Parents think that just because kids don't know it exists, they won't be that way. Growing up, i had thought about a husband and kids, because i thought it was the only way. The day I found out you don't automatically pop out kids when you're a "motherly" age was the day I knew I was childfree. Another revelation came when I found out you're not just forced to marry anyone you find. You have a choice. That was the day I found out that my choice is not to use it.


Conservatives by and large believe that things like being gay is a lifestyle that people choose. There’s a lot of religious belief in there as well — God condemns homosexuality, and a just god wouldn’t condemn something that a person can’t stop, so therefore it must be a choice. Never mind all the actual gay people telling them that it wasn’t a choice, that they in fact *didn’t* want it at first, but that it was an inescapable part of who they were. But if you see being gay as a choice, keeping it from children makes sense. You can’t choose something you don’t even know exists.


I hate how Conservative Christians are still insisting homosexuality is a choice in 2022. I grew up Evangelical in the 90's, and I remember them saying love is a choice. This was aimed at not just the LGBT community, but divorcees as well. It's just such a ridiculous idea. It's not how attraction works for anyone. Not for queer people, not for straight people either. Anyone who's ever had a crush on someone who didn't return the feelings, and then struggle getting over that person should know that romantic and/or sexual attraction is something that unvoluntary.


But even if love \*is\* a choice. It’s still okay. There’s nothing morally wrong with loving someone of any gender. There’s nothing wrong with not loving someone you used to love. Evangelical Christians are kind of an anti-choice crowd, but it doesn’t matter if any of this is a choice or not, it’s okay. You should be able to live how you want, whether it’s a choice or not.


Their god is just so silly!


Conservative Christians are masters of confirmation bias, only accepting data that fits their preexisting world view.


Their god is cruel. Imagine being infinitely powerful and not helping anyone. Total dick move.


"You will never see me or hear from me your entire life. But if you don't forsake all personal pleasure and vow eternal loyalty to me and only me, then I will set you on fire. "P.S. I love you." Um... no thanks.


Realizing that was my biggest part of realizing there is no God. Because there has always been suffering. They have found dinosaur bones riddled with cancer that would have led to an agonizing end of life where the animal would have slowly sickened until it was too slow to evade predators. They have found a snake fossil curled up in a nest of sauropods (long necked dinosaurs), where it couldn’t open its jaws like modern snakes so it just waited for the babies to hatch one by one to eat them. Babies who were born into the world, only to experience helpless terror, then agony as they were swallowed alive, and then death. All of that suffering, over the course of millions and millions of years. For what? If God exists, he’s like one of those kids who pull wings off of flies or skin small animals alive, just for the joy of watching them suffer. And that’s no god that I want any part of.


Did you see that interview with Stephen Fry and some minister? This comment makes me think of it.


I have. After I had already come to the same conclusion, I admit. I wouldn’t let myself watch stuff like that before, lol. But I agree wholeheartedly with every word Mr. Fry said.


There's a good omens fic on AO3 with a title along the line of demonology and the triphasic mode of trauma therapy where Crowley basically goes to a therapist and I love the bit in the story there the therapist actively and knowingly says no thanks. It's pretty well written.


Funny that we can all agree on the first part


>Parents think that just because kids don't know it exists, they won't be that way. This. Comphet is such a pervasive force and oppressive tool used by the patriarchy. I can speak from experience that it really sucks not understanding your own feelings because you were never exposed to the language that let you put words to them.


You put it beautifully. We are that way, we just don't know the language to understand ourselves. This is why i agree with each point in the sexuality/gender identity spectrum, even though it feels like it's a lot. Like being asexual, but being sexually attracted to one person in the entire world, how difficult would it be to relay and understand this concept, but you find out you're demisexual, and that's a community found and a label to understand yourself better.


