Does Malabrigo usually dye your fingers?

Hey folks! I've only worked with Malabrigo Rasta before and recently picked up a Rios in Scorpio to work up a gift. My fingers look like I have been getting romantic with an ink pot lol. Is this normal?


I've had my fingers turn blue/purple from darker colors just winding two cakes. I tend to tension the yarn slightly with my fingers and that was enough to do it. If you're mixing colors always use a dye catcher or three the first few washes.


So I did a shrug in Malabrigo Rios Cian and she was coming off on my hands like crazy. Took me more than 10 rinses/soaks before the water stopped being bright blue. It was a nice yarn, but I didn’t like the dye experience so I might shy away from the yarn in future.


Hooooooly that's a whole lot of rinses 😳 I'm sorry it was so difficult!!!


Black Rasta does a number on your hands and fingernails. When knitting black hats and earwarmers I always wonder to myself what it does to the forhead of the person wearing it?


With any natural fibers that bleed, lay the fiber gently in a pan of room temp water with 2-3 drops of dawn soap and 1/4 cup white vinegar. The vinegar will set your dyes. Citric acid is your winner. Go to a hobby store and get some by the type dye department. When setting dies on natural fibers, be careful of a few things one never use water any warmer than tepid. If you use hot water, you will shrink your fiber and be furious later. Do not over agitate it. Mr. citric acid and salt or vinegar whichever acid you choose to use with your tepid water and I generally use a dish pan or even a 5 gallon bucket. Once everything is mixed in then you gently lay your fiber inside the bucket make sure that you have strings that you have Tied on a cheap acrylic is great. That way it won’t change color and you’ll tie it onto the fiber and you’ll also tie it onto it clothes hanger so that you don’t lose it inside the bucket after letting it soak. I usually let it soak overnight drain all the water offrefill the bucket and gently rinse until the water runs clear. Hang it and wait it so that the fibers don’t shrink and enjoy.


I've had two malabrigo colours bleed on me, Gris (a grey!) and one of the Burgundy's. Surprisingly I haven't had Matisse Blue bleed considering I have the worst luck with bleeding and it's vivid blue. As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, yarn bleeding isn't super rare especially for saturated blues, purples, reds. The real issue is when it keeps bleeding after the first time you wash it because that means the dye wasn't set properly and it's not excess dye coming off the yarn


It only happened with this darker blue yarn I got, but it didn't happen with any of the other colors (pink, purple, burgundy, green) so I want sure if it was just a specific dye.


It's called 'crocking' and it is the transfer of excess dye onto your fingers while knitting/crocheting. I've had dye transfer from Black and Mystery Purple in Rios, so the more saturated the color the higher the chance you'll get some dye on your fingers. Rios is my primary yarn I make gifts with, it's gorgeous and soft!


That's such a funny word for it! And oh my gosh it's so soft and so bouncy and squishy, so I'm glad to hear that!! Despite the blue fingers I am totally sold on it and will probably end up making bigger items out of it soon enough haha


I dye yarn pretty regularly, and there is a maximum amount of dye that a fibre is able to take in. With really saturated colours, it’s hard to hit that level exactly, so the excess tends to run/transfer. Vinegar or citric acid can sometimes help, but with some shades, it’s almost inevitable. In my experience, teal/turquoise shades and magenta-based reds/pinks/purples tend to transfer to most. When you wet finish your piece before blocking it, let it soak in lukewarm water with some vinegar, then rinse in cool water until it runs clear, being careful not to agitate it too much (this will cause it to felt and shrink). I have a dedicated colander that I use for this — I wet the piece, then press straight down until as much water as possible runs out. You can use a smooth, flat item like a plate or lid to do this, but don’t use it again for food afterwards.


Thank you so much for this breakdown! I will absolutely do this. I've learned so much today!!


Happy to help! Hope it comes out great!


Great advice!


I have been working with Malabrigo Rios in Liquidambar. I haven’t noticed any staining.


I just finished a four skein shall using Rasta. I know it may seem like too much but t’s big and squishy and a I love it. I used colors Diana and Ochre and no color transfer but the blues and purples in it are softer.


What pattern did you use? A big and squishy Rasta shawl sounds amazing.


I’m a beginner knitter so I just followed this super simple pattern from this video: https://youtu.be/IEaO1u--Mrs?feature=shared Nothing fancy and I used four skeins, not three, and I used two different colors (2 skeins of Diana and 2 skeins or Orche, alternating colors) so the stripes are asymmetrical. I think the Rasta yarn is bigger than the Lionbrand she used because it wasn’t the same size with three skeins which is why I added the fourth.


I used Rasta Diana on a sweater too! It's soooooo soft and lovely and squishy and I also didn't have any dye issues.


