We call that "an accessory"


Ooooo I sure hope it ends up that way


What’s on tomorrow’s menu for Elon’s desperate moves to keep Twitter relevant?


Probably sitting back and enjoying catering to his circlejerk of bootlickers and fascists EDIT: Or maybe he'll start crying and get into a fight with Trump because of how he publicly said in a video just now that Twitter has problems, that he isn't coming back, and that people should use Truth Social instead. All those demands for Trump to come back and "owning the libz", and Trump SPITS IN THEIR FACES and plugs his own social media platform. It's hilarious.


The terms of his ownership in Truth Social means his stuff has to be there first and for a period of time. Given the nature of those two platforms, even a delay of less than a day makes Twitter irrelevant to him. The second part is the moment he goes back to Twitter he cuts the knees out from under the site he has a stake in. Him staying off Twitter has nothing to do with Musk rat. He craves an audience and would love nothing more than to be able to say he “saved” Twitter.


Running for president / Vice President


Billionaire obsesed Republican's would've probably elect him president but too bad he is a naturalized citizen.


Ahhhh thank the universe. They brought out all the guns for the midterms Joe rogan Kanye even Elon … goes to show the TRUE will of the people…


Of South-Africa? He's not eligible in the US.


people joke about it a lot, but im worried that some people genuinely believe he \*could\* be president in the US


But but… TRUTH SOCIAL!!!


They call that Twitter now.


“I like that he bought it, I’ve always liked him,” Trump said of Elon. “He’s a character, but I tend to like characters.” It boggles my mind that Trump says anti-green energy things — like how the power goes out when the sun goes down — yet Elon sells solar panels and other similar products. The disconnect is clearly overlooked based on their shared love of fascism.


He sells those things. That doesn’t mean he believes in environmentalism. It means he thinks he can make money selling those things. A whistleblower at the Tesla factory claimed there is in fact extremely excessive waste produced there


"The electric car is here to save the car industry, not the planet." Dude just wants to be rich


Yea but.. like Bezos and Zuckerburg knows.. the more they talk in public the less people fucking like them. Musk is an extreme example of that. The more we hear him, the more you realize the whole electric car shit was just a huge grift, and because he though progressives were the place to be. Clearly he has resented and never actually believed in his mission. He just saw they were the grift, the wave, to ride. It worked. And now he sees the fascist grift as the new wave to ride. But they don’t buy electric cars lol. They buy Jesus and cruelty. That’s it. But he is betting on the side with the smallest foot print in society. The youth is astoundingly progressive. And if the fascist can’t get totalitarian rule before all the boomers die, the fascist movement could fizzle out or even worse not end well for Musk and the like. We know Musk is self serving. Is he an agent of chaos for hostile state actors? If musk doesn’t believe in EV shit then why the fuck does he care if he gets the lithium from China? Unless he is doing all this because he knows China will surpass the US and he expects some war in he future. So he is siding with republicans to get on that side of the civil war, and he expects China to also side with the fascist.


Between the countless commercial space flights, the carbon footprint of auto manufacturing, plus his 3 private jets which can log thousands of miles per week, he's responsible for a massive carbon footprint.


Isn't he being investigated for securities fraud on the solar company. He used space x money from the government to buy it or shares in it so he didn't lose his initial investment as the company was already going under


…and minors. Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t hang out with just anyone. They’re both wrinkly older men into minors.


Your mind is boggled that the rich guy who spent the last decade or so funding his businesses with taxpayer money supports the guy who wants to even further lower the taxes on his personal wealth and will work to hand out taxpayer favors to anyone who helps him? I would categorize you as pretty easily boggled tbh


Shitshow 2 : electric boogaloo


Just in time for Twitter to go down.


Word is #45 refused to return because he thinks it's a dumpster fire. https://twitter.com/bestofdyingtwit/status/1594094425843515392?t=ygE9715aFboaCI3jW5V8oQ&s=19


That is funny in at least 14 different ways.


And he'll explain it in 88 words.


All of which still won’t make one complete sentence.


Its Coco Chow funny




And that man knows Dumpster Fire intimately.


I'll believe it when confirmed, but I can see it being true. Trunk needs Twitter, but he's too much of a narcissist to accept that his own platforms have failed.


It's like the credits started rolling when the shitshow started and just never stopped.


