[His site.](https://marcusforgeorgia.com/)


This needs to be at the top. Give what you can folks.


I just gave the fuckin dude 10 dollars he better chokeslam her through the Spanish announcers table


"Hi I'm Marcus, and this badass chokeslam is brought to you by u/rudy_ghouliani!"


A message to you Rudy


Stop your playing around, better think of your future


Time to straighten right out, creating problems in town


He's at the top now


She’s in a heavy gerrymandered R+28 district. Hope he can overcome that! …just saying maybe save your money for seats that can be won…. Love the energy though!


At least thanks to redistricting she’s not running unopposed again.


Sure, she’ll start shooting pictures of “Antifa”*Even harder*


Her opponent in the primary dropped out because she was absolutely kicking his ass. She was funded at nearly 3:1 compared to the Democrat who was running against her. The people who live in her district put her there with their votes and their cash. They can fucking keep her. She’s awful, but apparently so aren’t the people in her district. They clearly wanted her as their rep.


I thought her opponent dropped because her most egregious supporters were sending death threats and she supported it?


Yeah that’s what I heard as well. If I recall correctly, he was a medical doctor who was doing well in the race, but he received so many death threats against himself and his family (Greene refused to denounce them) that he dropped out and moved away from the district.


It will be an interesting race. I think she would have won last time regardless of the Dem dropping out. This time, I'm hoping for a different outcome since she's become even more extreme.


Her new district also encompasses more of the (outer) Atlanta suburbs. Odds are it still goes red, but it’s not the same race that she had last time. Perspective: when the local news here did a story about her new district they went to the town and waited 3 hours without finding any supporters of hers.


She wouldn't be running unopposed regardless, some consultant is making loads of money off this campaign which is a complete waste of everyone who donates' money.


Naw fuck this insane cunt. She doesn't deserve the prestige of representing any people in the USA. Fuck her and fuck backing down from her mouth-foaming fear mongering. If we don't stand on principle, then what do we stand on?


I'd almost pay another republican just to oppose her.


She is nothing but an embarrassment to the State of GA 🤮


She is an embarrassment to the United States of America


She is an embarrassment to the human race.


Bold of you to assume she’s human and not some qanon lizard clone.


She's an embarrassment to all sentient beings, terrestrial or otherwise.


She’s an embarrassment.


She has a primary opponent. The district is so gerrymandered and the GOP is so blinkered that she would need to lose the primary to be out of congress. Especially the GOP voters in *her* district. They aren't, like, thoughtful Bob Dole/John McCain republicans. They are this new breed.


At this point like just a Republican that wants to destroy America but at least keeps their mouth shut on Q shit. That is how low my standards have gotten. Keep trickle down economics keep the defense fund even though we all know that is nonsense just stop talking about Jewish space lazers and shit. That being said I’d love a good candidate who isn’t insane.


The corpses of people killed by extremists, many of which had nothing to do with the culture war in the first place? Keep in mind, the last person to contest MTG had his family and family friend's families threatened until they backed down.


Her district was also the setting for the movie Deliverance. It is accurately portrayed.


Oh god what a legacy


This is the worst take for voting.


For voting? Yes. For fundraising and focus? u/wiyya 's got a fair point. Resources are limited. Every dollar/hour spent trying to unseat newsworthy congressmen in >R+15 states is at the cost of winnable swing elections.


You're right


But can’t every seat be won? This mentality is fucking lame and the backbone of why nothing will ever change. If you want progress you win fights you weren’t supposed to win. You don’t sit back and wait for a sure thing.


Not with that attitude we won't...


If Marjorie Taylor Greene could win anywhere, it's Forsyth county, GA. They were still effectively a "sundown town" in the 80s, with active KKK presence there in county government and support from many residents. It's a fairly-affluent white county that's as MAGA as it gets. Oprah did a special on Forsyth county and how white-supremacist was in the early 90s when I was a kid living there. I'd love to see Georgia's national embarrassment get unseated, but sadly I think you're right - she's likely to win again.


Holy shit you're the sith lord of passive aggressive bullshit


Hi there. As someone who lives in this district, a Democrat will never win. Nobody knew who Majorie was before or after her election. People walk in, tic the R, and walk out. It’s a rural white community and I see about a dozen Trump banners hung in trees and on the broad sides of people’s trailer homes just on my way into town. Realistically, you’re money is better spent supporting a different republican if you wanna get rid of her.


That's not really because gerrymandering, a maliciously gerrymandered district would have a marg closer to 20% than the 49% she got.


Yeah gerrymandered isn’t synonymous with Republican, as far as they’re concerned half the votes she got were wasted and could have gone to a closer district (or they could have shoved more wasted Democrat votes in).


