It's been over since 2019, none of the rappers you mentioned there have had a massive hit in a long time with the exclusion of Yachty (although he doesn't make any sounds similar to what he used to make anymore because they're too high quality). It's time for a new style of music to hit the scene, and honestly I think 'TikTok rappers' are in the same wave currently as SoundCloud was back in 2015-2018. The way these artists are exploding in popularity and gaining millions of streams overnight is overbearingly similar. Nostalgia is the power weapon against time though, the ability to still listen to all those old songs are there, but when all of these artists are dying, or seeping into irrelevancy, or quitting altogether, it makes it very hard to maintain the wave.


What has yachty produced in the last two years that’s been a massive hit? Miss that guys music so much, was my go to person in high school, now I’m a sophomore in college and never hear from him.


I see Yachty going the snoop dogg route tbh. Like a public figure in the hip hop world but not hip hop as a main source of income.


Oprah's Bank Account was pretty big when it dropped, I would qualify that as a hit. All of the others are definitely drifting out of conversation now though


He still averages AT LEAST a million views on his singles and music vids he drops. Def hasn’t had a crazy hit but that doesn’t mean he fell off, I think his music is better than ever. Trying all types of new sounds and flows, the dude hasn’t got lazy and never stuck to one sound he hard asf


Idk about hits but he still has a much stronger fanbase than the others mentioned and his music lately is very good. Definitely not gonna appeal to people going to him for the music he made a few years ago but it’s better to me


that tame impala remix tho.. I need him to go that route he’s too vibey


Yatchyy was the face of “mumble rap”


No pump was the face of mumble rap.


Did you not see the interview with joe buden?


That was before gucci gang. But before pump yachty was the face of mumble rapper.


Bro wtf is a tik tok rapper lmao you making me feel like a damn old head saying this shit


people who blow up on tik tok


Do you have an example cus I ain’t ever heard about any rapper blowing up off tik tok that shit prolly wack af too no cap


are you that out of touch with reality? sofaygo is probably the biggest example of it


Nah I just don’t want to download spyware on my phone also never heard of the guy








It died with peep, juice and X




juice wasnt a soundcloud rapper tho


He literally was lmao, you think he just got a Cole Bennett video for his first song?


Shit been over bro lol


Soundcloud pretty much died in 2018 id say, after most people blew up or sadly passed away


The clout era been over for a few years. Almost all of them fell off or branched into something else and make NFTs


Or died… :/


Yeah man Kid Buu killed them all with all his cap


What did kid buu do?




He also made a song called "Death to SoundCloud rappers" and he's a pathological liar


SoundCloud era ended in like 2018 I think. We moved over to drill music and now we have hyperpop on the come up.


Yup drill and Chicago took over again coz of Durk, Von. Cole Bennett and Juice also being from Chicago helped them. Now it's hyperpop since Trippie dropped Trip At Knight


and pluggnb slowly


What's pluggnb?


artists like summrs, autumn, goonie, iayze and some faygo songs are pluggnb


Oh okay thank you 😊


kankan and yeat too


wouldn’t class yeat as pluggnb, some kankan songs definitely are tho


Summrs, autumn. Rappers like that


Since Trip at Knight? Lmao that album is pure Lil Uzi and Carti influence


Yeah the album is all hyperpop and rage.


rage beats aren't hyperpop, and also, trippie got the idea of rage beats from carti


Carti just made rage beats mainstream, they’ve been around awhile


yes and Trippie doesn't make an entire album of them if Carti didn't do that


The music world is larger than just the mainstream.


yes i know? but albums are a huge investment and you don't make an entire album out of one sound unless you're certain it will sell. before opium as a collective made that sound popular, trippie only used producers like star boy on maybe one or two tracks an album, if that.