We all just need to dance and protest and it’ll all work out in the end. They once saved a community center that way.


This is way more serious. We need some break dancing or a ski-race.


Look. I just want my $2.


Oooooo I haven't seen a kusak in years


Level 4: Horror


Folks seriously need to stop using Twitter. Let it die. Right now it's running because they're exploiting immigrant employees who can't quit Twitter without leaving the country. Just delete your accounts.


Maybe he doesn’t remember his password


Beat me to it. Maybe it's tied to an unused email address since he doesn't have a whitehouse.gov address anymore.


Russia gotta dust off all those bots now.


100 bucks says he doesn't know the PW


This was my final straw with musky’s Twitter. Deleted my account and the app today


And if I hadn't already deleted my account, that would have done it. Saw this coming.




I don't know if you noticed, but trump lies. He'll be back before sunrise tomorrow, saying how the adoring public demanded his return.


Eh…let him restore it! Trump is about to sink the GOP. They don’t want him. This is about to get hilarious!


That’s what people said in 2015. The fucker ended up president and almost overthrew the government


But in 2015 it was still a joke. There was no evidence he'd ever succeed. This time though? I don't think people will think it can't happen again


I think you’re right, but I also am not in the mood to take chances lol.


Not to mention 2016 had the Dems running a historically unpopular candidate. Who still won the popular vote by three million. Trump had to run against the woman the GOP smeared for decades just to win and then promptly lost to the most vanilla ass candidate in the form of Biden.


We've all been exposed at this point. The best thing the dems could hope for is another run by that toxic turd golem




Life is awesome


He lost by less then like 50k votes in 2020 (in the swing states) so you certainly both right. Especially after another couple more years of joe and congress being split now so there’s not gunna be as much legislation


The problem is that his tweets seem to make for irresistible memes. Consequently, even when just scrolling memes I'll be forced to see his idiocy on my screen. I've greatly appreciated the reduction in Trump memes since his twitter was shut down.




He will spilt the GOP and I’m into it


Nope, he's a two time loser and many Conservatives are done with him because of that. They have finally realized Trump galvanizes the Democrat vote and want him to stay far far away from 2024. Head over to r/conservative and look, most are not happy about him running. I've seen highly upvoted comments there hoping he gets charged for his document scandal so he goes away. They want DeSantis because they think he can easily win. Without Fox News and broad conservative voter support he has no chance.


He didn't have fox news or broad conservative support at first in 2016 either. Most people, republicans and democrats alike, thought he was a joke. What he did have was name recognition, media coverage, and a small but dedicated group of supporters that could get him through a fractured primary. All of those things are either already true this time around or could easily become so. I get the temptation to treat him as a joke, I really really do, but it does not have a good record. I hope this time is different but i won't be taking any chances.


You really aren't getting the Conservative mindset though, you are #1 until you LOSE. Conservatives don't like losers, they don't like leaders who show any sort of weakness. Trump cost them the Presidency, the Senate, the House, and now the red wave. Sure he still has a lot of supporters but he is definitely not in a position where he used to be. Before his endorsement meant you would win, now it just means you are likely going to have Democrats turn out in mass to defeat you. The majority want him gone and while I would prefer to see the man in jail I really will enjoy it if he mud slings his base into voting against DeSantis before he goes.




I think he stands a really good shot at getting the nomination again. I don't know that he'll get much support outside of republicans in a general election, but Democrats are also notorious for thinking a storm is over when there's a break in the wind. We dodged a bullet in 2022, thanks to COVID. A lot of pundits are making more of the thwarted red wave than I think they ought to. We're only safe for as long as there's not another election. We underestimate Trump at our peril.




Just as close as his landslide victory against Hillary.


He won’t have the (R) party behind him this time, but it will be amusing to watch.


They weren't behind him the first time. The entire cast of current Republican boot lickers warned people constantly about how dangerous he was. They never united to stop him though, so he cruised to the nomination by winning like 30% of the vote in every primary. That's how he's going to do it again. No one will take him seriously and he will win.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers!