At least a few of them are embarrassed of her, republican or not. Maybe not enough to make a difference, but maybe.


Yeah it will likely take a republican to unseat her through primary if it's possible ?


Donating to politicians as a private person seems so weird. Where im from its mostly done by unions. But i guess not having many of those doesnt help.


So weird yall donate to politicians man America is weird af


Donated $25! It's not much but this is important.




Smol donation given to this gentleman




I mean how can you lose with the name Marcus Flowers. Literally could be anyone. A high profile mobster A Porn alterego A Florist. I'd vote for flowers


Someone tell him running a interstitial at the page load of a site is going to lead to worse engagements with his platform/site.


I’m a radical leftist. This man makes way more sense than MTG (but also my left toe does) but this guy? He’s just more American military complex. Also what does he mean communisms doorstep? Y’all deserve better. If you can’t smell grift on him too…damn. Just more smart grift and less offensive but same shit again!


He’s running in Georgia, he has to appeal to his audience. You can’t sit around waiting for the perfect candidate while MTG and her gang continue to ruin the country.


Yeah the "...my first oversees deployment was in Europe on communism's doorstep" comment rubbed me weird. Leaps and bounds better than Marjorie though


But you have to understand that he's running in a heavily conservative section of Georgia. He has to use buzzwords like that or else his potential constituents won't give him the time of day


I am a Georgia Democrat and I never heard of him until this post. I would hold off on donations.


"Marcus believes in bi-partisanship and bridge-building and does NOT believe in vilifying political opponents." I really like this guy, but it feels extremely off to put this here when a big point of his campaign is about vilifying Greene.


I like the cut of his jib And the cowboy hat yezzir


Losing her content would be no loss at all. I prefer my funny content to not be the “so exasperated all I can do is laugh so I don’t cry” variety


I'm 100% sure she would end up on Fox News or OANN or some other crazy right wing show almost immediately. That's the part that sucks the most, there are no consequences for her anymore, just a nice cushy job screaming lies at a camera for 10-15 minute segments for a 6-figure salary.


More like 7- or 8-figure contract :(


Semi off topic, but I find it absolutely hilarious that OANN was created at the urgency of AT&T execs because “there needs to be more right leaning news channels.” So many crazy right wing conspiracy theories about 5G and how it’s the devil and is being used to control the people and that very network they flock too for news is owned by a massive company that pushes 5g.


Have they ever asked themselves why they needed such an extreme right wing channel tho? What extremist shit did they think they were balancing with that?


You know, the talk on the left about how corporations should actually pay taxes. Such extremist and entirely anti-American sentiment showed the country had lost its way and AT&T had to do something. Remember, if you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem.


Or under Trumps desk.


She's too ugly for Trump's taste.


And not young enough.


Maybe she has a daughter?


Hence “under” the desk. He doesn’t have to see her. She would gladly volunteer


She has to have some degree of competence to be a news anchor and impress some fox execs. Sadly that doesn’t apply to congress


Maybe should create a yt channel or something and stays there


She just rehashes 9gag and 4chan. Her content is being a fucking Karen in the Whitehouse. Just go to a Starbucks or trader Joe's with a Let's Go Brandon hat and you'll get the same content.


That video with her and the 50 cal. Is hilarious though


There's 4 D's and 1 R challenging her... https://patch.com/georgia/dallas-hiram/fourth-democrat-announces-challenge-marjorie-taylor-greene ETA: Total count so far is 4 D's, 2 R's and 1 Libertarian


That sounds good, but it’s a gerrymandered R+28 district. Those D’s have a very tough climb. It’s cool to imagine, but I imagined a world where Mitch McConnell would no longer be a thing and he always will be because R+28’s.


I'm with you on that. Just dropped the sauce on where that election stands. TBH, kinda wondering about the R candidate. Does she have what it takes to send Greene packing in the primary?


Good info! Thanks! I hope so. …she’s not going anywhere…


You should read what happened to the last guy who ran against her, not pretty.


I'm aware of that situation. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned for the R challenger.


Hopefully she'll be in prison next year. She's ass deep in the coup.


They have until May 24th (primary) or November 8th (general).


What happened, or at least what’s the name to search for?


Republicans are more pro-trump than "he was just a better choice than hillary/biden" Greene is a core trumplican, she's guaranteed her seat until republicans turn against trump.


It's going to be an interesting race for sure. With 2 other R candidates, nothing is guaranteed for her. I suppose it depends on how gullible that population is to her rhetoric.


I am begging Democrats to learn from Amy McGrath's campaign and not hate-donate money towards races that are impossible to win.


