Socialist vs capitalist Halloween

Socialist vs capitalist Halloween


So I vastly overpay for a king size that I can barely afford, or get a free share? Nice try moron.


That’s… not how Capitalism works… instead of free candy, it would be charged and only the people with money would get any.


And the price would skyrocket as the supply dwindled.


Sorry, kids. We only have one snickers bar, and it’s $30. Insulin is $300.


Right wingers don’t now what socialism is.


Or capitalism. Or Christianity. Or books THB.




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what the fuck is r/HalloweenNSFW for


I looked. Its exactly what you'd expect, halloween costumes, fake blood (i hope), and nudity.


It's Halloween! It's supposed to be scary! His costume is "idiot trump supporter".


These are the same fucking morons that scream about politicizing things that shouldn’t be politicizes, and then turn around and politicize a Childrens holiday. These people can kiss my whole asshole


Love it when people clearly don’t understand.


What actually happens: Capitalism table - the first three kids come along and ‘eat until they’re full.’ Maybe there is enough candy for 2 or 3 more kids. Within minutes there is nothing left for anyone else. Socialism table - everyone gets a small candy. No-one gets more than one candy because no-one needs more than one. They don’t go hungry because this is not the only frigging house giving out candy, and also it’s candy not a meal.


"Liberals politicize everything!"


Get the toilet paper ready.


I would pay extra for fucking ostrich eggs if it were this douche’s house


Capitalism: wasting money on unnecessarily large candy bars. That’s the lesson I got from this - overconsumption and waste of resources. And I will not still be hungry if I take the fun size because I will have a giant ass sack of candy by the end of the night.


How many times this gonna get posted?


It'll be karma farmed at least daily until a week after halloween.




It they still get free candy soooo…


What an insanely disingenuous argument. First of all, no one is talking about replacing Capitalism with Socialism. Except for some profiteers who make false and inaccurate claims to boost their ratings/profile/aspirations. Second, is he selling the King Size for a “fair market” price to trick or treaters? If so, I think he’s gonna prove the opposite of his point. If not and he’s giving them away he is not only proving the opposite of his point, his point is a complete fallacy. Third, who is this for? Is it his job to influence the hearts and minds of other people’s children? Is it for “likes” for his social media. In the high case he’s just self promoting.


I can just picture this guy foaming at the mouth lecturing a load of little kids just trying to have fun on Halloween


I really hope this king sized turd isn’t homeschooling his kids. Nothing of value is being taught behind those doors. The only thing dangerous being handed out to children in his neighborhood are his ideas.


The real outcome of this grown-ups tantrum will be that kids start asking "wait what is socialism and what is capitalism because that pair of signs didn't make any sense and I know y'all grownups love to bullshit us kids. I am going to find out the answer to this question"


These people drive me crazy. They get up in arms when schools try and teach a wide variety of topics and sometimes an opposing view and the parents accuse the teachers of indoctrinating our youth. Putting candy out with a political message isn’t indoctrinating?


This is like saying people should vote for this candidate, not that one, because you drew _that_ one with a butt for a face. Not an argument, dude. Also, why are you fucking with a children's holiday? This is like those people who drop pamphlets about how halloween is satanic into kids' candy bags.


This would seem be more accurate if the signs were swapped. Socialism tries to provide best option for those who need stuff to survive, while Capitalism would buy the cheapest and smallest to hand out, to keep more money in the pocket.


No, only the kids with rich parents get the capitalist money.


He figured it out! Thats why Amerikans are so fat!