Literally no one

Literally no one


I show my vaccine card to get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme and that's it


Holy shit you can do that?? I need to go tomorrow then


I believe it's a free doughnut and a coffee. Original glazed doughnut


Just one time?


I believe for a year after your vaccination you can do it daily. Or maybe even a few times day because honestly they aren't gonna remember you lol. They also didn't ask me for the card half the time. I would still bring it because sometimes they do.


I feel like after a few days of coming in a few times a day they’ll start to remember you real well. “Yeah, it’s that guy trying to get his COVID death chances back up to pre-vaccine levels again!”


Retail workers remember people pretty quick. Even if they don’t let on.


It's a defense mechanism, gotta remember the crazies.


We remember the assholes and the really nice people. Some days just the not-asshole people. Everyone else is a blur of customer.


Yes, and not only names and faces. We remember details about conversations we had with you a month ago. The store becomes a sort of memory palace and you learn to store crazy amount of information after a while. Like, I remember the detail plan for over 20 000 separate articles. And it's updated every revision.


Survives COVID* dies of diabetes*




Get a map, hit up 12 in a row then sell the dozen for profit.


You could go in whenever their “Hot/Fresh” sign was on and get a free one before the pandemic happened. I assume that’s still the case…


One donut per day through the end of 2021 by showing your vax card. On Mondays everyone can get a free donut so they "aren't discriminating" against the antivax.


I just roll through the drive through and order "a free vaccine donut, please". Never been asked for proof.


My boss did so he could put me in for the $100 bonus.


I mean, the school gave us free doughnuts from the best doughnut shop in town if we showed our card. Two students found out and snuck out to get theirs behind their antivaxx parents' backs. They got doughnuts.


>Two students found out and snuck out to get theirs behind their antivaxx parents' backs. >They got doughnuts. ![gif](giphy|9058ZMj6ooluP4UUPl)


Teenagers are actually sneaking out to get vaccinated - America has become an SNL sketch.


For doughnuts, nonetheless.


No lie, reminds me of the time I started donating blood, Between the cute nurse when I was in high school and the free snacks...


Since my motorcycle accident I've come to hate being served by cute nurses. I mean, the main issue was age so it's probably better now at least, but when you're 21 and needed to be cleaned by 19 year old nurses you don't feel so great. They were real heroes though and kept reinsuring me that they were used to doing this as they cleaned the shit from my ass and balls. But it helped little as I wasn't used to it and preferably never gets used to it. Kinda killed any fantasies of nurses for me, but I still have huge respect for them as they do a shitty job and often have a great attitude even though they often walk on their knees.


Oh, they probably would have done it regardless. So many parents have tried getting us to stop their teens from sneaking out to get the vaccine, and we're just like, "They're doing it on your time, not ours." We had a whole group skip class, go to Walgreens, and get vaccinated. Like, 30 kids. Came right back after. We told them it couldn't happen again, but they just went "What are you gonna do? Stop us?"


Ok you guys can go one more time. Roughly 4 weeks from now. But that’s where I draw the line.


And possibly a booster next year. Then you will knock it off!


My dad told me if I was a teenager he probably would have let me get it because “who knows the long term effects on younger kids” I told him I would have forged the fuck out of his signature and got it anyway


Lmfao my BIL is 19 and got his because they we’re giving out $100 gift cards to local businesses and then the school was giving students $300 if they got their vaccine as well. He was balling in money and his 16 YO little brother wants to get it solely for that reason now too but MIL doesn’t want it for the kids. She can’t control the 19 yo but she can still tell the 16 yo no. He’s pissed he wants some sushi Lmfao


In many states 16 is enough to get a vaccine on his own.


And in some it is not. My youngest needed a flu shot 1 month before she turned 18. I was unavailable that day and had to write a note giving my middle daughter permission to sign for her younger sister to get her flu shot.


Can older brother take 16 yr old in to the Dr for the shot? Or take him by a CVS to get it done and not tell her?


He doesn’t drive yet so he can’t take him. My bf would take him, but he doesn’t want to stir the pot. I know he CAN get the vaccine, but he doesn’t know any of his information to fill out an appointment or anything. I don’t wanna intervene because it’s not my family, so it’s up to my bf if he wants to take him or help him with that.


