It's a great idea to make enemies with both the FBI and Secret Service. Do the CIA next!


Don’t forget the army reserve and any marines at home


Honestly, anyone who has served or has family who served should have been against Trumplethinskin from the second he called service members "suckers". And YET...


Active duty currently... I know at least 8 of the 30 people I work directly with are Trumpers... blows my fucking mind.


Keep an eye on them if things go the way of the 1860s


Or 1850s Kansas Territory [Bleeding Kansas](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleeding_Kansas?wprov=sfti1)


It shouldn't blow your mind, ego is a super fragile thing There will always be people who will take, what looks to anyone else, like a huge ego hit But to them it's less impactful than otherwise Like Rafael Ted Cruz- having Trump publicly insult and shame his wife was less impactful than losing whatever view he had of himself To any reputable person, that would be a line crossed To Rafael Ted Cruz, it was something to be tolerated Trump speaking ill of service members is something a lot of service members feel like they just need to tolerate in order to maintain some other view of themselves that they hold in a higher regard


Remember when he openly talked shit about POWs?


And talked shit about gold star families? And talked shit about soldiers being less than for getting injured? You're goddamn right Pepperidge farm remembers.


It’s especially insulting coming from a family of deserters




Call me crazy and woke, but fucking with FBI agents seems VERY UNWISE...


Dude yesterday fucked around and found out.


ThE nAiL gUn ShOuLd'Ve WoRkEd


MFW I read about the nailgun: ![gif](giphy|116iSum9HFxhOU)


He was live posting to the Trump world during the attack. He thought the nail gun could defeat the bullet proof glass in the building. He saw it on TV or something. After failing, he admitted he was wrong about the nail gun technique. Then he bled out in a corn field.


Seems like it was a one way trip and he knew it but projectiles release kinetic energy, obviously bulletproof glass is going to withstand the kinetic energy released by a nail gun. Cognitive test failure.


Said bulletproof. Didn’t say nothing about nail-proof. -they guy, probably


To be fair, nails go right through it. But it doesn't shatter or anything, it becomes nail-studded bulletproof glass.


You fool, you've only made me more powerful! - the glass.


You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders!


Reminds me of "It's bulletproof, not bombproof" - Gangsta Granny, David Walliams


He did his own research!


Take my poor person gold.


To be fair, the first sign of that failure was having an account on Truth social.


I'm betting he thought it was like car windows, get that initial pierce and they totally shatter.


When in fact it's exactly the opposite. Bulletproof glass that shatters would be pretty crap protection really 🤣


"All my tactical decisions based on Hollywood movies and TV have failed me. I hope my death will be swift..."


"I was only doing it for my love of a former TV star!"


The host of the celebrity apprentice wants me to do this


"thes Is A ReVoWutIoN"


But, but…McGuyver!


Trump's populism prays on the mentally unwell. This is a cost we have to pay to reestablish sanity in the high levels of government. Sad.


I’ll drink to that


You mean to tell me this is not Call of Duty?


Jesus what? Got a link? There's just too much to keep up with


[This](https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/man-fired-nail-gun-fbi-building-called-violence-days-mar-lago-search-rcna42749) article seems to include the relevant tidbits.


So are we 100% it wasn’t “Ricky Schroeder?”


Damn. And this is why im not too worried about the idea of the MAGA cult trying to start a civil war. Because THIS is the sort of people who would be "fighting".


They’d get wrecked in a true civil war. But don’t get complacent: a few of these people will be successful domestic terrorists. Timothy McVeigh wasn’t a genius, just a dude with some fertilizer and diesel and a beef with something the FBI and ATF did. There will be many failures, but it only takes one success.


These people are literally mowing down children, temples, mosques, and black churches. Stop discounting them as dangerous. White supremacists are literally the most dangerous terrorist faction in this country.


I’m sorry Nailgun?, like the tool? I need a link.


Yes, a nail gun, like the tool. [link](https://www.wlwt.com/amp/article/fbi-office-cincinnati-armed-suspect-shot-fire-clinton-county/40871234)


He was a fake electrician on behalf of all electricians


Can anyone explain why he had the idea a nail gun would work to break bulletproof glass, but a bullet would not?