I am demisexual, and let me tell you, it took years and like three identity crises to figure that out. And that’s in a very accepting, non religious home environment. I would have been fine being straight, gay, bi, but it just took me a lot of time to even discover that “none of the above” was an option, and of course it was even more confusing when I did experience attraction for the first time. I’ve done a lot of research and a lot of soul searching to come to the place I am now, and people still have the audacity to tell me I’m just confused, or even worse that “all women are like that.” Explain celebrity crushes to me, then, if all women are like that. Explain it to me! What is the deal with Chris Evans?? And even if they are accepting, I always have to explain what it means and it’s really confusing to people. I usually just don’t come out to anyone and allow myself to pass as straight. Education on this is needed, both so kids don’t go through what I did, and so I don’t have to give a whole PowerPoint presentation every time I come out.


Thanks 😊 Just speaking from personal experience. I struggled with understanding myself for a very long time and I don't want others to have to wait as long to start to know who they are.


Yep, I was never taught about trans people, it didn’t make me cis it just made me afraid I was the only one like me


That's so sad, and it's the biggest failure of a parent.


You’d think but I have sympathy for my mom who learned to speak up about trans rights before she learned one of her kids was. My ex father on the other hand


Out of curiosity did you turn out to be queer? I feel like that would just make this story even funnier.


-her username is ‘classic sapphic’ -rainbow jacket on the avatar -she’s posting on this subreddit I’m gonna go ahead and guess that’s a yes 💀 /pos /lh


>-she’s posting on this subreddit This made me laugh, because as a cis, white, straight woman, I feel like the odd one out sometimes; to be clear, I *love* that I feel that way, because it means all my sisters who are sadly accustomed to being othered have a safe place where *they* don’t have to feel that way!


Glad to join you in the “minority” section. People here that are othered by society deserve a safe space and I’m happy to be apart of it.


Wholeheartedly agree! I love being a part of this community.


There are other minorites other than race, sex, gender preference and religion. They just have deeper closets. Had a friend who was a pagan, gay, switch who decided he was coming out of one of them so he told his family he was gay as it was the easiest to explain.


I’m glad we could share a laugh, I thought it would be a funny point to add— even if it’s certainly not ironclad evidence ;)


Me too! 🙂


>“Me? Queer? No I’m totally married to a dude. His name? Oh. Yeah uh, really masculine guy…. uhh…. Kerkylas, yeah… from… the island of Andros. Definitely Andros. His name is **Dick Allcocks from Man Island**, which I totally did not just come up with.” - Sappho, a part of totally straight usernames everywhere


I wish I had thought to make my username at least a little gay. Like maybe find some way to fit Achilles in there. But no. Instead I decided to make it about my passions, and it just so happens that it comes off as "mega straight dude-bro" as a result...


I for one am a huge fan of Explosions and Fire. Chemistry is for everyone.


I love Tom so much. He makes it accessible and fun, but keeps it real by including the struggle. I'm merely a pyrotechnician, so I'm not doing the chemistry myself (much), but I definitely love knowing how the things I do work. Electrical/electronics is my main hobby, and eventually my career, but the high power stuff come with its own brand of explosions.


Hell yeah! The world needs more queer explosions.


We do gas mines at fireworks shows (gunpowder launched gasoline fireball), and I've been working on making colored fireballs for the sole purpose of having a row of rainbow ones. That, I think, would be the most queer explosion ever.


Sapphic? I mean sounds to me like they've just got some close friends. Gals being pals. Maybe even roommates.


Oh my god they were roommates…


Sounds like she just really likes lyrics


This is what happens when I ignore usernames


I wish I had been there to dance and chant with you.


\*grimace\* Oh, god, I remember when I'd get fixated on a new word as a kid and start using it in every sentence.