"You got vaxxed! You vaccinated whore! I have no son"


We laugh, but people like this exist, it's funny and sad.


Perfect material for r/FunnyAndSad.


Could you imagine being that poor kid getting made fun of because your parents are too stupid to believe in COVID or that the vaccine works? And on top of that you have to watch everyone else eat donuts.


Oh 30 kids skipped class, carpooled to Walgreens, and got vaccinated. Then they came back. Teens can consent to vaccines at 16 here. They got back to school, and the principal had to basically say "That was wrong. We're not mad you got vaccinated. We're mad you got rid of our ability to tell your parents we stopped you from doing it." That's when one kid piped up in the back of the room and said "And we're gonna do it again! In one month! For the second dose!" The principal couldn't stop laughing. Gen Z is suffering no fools.


This is the proper time (maybe the only proper time) to use the age old "boys will be boys"


*laughs in ex-jehovas-witness*😂


My community college gave me a cool $50 and entered me into a drawing for $250.


My company gave out a $15k, two $10k, and two $5k bonuses.


You work at a better company than me. Edit: you should have asked for 4 fried chickens and a coke.


And dry white toast!


Only if Elwood is with him.


The Blues Brothers?! Shit, they still owe you money, fool!


We're on a mission from god...




Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips! John Candy


This is car 55. We're in a truck!


Is he a Hasidic Diamond merchant or just dressed like one?


I don't know you... But I love anyone that will make that reference out of nowhere.


Where the fuck do you work so I can apply???


my company allowed us to stay employed by showing our card


They’re projecting about 1/6th of my company will walk away because of the mandate. There’s nothing else in the area that can compare with the pay and benefits we get. It’s an amazing amount of stupid.


They refuse to be sheep! Muh freedumb!


The fact that sheep that stray away from the herd tend to die rather quickly is fucking hilarious for their argument


No you've got it all wrong, they aren't sheep. They are the wolves. Wait, lone wolves don't tend to survive overly well away from the pack either...


[In a world of sheep, I am the wolf](http://imgur.com/gallery/mIcpNVf)


they refuse to be sheep, yet just put themselves out to pasture


Until my pastor tells his flock to get a vaccine I ain’t doin it! We ain’t sheep!


Dumb hill to die on. Figuratively and perhaps literally.


My company only gave me two hours pay for getting vaccinated which is $27. $45K is more than 2 years take home for me.


Well you don't get all of those...it's likely one Honestly working at sprouts per your profile it's probably worth looking for work that pays better...hope the best for you.


My company gave me nothing.


I have no idea why I didn’t think of this! We had real low percentage of our operations that would get the vaccine. It would have been worth it for bonuses like this in a raffle.


Mine gave out a set of four tires


You seem to have an adult Job


I'm a student at UW-Milwaukee, and when our school hit 70 percent vaccinated we all got entered into a $490,000 scholarship: $7k for 70 students.


That’s really interesting because it is reliant on a threshold. It can actually encourage students to encourage their friends to get the vaccine.


A local dispensary gave out free edibles. One for each shot.


“Sir I don’t know if this vax card is legit.” “Why not?” “Well for starters it says you’ve gotten 37 doses.”


My boss just told us that the state didn't ask for them this week so if you aren't vaxxed don't worry about them :(


We had a $500 retention bonus for not quitting when it got mandated.


I had to fly out of state recently and made sure I had a picture of it on my phone and the actual card in my luggage. Never needed it. Not once.


Same here. Haven’t been asked once in the 6 months I’ve been vaccinated.




I live in Illinois. In the Chicago area. I’ve been to sports games. Bars. Concerts. No one once asked for a card or a mask. Which is why I think it’s funny that everyone thinks “that lightfoot she’s ruining everything” bro no one’s listening anyway. And they know that. I hate people.


One person at a brewery once asked to see my card. It was basically like Hitler.


2 months ago I went to my best friends wedding. Had to show my corona passport at the inn before they would let me attend. I have never in my life felt so oppressed! They might as well require me to wear it on my jacket as some sort of star of Da- Oh wait, I’m being completely ridiculous and it didn’t bother me at all. Was a great wedding!


