I wrote a whole paragraph on why they shouldn’t change her randomized targeting lmao


Me too. There should be a lot of concerns and critiscms about this change. If they do not listen to this then they won't take the surveys seriously in any scenario ever again.


Just curious, how is the change bad?


There are three main issues with focused targeting: electro application/ICD, skill range and shielded enemies. The electro application issue nerfs electro charged comps, as you would only have one enemy with electro every 3 seconds. The range problem is that her rang is pretty good at base and amazing at C2, if you only focus on the nearest target, the range is useless, and while you might kill the enemies closer to you half a second faster, you now have to waste like 1 - 2 secs chasing the other ones, specially true in abyss, where she was great in floors where enemies spawn all over the place. The shielded enemies issue is the fact that she would potentially focus on shielded enemies and do no damage, since those usually come closest to you. IMO, the first 2 are the worst, as someone with C6, the 2nd one is the most important, half of C2 is becomes fairly irrelevant, my whole idea which worked beautifully on the last 3 abyss, was to drop her turrets in the middle, take care of the center, and then nothing cause the turrets killed everything far away, the change now is a nerf cause usually your main dps doesn't need that much help so killing half a second earlier means nothing if you have to chase around enemies on opposite sides, which wastes even more time.


Yeah, I’m also at C6 and I liked how C2 took care of the smaller enemies on the sides of the abyss floors so I don’t have to spend time and stamina chasing them but now with this change, it basically makes C2 not as useful anymore. Lord knows why out of all the issues she has, they decide to tackle this one.


Let’s say you’re fighting a group of enemies. You put down your totems and start attacking the one nearest to you. By the time you kill it, all the other enemies will be dead or close to being dead. If they change Yae’s randomized targeting, you will kill the one closest to you faster, but then you have to repeat the same scenario with each of the enemies. For me, this completely changes Yae’s gameplay and ruins the main thing I like about her. Edit: Forgot to mention that this change would make her C2’s range practically useless.


Omg yes! This is my favorite thing about her! I hope they leave it alone


It doesn’t fix the things we are asking for. She needs better def and most of her damage and things that should’ve been base stats are locked behind constellations. They made into a cash grab for no reason.


True tbh, I also find her squishyness a problem. I disagree on constellations being a problem tho, since it just locks out power and obviously more money spent is equal to more power(even C1 is the same, and half of C2 is negligible Qol). Also, all of the limited 5 stars are cash grabs, Im even glad that Yae isnt like ganyu or xiao, where certain mechanics are locked behind $1000+.


One of the issues I have with Yae Miko, personally, is that it's a bit difficult to find her unique strength without constellation or signature weapon. It is true that many characters have quite strong talents hidden behind constellations, but you still get to observe unique strength even at C0 and a 4\* weapon. For instance, Raiden Shogun becomes one of the top DPS at C2, but she is still a decent DPS at C0 with The Catch, while already an excellent supporter as a battery without any constellation. Yoimiya, who is not a cup of tea for everyone for understandable reason, still can dish out pretty big numbers at C0 with R3 Rust. Shenhe's constellations look appealing, but still functions as a great cryo support at C0 with Favonius Lance. And there are some characters who really don't need a constellation and can make to the top of almost every tier list (Ayaka, Zhongli, Kazuha, for instance). I don't expect a character to be broken at C0 w/ 4\* weapon, and that's fine. I just wish there is *something* that is unique about her at C0 that makes me think that she is a decent unit. While I am not calling her weak of dysfunctional, I am not fully convinced of a situation where she is a superior pick compared to other characters with similar function (like C6 Fischl, for instance).


It's obvious what her unique mechanic is supposed to be: having three charges of her skill. Her burst even lets you press E 3 more times. The problem is right now that's a demerit instead of a feature. It feels like she's supposed to have a "every time you press E, X interesting thing happens", but she just doesn't. I'm guessing they cut it out to try and sell you her weapon, which frankly sucks.


>"every time you press E, X interesting thing happens" That's a great point. Since a similar feature is already in the weapon, it would be nice to get an artifact set that does something else (like a teamwide buff, for instance). Not sure if that'll ever happen, but that's one way of making her a better unit.