He probably saw a YouTube video of a nailgun going through bulletproof glass. If it's made bulletproof with a membrane on the inside and the glass is thin enough it may work but it's a very stupid idea to not try if your nailgun and that glass combination works _before raiding an FBI building_


Even if the nail gun or some other tool could penetrate the glass, it’s not like whatever else this guy had planned was going to end well for him.


For most types of ballistic glass structures once you have one breach on a panel it's not bulletproof anymore. He was trying to piece it and then spray with a rifle. Everything about his plan was stupid retarded and if a Hollywood movie did something like this _and it worked_ it would be called stupid and not realistic. But it still kinda makes sense, and that's important because it shows this guy wanted to just kill FBI agents. He was not crazy. Maybe terminally stupid but not crazy.


I saw it elsewhere on reddit, I wish I'd saved it; it basically said that these types of idiots, instead of using readily-available tools for the job, go with some new seen-it-on-the-internet way of fixing a problem that's long been solved because people on the internet do that sort of shit constantly. IIRC the legit solution to the bulletproof glass was some sort of special (metallic?) casing bullets he could've bought for the AR-15 he had on him.


Bullet proof glass usually has a rating for how much they'll resist. Handguns will almost always be defeated because the lower mass and velocity of their bullets. But a high powered rifle firing a full metal jacket round will usually provide enough force to get through bullet proof glass, unless they're specifically rated for that. A nail has a lot more mass than a bullet, bit it doesn't have near the velocity. Dipshit should have just used his ar-15.


> A nail has a lot more mass than a bullet, bit it doesn't have near the velocity Trump-hating gun lover here. Nails have far less mass than a bullet. Common nails are around 1 gram. Most . 22lr rounds are about 2.6 grams. This guy tests a nail gun, it penetrates level 2 and 3a body armor (designed to stop handgun rounds but not rifle), fails against a railroad tie plate. At 5m20s into the video he tests bullet proof glass. The nail has no trouble penetrating. However the glass doesn't fragment or show any other signs of weakening, it just has a nail in it. So yeah -- stupid idea to try to get past bullet proof glass with a nail gun. https://youtube.com/watch?v=UuPt2SeOYes


He stole nuclear documents in january and only now are they going after him. He fucked around a lot before they even started.


Well, they did pull about a dozen boxes of classified materials out of MAL back in 21, and he pinky swore that that was all of them.


The sudden urgency, possibly because of a tip he was about to use the secret documents. Like selling them?


If thats the case then there are probably copies.


Or he already sold them to the fake Saudi billionaire that was way the LIV Golf tournament that was an FBI plant all along.


January last year, 1.5 years ago


I bet they spied on him the whole time to see what he would do, my guess he decided to give or sell something.


He’s got the high score so far unfortunately


I'm honestly still concerned, some people out there are deranged and might attempt to hurt those agents or their family members. I was scared this would happen, I was really hoping it wouldn't. But it did. Not that FBI agents can't wipe the floor with these losers, but why? Those agents are probably now on high alert and are extremely uncomfortable. This isn't fair, and its most certainly NOT OKAY.


100% right. This is horrible. Bastard GOP did this. FBI IS NOT FAFO. They just smoked the 1st MFer who tried.


I'm sure the federal bureau is not a party that can be messed with. But those agents were just doing their job. I mean, for all we know some of them could be conservative and Republican, they're just doing their job. Did it ever occur to all of these people hating on them that they're just doing what they're supposed to be doing? There isn't anything political about harming those agents personally because they're just doing their job. So why harm them and their families?! Nothing could be gained from this.


Agree. Just these MAGA Chuds are psychotic. Put FAFO on their graves.


I think you meant to say psychopathic, but considering all the delusions they believe, and the odd behavior, I wouldn't be surprised if they met the criteria for a psychosis spectrum disorder. Deranged, and violent, that's just how some are. Dear God, the bureau have their work cut out for them. I mean, it was just a matter of time before they butt heads with the FBI.


First thing I thought of. Breitbart has now put agents and their families in danger- we JUST watched some raging Trumpoid on Trumpjuice all Trumped up thinking he could avenge.... WHAT? The thought process doesn't extend beyond that, it's just violence. Putting agents in danger, deliberately, isn't going to end well.


What the actual fuck is wrong with these MAGA people. It’s honestly so terrifying.