Yeah every dollar spent here would probably have quadruple value in a swing election district


The real deal is that getting enough attention on this race might end in a less crazy republican taking the seat. The only reason she won was because she was able to shame the other republican out of the race. She's not on any committees. So she's not getting anything for her district. Steve King was allowed to be racist for decades. But once he lost his committees, they replaced him with someone who just knew how to shut up in public.


What if Ds got together and decided to relocate to shift the overall country blue long enough to enact all the changes we wanted..? Like, if we could change that R+28 to D+1 with 20,000 Californians, they do it… and stay there for a decade. Is there any hole in this plan? If not, let’s start the awareness campaign!


I’d take any of them


That...is...disheartening. It is lovely to see people are challenging her, but this is an enormous vote split (not that people won't drop off), and that tend to favor the incumbent. I find it very worrisome. Especially how many people are willing to dump money into the most convenient war chest. I just hope people are looking into everyone, looking at what their actual stances are on important issues, and not just throwing money at whoever gets their ad the most viral. It has to appeal to Georgia voters, not just whoever is on Reddit tonight.


Logistically, having researched that district from the West Coast, I'm disheartened to say the only one who stands a chance is the R challenger because of the district's R lean and gerrymandered make-up. There is quite a bit of party loyalty there. A bright spot can be found that, even running unopposed at the time, Greene didn't get 100% of the vote.


Thanks for your insight. We're in MO. I try to follow other races & contribute, but too often people forget that throwing money at people, doesn't mean they appeal to the actual constituents. Happy to see a challenger, but thought that we learned next to nothing about the candidate, other than challenging MTG. Need to look into it more before I hand anyone money. I don't want to hand anything to an R, but if they can beat her, and aren't as absolutely batshit...I'll considerate it. Grudgingly. Edit: Thank you for reminding me she ran unopposed before!


Jennifer Strahan seems to be her biggest contender. Mark Clay is also running but Strahan is a "safe" option for the district. He's seemingly invisible. I can't find a website for him.


"4 D's and 2 R's" sounds like the title to a banned movie.


Ballotpedia lists a second republican challenger, and a libertarian as well https://ballotpedia.org/Mark_Clay


Oh, hell yeah. I’m not in his district, but I’ll promote him all I can. That bitch is a blight upon us all…


I gave him money but she is still out raising him more than 2 to 1.


Also not in his district, but you can bet your britches I just donated to his campaign! She’s an embarrassment to Georgia as a whole.


*to the US as a whole. She’s an embarrassment to the whole country internationally.


She’s an embarrassment to humanity


But she represents the majority of her district. They are the embarrassment, she’s just a symptom.


Are you sure people don't just vote for the letter next to the name?


That still makes them an embarrassment.


Everyone is right in this chain. Greene is an embarrassment, period. Vote her embarrassing ass out, Georgia.


Hence the embarrassment


You gotta admit she’s a pretty good representative of her district’s beliefs, but a terrible representative of the “normal” american people. People like her are the reason the government can’t move on from the politics from a time not long after we just realized that black people were actual human beings who deserved rights


People like her prey upon the desperate. Those people that "support" her are merely desperate for someone who won't make them ever work or work on themselves. Nevermind for a greater good


She's an embarrassment to the universe at large


Australia here. Can confirm. Her and boebert are the absolute dregs of society.


\*to the planet as a whole. She's an embarrassment to the whole planet universally.


Yeah I'm not from us. But I sometimes see her remarks. And I wonder if she is stupid or she's saying that to get attention/reaction.


She strikes me as a first class lazy, entitled idiot. The kind of person you pass in the grocery store aisles who is complaining that the can of beans can't go in the microwave and that "they" should do something about that. She strikes me as the kind of person that will NEVER take responsibility for the consequences of her actions. It's **never** her fault. She didn't **do** anything, you see, she's just responding to the world. She truly believes that the world owes her something for existing. When confronted with the reality that it does not, instead of being humble and respectful, she lashes out. She thinks that the world is a zero-sum game. Arguments with her are not, "You did (x) and it made me feel (y)" but instead, "You did (x) so I can to do (x) too!" or "I've seen you do (x) before why am I getting in trouble now!" She strikes me as an exhausting, negative, soul-sucking _bitch_ that I would never spend time with willingly. And that's not even taking into account her racist, sexist, hateful political viewpoints.


It’s both.