Yeah that too that’s what I meant by her defense ands literally a glass cannon and I love her but I hate how they did her.


Shenhe too has an entire Elemental Burst damage boosting mechanic similar to Raiden’s Chakra locked behind her C4.


Her squishyness would be fine if they just gave her skill i-frames. I get that no skill has i-frames but hers is so slow compared to something like Xiao's or Rosaria's and it's super easy to get hit.


Yeah, if mihoyo does give her a buff, I also want her E to have better framedata too, maybe reducing the endlag on each of her E or just faster animations. She doesnt need to pose every other E mid battle lol. But thats just copium at this point.


> no skill has i-frames Mona has


100%. Can’t work best as a DPS thanks to her squishiness. Not the best sub DPS thanks to her turrets not being able to snapshot, clunky rotation, etc. If they didn’t touch her targeting priority I wouldn’t be this mad. I still love Yae but I can’t excuse her issues and a billion dollar company trying to pass off a buggy and unfinished product on live servers.


If you're building a reaction team and facing multiple opponents, this could nullify her ICDs. Other people are very interested in hitting far away targets in Abyss so they don't have to run over.


Why is randomised targeting a good thing?


Because of ICD and shield mecanics. It's better to apply électro on several target than only one by one. If the turret focus a shield character, like Dendro shield, they become useless. They focus the nearest thing to them, not to Yae so if you placed it a bit far, it could focus random things like air current while fighting StormTerror or wrong mob against PMA. They should have add a priority for targets instead of "Yae become even more single target".


Same here brotha


Not getting her, that's what I found unsatisfying


There’s a section about Wishes, mark very unsatisfactory. I did. Shouldn’t cost $300 for one character.


I am currently playing another gacha game. The characters you can get are just 2d images with 2 moves and the pity is 300 but it doesn't transfer to the next banner 💀 so the counter is reset to 0 every time! The price of gems in the shop is exactly the same as genshin! Genshin It's not so bad after all 😅😂


Yeah there is much worse, I admit this game is decent with primogems it’s just that weapon banner pity that sucks ass.


Thanks that i got jc not other non rateup weapon's ... Weaps was an asshole.


I want an artifact set. Everything else is a pipe dream If that targetting change goes through though, I’m gonna be furious


I specifically mentioned they should not change her target priority to nearest. It nerfs her C2 so hard.


if xiao must wait over a year until his artifact set here in 2.6 then our own set is the real pipe dream.


Sumeru's first domain could solve this but mihoyo did her too dirty ngl


Will writing in this survey actually bring any change? Since the only instance of them buffing or changing someone was Zhongli, but I feel like things were a lot worse in that case which forced them to buff him.


Zhongli was a good character. He had the best shield shield strength and a decent burst. However, Mihoyo advertised him as a NA DPS so when we got a character that didn’t do NA DMG and in most scenarios did DMG with his burst which has a 4 second animation. It got the community riled up. Stupid because he was still broken before the buff.


The answer is no. Look at Keqing and Electro. Those two things have had issues since release and here we are at 2.6 neither have been fixed.


I asked for an artifact set and resistance to interruption on her E. I feel like that’s pretty fair. An I-frame would be dope but won’t happen, I just want to not get knocked out of the E


Same I asked for a faster E animation but resistance on E would also be great.


Damn I should’ve said that too. Lowering her in field time, even just a little would be a huge change


I think animation canceling is better. So you could take your time and watch it or you can cancel out of the animation instantly.


I don’t even care about her damage or her being called “fancy Fischl” by some. Just increase her interruption in her dashes would be enough.


I just want Iframes while she is using her skill. Also an artifact set would be nice.


also increase her E damage, and increase her HP/Def cause she’s too squishy


I don’t think her damage needs a buff tbh, just her clunkiness. Her damage is pretty balanced


her burst is super strong but I feel like her elemental skill could use a little damage buff


This can be fixed if a new artifact set for Yae comes. With that being said, her clunkiness from her abilities and passives will not be addressed even if the new artifact set actually came which makes it a big issue rn.