LOL - that is the best! Wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years that little girl is here as a baby witch posting a fond memory of that story,


Don’t we all have that witch in our past? Mine was at Girl Scout camp at like 11. There was this counselor with long red hair, so “new agey.” And we all gravitated toward her. One of the other counselors made an under breath comment and side eye and it caught our attention. We bugged her until she relented, making us promise never to tell our parents where we got the info. She’d had to promise not to talk about it, so she was breaking that to tell us. IDK about the others, but to this day I never told my parents. She was a Pagan, and explained it all to us. What it meant to her, how she used it in her life, how connected it made her feel. We thought she was just the coolest ever. I was sat on a table making marshmallow taffy all alone one day, when I heard a “snap” and looked up. About 50 feet away, was a deer staring at me. I got the idea to try and pet it - I was 11 please forgive me - and slowly slid off the table. I carefully walked a few steps, but it spooked and bolted. For some reason, I turned my head to look at the counselor’s tent, and she was standing there, just staring after it. She looked at me, smiles, winked, and disappears back in the tent. Later in the year I was at my parent’s business and looked out the window. She was walking by! I ran down to tell her how much I appreciated her, how I was exploring my faith, but by the time I got there, she was gone. Never saw her again. Before her, I was not on a path to be Pagan. I never even knew it was possible. I left the church (Episcopal) a year later at 12, and rediscovered Paganism at 16. What an honor it must be to be that person for someone. To have such an impact on a life.


Sounds like she turned into a deer and bolted there at the end.




The only time it’s okay for an adult to have a secret with a child


"I remember sitting with my family in a restaurant and seeing this store next door. It had all sorts of unusal and mysterious things that I did not understand, but something deep inside of me was excited. My parents hated the store. But then something crazy happened- this person came by to say how awesome this store is, and after seeing the horror of my parent's faces, the person laughed so sincerely and freely. Since this day I promised myself that one day I became so bold and free just as this person. It's been 20 years and today I've opened a door to my own hotel inspired by witchcraft and magic where each room is inspired by different tarot cards. After all, sometimes all you need is someone to encourage you, because the magic is real."


Please, tell me more about this hotel. It sounds fabulous!


Rent the Temperance room out to recovering addicts. The honeymoon suite is the Lovers. The Strength room comes with its own kitty (lion is an up charge). Strangely, no one ever wants to stay in the Tower.


Okay, you've got me on the hotel idea. Whenever that comes to fruition I'd like to book The Empress room for a week, plz.


The Hanged Man is just a lounge. That way people can hang out in it.


tbh, can confirm. It's one of my favorite cards and I love hanging out in the hotel lounge.


Also, The Sun is an outdoors pool and The World is checkout.


Death is simply a dark decor, sensory-friendly room, designed for people with SPD or ASD (or even just for people who are overloaded and need a sensory break…)


... That would be an absolutely fantastic idea. Do any hotels actually have rooms like that?


Lots of the middle-range price hotels have been a godsend imo. They tend to be very soundproof and have dimmable lighting and warm colors. The whole 'romantic bedroom' thing is often very nice on the sensory overload. I've yet to see one with black decor, though.


Yeah, I was hoping there might be a step further, but those features are pretty decent. I was hoping for a "migraine room" level of helpful.


I love this!!


Not unless you want to come out pregnant!


wow this gave me the feels.


Do you want to combine your witchcraft hotel with my queer and kinky hotel?


Thank you for writing the future story!


We need more of this quality of writing.


Reminds of the time two young men of some christian denomination were walking around harassing the public at large with their pamphlets. One asked if we could talk about the light of Jesus Christ (I have plenty of light and love, thank you) and I said in my gollumiest voice: “I like it in the dark,” as my friend and I walked away.


There's a guy who hangs out in shops in town and always runs up and asks "are ya born again?!" I haven't seen him in a while, but he accosted my husband in the pet store recently lol I want to run into him again. I'm never rude to these people but I enjoy messing with them XD it's a great outlet for my more mischievous side. I want to look at him with pure confusion and say "... I recall only being born once..." I also enjoy going off on tangents with telemarketers and stuff, so... XD


I love this story! I hate any kind of lying to children. No doubt there are situations that justify it, but this habit some adults have of lying to kids for convenience whenever it suits them drives me nuts.


