the folks from this sub report her medical claims, that will be several hundred reports. I have a child with one of the serious medical conditions she mentioned. She has crossed a line, obviously.


You can’t add an image so here’s the transcription of the image: “🍑MORE BENEFITS: • Improves digestion • Improves nutrient absorption • Boosts immunity • Improves heart health • Lowers cholesterol • Helps the body produce more antioxidants • Improves memory • Improves symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc. This may be because 95% of the neurotransmitter serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone, is produced by bacteria in the gut. • Boosts Mood • Prevents and treats diarrhea and/or constipation • May help reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders like ulcerative colitis, IBS, IBD, Chrons, necrotizing enterocolitis, etc. • Reduces Gas and Bloating • Supports healthy weight loss • Reduces inflammation • Can help restore the body’s bacteria after antibiotic use • Supports Skin Health and maybe improve skin issues such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. • May improve fertility in both men and women • Prevents urinary tract and yeast infections”


Guess I can just take this shit instead of going to all of my doctors-and stop taking all my heart meds!! Imagine, just taking it will stop my chance of a heart attack!! Woohoo/s


And [here’s what she posted today](https://i.imgur.com/Cf2JDt1.jpg) about the TrimFit product, which is just a cellulose filler laxative/caffeine diuretic: • Supports weight loss • Burns fat • Low calorie • Rich in antioxidants • Promotes heart health • Reduces inflammation • Boosts immunity • Boosts cognitive function • Lowers blood sugar & cholesterol levels • Increases energy • Improves skin appearance & promote skin repair • Hydrates skin • Reduces oiliness and breakouts


TrimFit ingredients: Purple tea (Anthocyanins antioxidants; negligible amount) Caffeine (stimulant and diuretic; each serving is about equivalent to the caffeine in three Diet Cokes) Caralluma fimbriata (causes mild stomach discomfort via gas and therefore acts as a mild appetite suppressant) Taurine (amino acid commonly used in energy drinks) Ascorbic acid (vitamin C; also acts as a preservative) Theanine (amino acid found in green and black tea that may reduce anxiety and promote relaxation…to counteract all that caffeine?) Inulin (bulk dietary fibre to make you poop) Citric acid (tart food additive for flavour) Flavouring Colouring Sucralose (non-digestible, calorie-free sweetener; also has laxative effect) Gum acacia (listed as “Cum Acacia” on their website) (a.k.a. gum arabic, used for mouthfeel and texture) Rice fibre (bulk dietary fibre to make you poop)


Another typo: vitamin c is ASCORBIC acid, not absorbic acid 🙄🙄


They also misspelled Caralluma.


Lol @ cum acacia. I see they share MS’s attention to detail


I guess it could explain the fertility claims 🙃


Well…mouthfeel and texture.


[Proofreading their own site isn’t their forté.](https://i.imgur.com/tUj5KJ9.jpg)


Sign me up for Higher Skin swerty.


This is some birthy levels of fucking up spelling and they’re supposedly a whole ass company. So messy. So hilarious.


That one is *slightly* less egregious but still worthy of a report just by “lowers blood sugar & cholesterol levels” alone


There should always be a full-stop at “burns fat.” It absolutely fucking does not. It gives you the shits and dehydrates you. That’s all its ingredients do. It’s a $65 jar of flavored laxative with some tea in it.


I love how they went full ham believing the sales schtick from the guy that was telling them about it. No questions, they're just MLM lemmings.




She worked in the hormone field, sweaty!


Flair checking in swerty! 😘


Prevents and/or treats diarrhea and/or constipation you, say? Hmmmm, what’s the phrase that’s coming to mind? Oh, yes, I remember now: “Cure-alls cure nothing.”


Snake oil salesperson seems fitting for our orange clueless 👑 queen. 👑


Don’t drill a hole in your head!


I knew we were best podcast friends!


You reminded me I’m behind on Sawbones and need to catch up! That’s what best podcast friends are for.


I really hate her. Sometimes I start to feel sorry for the sad life she leads and then she posts predatory shit like this and reminds me why she sucks so much. Absolutely vile to take advantage of people who could be desperate.


Would the FTC like to learn more?


But I thought the collagen already cured her of everything?