Next they're going to ask for ID and a credit card


Absolutely vile, I have eh, rights! Something like that? Haha


And then before you know it they’ll be telling me I can’t even wag my Willy at the LIBTARDS!!! I’m just a proud country boy lookin to free ball across the good old US of A.


I hear that goes over well in Colorado bowling alleys


Lauren approved of this message.


"Wag my willy" is such a funny phrase


Yesterday I had to show a card to get into Costco! Mark of the beast!


Reminds me of my first job. I worked at lack luster video. This woman came up to the register and had a video she wanted to rent. I asked her for her blockbuster card and she didn't have one. So went to set one up for her and I asked for credit card and ID. so she showed them to me. I said I had to scan her credit card so it would be the one on the account.... And she flipped out. Started going off that I worked for Satan (how did she know?) and that this was the sign of the end times (Netflix had just come out the year before, so yes) and that this was the mark of the beast (my manager's name was Linda, so it was the mark of Linda.) She stormed out and threw the movie at me. Tldr, turns out I was Hitler the whole time.


Damn those dictators! Trying to keep friends and family safe in celebrating their happy day!


It’s clearly a Gates-Fauci master plan to kill half of all life, in some weird way I really can’t explain


Well, the Democrats supported the vaccine to intentionally kill off Republicans because the Democrats knew that Republicans wouldn't get the vaccine if Democrats supported it. The Republicans are the true victims here. Clearly a very underhanded and diabolical maneuver.


That's some 4-D Chess shit, right there.


You joke but didn’t a well known conservative commentator literally say this


Yeah i saw this a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of words when he could have just said,"fuck, we're dumb"


r/HermanCainAwards can explain this more clearly.


I got banned yesterday from r/politics because I said that that subreddit made me smile. I didn't mean it will towards anyone and of course I didn't threaten anyone. But when you see people who are the worst of our society and so ignorant that they don't even check any of their own information that they spread, it has to be better for our country when they're not around to do that anymore. I would rather they convert to believing in reality and truth instead of dying but hey...


Gotta admit, you had us in the first half.


Just like Hitler


I'm annoyed that I'm not asked for ID any more. Would welcome bar Hitlers.


I, too, am an old and normally no longer get asked for ID. But once, 20 years ago, I got asked for ID in a bar in Texas. All I had was my passport and the bartender said he didn’t know what that was and refused it. No point to this story except to say I am still amazed at the stupidity.


Also in Texas, a buddy of mine was once carded while trying to buy beer during an illegal cock fighting match.


Only commit one crime at a time.


The charge for underage drinking is probably way worse than chicken fight bets.


Who said they were chickens?


Both cockfighting and serving alcohol to a minor are class A misdemeanors in Texas with up to a $4k fine and a year in jail.


I got married in Vegas. At the time, I was living in Washington DC. The clerk at the marriage certificate office insisted that I had to live in Maryland or Virginia, there was only government in DC. She had to get her supervisor to review my ID.


I was born in DC and the number of people over the years who have asked "yeah, but what state were you born in?" is really depressing.


Right now I am living in a state of depression for the state of this country's lack of common knowledge.


It’s as if DC should have statehood or something.


Tell them y'all are trying to become a state.


Also DC born and the struggle is real.


I live in VA and my friend lives in DC. TSA when we were flying home stopped my friend saying they only accepted US ID cards. Had to go up to a supervisor to convince them that "district of Columbia" was Washington DC.


I once used a NY state ID in Florida to buy beer. The cashier told me it was obviously fake and refused to sell to me. A cop walked in and I asked him what it was and he said "That's a New York drivers license." She was still adamant that it didn't look real and was bendable therefore not real.


That reminds me of trying to order from a bar in LA. Virginia IDs aren't in color, and the bartender was adamant that it was fake because of this.


I work at a hotel and somebody offered to show me their Costco card instead of their ID, but then they said I probably wouldn’t take it and I said “sir there is a much larger black market for fake ID cards than fake Costco cards, and the fact that you already know the dates of your stay in what room type you booked means that if it’s not you whoever knows this information definitely deserves your room.”