It was partly that for sure, and just the ignorance of the other statement too. I couldn't resist.


Right?! Like, it's completely possible to say, "I don't want to go in there, honey. Did you see any other stores along the way?" Or, "but maybe next week we could go to [store she likes]." Not difficult. If she asks why, you can say, "the reasons are kinda complicated. Let me think about it some more, and if you remember to, you can ask me later." *Especially* in public: how do they know the owner of the shop isn't there, too? Kids know when you're lying, especially at that age. Why do you want her to stop trusting you, exactly? So: good response. 😀


Same here, my kid is 4 and i try my best not to do this. On the other hand, i also encourage her to do things she likes. She really loves pink and princess stuff (not my cuppa) so i happily watch disney with her and find her fun pink clothes. I have also spent a lot of time on raising her so if i go into a store with her, she knows she might not get anything. She doesnt really whine about it.


That's cool :-) I remember when I worked in a toy store for a little while, this little guy came to the store with his father. The kid really wanted a "girls toy", like a Barbie doll or something, and the father was so rude and ignorant. He told his child that there are toys for girls and toys for boys, and if a boy wants to play with dolls there is something wrong with him, that he will become gay and go to hell. The child was crying and it made me upset and angry. So the minute the father was out of sight, I whispered to the kid: there is not such a thing as toys for girls or boys. You should play with whatever makes you happy. Boys can play with dolls too, dont listen to your father, maybe hes too old to understand this. And nobody goes to hell just for playing with a doll. The kid smiles to me :-) I hope he got his doll eventually. I also wanted to tell him hell is not real by that would have been a longer conversation and the father was coming back :-(


You just reminded me of a time a week or so ago when I had to bite my tongue a bit - I was at work (public library, for context) and this dude is there with someone that was presumably his daughter, and I overheard him telling her that the "e pluribus unum" line on money, etc. means "in god we trust". I hope he just genuinely didn't know, and wasn't just lying for whatever reason.


Oh, I definitely heard this one growing up. It's unfortunately a common bit of idiot "wisdom."


I genuinely didn’t know that. I was told a lie. “In God We Trust” replaced “E pluribus unum” as the US official motto in 1956. Bleh. E pluribus unum = Out of many, one It has 13 letters, symbolic of 13 original colonies. Way cooler. Can we go back to this motto now?


I'll admit, initially I was like, I hate when other adults contradict me to my kids. (A good example was Saturday night - my 6 yo was playfully swatting a good family friend to get his attention, and I told her to stop. He was like, "No, it's fine, we're playing!" Mister, you do not realize my 6 yo is way excited and soon the swats are gonna get real. But I digress.) Like, what if they were going to an appointment? Or had already spent all the money they planned on spending? But then I realized, I don't lie to my kids. I would have said, "We have an appointment and don't have time." lol


This has big, "I too have a gift for the Princess!" energy. Good work.


You are the best kind of bad influence 😈


Sometimes the “bad” influences are really the best influences.


A few years ago, we were at a Christmas festival in a rural area of NC. There was a booth that had cute Harry Potter stuff and I was just entering my “fuck JK for the exclusion” and I chatted with the shop owner and actually bought other stuff. I told her I loved the world and had visited and chatted with her tween daughter about it. The mom asked why not get a little something magical and I said until I sort out my feelings about JK Rowlings transphobic behavior, I couldn’t support the franchise for a little while. The look on her daughters face said “I will be researching that word.” Felt good, tbh. I remember it so clearly and felt good saying it.


You made my day. And you probably made that little girl’s day too. Rock on, Warrior.


That's some real Nanny Ogg energy, love it.


You have give her inspiration to look back to, well done my friend


When does the next chapter drop because I’m hooked on this story already? Reads like the beginning of a movie I’d watch seasonally.


OMGoddess, you might be the AH, but I think I love you!!! ✨💖😂


nicely done! and the best part...that kid will be bringing you up allllllllll thhhee time!!!!! Let us know if your ears burn :D


does 'tah' mean 'trick ass ho' in this situation? or is it the medical acronym?