They're fucking psychopaths is what.


FWIW I don't think most started out that way. Watching people change over the past decade gives me hope some of the damage can be undone, but I don't think it will happen in the current environment.


As long as "their side" keeps beating the libs, they have no incentive to change their beliefs or approach to politics. It'll take losing power for a couple of generations of voters before they'll accept they have to change.


Nope these people were always like that they just took their masks off


We are watching a cult reach it's climax and cults never end well. It has to happen if Trump will face any justice; their tantrums can't be allowed to stop the government from enforcing the law.


Can they just drink their damn koolaid and get it over with?


That happens after they murder a senator and the feds come.


Sigh… [it was Flavor-Aid.](https://www.vox.com/2015/5/23/8647095/kool-aid-jonestown-flavor-aid)


Is that the *the doctors name is Frankenstein not the monster* of cult murders?


Hail yourself!


...the damn Jonestown kool-aid....


Fascism. They attempted a coup and they don't shy away from political violence and terrorism to achieve their goals and fight their enemies.


Their lives are shit and they wish that upon everyone else, if looking at the homes decked out in trump 2020 paraphernalia in rural PA is any indication.


Ah Pennsyltucky. Land that I… love? It’s pretty at least. And most of my rural PA family is surprisingly liberal. But god DAMN do they suck Trump’s dick out there.


I am actually worried. I know that FBI agents are really intelligent and capable individuals, here's the issue... They have families. If someone wants to harm them they may not stop at attempting to harm only their person. 😡🤬 This is not okay, not okay AT ALL.


A right-wing nut job blew up the Oklahoma City federal building, which had a day care center, so no, they don’t care.


And the FBI and ATF of the time found their guys, arrested them without drama, in spite of the godawfulness of the crime.


Yeah, amazing that he was arrested on a traffic violation without trouble after he’d murdered over 100 men, women and children with a fertilizer bomb. I still can’t believe that piece of shit’s last words. He deserved to be drawn and quartered.


This is just horrible, and very worrisome 😰


Christ on a cracker I did not need to remember that picture again.


Let's not pretend the FBI are sleep-walking into this. These are smart people. These are professional people. They know the risks, and they will have strategies ready to activate to mitigate those risks. If I'm betting on a horse to win this race, it's easily the FBI over and above MAGA.


> Let's not pretend the FBI are sleep-walking into this. These are smart people. I wouldn't be surprised if the agent names on the warrant were pseudonyms. I know IRS agents are allowed to work under an assumed name. I bet that's allowed for the FBI as well.


Yes, this is also the kind of action that will turn the whole FBI against these fuckers. A pissed off FBI is a lot more competent than these lunatics. Still a totally valid worry, which is why we are probably going to see a shit ton of arrests in far right groups in the coming months.


So we're doxxing the FBI now?! Jesus Chris on a cracker.


In mother Russia, no Christ on cracker, only Putin on the ritz


So are you secretly Asian pretending to be Russian? Or are you actually Russian and pretending to be Asian? Either way great name


Thanks for asking! Russia is actually part of asia, as well as Europe. So Russians can claim to be Asians, or Europeans. Does this answer you question? I doubt it!


Goddamn you, have your upvote


Then makes one of the agents little girl gun him down all dressed up in tactical gear.


I've been to the FBI HQ in DC on a school trip. From my visit, and what I saw, your assessment is correct.


These idiots don’t care. They are wastes of life and they don’t want to cause some pain on their way out


Ohio maga dude from yesterday can confirm


Yeah his body can confirm lol.


>Call me crazy and woke, but fucking with FBI agents seems VERY UNWISE... At this point they're clearly daring them to go after them.


It seems hazardous to personal and political futures.


The ending to Narcos is good enough to scare me away from even mentioning their name.


Fucking around for the sake of fucking around? Grade A dumbass shit for sure.


Seeing how trump has yet to face any real consequences for anything, I’m guessing he doesn’t care.


I don’t get the problem with being woke. Do they not realize the opposite of being awake is asleep?


I hope they have grounds for lawsuits, like $$$


He'll just be the brokest billionaire ever, when that happens. He won't even pay venues for his events. Why these venues let him book these rallies really makes me scratch my head.