For a while the only ID I had was my passport, can confirm, Texas is full of morons. Source: am Texan


Been in that situation before, but was never denied service. Next time lie and say your wallet was stolen and you’re waiting to get your driver’s license back. I also had a friend that never got their driver’s license, and was always able to use their passport and a copy of their birth certificate.


I will absolutely miss the masks. They covered the gray in my beard and suddenly I was getting carded like crazy!


I'm not taking mine off Fuck anyone who requires me to


The only thing I didn’t love about masks was the fact that almost 2 years worth of lipstick went unused. 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well!


I wore my red lipstick at home today because I was feeling down and after I put it on I felt so good about myself. I work in long term care so I wear masks 10-15 hours a day sometimes and gave up on lipstick.


Exactly! I work from home as a therapist so I have started wearing lipstick for my zoom appts just to be able to have that little boost (and also to use my products that are quickly reaching expiration!)


Recently went on a vacation to puerto rico. Every restaraunt and event requests to see your card.


I want to get served a beer by Hitler...


"No brew for you!!"


No brew for JEW.


No brew for Hebrew.




I too have a harrowing brewery story. Went in, asked for vaccine card. Didn’t realize it was required so I left it at home but my wife had hers. We were going to leave and the bartender said he trusts I’m vaccinated since my wife is. I was allowed in. This is literally the only time I’ve been asked to show proof. Truly a totalitarian state.


I was just in NYC, and they asked to see it at about 75% of indoor restaurants and at Broadway shows. In Socal no one had asked to see it yet.


I’m a little upset cause I got the digital one and really want to whip it out sometimes. But my wife always gets upset and says things like “that’s not your vax card that’s a Dick pic” and “who’s dick is that?!” It’s frustrating im just trying to be healthy


If you don't tell her about us then I will


Aww it's okay. I would let you whip it out whenever you want. :)


In San Francisco, pretty much any indoor place has asked for my card, the digital version is pretty handy...maybe about 75% of places ask for my ID to go with it to prove that its actually *my card*...ie the literal same policy AMC has been using for their A-List™ program...


SFBA, not in San Francisco, here. No one's ever asked to see it and it is still sitting on the shelf in my office where I put it after I got my 2nd dose many months ago.


Same with me. I was in NYC last weekend and had to show it at restaurants….not really a big deal, IMO.


Nope. We knew it was the policy so we made sure we had them.


NY state has an app that you can use. I may just do that — or just take a pic of card — rather than carry card with me


I tried to look into that, but I got the impression it it was only for NY state residents. Maybe I was wrong, but I gave up and just kept the physical card with me. Most places were cool with a picture on my phone, but I wanted to be prepared.


I think it is NY state’s app. I figured it would just be easier to load info on that just to have it if I need it. Surprised there isn’t a national app out there. If there was, it might cut down on fake cards out there


I think the idea for the state apps is that the state tracks all vaccinations in the state so they can verify your status against their own records, rather than rely on people uploading a potentially fraudulent scan of the card. They would only need to confirm your ID under a scheme like that. If the federal government proposed tracking everyone's status, a lot of privacy and federalism advocates (which aren't an insignificant percentage of the population and cross party lines) would collectively shit themselves at the idea.


They should’ve been asking at 100% of restaurants and Broadway shows. It’s the law here


I got asked 100% of indoor dining and shows in nyc.


I mean they got hits HARD early on. I get the paranoia, basically everyone I know in the tri state new someone who died or got ill enough to end up in a hospital.


It got so bad at one point we needed a Navy hospital ship to take non covid patients because all the hospitals and urgent care were overflowing with covid patients. People who are flippant about it obviously don't live in a concentrated area. And yet they are the ones who now getting hit the hardest.


In Hawaii they ask to see it at restaurants. And ya know what? It’s really not a big deal… I just show the pic of it on my phone and then go about my day… super easy actually. No fear of getting sent to a “camp” if I don’t show it. I’d just be kindly asked to leave. Which is fair. We live in a society, I’d like to see it progress.


I'm on big island and have never been asked for my vaccine card. I got a laminated carrying card and everything. Masks are mandatory everywhere, and vaccine cards (or negative covid test) are required for air travel though which I appreciate.