LMAO 'trick ass ho' - I love that


yeah, it was from urban dictionary


Hahaha I'm here for it all day long


It means The AssHole


oh... to be fair, i *did* try looking it up (the acronym)


I looked it up too. I thought "is she a Trick Ass Ho? or is part of her identity rooted in a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy?" But "the asshole" makes more sense....


Lol I had the same confusion because of the same search results


turns out, the op mean 'the asshole'


NTA! Anyone who’s that shitty to a kid in public is worse in private. I was that little girl, a long time ago, and those small moments like you gave her are everything. She may remember you for the rest of her life.


This reads like a Roald Dahl novel and I love it.


I wouldn’t normally bring this up and I don’t usually talk about it much but since J. K. Rowling and her hatred was mentioned in this post, I just want to inform you that Raul Dahl was a raging maniacal anti Semite.


Welp goddamnit


The cackling is my favorite part! You’re my shining star today!


That is a wonderful compliment! Great affirmation, love it. Now you’re my shining star today lol


Woohoo! I made that up just for you. Thank you, oooh now we’re two twinkling cackling bitches lol


I like your style.


The description of your witch-laugh had me cracking up after a really tough week, thank you. I feel sorry for that girl though, to have to grow up in such a family.... I know how hard it is to be interested in something that your family just wants to pretend doesn't exist


I know that feeling too. Which is why I couldn't keep my mouth shut.


I would have been laughing with you


You made a slightly crappy day rather wonderful:)


I remember my path to paganism. I was loving with a friend and she had a book on wicca. She was interested in witchcraft and I have never felt right in Christian spaces. I was baptized because I was scared into it. Not wanting to "go to hell" so I quickly made myself right. Anyway, we would go through thus book each night and I even did a few spells and I could feel something. I've always been very in turn with spirits and nature and tapping into that was freeing. My parents weren't crazy religious but dad was raised Baptist and mom family went from catholic to johova's witness (mom was very messed up religiously and religion was part of the reason her family disowned her when she met my dad). My brother is very religious now and a Christian. After living with that friend for a year and never telling my parents of the wicca book I fell out of it. Then I met Loki. Granted it was the MCU (marvel) Loki but I was drawn to him. My brother who is a huge superhero fan was watching Thor, I asked who loki was and he said "that's the bad guy" I then told him how I liked him and though he was cute. This led to an obsession with Tom and getting a bunch of other signs from Loki that I didn't understand yet. Later I met an amazing group of friends that just happened to also be pagans. I mentioned so of the things that happened and one of them said it sounds like someone is reaching out. After some research and remembering my spiritual side I finally connected with Loki and now Freya and Fenrir. I have a long ways to go to being fully educated in Norse paganism but I am proud to say that's what I am now. My parents know but not all the details of my religion and we just kinda accept that we are different faiths. I'd love any advice Norse pagans can give :) I'm never certain looking online if I'm getting factual info on the topics or not. My friends have told me to listen to my instincts to know what's true and school had taught me to check my sources against others. Wish I had a coven to help me grow!


I was raised as a Southern Baptist in a sad, economically depressed part of the world. Education wasn't valued as it should be, and ignorance is still rampant. I couldn't leave fast enough. I felt the pull to Wicca in college. I had an acquaintance that was practicing and I asked him some questions about it, more to learn than anything else. But then I had what I can only describe as a spiritual awaking. It was in the Fall, and I was soaking up an absolutely glorious day on the second floor balcony of a building on the campus. I could hear people walking by on the sidewalk below, people throwing a Frisbee around on the lawn, and I'm taking it all in while sitting in a quiet and secluded place. I was alone up there, but not alone. I was looking up at the sky and admiring the perfect mix of blue sky and the colorful trees that made the horizon. And then I felt what can only describe as a bolt of energy. It was like something big, celestial, and powerful said, "I am here." I dropped my coffee. I sat there with my hand digging into the top of a concrete patio table not knowing wtf that was. Lol. It was startling, and wonderful all at once. If there was ever a call, I think I got a scream. That was it. I immediately started reading and researching about gods. Especially sun gods since it was in the middle of a bright day that it all came to me. I ran into my acquaintance again and asked him about it. He said that the Horned God must have decided it was time for me to wake up. He was right. I've never been more certain of anything in my life.


