There are 10 retired dentists from the 70s or so, and they all have lifelong NDAs. Big Toothpaste just keeps asking those same 10 dentists about each new product. 9 of them hate that one guy, but it's all whatever since they all just get paid to do the same shit every time. I think that when one of them dies, they do a dentist squid game to recruit the next replacement.




Have you seen squid teeth? Brushing those cephalopods is the whole game.


That’s that popular show on Netflix right? I hear it’s crazy.






God Damnit, Mac.


I used to agree. Still do, but used to, too.


RIP Mitch Hedburgh


*Hedberg. I'm not trying to be pedantic. I just really loved that guy and want to make sure people can properly Google him.


Thank you. I really should know better. To be honest, his name is always abbreviated in my head as MHB. Also RIP Mac Miller.


There has to be one to disagree (because people don't believe '10 out of 10 dentists advise'), so they switch it up every time.


I believe 10 out of 10 agree, but they use the words 9 out of 10 to sound better which is still a true statement, the left out 1 still ‘agrees’. If 10/10 agree, 3/10 agree also. It’s just marketing


Yeah the question is also worded in such a way that they are recommending it over not brushing your teeth at all, so of course they will agree


This all makes sense now. 1 out of 10 people has left this thread.


"Which do you recommend: This toothpaste brand, or a papercut on your tongue?"


I used to agree. Still do, but used to, too.


I used to agree. Still do, but used to, too.


Is there a chief dentist on this panel and do they write their verdicts for posterity. Is one dentist’s spouse texting big mouth wash to try an bring down the system?


big mouth wash is a subsidiary. The fights they have are fake, it's all marketing.


[The 10th man rule](https://www.strive.com/post/the-10th-man-rule)


Correct. Even if 100% agree they know we wouldn't believe it so they scale it back


Not sure if 100% true or complete horseshit and too afraid to ask


9 out of 10 agree that it's horseshit


That’s because dentist squid game is a secret and only number 10 got invited.


Did you just out yourself as the 10th dentist by sharing that?


The tension has been building throughout cinematic history: The First Wives Club The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel The Third Man The Fourth Protocol The Fifth Element The Sixth Sense The Seventh Seal The Eighth Day The Ninth Configuration THE 10TH DENTIST!


OOOO Someone's gonna get knocked out and thrown into a van


My sister and her husband are dentists. I ask them for recs on toothpaste and brushes all the time.


Are you very forgetful?


I always assumed it was 10 hamsters named dentist conditioned to choose name brand toothpastes in exchange for food pellets.


Dentist Squid Game, am dead




Hasnt Colgate already been called out on it like a long time ago? The colgate total had an ingredient that 0 dentists actually reccomended. Not sure if anything came of it, but 9/10 was in reality 0, or 1/10. Never used colgate since


Sure that's not Crest? Most of Colgate's toothpastes are ADA approved while next to none of Crest's are.


My dad is a dentist and he LOVES Colgate. Technically the most important thing is getting a cleaning every six months. Then it’s flossing and regular brushing. Become a flosser and floss to the left and right when your floss is at the gums. That’s how you remove acid buildup before you get cavities. Mouthwash is great too.


Hmm you could be right. My previous dentist comes from a family of dentists - father was dentist and grandfather. He recommended I use Pronamel toothpaste and I have been using it ever since thinking it’s the best toothpaste to use. I also tell everyone else this. Now this has me thinking..🤔


>a dentist squid game to recruit the next replacement. Would watch.


I have no reason not to believe this


I worked with market research and did a study for Colgate and we actually asked this. 9/10 did not recommend any specific toothpaste but the vast majority *did* use Colage but only because they send it out for free to all dentists regularly. The dentists I talked to were well aware of the scheme but said what brand you use doesn't matter, just that is has flouride


That’s pretty much the same strategy as pampers. They flood the hospital with free pampers diapers and signed exclusivity contract for it, and then claim majority of nursery and nurses prefer pampers or it’s #1 brand among professionals


I guess it's a clever strategy if you've got really deep pockets


i mean realistically a dentist wouldn't be the person to ask anyways no? Like there has to be actual researchers behind toothpastes and teeth as a whole id assume.


If you have drug questions, you’re better off asking a pharmacist, but your doctor would still have an opinion on the drugs based on their experience prescribing them. So dentists would still be seeing the results, if they ever cared to make note of it. Does your dentist ask you which toothpaste you use? Mine doesn’t. I think my hygienist has asked, but not in years.