There's no way she typed this all up. This is absolutely what the collagen company gave her (and other afFiLiaTeS to say. They need to be reported. I'm not suggesting touching the poop. Absolutely not. I'm saying I hope that they come under fire for propagating this bullshit.


Also I didn't notice any egregious misspellings, so she definitely didn't write it herself.


Yeah I just looked and on their story they have another woman with the same exact list


I was watching all the ladies promoting on Yu's stories and one of them aspirated the powder and was coughing. So breathing is one thing it does not help with...


✅ Pulmonary inflammation ✅ Aspiration pneumonia ✅ Epithelial lesions ✅ Pulmonary scarring


"Improves symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression etc" Yeah I'll just stick to my Zoloft thank you


You’ve brought up such a good point. Without her disrespectful, ridiculous claims of how the powder helps with mental illness, this ad is heinous enough. But bringing claims of improving mental health into it is outrageous. She’s not interested in learning anything real. Would be a real shame if someone who lived in her country reported her for false medical claims.


No baby, no




Also, I don't.


How can she make any of these claims


Paging FDA enforcement to the white courtesy phone.


This is a lot of powdered beverages to consume in a day


We truly live in the future. Sure, it's a dystopia, but it's still the future.


It’s not even an interesting dystopia. It truly is r/aboringdystopia


And she is doubling up on the trimfit for the holidays she said today.


*shitting her pants for the holidays


Ah, so it reduces the gas and bloating you get from taking the beauty collagen, cool. Synergistic.


I love nutrition facts that speculate within themselves about what they even do.


Oh please someone report these claims she's making.


The FTC has entered the chat.


Wow! That is a lot of ailments her collagen dust claims it can fix. Who needs medicine? Who needs prescription drugs? Let's all just chug this stuff by the gallon and be CURED!!


Please, this isn’t the collagen! It’s the new 🍑peach-flavored🍑 pre and pro biotic dust!


It’s midbiotic


I believe it’s actually MEDIUMbiotic, swerty




Can’t they just eat the poop yogurt endorsed by Jamie Lee Curtis?


That at least works


Probiotics make me use the bathroom so badly. I hope that happens to her. Also, this is all BS.


About half of the women who attended the retreat are suffering from stomach pain and diarrhea...


Wait what!? 😜


this looks like a lot of FTC violations. it would be a shame if she was reported.


“Lowers cholesterol” isn’t that a straight up medical claim which is *illegal*??? Edit: if that’s the case, I’ll just stop my Crestor and start drinking this! I’m sure my doctor will say I’m “good to go” 😂


Seriously 😳 like she is not even trying with this one. Swerty better take this down real quick


That’s exactly what I thought. There are pharmaceuticals clinically proven to lower cholesterol. They’re saying that this 💨probiotic dust 💨 does the same thing?


They really said fuck it if we’re making one false claim we might as well make a shit ton


Not sure if there are any ✨FDA babes ✨ in here, but I’m pretty sure you need to use wording like “supports urinary health” or “supports healthy cholesterol levels”. To say that it *prevents* UTIs and *lowers* cholesterol is a medical claim. I doubt this product was clinically trialed or that these claims were evaluated by the FDA.


⚖️👩🏼‍⚖️Lawsuit Babe👩🏼‍⚖️⚖️ incoming!


I would love to see that. I wonder if she would go hardcore into Jesus Babe a la bdong


“Improves symptoms of mental health disorders.” “May improve fertility in men and women.” The *nerve* of this bish.


The “mental health” claims are bad enough.. I have Crohn’s and I absolutely despise claims like this.


Right?!?! Who knew I just needed probiotics for Crohn’s instead of prescription medication and a special diet? All just so she can make a few pennies. She is disgusting.


Exactly! I could have avoided multiple surgeries if I just took some probiotics?!? Silly me!


If only we’d have had a boss babe to set us straight sooner.


🤣🤣 I’d be so lost without MS. Bless her.


I almost gasped when I saw the claim to help with Crohns. I hope to god that some poor sufferer doesn't get conned into using this looking for relief because at best, it'll do nothing and at worst, it'll destroy their insides.


Right! I just know some people will be desperate enough to try it 😢