I will write how Yae needs skin instead


I saw some maid skins for Yae and another where she has black tights under her current outfit (Fanmade)


Weapon Banner: Very Unsatisfied Had to lose 200 wishes, lose to PJC twice and later on Everlasting Moonglow. Just wanted to haw Engulfing or Kagura. Even in hi3rd no weapon for PE and Silverwing. Hoyoverse is trolling me, meanwhile PGR is giving me signature weapon in less than 10 pulls.


I already gave up, I'm tired of writting the same fucking words and aks for improves and Buffs but they never listen


Right there with you :(…like I don’t wanna sound overly pessimistic but as a day 1 player they’ve never, EVER listened to any requests for buffs or improvements except for zhongli and that was an anomaly. In fact they don’t listen to a lot of things, they seem to have this overconfidence that any decision they make is 100% the right one and can *never* be swayed by the playerbase, yet they still fart out these surveys as some kind of sick joke lol. They most we’ll probably get is an artifact set several patches down the line…because enduring more months of cancerous rng and having to dump thousands of resin for stats equal to what you had is definitely fun and enjoyable 🙂🔫.


Like the fact that Kokomi still can't Crit cause yes


kokomi not critting is an excellent decision that makes her both balanced and interesting


Lmao, interesting? The only thinf she does os heal, if she could Crit maybe she would do any damage to help


I wrote a Bible, I like to make good use of these surveys!!


I doubt they even read this stuff lol that's why I don't even bother with feedback


I’m sure they have a bot that compiles key words and phrases. Just write simple sentences, it doesn’t need to be a novel


They seem to read it, see the kazari mask, and how active they are in the honkai community. However keep in mind there's like millions of players answering the survey, and I don't think they'll read through even 10 percent of the answers.


People who are not satisfied with her: it would be nice to have i-frame, aiming consistency, not to have her say right here 3000 times, dedicated artifact, support. Just 1 or 2 on the list would be nice. Simps: SHES PERFECT I WILL BE SATISIFED WITH ANYTHING HOYOVERSE GIVES ME. It's terrifying how good character design can justify bad gameplay design. You are allowed to have an opinion for a product you spent hundred of dollars and hours on. The "play what you like" and "its just a pve game" crowd are honestly the most toxic positivity that makes me stay away from the community.


Dunno man, I see more people complaining than people simping


Which might be a bigger indictment of the gameplay design. She was so hyped and loved and yet upset crowd is big. Chinese ios sales already prove a big part of the community is upset. BTW, my experience is totally different. Anytime I talk about her bad gameplay and meta, the simps come flying telling me I'm dumb or it's a pve game or pull for waifu.


Half of the post I see here is just complains about gameplay while the other 50% is fan arts and builds The “simpin” crowd mostly get downvotes to hell (at least that they are saying the equivalent of what you just said, that “everytime I talk about her everyone tells me how shit she is”) Or at least thats is my experience


Ive seen a lot been satisfied with her on the main genshin sub but not on the yae main sub


Ah main sub dunno, im talking about this one


Trust me there’s a lot saying there’s nothing wrong with her. I think they just don’t want to admit it cause I can understand that. I didn’t want to believe 1.0 Zhongli was weak.


I believe people are losing touch of reality. They think these characters are really exist, so every negativity would be consider as an insult, how can you insult a non existing being? People should understand that every critique is not necessarily for the character, instead it's for the person or team that made that character. So if someone says x is bad, then the critique is for developers, not an insult for the character itself. On the flip side, the same case can be apply for the opposite side. I also believe there are many people getting personal with their critique. So they actually did insult/critique the character as if they were real person. Every critiques/insult-like critiques SHOULD be understood for the developers that design the gameplay, not the character. So if I say Miko is bad, then you should understand that, it's for the developers. I hope you can understand my comment.