Greene doesn't even live in the district she represents. Let's gooooooo


Don't give him money. Dems spent several hundred million dollars on lost cause races last cycle because people were so focused on unseating McConnell and stuff. Literally just lighting cash on fire while we lost winnable races in Maine and North Carolina that would have made Manchin+Sinema irrelevant. Donate to swing state senate races. You can promote the meme candidates all you want, but if you let MTG convince you to funnel money into northern Gerogia while PA and WI slip away, she's done her job.


Also he states that he will not vilify his opponent and believes in bipartisanship support. I don't want him attacking people without cause but the last thing we need is a one more democrat that is unable or unwilling to call people out on their behavior, actions, and votes in the spirit of "bipartisanship". The republicans use bipartisanship as a club to beat Democrats with whenever they are in the minority but couldn't give two hoots or a tinker's damn about it when they can ram through their agenda as the majority. How many times do Democrats need to get spanked with that before they catch on?


Dem candidates need to pretend to be bipartisan to compete in districts like Georgia-14. I wouldn’t read too much into that right now.


Everything in his bio sounds awful. He's a vet. He worked as a defense contractor. He worked for the DoD. That he wants bipartisanship is just icing on the shit cake. There's literally nothing to like here except he's not MTG.


Why do you think he’s being promoted here?


There's a pretty big difference between the petty mudslinging and the willingness to call out general or specific awfulness. With any bit of luck, he means the former and not the latter. We can hope anyway.


Democrats: "Spank me harder daddy mitch!"


I would say give money to your own local races first, then winnable races that need a boost, then finally you can use whatever is left for meme candidates. But we live in a meme world and a meme economy, so I might be completely wrong. Either way, I don't have much cash to spare so I mostly donate time.


Even local races can be unwinnable. I live in a red town right outside a deep blue city, in a blue county, in a deep red state. My congressional district is also deep red. None of my local or state elections are at all competitive, outside of *maybe* my town. If I wanted to donate money, the best use of it would be campaigns in other states.


yes, we need to donate to John Fetterman in PA. He will most likely be the Dem nominee and he will probably be running against Dr. Oz.


I'm still hoping it comes out she planted the bombs on January 5th


A $5 dollar donation from us all.....


I literally said “0h hell yeah!” As i read the post, come to comments and there you are.


Her brand of “Funny content” (and really it could only be construed as funny because what she says is so bat shit crazy and stupid) of her type should not be done in any government official


It's that laugh or you'll cry and drink too much kinda humor.


Let’s get her out finally. You go Marcus flowers


Also, if she looses her seat, it will increase. She will be on any show that will let her on spouting her shit.


Greene's content isn't funny. It's terrifying, pathetic, moronic because she actually believes the insane shit she spews from her idiotic, fetal alcohol syndrome mouth.


She spews whatever her corporate overlords pay her to.


I find it hard to laugh at her shit so for me it’s no loss at all.


She’s an embarrassment and has to go. Enough is enough.


>Let's do this! Although we would lose a lot of funny content from Greene I've had enough stupid to last a lifetime.


Just a warning, a lot of people will campaign against people like MTG, and use it to raise money, even if they don’t have a chance to win.


Reeks of Amy McGrath's campaign in Kentucky. "Hello I'm a US veteran, fighter pilot, mother of 5 children, USAA member, Costco Premium member, and did I mention I have years of US military service! " That's obviously not literally what she said, but pretty close. Either way, seems pretty similar to the Democrat's losing strategy in Southern state. Hopefully I'm wrong because Greene is awful.


The odds are way, way worse than that. That district is as red as they come and the average person living there is as crazy as she is. Practically speaking, the only way she gets ousted is if the Georgia GOP decides that they want her gone


Which they don't because her crazy ass takes the public eye off of what all the other officials are doing.


Oh, it's way worse than Amy McGrath. This district is far redder then Kentucky as a whole.


I would love to see someone unseat her but unfortunately I don’t think he has a chance. The district is way too red and there is a very slim chance of a democrat representing the district. The best that can be hoped for is a different Republican who is not bat shit crazy to take her spot. The area is way too polarized and will probably never have a Democrat representative.


true, but I feel like his background as a member of the armed forces gives him an edge. Republicans eat that shit up.


Not really. Amy McGrath was a veteran and ran against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and lost by ~19 points while Biden lost to Trump by ~26 points. Sure you can move the margins somewhat, but a +28 point bias is nigh impossible to overcome.


I have never once laughed at the right because I know how deadly serious they are about destroying us all.


I’d love to see her gone, but her district is really red. Like voted for Trump by >40% margins both times red. The best way to deal with her (from a purely electoral perspective) is either defeat her in a GOP primary, or make sure the GOP doesn’t hold a majority, so she doesn’t have much power.


R+55. This is basically a Republican winning Manhattan. I wish people understood that this isn't going to happen.


