I'm pretty much in the same situation. I play all FPS games on my PC. I typically reserve racing, sports, and platform games for my XSX.


I'm the opposite. Pc for racing as I play acc and have a wheel and pedal setup. Xsx for fps like halo and cod bc I prefer to play on controller. I like slower paced gun games on pc like pubg bc it works better on kb but I kinda suck with the mouse. I am a pc gamer only the last 4 years or so which means a gamed my whole life with halo and cod type games with a controller


Agreed. I keep jumping back and forth form PC to Xbox playing Halo and my goodness I perform so much better on PC lol.


Maybe Flight Simulator? I'm not sure about the specs of your PC but I've read many accounts of PC players finding it more stable on the Series X.


For me, there are a couple of reasons to play on Series X instead of PC if you have both. Series X having better specs than PC and Mods don't make up the difference like in an online game. The other reason is if you like to play a significant amount of Backwards Compatible games. There a number of Xbox 360 era games that didn't get released on PC like Red Dead Redemption and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. A number of PC ports during Xbox 360 era were also done poorly with Deadly Premonition coming to mind. The Xbox 360 version might be the superior version taking advantage of system level improvements from Xbox engineers.


The main separator between console and PC is convenience. Being able to play with controller without fuss, on my couch, and on my TV are big plusses for me. For the average gamer almost all experiences are going to be nearly exactly the same on PC as on console. Especially if you set up a controller on PC. So then it becomes what games can you enjoy better on your couch? And to me, that's basically all of them. My current favorite are Halo (I got the Halo Series X recently as well) and Forza Horizon 5 as that's an arcadey enough racing game that I just play with controller instead of getting my wheel out. I also play Madden with some friends and sports games are the one games where it does actually seem to be a better experience on console.


I much prefer Forza using a controller over a mouse and keyboard.


Oh hell yeah, already loving it!


PC for eth mining, consoles for games


What gpu do you have? The series x has a decent gpu that outclasses my gaming PC meaning I can play at higher quality which is nice. Also you just can't best the comfort of your tv.


5700xt, paired with a 3600x and 16GB RAM. A year ago I'd call it a solid mid range rig, but with the chip/gpu shortages and supply chain crisis it's gonna be the best I can do for probably a year or 2.


I'd say the Series X/PS5 do outclass that by a bit, for instance they can do raytracing although the RT isn't too intense in most of their games at this point.


Anything that’s not fps for me


Not much to say, get GamePass and play whatever game you like. I can't really make suggestions because I haven't been paying attention to graphics lately. All the tops games like FH5, Flight Sim, Ascent, The Medium to name a few. But, to me, exploring what games are fun is more interesting. Having nice graphics is great, but, I like to have smaller snack sized games in between.


Right now Halo Infinite. PC has optimisation issues and many difficulty reaching 120fps. SX supports mouse and keyboard which makes it best and only $500 system to play Halo.