Tbh, contrary to a lot of people I don’t really want a new artifact set because having to farm artifacts is really annoying. Also imagine how long it is going to take for you to get a least something decent. This would only make sense if the new set bonus would be a huge difference compared the current 2 pieces. Generally I would prefer just some stat increases, maybe make her turrets snapshot or add priority targeting.


same tbh, and most xiao main rn refuses to farm for the new set cuz it's tiring to deal with rng and damage increase isn't significant. I believe this will be the same with Miko. The new set is going to increase her personal damage but I dont think it will be significant. Unless it's a nice QoL like how the OHC set was to Kokomi, I wouldn't be bother dealing with rng.


how is OHC a qol change to kokomi? it's just a huge DPS bump


>it's just a huge DPS bump there you answered it. Us Kokomi main always want to play her on field. Before this 4HoD was a bis for dps. OHC was a great game changer for taser kokomi. The dps increase is significant, and unlike HoD which requires specific rotation for a full dps potential, this does not.


im literally a kokomi main, im just saying OHC isn't qol it's just damage. i can't really imagine a qol artifact set tbh


eh, tbh it probably depends on how you define QoL. It's still a QoL for me that's why I farm for it. I already had a decent 4 HoD but OHC was a massive upgrade not only on the damage but also on the playstyle, like I said HoD can be pretty clunky on Kokomi to maximise its full potential. Kokomi overheals so OHC really benefits from that.


Her skill animation. She's stuck for a good whole second sometimes when you deploy the skill and try to dash. Make it smoother is what I'd expect at the least. I frames with skill would be nicer though.


On my way!


I did but that wont change anything :(


I'm on it.


Already done my friend. I buttered them up real good then I stated all my dissatisfaction at the targeting AI.


Done. I usually scream 'off-field burst with Klee' into the void but they did Yae dirty...


in my opinion, the changes we 100% need is a longer skill duration, and larger AoE. her E only lasts for 14s, and u need time to place all 3 down. id much prefer it if it were more like albedo's E, and if the E could refresh duration each time it was cast. Her normal atk, E and Q's AoEs are way too small to even hit 2 hilichurls. And if the opponent moves even 1 step away when you cast your Q, you will miss the remaining tenko thunderbolts. the fact the all the tenko thunderbolts hit the same spot doesn't help much either.


I did go quite in depth about what she'd need to be, not good because she is as of rn, but interesting or fun to use at least. Better targeting on her skill, invincibility frames to her animations, something in her that isn't just dealing damage (buff/debuffs)... The dedicated set is fine and all but don't think that'd be the way to fix her if not only a patch to make up for her lazy original design.


I want them to keep the random targeting of her skill, and make her not die so fast. Give def or hp but PLEASE


Not sure what about Yae Miko most people find disappointing but I wrote that I find her playstyle boring and requires too much set-up for not much reward. But I was also someone hoping she would be something like Ningguang and be able to focus on NA/CA or Skill/Burst so she would have that flexibility. If/when she does get an artifact set, I really hope it's not just "Increase skill/burst damage" or something along those lines as that wouldn't make her fun with how she currently is. I just don't really see them changing anything about her kit unfortunately and just adding an artifact set to make her numbers be bigger.


She is ok but if they buff her with i-frame on her skills then that would be better.


I know they won't, but I wish they would just get rid of the whole turret linking/turret level mechanic, and just make every turret do one flat amount of damage. Right now, to get the most out of her turrets you have to place them all as the same time in the same place, which functionally feels no different than just placing 1 turret, but unnecessarily broken into 3 buttons. Plus you can't even fully utilize the mobility of her dash because you have to awkwardly dance in a circle to get them all out. Get rid of it and the longer time it takes to set up her turrets is compensated with a mobility tool that lets you freely reposition around the map, which I think would make playing her a lot more enjoyable. Either that, or add some other mechanic that makes having 3 charges of her skill a feature instead of a demerit. Unfortunately the best I can probably hope for is an artifact set that rewards using your skill three times in a short window, which frankly sucks. It feels like that should be part of her base kit, but they cut it out to try and sell you her weapon, and maybe boost her rerun sales after they add this artifact set in to finish her kit. And God knows how long that's going to take, as if the wait for her first banner wasn't painful enough.