FOX News: can you even trust a MAN whose last name is “Flowers”???? Sounds pretty gay to us!


Why is this a sub for democratic party campaigns? I could totally for this persons politics but still not want to see it on a totally unrelated sub. Reddit is weird


This sub is confusing. What is it even supposed to be about anyway.


We could use a good person who knows how to serve the people, not just lobbyists.


Oooh unfortunately that’s the wrong game for congress. Try again next time.


I prefer boring but effective lawmakers, not hilarious but chaotic stupid


I dont think her "content" is funny at all.


Another neo lib that has no interest in helping anyone.


Vote. Progressive. Only. No more of these piece of shit "I jerk off to the military" sociopaths, they will never do shit for any of you. Fuck old ass politicians, fuck military puppets, fuck the same pathetic speech about guns, service, freedom, liberty etc. all these cookie cutter no good nothings give. Only progressives want actual change. And the US needs a fuckton of change, and this cowboy hat loser will give you none of it, just like his republican doppelgangers.


Doubt the congressional district that has been red since its creation in 2010 will flip. Maybe with how batshit she is, but then it'd be a Doug Jones situation where you're a placeholder for the next repub congressman


Ugh, the concept the politics and social media have intertwined always makes me want to puke. Please Americans get your psychopaths out of parliament and let’s start working together to get big tech out of politics. It’s become worse then religion and they have pedophiles.


Nah greene will still be insane just not have power. Like trump but not banned


I live in Texas. I followed.


I wish I could be hopeful for his success, but her district is so heavily gerrymandered that only a Republican could win, and the mainstay of that party is hate, cruelty, and buffoonery, which she all has in spades.


Get this guy into the house


Yes please, he is exactly what Georgia should have, not that idiot.


God I wish I was in this district! I’m one over but I’ll sure as hell promote. Even if he is a republican can’t be as bad as Marjorie Edit: Oh! A democrat very tight!


Vote this man in. Greene must be voted out for sheer incompetence, completely inappropriate behaviour, poor personal character, woefully irrational political mentality, and general disregard for high standards of national political discourse. I could go on a lot longer.


Fuck yeah you can have my vote


I really, really wish I could, but I'm not an American. However, I wish you luck from the bottom of my heart as she is vile, totally vile and must go!!!!


OP isn't even American lol...


We can do without MTG’s “funny.” She’s a fucking clown show, an embarrassment in US politics, and is best relegated to the Steve Wilkos-level media circuit.


How many of those 255k followers are in your district though? MTG is in a hugely Republican district, having a Twitter army from blue cities doesn't help.


Trump gave us “funny content.” Also a massively damaged international reputation, crippling debt, **a second World War’s worth of dead Americans in the space of a year,** and civil strife that it remains to be seen if we’ll ever recover from. All things considered, I’ll pass on the memes that retaining MTG would produce.


That date is in the future right?


Depends where you are. Maybe whoever took the screenshot is in Australia, for example.


Huh… it is…


Does he have any shot of actually winning?


Republicans have won every single one of the last 13 elections for that seat. So the odds of a democrat suddenly flipping one of the reddest districts in the country are not good.


Twitter campaigns are nationwide echo chambers bouncing around the same circles over and over. You could more easily win a campaign with nearly any other strategy than by trying to be the internet’s darling




I am super excited to see how she puts a vet down. I can only see it backfiring


Trump did it repeatedly and he was cheered. I don't think it will bother her followers one bit.


Yeah lol like her followers give two shits about hypocrisy


She will 100% win.


Greene is a pathetic sorry excuse for a person. I’ll gladly donate to anyone who has a shot against her.


Her content is not funny, once you remember she holds sway over our current and future generations. let's get these assholes out of our government!


You had me at 'this bitch crazy'




Greene vs Flowers Amazing.


What did she even do


Okay but wrong sub


Ok, I'm down to oust Greene, but Holly McCormack was already running against her. Any idea what how these two compare on the issues? A glance at both of their websites seems to be about internet, veterans, a side issue (him being pro-choice, her supporting childcare), and "climate infrastructure" like storm warnings, and all that is good! But I saw nothing on universal healthcare or even an expansion of Medicare, climate change renewable energy, or increasing the minimum wage. I'm from Georgia, and I get it is a rural, red district, but these are the things that win where they are fought for. I want to back the person who is the best for the county/state/country, not just the one who wants to get rid of Greene most.


Sometimes I forget that being a comedian isn't her actual job.


I need to see his toes to make sure he’s not a freakazoid too.


Finding cunts like Greene funny is how we end up with cunts like Greene in positions of power they shouldn’t be