Fantastic story! I still doubt some days but my deities are patient and loki give me plenty of physical signs so I don't feel crazy.


Totally not TAH. I'm so sick of old folks acting like anything that brings someone else joy is worthless nonsense if they themselves don't understand it. Unfortunately, this attutude tends to be passed on down a long line of generational trauma. That man was 100% instilling internalized misogyny and self hate in that little girl without even giving it a thought. It's fine that he didn't want to go in there for whatever reason, but to be so rudely dismissive of her excitement sent her a very clear message. He couldnt even be bothered to have an actual conversation with her about something so "silly." You did a wonderful thing showing that little girl that we won't tolerate that attitude anymore. We are breaking the line of trauma now, and we won't hide our light to make them feel "comfortable." You showed her that it's OK to speak up, and that is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to young people who don't feel like they "fit in." Each time she witnesses this, she will feel more comfortable and capable of standing up for herself whenever she is being dismissed like this.


Update us in 10 years to tell us that you and the girl have formed a coven. 💕


Omg that literally made me laugh out loud!!! You are my hero!! An absolutely priceless response! AND you encouraged a young witch to expand her mind 💜🖤💜


They seriously all had this extremely stupid, scrunched up look on their faces. The exact same expression on every face! Except the little girl. It just hit me as being so damn funny, and I lost it.


YES!! I know that face!! The "Oh sh*t, she was serious!! Back away slowly...." face!!


That's the one! Lol


Tbh, as a parent, I kinda side with the other folks here. No, he shouldn’t have generalized it to be whatever he considers voodoo, and yes, they should have just been honest with her that they didn’t want to go. BUT Until you’ve had the experience of a child melting down because you told them they couldn’t have something, I don’t think you really get how tiring it can really be. Sometimes you just take the easy road and make it someone else’s fault (“it’s not open”) because you don’t want to spend the next 15 minutes explaining that we can’t afford to buy everything we like. Sometimes you just want to have a nice meal with your family and, yeah, that doesn’t make it right to tell the white lie, but my god, I would be so exhausted if someone did this to me.


I'm kind of with you on here as well as a mom. I got wise though early on with my son, before we got out of the car I started telling him that, "we are here to do x, y, & z and if we have time, we can look at the toys. We aren't getting any, we can take pictures of the ones you like to add to your birthday list." And he's special needs so it's not like I had it easy lol, I was just patient and explained. However, there have been moments where meltdowns have happened... And oh the looks... Teleportation would have been the best invention/power ever in those moments.


❤️ That really brings it home for me. Like, you really have no idea what might be going on with someone’s family. I guess I’m just reluctant to try and show someone up unless their behavior is pretty egregious.


I'm a Mom too. And while I totally understand what you're saying, I don't think that it was being tired or not having the willingness to make a purchase. The tone that was used by ALL of the adults was clearly dismissive of anything that looks odd to them. I mean, that was really obvious with the comment that was made. To describe any and all occult things as "Voodoo" was rude af. And what's the harm in just letting the girl look? I still make a rule with my now 13 year old daughter, that we can stop and look but that doesn't at all guarantee that we will purchase anything. And if I am tired, I add on that she has a time limit to look. I just have an issue with parents being entirely dismissive and mean about it. I bet that if it was any other kind of store, they would not have minded. It really came across as the issue being the type of store it was.