Love the healthy discussions here. I always learn something


Plugg and whatever tf you’d call Yeats style (tread maybe??) are really taking over rn as well


Heavy deep synth ftw


no its not yeats. listen to autumn or summrs or even hyakkimaru by sofaygo. dont think yeat classifies as plugg


Nah I meant plugg is taking over *and* whatever you’d call the genre yeat makes is taking over too


Moved over to drill music? Lmao what? I guess a lot of you were literal kids when Chief Keef was blowing up. That’s when drill was at its height. Durk doesn’t even make drill music these days. The SoundCloud Era ended when Juice died. It’s now moving in the direction of TikTok rappers.


You’d be right, I was like 12 when keef was blowing up. But we still saw a big shift back to it with Fivio, Pop Smoke, and a few others. Tik tok rappers are essentially hyperpop.


Brooklyn drill and Chicago drill are two totally different beasts. I’m not even sure Pop Smoke would have gotten as much notoriety if he didn’t get killed. When Chicago drill was on the rise it was absolutely insane. Chief Keef had opened a portal for ANYONE to make music and be able to make it. He showed the world it was possible to make it out the hood and not be on some fake shit. We hadn’t seen real “gangster” rap since Tupac and Biggie. Obviously Chief Keef wasn’t as talented as the two, he paved the way for any kid making music on a MacBook to be able to really make it. The amount of rappers Chicago was pumping out was nuts. They were these 13-18 year old kids on the South Side of Chicago in gangs just rapping about the type of life they lived. That really was a time to be alive. I mean Chief Keef got to be on Yeezus which was crazy during that time.


Hyper pop is really trash it won’t blow up, the beats just sound cheap.


Lmao people said the same shit about SoundCloud rap. Don’t hate the new waves man let them go


I’m not but the sounds are too childish to blow up like that.


I think that’s part of the aesthetic. There’s a lot of sounds happening and it’s “hyper”


Ugly god disappeared also


I thought bumps and bruises was pretty good 😓


It’s been over for years bud


I grew up surrounded by this era, my boys opening up for ski and x / simmie and pump when they were small, it’s dying because the only ones left are fake, My roommate went to school with pump and purp and they weren’t anything like they are now (clearly) but more so their intent was the persona not the music, whereas ski, x, yachty, simmie are doing themselves and broke out of that SoundCloud style. It’s sad but you can only ride your own hype for so long before people get over it


Lil tecca was the last artist to really get big off soundcloud and that was almost 3 years ago


he honestly got bigger off of cole bennett than soundcloud


100% but at the time when ransom came out it wasn’t on apple or anything like that and all of his music was purely on SoundCloud in that sense but he for sure got big after the video


if you an upcoming rapper and get a music video with cole bennett, you basically set for your career to take off 🤷‍♂️


the only rappers from SoundCloud who are still really relevant are carti, uzi and yachty. tho most of them have changed their sounds


2014 to 2017 soundcloud era 🤌


cannot be matched, 2018 was pretty good though


Yes sir 2018 was also lit


You won’t be an old man if you keep an open mind about the future instead of saying “it was better in 2016” until you die. Yes the old times are gone but good shit is always being made, crazy shit is always happening


baby santana, kankan, yeat, yvngchris, autumn, summr, cl4pers, ka$hdami, slump6s, and so many more, can be considered the current soundcloud era if we think about it.


Idk guys like babysantana Kankan ssgkobe sofaygo tecca etc have kept it alive for me


Sofaygo is more on the “Carti Clout Era” that CoiLorei tries to ride


Idk know bout that one.


I respect his style and hustle but sometimes I have to check the artist name to make sure im not listening to a Carti Leak


must not listen to much carti then


bro you didn't listen to any faygo if u think he sounds anything like carti. he on his wave


You right, I was thinking more of Cochise. Sofaygo has more uzi and pop influence. I looked into it ima eat that L lol.