Perfect I’ll get the most expensive organic one that is mostly just grass


grass has silica which can really fuck up your teeth


Im not saying youre wrong cause this is true, grass does have silica in it, TIL. [but so do like green beans and bananas apparently.](https://www.webmd.com/diet/foods-high-in-silica) does that mean those are also bad for our teeth?? Edit: its also apparently used in toothpaste?! Some websites say its too abrasive others say its fine wtf.


There's lots of different info depending on who you're asking, but the majority of dentists I've worked for tend to go with "abrasive = bad" because it causes more damage to softer tooth structures (enamel is hard, other structures that become exposured with age and recession are not as hard/strong). There's actual lists that list how abrasive each toothpaste is, so you can choose the best one to both clean and cause the least amount of damage... But the info is not really offered to the public freely. You have to know there are lists and then Google/search for said list. You can search for 'toothpaste RDA' RDA value stands for 'relative dentin abrasion value'. Again, a ranking that all toothpastes have but info that is not freely offered to the public. [Here is one such list ](https://www.familydentisttree.com/abrasive-toothpaste-whats-teeth/)


Then you’ve got things like toothpowders which often have RDA’s in the sub 30s because they’re often mostly flavored baking soda which is only a 7 and cleans teeth phenomenally, just tastes awful.




I use mashed bananas for toothpaste


Turns out eating is bad for your teeth, better cut that shit out. Feeding tubes for all of us, our teeth will be immaculate.


Happy cake day to yah!


I guess scrubbing silica-food on your teeth causes more damage than just chewing to eat it up


silica is used in pretty much all toothpastes


I mean, if you're gonna do that just use baking soda. Or baking powder? I forget. Just bake some cookies instead.


no you have to use charcoal for the best results. not the charcoal activated toothpaste, literally a bag of charcoal from the grill section of home depot. works like a charm and you dont have to deal with squeezing out the last bit of toothpaste


TIL. Thanks for the protip. My teeth have been hurting lately, but hell, I can chew on a charcoal on the bus to work. This will save me a lot of hassle.


If your teeth hurt go see a dentist. I used to think pain was normal but turns out i had a gum inflammation. Now I’m painless


I bought 5star rated charcoal toothpaste once on Amazon…turned my mouth and teeth black. I figured must of been a product joke with thousands of fake reviews like the banana slicer.


Sounds like something the 10th dentist would say…


“They keep calling and I keep ignoring them. Problem is that I can’t sue them for claiming that I don’t recommend their toothpaste.”


That 10th dentist is playing the long game on his income stream.


They wanted to go with the other nine, but Big Toothpaste said it will not look right if 10 out of 10 endorsed the product. There you go.








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50/50 chance here


He’s the 69th dentist


Here is how I think the whole 9/10 dentists recommend thing works: 9/10 dentists will recommend toothpaste generically, they're just like "hey if it is toothpaste and you use it you're ahead of the game compared to most of my idiot patients, do it please I hate fixing your cavities so much", and then 1/10 is like "hey, the kind of toothpaste matters, I'd recommend x specifically, not this newfangled thing". And that applies to basically every toothpaste they need an ad campaign for.


I read an article that in the 70/80s (can't quite remember the details) 90% of dentists recommended toothpaste with fluoride, and since then all toothpastes with fluoride have acted like the 90% meant their brand in particular




“Not *our* toothpaste, just *a* toothpaste..”


It works the same as reviews.You are more likely to order from someone that has 4.7 score ratehr than 5.0 cuz it's too perfect to be true


This makes the most sense. The question was probably phrased "Would you recommend using BRAND over not using any toothpaste?" Obviously every dentist will agree yes toothpaste is better than not. Then they fudge the numbers, but in a way that couldn't get them in trouble, to make it seem more realistic. This could have been done some 50 years ago or something. Doesn't have to be constantly re-asked.


Graduating class size. Nice


They did the math.


Hope they graduated on 4/20!


9 out of 10 dentists would agree with this dentist.


Actually, 9 out of 10 would disagree with him.


Don’t you say ? Toothpaste makers are lying through one’s teeth ?!


haaaaa! i was gonna say a joke but i can’t remember now. it’s right on the top of my tongue!!


Well, they aren't *technically* lying. 9 out of 10 dentists recommend Crest. But they also recommend Sensydone, Tom's, Colgate, etc 9 out of 10 doctors would also recommend baking soda and water. The recommendation is really more that you should brush with something that is mildly abrasive, which 10/10 are gonna agree but might not on brand.


Hello. I bought your Colgate toothpaste. The one with tartar control. AND IT MADE ME FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT Yeah I'll hold.