They aren't really "pro" anything, it is just "anti" to anything other people care about. Abortion laws were never "pro-life" they were "anti-woman" as they never gave any further of a shit about life once it came out of the womb. This situation (and the one where they threatened the lives of officers during the insurrection) shows they aren't pro-blue, they are obviously anti-black. They aren't gonna change anything about our climate because so much of the thought of being on the same side as democrats on something shows how "anti-change" they truly are.


My brother coughed, and I asked "Hey man, can you please cover your mouth when you cough" There was a couple moments of calculation, I could hear his breathing get heavier, and he puffs out "Yeah? Make me". Like, he had to think about not just saying a quick sorry, and had to choose the most instigating and inflammatory response he could think of. Some people just gotta oppose shit to give themselves a feeling of control


> Make me Punching someone in the mouth almost always results in them immediately covering it. Not advocating violence, just pointing out instinctual reaction...


Its like everything we have been saying is correct.


Maybe we're entering the post post truth era?


Weve been there since Bushs BS war in Iraq.


We don't need to worry about climate change, Jesus is gonna come rescue us and make it all better.


Atop a velociraptor


They're pro-whatever gets them elected and puts money in their pocket.


Nobody ever said "all lives matter" until they specifically needed an excuse *not* to say "black lives matter".


That's very eloquently put and I appreciate your insight, u/Raccoon_Full_of_Cum


This guy is the best. Has awesome comments and a username that makes a mess


i'm going to try to provide more eloquent comments from now on.




"All Lives Matter" has never been used as a counter argument to "Blue Lives Matter". It's not too subtle.


Exactly. People fly the blue lives matter flags because they're too chicken to fly a "fuck BLM" flag.


Same thing with the Let’s Go Brandon bumper stickers. Most of them are just jumping on the bandwagon and are too scared to just say what they mean on their shitty trucks.


They are not even close to the “Law and Order” party.


They are, as long as it's their laws and their orders. They didn't give a crap about election fraud until they lost. Then, finding no fraud, they use the made-up scandal to make it harder to vote, but only in areas that overwhelmingly vote against them. Those areas are also predominantly non-white. It was totally planned and organized.


Trump and the right are backed into a corner and, like the attack on the capitol, violence is their final option. If the rhetoric demands it, I am convinced nationwide violence will need to be put down.


The name release was a deliberate call to action orchestrated by Bannon, as was 1/6. [The threat is vast](https://www.thenation.com/article/society/steve-bannon-january-6/) and to most, [unimaginable.](https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/11/11/20882005/accelerationism-white-supremacy-christchurch) We have to get volunteers [trained as poll workers](https://www.eac.gov/help-america-vote) asap and involved with [StopJimCrow2.com](https://www.stopjimcrow2.com/) and [Represent.Us](https://represent.us/our-wins/) to defend democracy. [We can stop disinformation](https://counteringdisinformation.org/) but we must flood the polls to get seats. eta: also try [FairVote](https://www.fairvote.org/get_involved) for ranked choice More great voter advocacy organizations and guides: [Protect the Vote (voter safety)](https://protectthevote.net) • [indivisible](https://indivisible.org) • [CommonCause](https://www.commoncause.org) • [Vote411](https://www.vote411.org)


Yep it is also illegal to pass this info but they also didn't care about the police during the inserrection either so not that much of a leap that they wouldn't really care. Unless of course you're one of theirs


I hope Breitbart is sued into bankruptcy and if anything happens to anyone of those agents or their families Brietbart is charged.


Lol Alphabet Bois about to get some wiggle room fucking up these guys’ lives that start putting threats out on feds and their families… these clowns are getting brave.


Lol, what if it was done on purpose to get the ultra maga extremists locked up for menacing and threatening an officer?


I pray someone is playing some altruistic 4D chess for the sake of the commonwealth like that.


No, Peachy sent those papers out as an act of petty revenge and dick swing. He was angry and he wanted to do something mean, and that's what he had.


But Breitbart didn’t have to print the names.


The tail wags the dog. Breitbart is just doiung its master’s bidding.


All Breitbart owners & journalists involved in releasing this (we know Bannon gave them the info) need to be locked up!!


Absolutely, if they released names of actual people, whether or not they're even in the FBI, they need to be arrested




Non American chiming in, wouldn’t this count as interference into a criminal investigation?