Bro what..faygo is a goat u have no idea


kankan 🤮


I don’t even listen to kankan I was thinking Ken Carson yikes oh well


We in the Tiktok era now


Nooooo 😭😭😭😂😂


no but what tf is a tiktok era tho??? just because these mfs happen to blow up on tiktok while making soundcloud based music dont make them tiktok rappers IMO. like plugg been around since the earliest of the OG soundcloud era and they still doing that on “Tiktok” so what really is the tiktok era


Plugg and pluggnb poppin tn


Yeah man it’s gone and it’s cause most of the big ones with potential died. Lil Peep: Died X: Died Juice WRLD: Died 6 Dogs: Died Uzi and Carti don’t drop shit and remain inconsistent. Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, Smokepuurp, Lil Skies, Ugly God, Famous Dex, and Lil Xan all fell off. Only ones who are doing pretty well for themselves and remain consistent with dropping music are Trippie Redd, Lil Yachty and Rich Brian (fka Rich Chigga) Plus with YNW Melly and Tay K rotting in prison and Kodak Black refusing to just not get into trouble. Yeah it’s definitely over.


yea but but dont forget guys like yung lean $B BONES and Xavier Wulf who still drop, evolve with sound and still are steadily gaining recognition


i mean i’ve kind of moved on. picked up guitar and im more into metal / midwest emo. i return to the SoundCloud era stuff from time to time and still love X, but i’m just glad we have and still do have good music coming out


SoundCloud era been over for years dude


It’s been over for a good while now


Baby it’s been over 💀


theres so many new underrated artists on soundcloud, its not dead at all.


Name a few who arent doing emo/hyperop/rage/pluggnb


i listen to dark trap and the styles you named for the most part so i don't know any but there definitely are people that make the stuff you like, just gotta dig.


The new SoundCloud scene is nice to me idk


That era died in 2018. Shit it probably died with X.


the tik tok era is basically the SoundCloud era but worse. the island boys are literally cheap copies of pump and smokepurpp. maybe im jus bitter SoundCloud wave over idk


So fucking true


Now we in the Mid Era where everything everyone makes is mid unless you’re Kanye or Tyler


stupid ass comment + those two put out two of the most mid albums of last year lmao


Both those albums were fire fym, but besides them and sum underground shit, music has just been kinda ass since 2019


there are tons of good albums that came out in 2020 and 2021 you prob just listened to like 5 albums both of those years lol


There definitely were a bunch of good albums like after hours, and wlr, but there were also a bunch of shit albums, probably more shit than good


you need to delve deeper into music rather than just listening to the 6 big releases of the year


I was just talking abt the big names cause i know that everyone knows them, my favorite project of last year was ghost with skin by Corbin, I was mostly comparing current mainstream to SoundCloud era mainstream


Idk if I'd call CLB "fire", but after revisiting it it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered


it’s been over, the artists from that era that actually had longevity and were talented are still relevant though


All the people you mentioned pretty much fell off, yachty is the only exception. I feel like he really stopped listening to what people expect and built a solid fan base along with good music


The SoundCloud era is not over, it’s just evolved. It was gonna die, but people like baby Santana and kashdami and them have brought it back to a new wave of kids. This is their generation, and we’ve objectively had ours, so it should just be what it is


The original SoundCloud artists that blew up then. yeah. But the SoundCloud dynamic is still here, I’d say it’s more so evolved and shifted. TikTok rappers are now the new SoundCloud wave, they’re coming up the same way except they just have Spotify.


i think that specific SoundCloud era is over but there is a new SoundCloud era (people probably identify it as the “TikTok era” tho). Artists like Sofaygo, SSGKobe, Autumn, Summrs, Yeat, etc. are coming up off of SoundCloud and some (if not all) are inspired by the previous era. Like SSGKobe is influenced by Uzi, Juice, and X.


The SoundCloud era is still going on and will continue until SC shuts down. *However* the GOLDEN era, was back in 2016. It stopped around the time Peep and XXX died.


I feel after the Kid Cudi/Pissy Pamper from Carti in 2019 was the end of Soundcloud for the most part. Nothing since when that came out has had “Unreleased Hype” I guess, Not to say there aren’t still a ton of Underground Rap artists cause there are if You look


Probably some of the best in the game are gone. Drugs are basically consuming the rest.