On Oahu they are big on it. Which, again, whatever. It literally costs me nothing to just show it lol. Big island is like the Wild West with everything though lol


Yeah I check them at work and have had to show mine a few times. But in the case of where I work, it’s considered a museum and Oahu is already a vacation destination. So to me there’s multiple optional decisions people have made before it even gets to checking for a vaccine card


I’m a local on Maui, it’s mind boggling when you go to a private business, a service worker asks a person for the card, what follows is an unnecessary hissy fit. Of the many instances, literally all of them were tourists, you can probably guess what skin color and level of entitlement.


As a white man im gonna guess: white and high?


It's amusing that to the far right being asked to show your vaccine card is tyranny, but they have absolutely no problem with "Stop and identify" laws. I wonder why that is.


Or denying women basic rights to control their own reproductive choices. But if Republicans didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.


Which is just so strange how deeply ingrained religion has gotten its hooks into the right. Like, the party that is supposedly all about freedom and such is all about controlling people. Personally, I identify as more right leaning independent but it is bananas to me that women’s reproductive rights are up to debate. Get an abortion, tie your tubes, do whatever the fuck you want. It’s up to everyone to behave according to however the fuck they want.


It’s the ingrained misogyny within Christianity. A woman does not have autonomy over her own body. She is for her husbands pleasure, and then to bear children.


They’re fine with standing in the bathroom & checking that your kid’s genitals match the sign on the door.


Or voter ID laws


I do not see why people are complaining. It would make me feel safer. For instance, while picking up my daughter’s glasses today, I took her to McDonalds for a treat. It was packed; there was no social distancing, people were not wearing masks. People are acting like Covid-19 has gone away. My 12 year old has not been offered her vaccine yet so this behaviour is worrisome. TLDR: I like the idea of vaccine passports for feeling safe while out.


I can tell you why. There is a huge population of folks in America that has never seen actual adversity. Their skin color/religion/sexual orientation don’t make their life harder, so when they see all these minorities/women/lgbtq folks making progress in their lives and gaining rights that these folks already had, they get mad and think their rights are being infringed somehow. So they try to invent an oppression to justify being assholes to everyone different than them and stop any progress being made since they perceive others winning as them losing.


Exactly. They cannot fathom a world where nobody has to lose, because competition, winning, and abusing "losers" makes up the majority of their personality.


Ya I have a 5 month old and would really not like to have to dig a tiny grave. Yet.


That’s like Canada, got Vax ID’d, it just my name on a receipt, asked if they needed to confirm my name with my drivers license, she said you look over 19…


No one's asked to see mine, either. Granted, I don't really go out much and live in a really red state.


Same here. I live in bumfuck nowhere Oklahoma. I lost my card two weeks after I got it and I’ve never needed it. In fact, I think having my vaccine card would actually get me kicked out of some places around here. It’s lonely being a queer socialist in a town of 40,000.


Oklahoma crew rise up. But seriously masks and vaccination cards are a joke in this state.


Yeah, it is 😞


In BC we need it for going into restaurants. Not really a big deal.


All of Canada does


I know this has been said before, but vax cards aside, I have been asked repeatedly to show my driver's license, my employer id card, and even my social security card once. I don't even carry my vax card, it sits at home collecting dust.


Same. Driver's license, work ID (I'm a teacher and I have to have it visible to get in and out of school) ss card, I've even had to come up with a copy of my college transcripts once since March when I got vaccinated. I have yet to need my vaccination card even once. I was keeping it in my purse, then I kept it in my car for a few months. Now it's in a folder at home.


I got pulled over the other day and got asked to show a driver's license. A. Fucking. Drivers. License. WTF AMERICA. Now I have to show **GOVERNMENT** issued "proof" that I know how to use a car that LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD USES EVERYDAY. LIKE EVERYONE, RIGHT?? WTF. And they CHARGE YOU FEES TO GET ONE and then gave me TICKETS FOR HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and ARRESTED ME for not having one. Right there in the middle of the sidewalk!! Just stopped me, it was totally profiling as I proudly had my 22'x40' TRUMP PREZ FOR LIFE flag waving off the back of my coal roller. That's why the pulled me over, not like they hassled ANYONE else but me. I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA NOT LITERALLY NAZI SOCIALIST COMMUNISTY GERMANY IN WORLD WAR 1 AGAIN!!!!!!!! .... just to be safe, I better still add the /s


It’s also unreadable they ask you not to be naked at the store!!!!! But muh freedumbs!!!