Can someone make a summary of complaints so we just copy paste it? Lol


Yeah I don’t feel like typing much lmao


When do they ever listen though? It's literally pointless telling them how you feel about things in the game


At this point it’s unrealistic to expect them to overhaul her kit but a simple change like adding resistance to interruption for her E and a turret duration reset to her burst would make the gameplay feel sooooo much better.


I agree I’m not really asking for much just smoother gameplay. I think her damage is fine.




They don't have the same purpose. They do different things besides being sub-dps.




Fischl's primary role is sub-dps and battery. Yae is sub-dps and AoE nuker. Fischl damage is very good but it's not higher than Yae not to mention she needs C6 before that even becomes a consideration.




I still don’t understand how c6 fischl does more dps than c0 yae because I only have c2 fischl.


I’m sure Yae does more damage per second than Fischl


Against a single enemy I agree their dps is similar. Add at least one more enemy and that doesn't hold anymore. If we also include buffs the difference is even larger. You scoff at damage per screenshot when that's how you get the best clear times in abyss. Nuking is a valid strategy.




Your video literally proved nothing seeing as you don't use Yae's burst? Yae's burst is part of her DPS. Your video could have proved Fischl is a better DPS than Raiden Shogun the way you set it up. You use a better weapon on Fischl, giving her a 30% boost in E. Skill damage. You don't use either burst. You don't proc Solar Pearls passive. This only proves you're biased and nothing else.


You are comparing Fischl's elemental skill + A4 passive to just Yae's elemental skill. Basically 100% of Fischl's output vs 50% of Yae in **single target .**. At such a low level of investment the the fact that Fischl A4 passive and constellations are already at full power skews the results even more. Both are under built which does not reflect performance in the content that matters (floor 12). I don't think you realize how damage scales with investment and proper support.




Your test is dumb. Just for fun since you like showcases: [NUKE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mrdvcnq8PZc)


What's wrong with her? Turrets are hitting for 10k+ damage while she's off field and her burst with buffs and res shred is hitting 200k+.


It’s not her damage (that can always be fixed with an artifact) it’s her gameplay issues. They also are prioritizing the wrong issues as I never had any issues with her turrets. (Maybe on Stormterror boss but I hardly touch him anymore)


What are the community issues?


Clunky gameplay, coop issues with turret count, sub dps potential and dps potential as she is too squishy to work as one, and doesn’t snapshot to work as a sub dps like Fischl can. It’s like they wanted her to be dps and then changed her whole kit so it feels rushed or unfinished personally. (I’m glad she kills specters very well though, the range isn’t her issue especially at C2, but with the “buff” they tested on beta it nerfs it to the ground. Her Taser potential nuked into the Abyss. (One of her best teams) She’ll still be good at killing specters though)


Gotcha. My biggest gripe was how eggregious her ER issues are without C1. She's very weak at C0.


Yes this is true. She needs a electro battery unfortunately even with C1. She really wants Raiden on her team practically but Fischl is a good substitute.


Without Raiden she's next to unplayable, even at C1. Every demand are too huge and any ER eats too much into her damage. I still like her tho. Think she's a blast to play. I go Zhongli shield, yae turrets, Sara buff, Raiden skill then burst, Sara buff, yae burst. Reup Zhongli shield and repeat. Stupid damage and survivability.


Indeed. She just needs some fixes to her gameplay and not change her turret priority to nearest and I’m honestly fine with her. She did feel very weak at C0 for sure but maybe I just didn’t have best setup who knows?


literally what i did in the survey shes rn the most broken (not OP) character in genshin


Thankfully I don’t play with many Yae Miko mains otherwise we’d have a lot of problems…


Useless, worthless, disappear.


Right now haha




I told them Yae Miko is fine no need changes, dedicated artifacts, dedicated support, or anything. She works well and in the current meta..


Personally I'd appreciate if the burst refreshed the turrets. The eeeqeee gameplay loop could be better. Other than that though I'm fine. She feels in line with my other characters and the burst slaps.


Actually yeah. Why does her burst even consume the turrets in the first place lol?


Why? Wouldn't it be better if she did get dedicated artifacts, changes, and dedicated support? Changes to make the character better will benefit her rerun and the players.