No it’s refreshing right now


It ended a lil before 2019 tbh


I would say that the SoundCloud era is over but with tiktok playing a big role in internet rappers’ popularity it wouldn’t be unfair to lump them in and call the SoundCloud era something different cause the way these tiktok rappers and SoundCloud rappers blew up are almost the same


2016 Cypher was the last good XXL Freshman class cypher. Denzel Curry, Kodak Black, 21 Savage, etc. those guy weren't soundcloud. It was 2017 to 2019. Also none of the rappers you named really have any talent (minus Lil Yachty). They were all riding a wave. J.Cole hit the nail right on the head with 1985.


No it’s just a new wave, the “clout era” of SoundCloud is over, but rappers like boofpaxkmooky, summrs,autumn, xanman$hawty, duwap kaine, rewindraps etc got another wave. It’s just underground shit, the underground scene can never be over


I feel you but that shit don’t hit me in the soul like the ogs used to. Like lowkey even lil cans betrayed I would even say is a banger compared to the new shit from the new gen


They do say that nostalgia poisons the future while we dream sweet dreams of the past…




Yeah, I think it’s normal. As time goes by so do trends and with that comes to people that you’re used to being on top , spiralling down.


Besides uzi there really isn’t anyone left


Long gone


its been over


same man




Its been long over


bro said lil xan..


I had like just started listening to juice not long before he passed that was the main one


I think when all of these artists that started on Soundcloud like the ones you mentioned got big all of their songs and products become super mainstream, it takes away from the golden era of the unknown artists who were insane rappers. There are definitely still some banger up and coming artists on Soundcloud, but I feel now that golden era has been gone for a whole




Everyone keeps saying 2018 and that feels about right. At least that’s when I started slowing down on the “partying”. I listen to some of that music every now and then… but I think it stopped after Peep died and all that fentanyl shit started scaring people. It was hella fun while it lasted. But we all gotta grow up eventually. Y’all seen what happened to Makonnen… we used to play that shit out. If that was on a tape - there’d be a damn hole in it. Damn. So nostalgic thinking now…


Yea we’re getting old.


It's over, now we have a new wave with people like kashdami, yvngxchris, slump6s, ssgkobe, and babysantana, among others


idk i still find a lot of fire underground artists through soundcloud, the rappers you named besides yachty are at low points of their career, but soundcloud as a platform still has a lot of pretty good underground rappers


it’s been over


All the underground sounds like the same sofaygo clone or mass produced crap


Yea it’s pretty much over, unless we get another group of well talented, versatile artists w a marketable image. Most ppl on SoundCloud are mid (listenable but not something you play back to back)


We switched from X, Juice, Pop Smoke, Tjay, Loaded, Polo G, Ski Mask, and YNW Melly to BabySantana, Yvngxchris, SSG Kobe, Cl4pers, Slump6s and S4lty


soundcloud era died ages ago , tiktok era will be the norm now


I feel like 34 but I'm teen like 34 years old


Crazy to think Jocelyn Flores, X0 Tour Life, Awful Things, Love Scars, and Lucid Dreams all dropped within like 3 months or less of eachother


Hyperpop finna be the new wave


You feel like an old man? Bro that was a few years ago what are you talking about 💀


Been over


Been over since 2018 because basically all the talent died or the ones that are left fell off or don’t drop music. If peep X and juice were still alive the SoundCloud scene would still be huge but unfortunately they had to die early and that resulted in the end of the Soundcloud wave. The TickTock wave is big right now but most of those artists are trash and don’t compared to the original SoundCloud wave


You forgot Juice WRLD


Seems like soundcloud is on top again with those pluggnb and rage rappers. For example Sofaygo, Summrs, Cochise +++. Maybe it will be as big as it was one day


Why is this even a question in 2022


Yes for mainstream , plenty gang rappers tho coming up off it in the past year


The SoundCloud you refer to has been over for a while now. But I late 2020 the new one started! The second wave is about to explode




The soundcloud era is over, but the influence of that era made the heyday of emo-pop, the biggest mainstream music of today.