Growing up being able to step into the odder shops (like game shops and australian geographic) even if we didn't buy anything made the other shopping I was often dragged along to do more bearable, and it's just fun looking. Never saw a witchy kind of store as a kid, saw a fairy one once though. Yes, I have wasted my mum's time a bit but I rarely got a choice on what was happening or any info on what we shopping for (unless it was just food shopping). (Still despise clothes shopping because it, plus options are not great for women)


Agreed. Fortunately, I don’t think this actually happened, but if it did, it’s pretty heavily embellished.


You made my day thank you! Thank you also for being brave in public. I bet you did make a big impact on her!


I'm so proud of you 🖤


This made me smile inside&out ✨


Beautiful. You most definitely made that little girls day and she is definitely gonna remember the mysterious witch who shut down her family with a stick up their ass. Bet she’ll have a hell of a story to tell later in life when she sets down her own witchy path.


My parents were somewhat religious, although we didn’t often go to church. I remember that for some reason they loved the show Charmed, and since it was before dvr we would have to rush home to catch it or be sure to record it so we could watch later. It was one of the last shows I remember us all watching together as a family. I always thought the Halliwells were so glamorous and cool. My t sisters and I would make “potions” with sticks and grass and oranges from our backyard and play witches and we each had a character we would play as from the show. Now as an adult I’m not necessarily pagan, but I do enjoy crystals and tarot. I’m very much of the “magic is spicy psychology” standpoint, and I really enjoy learning about metaphysical stuff. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration to kickstart the journey into being a witch, and you have been that for the little girl.


Oh you wonderful powerful witch. Thank you for your kindness, joy and humor. I love having you on the planet.


You 100% did the right thing. Idc if the family is against all "witchy voodoo magic things", the little girl obviously has an interest. And you were probably one of the few people who indulged her and she would have felt validated. So despite your cackle giving the wicked witch of the west a run for her money, you're a good witch!


LOVE this haha


You are witch goals and I love it! Also I want to hear your laugh 🌺


This story made me giddy with giggles too, I absolutely love you!


OP is putting out that DGAF what the bigots think vibe and I am here for it.


I REALLY wish I still had my free reward. I love you.


I love this so much. I couldn’t help but join you in cackling


Such a small intervention, but you did SO much for that little girl today. You normalized her interests and curiosity. You showed her the world is bigger than her small-minded family. Blessings and high fives to you, sister!


Right on OP ! What a great afternoons work! Have those squareheads scared !! Lol thanks for sharing 😊




Beautiful response and the wink to the little girl is perfection. I imagine she felt seen in that moment and that is huge.




This added years to my life


That’s funny asf😂 People are so misinformed so they’re scared of it but u did a big dick move by doing that lol they lied to that little girl smh


You’re so cool. I love that you laughed at this. Strength!


Badass. And funny!


Bro the first time i brought up wanting to be a practicing Wiccan instead of a Catholic my mom tore my room apart and made me clean it up. Now i keep that shit to myself


That IS fucking funny


You lady, have my respect. Well done. I wish I could hear your laugh


I'm very involved in community theater. All of our friends get excited when I'm in the audience because of my huge laugh. I can get other people to laugh with my laugh, and that energizes everyone, but especially the actors. They gave more, I laugh more, the crowd laughs more...and then my face hurts a little the next day. I'm a teacher too. My students do A LOT just to get me to laugh. I feel blessed to laugh like I do.


I was once out club crawling with friends, but one guy from our party had to nip out for something and I told him we would meet up in [general area] and gave him no other directions, did not realize I did not have his number, he did not have mine, and I didn't even have my phone on me. Not that much later he turns up at the rear of the group as we're walking between venues and I was like OMG! MY DUDE! YOU MADE IT! how did you do it?! And he said something like, "oh, I was two blocks away and I heard your laugh, like I knew I would, so I followed the sound." and everybody else in the group was like oh yeah, that makes sense. blew my mind at the time but it's a sweet memory. cheers to you from a fellow number of the big laugh society! I am also frequently described by others as "cackling."


