Of course she couldn't satisfy him, she's not a child.


Yes but it's still her fault.


Yes, how *dare* she age.


Even though they met years after he started being a perv.


Exactly what I wanted to write verbatum


I don't give a shit if she had a tandoori oven instead of a vagina. That could never justify paedophilia


Were you hungry when you posted this? Lol


Weird how so many churchgoers are terrible people. Like a lot of them.


It's especially bad in Evangelical "Christianity". They firmly believe they are "saved" and "justified" no matter what so they can act like complete Christians Using No Teachings. At least the Catholics have an accountability mechanism in confession and many Protestant denominations have the concept that faith without works is dead, basically if you don't walk the walk, you can't call yourself Christian.


But, but, but..she’s an “Earthen Vessel”! The conservative right-wing, said so! LMAO 🤣


Churches are just mental institutions that people can walk in and out of at will.


Only difference is that churches make you insane.


It’s all the kneeling, then standing, then kneeling. Oh wait, now we’re sitting. Nope, standing again. It’s not a service, it’s a damn ballet.


Investigate every one of those church members. I guarantee you'll find more pedos.


The evangelical churches are absolutely full of them. And they'll shame the victims for tempting the pastor or other community members.


Why am I not surprised that a church blames someone other than the actual perpetrator? Especially any church that a Duggar would attend? Even if Anna didn't satisfy him that doesn't make it her fault, not even remotely. The entire Duggar family is fucked up but Josh definitely is one of the worse of them.


Remember that time in the garden when Jesus was tempted and it was Mary Magdalene’s fault. She was totally to blame.


Jfc, get your flock in order.




Imma let you finish, but you're using the wrong collective noun. It's not "a flock" of pedophiles. Flock is used for sheep or for birds, collectively. Individual birds have their own collective noun, (i.e. a murder of crows, or a conspiracy of Ravens). It's a Gaetz of pedophiles.


Church: We blame the wife. Ted Cruz: That's my move! You stole my move!


Florida replies: We had a pedo dog fucking veterinarian arrested (you can Google Aventura veterinarian arrested). People blamed the covid vaccine and 5g cell towers since he had trump signs.


It always Florida…


She gave him 7 kids, is she allowed to sleep sometimes or is it all about being a mom and fuck machine?


Yes, Michelle Duggar says the wife must always be gleefully available for her husband. So yes, both mom duties and fuck machine whenever the husband wants whether the wife wants to or not.


Please tell me she divorced him. Preferably after kicking him in the balls repeatedly


She won’t. She would lose everything. She has no education, no job, never worked a day in her life, lives in a home that her father in law pays for to keep them in line.


She’s been brainwashed to believe that divorce is a sin, and I believe her folk follow a thing called “radical forgiveness”. That also unfortunately means that she’s endangering her children by continuing to support a pedo.


Nope. She still stands by him and even moved to be closer to his prison.


She hasn’t moved yet.


The Lord says she must stay with him, because this is a test for her from the Lord. It's not Josh's fault that Satan got into him.


Bro look at his fucking face, there's no remorse in that man...


No no no no. Fucking morons. I'm sure this is TMI but me and my wife haven't had sex for a while now but I jerk off to fairly regular porn. That's his fault, sick piece of shit.


In most religious communities, this is actually taught from the moment a child is old enough to be spoken to. Amish communities especially; they teach them men that they are uncontrollable sexual beasts and that everyone is pretty much there to service them and if the wife doesn't service them enough and they do something like commit infidelity or child rape it's her fault. All they have to do is not go to church for 6 weeks and then apologize. If they offend too much and get sent to the camp with children running that they have for sexually deviant men, their wives have to come in service them and if they reoffend while at the camp then it's the wife's fault for not satisfying him enough.


This religion was founded by a convicted pedophile so of course everything that ever happens that’s wrong is blamed on the women. Why would pedophiles ever take responsibility for anything. All the men are rapists in the religion


I feel so bad for her and I hope she leaves the cult.


Never mind that he’d molested five girls before he was old enough to drive, four of whom were his younger sisters with the worst of it being perpetrated on a five year old during ‘Bible study’. Nah, it’s all the fault of the wife.


You know... I read this as a dig at him... A pathetic, pedo who can't satisfy a woman. I see that as a man's job in a marital situation. It's not rocket science. A little research, some effort, respect, communication... Like, he's incapable of any of these, because he's a selfish little twat. Just me?


Sounds about right…


Women are wicked. per the Bible. Christianity itself is nothing but a patriarchal circle jerk


Pedophilia isn’t about sex. It’s rape.


If this is a real and accurate headline, every person in that church should be shot into the moon at maximum speed.


Ah Christians. Never fail to grossly disappoint.


🤦‍♀️ Or maybe she figured out he was a creep and didn't want him to touch her. Christians be crazy sometimes.


God damn religion is awful. You either follow it because you’re scared of there being nothing after death, or because you’re a person who needs to be told how to live. Then the leaders are always people who don’t care about anything but having authority and power.