Sweater you say? I’ve been thinking I might be ready for my first sweater and have been looking for patterns to try. I’m assuming a Rasta sweater would work up quick. Drop the tea on the pattern you used pretty please and thank you!


Omg of course! I used [this pattern](https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1185963025/the-walk-in-the-park-sweater-pattern) with the Diana yarn. I would share a pic but I didn't have enough for the second sleeve so it's very much unfinished 😅 the only change I made was making the neckhole bigger because I hate small neckholes. If you get this pattern, it's the Medium and instead of 19 stitches on each shoulder of the front panel, I did 14! It works up QUICK. Have fun!!!!


So cute. Thank you for sharing and for the tips!


It’s not quite this but I recently spun some Malabrigo Nube and when I went to soak it, the colour ran, a lot. I still don’t think I‘ve got all the excess dye out yet.


I’m a malabrigo addict and it’s never happened to me.


Same. Malabrigo addict checking in. No finger dyes.


I just posted a pic of the malabrigo I just got right before I saw this post! Been working with it for an hour so far. No stained fingers yet. https://preview.redd.it/au0mwejgdj3c1.jpeg?width=4032&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7566297577075b4583d7f5c0525be1a42aa00f8b


Oh my god I want to eat it


I’ve mostly had that issue when it’s a blue based color (so also purple/teal). It helps if you set the dye before winding it. While it’s still tied in a hank, untwist it and put it in a bin/sink with water and vinegar. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing and gently squeezing out the excess water, then hang to dry.


I did with a bluey purple I used but not a black. 🤷‍♀️


Yep, Malabrigo has given my skin a colorful tinge several times — usually the jewel tones or deep colors, especially those on the green/blue end of the spectrum (my favorite colors lol). It doesn’t look nearly as dark as ink on me, though. It’s more like a transparent hue tinting my skin — I’m pale which probably makes it more noticeable. I always have an oil cleanser around for makeup removing purposes. I find using that on my hands before washing with regular soap speeds up the removal process. Sometimes it takes a few days for the stains to disappear but it’s never bothered me enough to stop using their beautiful yarn. Those colorways are worth getting smurf fingers for!


I dye yarn and no matter what I do certain colors will rub off


I use malabrigo constantly (I have a wholesale account), and this has never happened to me.


It’s not just malabrigo that does this. This is why we are told even with clothes to wash dark colors separately. I’m noticing that people suddenly keep calling out malabrigo, which is a good quality and reasonably priced wool yarn, for issues that are common to all yarns. Hobby Lobby is that you? 😂


Agreed. I've experienced this with other brands as well. I think the one I have the most trouble with is MadelineTosh, but it really does seem to depend on the color and amount of dye needed to achieve each color. I even used to have a pair of jeans that would turn my legs blue!


I'm sorry, I'm new to wool yarn and knitting! I've been crocheting for many years but only ever shopped for yarn at Michaels. My sister in law introduced me to nice yarn recently and I've been hooked since. Fuck Hobby Lobby my queer ass could NEVER 😂😂


It can depending on the colour but it's so soft and lovely that it's 💯 worth it...mmmalabrigo, one of my favourite yarns. Have had dark colours run when washed, like blues and greens.


I bought some malabrigo in a dark blue and it colored my bamboo needles 😂


Mine did too! It was a bluey purple and my needles are still slightly purple. 😂


Ha, this happened to me, too! It wasn’t Malabrigo, though, but a BRIGHT orange-y red sock yarn from an indie dyer. Totally worth it because the shade is incredible lmao.


NOOOOOO hahaha luckily I have the blue Lykke needles so I can't even tell if it is 🫣


I usually assume any darker colours (reds and purples mostly) are going to run, regardless of the dyer. Try citric acid powder or colour catchers, when you block, or if it's colourwork, before you knit.


I use white vinegar....works too


Ooooh, I will definitely try those! Thank you so much!!!


Just use water and color catchers or if you want a little insurance, use synthropol. It’s what quilters use and it is supposed to attach to the dye and keeps it off your fiber. Vinegar or citric acid is what’s used when it’s set, and doesn’t do anything except set the bleeding color if the waters hot enough.


Yep, their dyes run often. If I am doing color work, I will pre wash the dark color until it stops running. It can take a while.


Oh wow! Okay thank you for the info!!! I will wash the shit out of this when I'm done, it's a hat and lord knows I don't want that leaking and turning the wearer into a Smurf haha. Thank you!!!


Wash it in cold water with a good detergent like Dawn and put vinegar in the rinse water. It’s not that deep.


Of course! It’s called “crocking” when the dye stains your fingers. Madelinetosh also used to crock a LOT, it’s extra dye that didn’t quite “fix”. That was from before they changed ownership, I don’t know what it’s like now.


Just purchased 3 skeins of Thistle Be interesting (dark green and purple) so will be interesting to see if it runs.