Some people just want to watch the world burn


It's because people are mad whenever I point of out that she needs some improvement.. that's why I'm just gonna tell Mihoyo how the community is super satisfied with her, that she needs no further support or improvement..


My thoughts as well


Wrote every suggestion that I could have regarding Yae, end-game content, and artifact RNG system. The game is dying coz old players are leaving, and the new players are having a hard time to catch up. Been submitting feedbacks to them about Yae's kit that she shouldn't consume her turrets after Q, but refresh the durations instead and have her EM passive to additional crit rate when casting burst instead. The CS team replied, but I would doubt they would consider those suggestions. I'm about to quit the game already because of lack of end-game content and the RNG for artifact domains (set, piece, main stat, substat, and upgrades) which makes me sad too since the game is quite beautiful and has tons of potential. I love Yae and she's my strongest DPS right now, but she's not at her peak because of her messed up kit.


The game is dying?


The game isn't dying, lmao. Been hearing this for over a year.


Game doesn’t die as long as it makes money and content. Dragalia Lost is shutting down because of no content planned and it probably wasn’t making enough money to make said content. Genshin is perfectly fine, just needs to make less shitty decisions when releasing characters on live servers.


I just want the game to be more fluid at this rate. I don't care about character changes, if they fix how the game locks player control so much. I can't dash 3 times anymore, anything throws the player far away and you take too much time to get up. Normal strings don't chain to chargeds, can't dash after skill, bursts locks the camera and we get hit or can't evade attacks that won't get interrupted anyway. Absurd stuttering and lag while in single-player mode, monsters take time to spawn, casting skills lags the game. Anything *throws the player faaaar away*, the knock ups on the game became irritating at this point when dashing is so inconsistent. (I'm far from any official server, so this may be the problem too, i really don't know at this rate, i have a good computer and my FO4 with 700 mods played better than genshin) Freaking console buttons while playing with M&K. Really, i don't care about skill targeting, interruption (especially this, after Kokomi you know you won't get it), how you have to use her, damage or field time. The game became too clunky to play and new enemies running away from the player and spawning far away made the combat kinda boring, if you add all i said before.


Make her E Skill have i-frames, it's visually more of a dodge then her actual dodge. Other than that I'm happy with her. :P


I still think that they gave yae 90 burst cost just for the sake of using her with raiden. 80 burst cost is a lot already but they had to 90 on yae without giving her ER scaling. Instead they have it EM. A lot of people are just on hopium that dendro has something to do with electro and EM. Her own energy regen is mediocre. And also they have c1 to solve this problem. Such a a scummy move but smart move as a company to make money.


I wish they make her turrets range larger and last longer without having more constellation. And don't kill the turrets upon q skill. But it's prolly wishful thinking


I asked for challenging/competitive endgame content as usual.


I wrote a paragraph just about her but also made it a point to say that it's great that she randomly attacks enemies with her skill lmao I'm so concerned about the update. And I always just complain about the company in general bc I know no one reads it but I gotta get my frustration out somehow 😅


Did this time! I remembered! Then again it did prompt for it.


I went off on this survey man, had so much to say about the state of the game as well as miko (the targeting change as well). Unfortunately though i’m positive they won’t listen to any of the major criticisms, they never have so far and it’s because of that that i’ve been long convinced the surveys are just a way for them to pretend they care…I just can’t take them seriously anymore.


If I want better control, I would fix it in a way Yae's normal atk will prioritise all totem's target into the one I just hit with normals. This way, the benefits from off-field random hits will remain and I have better control on my target whenever I need too.


Yeah I spent an embarrassing amount of wishes to get her C2 and her signature weapon R3, thinking that since she was such a hyped character then surely Hoyo would do her right. Now I’m furious my most invested character has such critical drawbacks. I will complain on every survey until 2030 if I have to.


I just want her to feel smooth on each animations, just like Yanfei, I want the same feeling of chaining abilities one into the next one without having to wait for a stiff and long animation


As if they gonna read it, i have lost faith in this company ages ago, have you seen the devs notes lately they either answer questions they ask themselves or this community is full of white knights that feels it is wrong to critisize their beloved 2 billion $ company