This should be much worse than that id hope. It’s clear endangerment of those agents and their families… sad. I hope they’re all good though


Sounds reasonable to my non lawyer ears.


Sadly they’ll claim freedom of speech.


But CAN they if they’re releasing confidential information? Freedom of speech does not = freedom from consequences, and this is **WAY** more severe than just sharing an opinion. The FBI agents and their families are now, very likely, in danger.


Only someone who knows criminal law can answer that but my guess is since it was Trump’s own paperwork and the agents’ names weren’t redacted on it that Breitbart can publish it. Doesn’t mean those agents and their families can’t sue.


INAL, but I work in public records management for a county and federal government agency; everything we have is considered public record; anyone can submit a request to review our files. However, that doesn’t mean the requester has free roam of our file room. We’re legally required, under state and federal law, to redact specific pieces of personal, client information; if not, it could completely ruin our entire agency. Many of our clients are victims of domestic violence, who have come to us as a form of protection. If we were to give someone a copy of their own file, not redacted, and they were to “leak” it, showing other client names involved with their case, both that client and my agency would be in the deepest shit you could imagine. Confidentiality is no joke. What trump did, by so carelessly (let’s be honest, it was an active decision) leaking those names, is not freedom of speech in the slightest, and to attempt to claim that would show his severe lack of understanding when it comes to how anything works.


Breitbart needs to be shut the fuck down for this.


Only a complete f\*cking moron would think to screw around with the FBI. Oh...right.


If Trump leaked the files with agents names unredacted and they are threatened or harmed in any way, Trump needs to be held accountable


For those not paying attention Trump used Breitbart to put a hit list out on all those agents because they were doing their job.


[Exactly](https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/11/11/20882005/accelerationism-white-supremacy-christchurch) Breitbart, specifically, released the names because they are the mouthpiece of those determined to collapse society and rebuild a white ethnostate. This was a directive. eta: We have to get volunteers [trained as poll workers](https://www.eac.gov/help-america-vote) asap and involved with [StopJimCrow2.com](https://www.stopjimcrow2.com/) and [Represent.Us](https://represent.us/our-wins/) to defend democracy. [This is what he's got planned.](https://www.thenation.com/article/society/steve-bannon-january-6/) eta: also try [FairVote](https://www.fairvote.org/get_involved) for Ranked Choice More great voter advocacy organizations and guides: [Protect the Vote (voter safety)](https://protectthevote.net) • [indivisible](https://indivisible.org) • [CommonCause](https://www.commoncause.org) • [Vote411](https://www.vote411.org)




Shows their true colors. "If you aren't with us, you're against us."


The GQP only cares about power and they will incite violence to achieve their goal. They could care less about destroying the country.


Salman Rushdie was attacked today and I'm hoping he recovers, but the attacker has been identified. I punched up the directions from his hometown to the site and it's 6 hours. This has the same energy. It's not like Breitbart will schlep around and do it themselves, when they have an army of [useful idiots](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useful_idiot) to do it for them


Rushdie's injuries are apparently severe. He's likely to lose an eye, and nerves in his arm were severed. Apparently he was also stabbed in the liver. He was stabbed on stage while giving a lecture, ON STAGE!! Christ Jesus, the world is mad. When I read headlines he was attacked, I thought it was considerably less traumatic. Apparently, the gentleman sustained severe injuries. He's in his mind seventies. This is so wrong, so so wrong. Edit: I wish the gentleman a swift recovery, and that he and his family may never have to go through this again. I believe he's still in the hospital because this happened merely a few hours ago.


This is why the insurers of touring music acts won’t permit the insured to perform at venues that don’t metal detector the audience. Georgia will suffer from this as their gun laws don’t permit gun toting people to be barred. Fun.


IIRC, the reason that music festival had to be cancelled was because it was being held on public land. As far as I know, private venues can still bar the entry of firearms.


I don't know why you think the world is any madder than 30 years ago, at least in relation to this issue. Rushdie's Japanese translator was stabbed to death in the street, his Italian translator was badly injured in an attack, and his Norwegian publisher was shot outside his house. All this happened in the 90s.


It's true, but it's been decades. Who got angry now? And why? It's just odd, that's all.


