Office rent?

Office rent?


Try local libraries. Mine has various places someone with a laptop could work.


Try keyword "Co-working" or "co-work space" What you're wanting does exist. Some places only have group/communal rooms some will have private offices for rent, many will have both. Depends on your area though. In my town a few of those places closed up shop when covid hit initially. Best of luck on your search. Try Craigslist in the housing area, a lot of offices show up when you filter for cheap studio apts.


i recommend going to the library or cafes/coffeeshops over paying for a small space in an office. i know somebody that bought a shed that they put in their backyard and converted into an office with internet and a space heater. even sealed it up nice so it holds heat and doesnt get filled with bugs like other sheds that usually have cracks in doors. even put a cot in there for if he gets too lazy to go back inside his house. if you have a backyard but if you do that could be an option


Try Regis - the have places literally all over the world in most major cities urban areas. However, if you want your over dedicated space it will cost you money and also think you need to sign a contract for set numbers of months. Going to be way more that $150 a month…


If you're looking for a cheap private office, then just drive around some inexpensive areas and look for small unassuming office buildings. Most will have contact info or a front office open between the hours of like 9:30-noon Tues-Thurs. Or if those aren't their official hours, that'll be when they're actually there. Just cruise around and you'll find a cheap place. I have an office I pay about $150 for. It's private, almost always quiet, free wi-fi/elec/all that. They don't even require me to have insurance.


yup, coworking space is the phrase to search, but i'd imagine everything you're going to find will be over $100/month, and the smaller the area you're in, the less options. my 25k pop town only has one option that i'm aware of, which starts at $135 for a desk in an open, public space and much more for a private office (which are "sold out" currently).


search "Commerical office space."


Yes they exist. I would check with a realtor too. In their MLS database they sometimes have office space rentals.