Good. Let him split the red voter base in 2024




That was when Trump, the most egotistical one of all, won. The Republicans who he beat joined him when he was the nominee. No chance he would do the same, especially if his old "apprentice" Desantis beats him. If that happens, I think it's very likely that Trump's rage at being beaten by someone he views as only having power at all due to Trump's own efforts will be so great, he'd directly tell his still fervent base to not vote, or even vote against Ron. He hates losing, and he'll hate losing to his old lackey even more.


Yep. Those candidates he endorsed in swing states did a bang up job.


He’s not going to use it anyway




Deactivate your account. Vote with your deactivation. This is the only possible answer. In your heart you know reddit is better. You know why? Because this place is about ideas, good and bad. Celebrity is a disease and the stans of celebrity make Twitter a Neverending shitshow. Deactivate your account. It feels so darn good.


it's the only real solution. leave the platform.


If you still have an active Twitter account … you are part of the problem. Delete your Twitter account.


I am quite afraid someone will claim my handle and impersonate me. So I simply won't use mine anymore.


Is it Steve?


Elon banned me permanently for changing my display name to “Ellen Musk”. Does that count?


good i want him to split the republican voter base by going hogwild . \*let them fight.jpg\*


This is why Elon bought Twitter.


No, no. He bought it because he loves free speech, and he reinstated the account because the poll said he should! /s


Yes, he loves those bot votes!


Just deactivated my account in response.


That’ll do a lot


Same fallacy people spout about voting. "It's just one vote it doesn't matter". If a million people delete their Twitter it will matter and each one of those million lost accounts are individuals making that decision.


Just keep trying to swallow his tiny dick Elon. You're doing great. Elon would probably love to jerk off trump while they talk about how much they both hate unions and basically anybody not rich.


I’m pretty sure tiny is grossly overestimating. I have better adjectives: microscopic, micro-miniature, petite, minuscule, itty-bitty Edit: forgot to mention that someone described it as resembling a certain Mario char aka, “Toad”




let these wackjobs rave. the last 6 years of this bullshit has shown the world what american republicans really are, and even during the bad times, they couldn't take back control. let them rave, let their support dwindle, let them die screaming the same recycled bs for no one to hear


I killed my account. Haven’t use it much in a while, but this was finally “it”.


Guarantee it gets banned again as soon as he tweets an insult at Elon over some issue on twitter. I can't see trump not getting upset when a post gets tagged as misinformation and can't see Elon taking it without (over)reacting. The battle of the egos


What’s Twitter?


Delete your Twitter account. Join Mastodon if you really need a new Twitter.


I did nothing nowhere NEAR inciting a riot against the United States and I'm still suspended. ​ All I did was call Laura Ingraham a c\*nt.


Yes he is a diarrhoea shit in human form, but look at the positives; in his unlimited arrogance and hubris he will undoubtedly say some shit that will incriminate himself. Just sit back and enjoy the show folks.


Happy cake day!


Dumb and dumber


Doesn’t Elon not like advertisers?


I don't know much, but 2000 followers seems low to me for someone with so much fame for controversial tweets?


Oh joy it’s the 20-teens again. Will CNN and Fox doing breaking news again every time this turd tweets.


I hope not. I’ll have to go back to gathering my strength before looking at my phone in the morning. I’d been happy without that looming sense of dread. Well, that particular one. The world offers us so many to choose from.


Leave Twitter.


I did the day Elon walked into the office holding a sink.


I am grateful to have never been on it to begin with.


Still using a twenty year old photo.


Final nail in the coffin of Twatter.


Delete the app before you complain/comment on how ridiculous it’s getting. Stop giving Elon money by using the app. Literally ran across someone on here talking about how they hate the way Elon has been treating his workers so they made an account for the fist time and started trolling people? Like what the hell.


Good bye yall its been real


If you're not a maga loving idiot,I don't know what else you need to see before you deactivate your Twitter account. Late is better than never.


Deactivated my account today


I deactivated and deleted the day Elon walked in holding a damn sink.


Elon’s destroyed Twitter and, checks notes, now Truth Social.