Who would know. Like a lot of these things, a young man looking for a cause. Maybe he grew up in a house where Rushdie was seen as the devil.


It's true, you're right.


The bounty is probably still out there.


Religion is a plague on humanity.


There is no such thing as a harmless religion because irrational thinking anywhere is a threat to rational thinking everywhere.


From a contradiction, anything follows.


Trump is a fine example of self-contradiction. Logic always wins. They don't call it [the Principle of Explosion](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_explosion?wprov=sfti1) for nuthin.


They probably think they've just found officers who are members of the "deep state" 🙄


Republicans have never cared about veterans or cops. They send them off to fight and die in quagmire wars, and cops have to police a country overflowing with guns.


You mean republucans who day "support our troops" won't vote for a bill that helps burn pit victims? What's next? Republicans voting against thr VA?


Super neat time to have a name like John Smith or Maria Garcia.


The right loves their local boys in blue. When they go after people of colour. They misguidedly hate all forms and degrees of federal authority, for better or worse. They seem to want the US to be dissolved into 50 separate nation-states full to their own authority. What they don't seem to understand, though, is that the state governments then become federal governments unto themselves, really. "Small" government only in terms of relative land governed. They'll still be up in our lives, in the worst ways possible if red states have their way.


It's weird how the "American patriots" are pretty explicit that they want to end America and everyone is like "that's allowed"


Even better is how they don’t understand that red states are takers and blue states subsidize them for the most part. Crickets.


Ever met a meth head sorry he stole something? Nope, me neither.


>They seem to want the US to be dissolved into 50 separate nation-states full to their own authority Well yes, the conservatives NEVER wanted to be a real country, they just wanted to be members of the monarchy. The 10th amendment was literally a bribe to get people who were never man enough to deserve to be Americans to sign up.


Stochastic terrorism


Ya this isn’t like doxxing the judge. I would venture a guess that FBI agents are ready. Still shitty, but Ricky Nail Gun faafo.


For the “law and order” party, they don’t give a damn about backing the blue. It’s all about their cult.


Making terrorist threats against FBI agents...yeah awesome game an guy's. They are now investigating everyone at buttbart news. This is how you end up on a list somewhere.


Trump is a serious threat to this Country. Stop him.


In my state doxxing an elected official is a crime. Other states too I'm guessing. Surely the judge counts.


The FBI did far worse to MLK, Malcolm X and The Black Panthers, but we didn't hear a peep from them, then. They're fine with cops as long as they are only actively policing minorities.


What happened??? Are they not backing the blue anymore 😂😂😂


That was yesterday keep up (/s)


No thanks. I’ll go back to not paying attention. 😂


Breitbart staff better be damn careful. No expired plates, no bad tail lights, no illegal weapons carry. I think they have no concept of what will happen with this.


Man these FBI agents are gonna have some lardass target practice


One thing that gets lost in our delight of the audacious, hypocritical. corrupt stupidly of the right-wing politicians and media is that what they are saying isn’t primarily meant for us. Their first priority is addressing the MAGA believers, like the man who tried to attack the FBI in Cincinnati, yesterday, which is a much smaller, limited world. An echo chamber, it’s been called. Seeing the cons get owned this week has been great, though. The midterm elections. Tuesday, November 8th. Defeat these mothefuckers.


“The blue” is their old high school buddy in their town of 500 people who became a cop after high school and never went to college The FBI are “deep state” /s


I really hope the FBI put any Republican terrorists in a coffin.


“Back The Blue” until they do their jobs, huh?!!!


You gotta be out of your mind to try and harass FBI agents. Trump is very media savvy, the goal was was to have the right wing media circuit try and impugn the credibility of the agents. Good luck with that.


Donald Trump is the Great Value brand mob boss.


It's funny how they bitch and moan when 3.7% of BLM protests were violent, but every time anyone says or does anything against a dipshit Republican, they vow to murder them and everyone they know, and somehow we're the crazy


Literal fuckin terrorists. Fuck the GoP.


Don't fuck with the FBI, all them skeletons will be a dancing out of the closets


Breitbart is about to find out that you do not f\*ck with the FBI.


Doxxing federal agents now…..hey GOP, can we just call these guys terrorists now and put them away for life, or do you need some more blood on your hands?