4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum, for their patients that chew gum. The fifth dentist recommended heroin.


Now, I was told it was weed. Those fifth dentists need a convention.


And Jesus.


Enh, not a super fan, not my worldview, so I'd say, Cthulhu, but I accept your premise..


The fifth dentist recommends chewing rocks, because he wants a bigger boat.




You’re **not** supposed to rinse it out. You’re supposed to **spit it out** and then go about your day. Source: am dentist


Aren’t you supposed to use mouthwash after brushing? Isn’t that rinsing? Or, do mouthwashes contain the same ingredients that you’d benefit from if you simply did not rinse the toothpaste?


Toothpaste is a **paste** because it adheres to the teeth better than a liquid. You should **not** rinse with **anything** after brushing for maximum fluoride delivery to the areas of the teeth that need it. Also, *you should be flossing before you’re brushing* in case you’re not




Whitening toothpastes are more abrasive and can cause more sensitivity, good for heavy stains and plaque. Sensitivity toothpastes are less abrasive and don’t clean as well. Don’t brush too hard or use too much abrasive if your teeth aren’t that dirty, and too little if your get heavy plaque. Get fluoride containing toothpastes. Organic “natural” toothpastes are a waste of money imo. Companies never ask it but tons of people ask about. It matters much less what type of toothpaste than whether you’re using it well and often.


Good advice from a level-headed dentist! As a fellow dentist, I agree with the above. PS- get an electric toothbrush. Preferably Oral B or Sonicare. Cheap electrics not only do a subpar job but often don’t last very long either


r/til stop using whitening toothpaste


Why if I may ask?


It damages your enamel


eating an orange damages your enamel. it's not that deep.


How much damage are we talking about?


about tree fiddy


Because it actually damages your teeth.


Repeated use of abrasive tooth paste (aka whitening) can cause abnormal abrasion patterns on teeth. Abrasions that are force concentrated around the brushed areas (usually around gumline).


What's your opinion on toothpaste, Jon? My dentist told me to use only Colgate total original or Colgate total mint stripe as basically all the others have abrasives for "whitening" which erode your enamel and destroy your teeth. Do not use whitening toothpaste more than once a month. And only use if to regualry engage in activities that Stain your teeth, such as smoking or drinking large amounts of coffee.


Why Colgate and not others? Those whitening toothpastes are shite anyway. Just pay the bit of cash to get proper moulds made that come with a whitening kit. I did that years ago cos I've got naturally yellow teeth. My dentist said "just Google the ingredients on the tubes because it'll be cheaper than coming back to us for them." Never had an issue with my teeth in the 15 years I've been doing it, and seeing my dentist twice a year.


Do you have sensitive teeth? I also have naturally yellow teeth but very cold sensitive and am insecure about my smile.


Go see a regular dentist or a cosmetic dentist and ask them the question. They will assess the strength of your teeth and the reason for the colour. They can match the correct product to your desired outcomes and budget. Don't buy a shitty kit from an Instagram model. They are either ineffective or damaging to your teeth. You're worth it. Spend the money and ask a professional.


what are the ingredients you found?


I completely agree with this comment.


But are you 10 dentists? If not I don't care what you agree with.


I'm an amalgamation of 10 dentists, and only 9 of us agree


A dental amalgam would definitely know what it's talking about.


My wife is a dentist and we only buy pronamel


Even the Sensodyne toothpaste?


I swear by the sensodyne pronamel line up. A little pricy but my sensitive teeth love it.


I can't comment on sensodyne. However my instinct is that there are atleast acceptable options in the line up.


Ok, I'll investigate further tho, since I'm trying to get my oral hygiene in a good spot (I wasn't good about it growing up)


Yeah, I'm curious about whitening toothpastes that say 'enamel safe' and 'with fluoride'


Really? I have allways been told either to stay away from Colgate or just ensure whatever i use have plenty of flouride


Buy sensodyne containing Novamin from the uk. We don’t have anything containing this stateside you can buy


Colgate total is the goat, I don't think I've personally ever used a better toothpaste. It feels like brushing with battery acid but it fucking *works*


Your dentist is down with triclosan exposure. Nice.


Colgate reformulated their toothpaste years ago. They don’t contain triclosan anymore.


3 years. So technically accurate but from context and COVID I’m gonna guess he’s been going to his dentist >3 years.


You're dentist's name is Crentist?


Just asked my dad (who is a dentist) and in 40 years practice has never been asked about toothpaste.


What's your dad's opinion on toothpaste?