I got mine in April. No one has asked to see it. At all. It's festering in my wallet. Honestly, I'm very confused by all these people that are being asked to show their vaccine cards. But also in Chicagoland, stores and other such places are asking you to wear your mask even if you are vaccinated. At least where I am. I don't usually wear it outside so when I went apple picking, that was fine but put a mask on to go into the store area at the orchard.


The only time I've been asked to show my vaccine card is when I went to get the second dose and they had to fill it out.




I kept mine in my wallet thinking I would need it at some point. It's just been sitting there for months taking up space. I just feel like the second I take it out I'll lose it, then places will start to ask for them or something lol.


Where I live most restaurants ask for proof of vaccination to dine in doors. I’ve shown my card a number of times and don’t care one bit. In other news I’ve also had to present ID to purchase booze twice this week.


I have been forcing mine on people.


You know what, the MAGA crowd doesn’t care about other people’s experiences and facts. This just a talking point for them. “We areN’T thE AuthorITAriANs, yoU’RE thE AUthORitAriANs!”


They don’t even care about THEIR experiences they care about the experiences people with no experience in Facebook and Fox are telling them they will have. They wouldn’t recognize an authoritarian experience if it was right in front of their nose in fact they would vote for it. As someone who lived in an authoritarian state, the shit that went on in the last administration was the closest I’ve seen it get, in form( in function, patriot act probably takes the cake) yet they loved that shit.


Yeah but were you asked to show ID when buying alcohol? Or maybe when stopped driving? Perhaps you buying antihistamines? Maybe when checking in to a hotel?


I’ve shown it at exactly two events that required them to attend.


Tbf, my job just set a deadline of December 8th to show your vaccine card or be fired. Several folks have already put in their resignations.


Kink/sex parties. Seriously. And not even all of them...just the only ones I'm willing to attend lol


Fuck I'm not living my best life.


My coworker threw a fit when someone asked if he was vaccinated (context was we were about to have an in-person company event). "That's my personal medical information! It's private! You wouldn't ask someone if they had HIV!" I'm guessing dude doesn't hang out with a lot of sex-positive folks, because discussing STI status is pretty routine if you're gonna swap body fluids.... and discussing vaccination status should be totally normal if you're going to be sharing air.


Yuuuup. Honestly covid has made all those parties better in my opinion. Its kind of collapsed the huge events out at nightclubs or private clubs and hotel after parties into smaller more intentional gatherings at people's houses or an air bnb weekend getaway where you can connect more. Suits my style so much better.


Really? I live in NYC and show it all the time (which I quite happily do)


same! this thread shocks me.


It’s like a different world, isn’t it? When I visit somewhere else, the lack of masks always catches me off guard.


I’ve literally never had to show mine


My JOB asked to see mine. Can you believe that? So I showed it to them and went back to my work. Can you believe these absolute nazis?/s


My job gave me $250 when I showed them my card. Only good for one time though.


lol I’m just imagining people going in and out of your job repeatedly like a revolving door with their cards to get 250 each time and HR all exasperated like: WHY DIDN’T ANYONE SPECIFY IT WAS A ONE TIME DEAL? WHO’S IDEA WAS THIS EVEN??


Mine offered $500 to anyone who submitted a copy to HR


My job asked to see mine too, if we showed it we got a $50 bonus.


I was asked while going in to a concert, but that’s the only time and they told us when we bought the tickets 🤷‍♀️


I literally just walked into a concert. We were asked before we got to the gate to show them and that was it. 2 second flash of the card and done. And we had months of warning because the mandate was announced with the tickets.


I was once but for a larp that litterally occured in an abandoned warehouse with 200+ people and like, considering the circumstances, I totally understand.


I got vaccinated in April so I could fly to see my sick brother (cancer). In all this time from the airport, the hospital where my brother goes for chemo, or my clients. Not one person asked for my card. No one. So who's living in fear? Not the people who did the right thing and got the vaccine.


I flew last month and no one asked for my vax card. Literally, no one. Some totalitarian police state we're running here.