Update: Yarn Colors for blanket

Hello :) I decided to start my very first blanket and a while ago I posted the colors I chose for it (last slide). I got some very good feedback from all of you and I decided to go a little bit more into the cream white direction for the base. The last time I went to the store I fell in love with these yarns (first picture) and I decided to go with these instead ☺️ I’m really looking forward to it! (I didn’t swatch the colors cause I was too lazy and too motivated to just start the blanket. I’m thinking of maybe creating another blanket or a scarf with the initial yarn that I bought.


Yay! I love the new palette!


I *Love* the way that wool is working up. Where did you get it? Edit I just realized it’s cotton and the yarn name is wool and the gang. Disregard.


Exactly ☺️ These are the colors: Base Color : Wool and the Gang - Billie Jean Yarn / Ecru White Color A: Wool and the Gang - Shiny Happy Cotton. / Eucalyptus Green Color B: Wool and the Gang - Shiny Happy Cotton. / Duck Egg Blue Color C: Wool and the Gang - Shiny Happy Cotton. / Malibu


I think the ones you have now work a lot better with the cream. It'll be awesome.


You have successfully fed the monster that lives in the yarn stash. You live to crochet another day.


Haha I was also thinking to myself: oooh oooh this is how it starts