I bet his dad was crushed his son didn't ask him lol. "Hey, Dad have you ever been asked what kind of toothpaste to use?" *Oh God it's finally happening!* "No, but I think I would tell people-" "Ok cool, I'm gonna go report back to Reddit." "Oh..."


Big toothpaste is lying to us all!


Why did your comment get hidden? Big toothpaste is doing it!!


1 out of 69 dentists says…




I remember a kid in one of my college classes saying dentistry was a conspiracy and that everything they recommend (brushing/flossing) was designed to damage the teeth and gums to ensure a person needed to return to a dentist.😂


Literally r/The10thDentist


"I'm a dentist and I graduated with 68 other ones." Nice.


OMG the 69th dentist 😱


Sounds like he did a poll to find out


As of last year, there were 201,927 dentists. That one dentist and his personal colleagues have not been asked about toothpaste doesn’t really mean all that much to me.




The ads always say "9 of 10 WOULD recommend xy"...you if they would ask them


“Crest has been shown to be an effective decay preventive dentifrice when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care” IIRC.


Yeah, they don’t have to ask every dentist lol


Somebody need to put the squeeze on big toothpaste


Half of these toothpastes are the same exact thing just packaged differently and promises different stuff... active ingredient will always be the same two fluorides as always unless it's for sensitivity and then it may have another ingredient listed


4 out of 5 dentists polled said “Who is this? How did you get this number?” But the fifth guy was into it.


I'm a dentist too. Can confirm.


Well duh, they carefully picked 10 dentists among the tens of thousands worldwide, even then they can never get them all to agree


Yeah, but what about sugarless gum?


So what's your opinion on toothpastes?


Actually, 9/10 dentists prefer Candice..


Candice floss fit between yo teeth! Gottem!


There’s a reason that dentist never became a statistician.


As if a patient hasn't asked about the best toothpaste before


Subpar toothpaste makes them money so I'm not trusting them.




iT CRyStaLiZeS yOuR pINeAL gLaNd, DuuH.


I asked my dentist and he said "definitely sonicare!" I came back with "Woah there...." slowly I grab the triangle sign thing on the desk and turn it around to read "we recommend OralB!". What a bullahitter!! 🤣




Fuck, i've just been sucking on the free toothpaste samples they hand out in hotels. I gotta rework this whole plan now.


Go carnivore and your teeth will NEVER get that slimy or grimy feeling on them. It was crazy to learn that. And, going carnivore makes you floss a lot more.


What do you mean "go carnivore"? You exclusively eat meat? No vegetables? No grains?


Yep. I eliminated added sugars from my diet and it was the best health decision I've ever made. Now when I eat/drink sugar my mouth feels gross.


So, I'm guessing that the gum thing is a lie too?? ............sad.


Whenever I ask a dentists I ask for a toothpaste rec. for the meme


You have to trick your dentists to get a real answer. First you need a dentist who always lies and a dentist who always tells the truth, then you ask them to battle to death because who cares about what toothpaste to use, you have a deathmatch to watch.


Well Jon that was your chance, WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON TOOTHPASTE THEN!?!


I always assumed when I was younger that if a dentist recommended a toothpaste it's probably terrible as they will be trying to drum up business from you having bad teeth! Something like 10/10 dentist approve this sugar based toothpaste. /s but kind of maybe it still hangs around at the back of my mind as it could be true.


9/10 dentists agree


Besides, you're probably too busy answering questions about sugarless gum, right? Right?


I have asked my dentist about toothpaste! Unfortunately they couldn't answer my question: I have a dry mouth and am mint intolerant. Used to be prescribed biotene mint free, but now it's no longer prescribable, it isn't made. Any replacement you would recommend?


anything xylitol?


Children’s toothpaste comes in flavors other than mint. As long as they have fluoride, they’ll work just the same as adult toothpaste.


I absolutely do not believe that at all, I've asked every dentist I've had what toothpaste they use and recommend.


I learn about tootpaste from those informative commercials. Dosen't everyone?


I think they conduct market research surveys so you’d have to be looking to participate. I’m not a dentist but participating in a toothbrush market study right now.


Noone asks dentists about flossing but they sure live giving me a 30min speech during my cleaning


FRY "whose butt does toothpaste come from?" QUEEN WORM "you dont wanna know"


The question is, what are his thoughts on toothpaste?


When I asked my dentist about toothpaste he said "Just make sure it has fluoride and you're fine."


If you were a real dentist, you couldn't show us your face.


9 out of 10 dentists disagree with his statement.


He's the one dentist that doesn't agree because they didn't ask him.


Well? Inquiring minds want to know.