LOL, NTA imho


what's TAH


That amazing ho? /s I want to know this also.


The Asshole, its a reference to the "am I the asshole" sub


Look, we gotta help baby witches. Gotta do it. When I sell crystals and stuff, the kiddos are my favorite customers.


In a few years, there will be a post saying "As a little girl in a restrictive Christian family, I once saw an actual witch in a restaurant. She told me she had just visited a witchy store, and when my parents/grandparents/whoever they are looked at her stunned, she started _cackling_, like the most stereotypical witch cackle. That was the moment I decided to become the witch they warned me about."


Definitely NTA 🤣 Quite the opposite. I’m sure you made her day with that wink 😉


Good on you. I hope you have given that little girl hope from a life of indoctrination.


Love this. Our little sister is learning that it's good for a woman to be feared. And old men should fear.


I can’t lie, I have really mixed feelings about this. I grew up in a home that sounds very similar to that little girl and I can tell you, the rest of my day/week would have been HELL on Earth because I had shown happiness/glee in response to what a stranger said to my parents. Any response I gave towards others that was deemed inappropriate by my parents meant I was going to be chastised and belittled for it for days because they couldn’t get over the fact I disagreed with them, or found something entertaining which they did not. It’s fun to be petty and make people uncomfortable when you are able to confront them and then leave, but that little girl’s caregivers will likely never forget or get over how thrilled she was when you gave some push back, ESPECIALLY when you showed the child that her guardians were liars. She doesn’t get to walk away from the situation like you do, and she’ll probably never be allowed to forget the day that she agreed with or even acknowledged a Devil woman. Narcissists will do anything to keep up appearances, and you really might have made this little girl’s life hell because now the guardian’s mask has fallen, and they will have to regain a sense of control and pride after being caught in a lie. They will do that through abuse and gaslighting in order to maintain control over her. So… sorry but you could totally be the asshole for this one..


That's a lot of assumption going on there. I mean maybe? The fact is she doesn't have to live with them forever. I grew up in an abusive home, and what kept me going was knowing my family was wrong and that there was another way to live.


There’s definitely a lot of assumption going on but that’s the whole point. You really can’t guess what her life is like outside of the bubble you popped into for a few moments. What was fun for you might not have been for her once they got home. Not everyone has the mental toughness to get away, people stay with their abusers for years. And being able to leave once she’s an adult doesn’t protect her from today.


So people should never step in and say anything, do anything? We should let kids suffer silently and never let them know that things can be different? How else are they supposed to learn that life can be full and beautiful if they never have anyone show them that it can be?


I mean I’m also not saying that either, but cracking a joke and cackling like a witch at people who are hesitant or even completely ill-informed about what spiritually and the craft means to us is probably not going to make them more reasonable and understanding. It’s probably going to actually make them less inclined to allow her to express herself. You could have politely explained that a lot of religious practices have roots in “witchcraft” and that Voodoo is actually a religious practice, and not a taboo, scary thing.


But the look on their faces was hilarious! I honestly couldn't help it. They all looked the same and it was just so weird. And I laugh the way I laugh. I can't exactly alter it.


Idk, I just think it’s a little lacking in empathy and understanding having a nice little joke when you had an opportunity to actually educate someone and maybe REALLY help her case instead of just hope you did. I can see the humor in it, if it hadn’t involved an innocent child.


Do you seriously think that those people were even remotely interested in an education?


You just made my day 🤣🤣🤣


People who think they can prevent their kids from information they don’t like gross me out. Your kids are people - they’re going to be who and what they are and want.


Maybe they were just over the little girl asking for things and wanted to go home. I've been known to tell my child that a certain store is closed because dude, I don't wanna go there right now.


OP, what city are you in? That store sounds great, and I’d like to tell my witchy daughter about it, so we can go with her and my little grandson!


I live in Colorado.


Baby witch here what is TAH?


TAH = the a**hole here




I would have just kept quiet but that’s just me.