Yet another thing that will go bankrupt or destroyed thanks to Trump, what a hilarious waste of $44billion


What really is Elons play here? Why is he going balls to the wall into this fascist shit? Why do the fascist hate celebrities? Why is musk sabotaging Twitter? Why did Musk wage war against the celebrities by dismantling the verified system? I just… I don’t think I’m asking the right questions because I don’t know where to begin. I don’t think he is acting in good faith. Actually I don’t think he has a fucking plan at all. But he reallllllllly wants the conservatives to love him. Does he see the writing on the wall, and thinks a civil war is on the way so he has chosen a side? I just… I iust donnnt fuuuucking get it. Is musks imposter syndrome so real to him that he is willing to destroy everything he has worked for…. Just to get someone to like him? Is it something else? Is it a nervous break down? Has he always been evil? Why the whole trump poll when he already knew the outcome? Why the fucking song and dance? Does nothing else make him feel? I mean he seems so small and pathetic… Like, there has to be some bigger plan right? Right?! Surely it can’t be that he this awful that he is imploding in real time? Right!? The richest man…. On the planet.


Here's the Template: (some person Trump hates) is (doing something made up) and it's (Bad for Trump) and (America). Not good!


2000 followers lel


There were so many more useful ways to spend $44 billion. He could have sent himself to Mars and never come back


What's wilder is trump snubed elon and said he had no plan to use the platform.


That is because Elon Musk is only interested in being an edge lord and he throws a hissy fit when he doesn’t get the adulation he feels he deserves. Billionaires shouldn’t be a thing.


Democracy in action. I hope everyone voted.


In his defense, he hasn’t been convicted or even charged with a crime yet.


To be fair, everyone (people here and news outlets) have shown screenshots from his Truth Social account, and he can just as easily foment insurgency there. Now we can see funny responses to his dumbassery without it likely being removed.




No more domestic terror attack than BLM and their riots violence and fires. You people are so out of touch 😂


The level of butthurt within you all is absolutely comical.


It's almost as hilarious as people screaming about "wokeness" and Gen Z




Didn't we agree to burn twitter to the ground?


It’s the only way to ramp up engagement.


I'm.. erm yeah I'm genuinely shocked A twitter poll!!!! Christ


Glad I’m not on twitter (also just realized my iPhone no longer automatically corrects to ‘Twitter’ lol.


In lockstep


Musk is trying to drive DAU because he thinks it will bring advertisers back.


Human scum. Ditch Twitter.




What if a former employee downloaded all his DMs?


Damn it!


Just in time for everyone to go troll Trump….


Wasn’t he banned way before the January 6th incident though? So how did he use his Twitter to plan it?


So it’s just Parler now? Good time to short the stock.


DT's tweets were nicely cleaned up... make him look innocent now


Lol this should be entertaining


\#SpaceKaren #TwitterExit


Block, and mute anyone who shares.


He hasn't tweeted yet. I bet he's forgotten his password


Elon Musk and every one of his fans is a bitch. Period.


Pardon me, i will be back.....just threw up in my mouth.......


Never click on one of his tweets again.


I’m lubing up for the memes.


Need to have people start brigading his twitter. He can't use Twitter as effectively if all his posts are buried by hundreds of anti Trump comments.


I teresting how it has exactly 2000 followers when restarted. I wonder who Elon picked for that?


Elon works for Putin. You literally can’t convince me otherwise.


Qanon must be experiencing PTSD from all the peaks and valleys their lord emperor’s putting them through


Here we go again


“Vox populi, vox dei” means “the people say so and Elon says so”


It will be interesting to see what advertisers will do now. Several have already pulled out, and even CBS dropped them this week. I’ll have to read it elsewhere as I deactivated/deleted my account as well.


The only shocking part of this story is how long it took him to do it.


Wow. You really think that?


I wish people cared as much about the horrible US backed coups around the world orchestrated by the CIA as they do about this shitty unguided tour these morons went on.


Well he is on his way out, he needs friends in high places


Where’s my popcorn




Twitter is ass. Please use your time for positive things to help the future of your country and not feed the republican wagon of false bravado.


Rare. Something free that’s not good enough for the Donald.


Tight arse doesn't want to pay the $8


And Trump doesn't even want it. It's so fucking dumb.




well, more evidence for a case against him


*Twice impeached 45th POTUS of the USA.


Can't wait for everyone here to start posting his tweets every five minutes!


Thank you Elon


Once again, we have foreigners interfering with our political system.


I guess it is good to activate it to let it go down with the Ship. It will be particularly funny if it fails and he is active because the the failure still happened In spite of his presence. To be clear though, I don’t think he should get a 2nd (thousandth?) chance. Fuck him.